POBE Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

Old Goo spoke to Shu Jingyi, “In my opinion, Yu Yunren is very simple minded, but his hormones are definitely raging. With his way of being interested in everyone, you’re so charming, you definitely will be able to get him.”

Shu Jingyi made no comments about the probability of Yu Yunren changing his affections. “Let’s not talk about him, but about Gu Xiaoshan instead. I’ve already wanted to say this when we were in Country C. He watches over Yu Yunren really closely, just as if he was an owl.”

Old Goo nearly burst out laughing. “That’s impossible! It must be because you’re not familiar with them, that’s why you don’t understand! Gu Xiaoshan is not the type of person who would shadow anyone. They weren’t together yet in Country C, right? They’ve been pretty close since young, and you’re not familiar with their relationship, that’s why you think he’s watching too closely over him.”

“Whether I misunderstood it or not, it’s now true that they’re very clingy with each other. It’s not going to be easy to make a move.”

Old Goo thought that that made sense. However, Gu Xiaoshan and him were currently working together on a project, Old Goo was in charge of the casino on an island, and the hotel belonged to the Gu empire. He then found a reason to lure Gu Xiaoshan to the island for work.

Gu Xiaoshan had to go for a business trip, and naturally informed Renzi about it. Although Renzi was reluctant, he remembered that he had to be an obedient child who should not disrupt other people’s work. “Don’t worry, just go to work.”

“Don’t worry, just have fun.”

“How would I have fun without a worry by myself?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “How would you be alone? Don’t you have many friends?”

“But I still prefer being with you.”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He knew he would definitely miss him.

Today, he had to prepare for his business trip, and did not have time to go on a date with Renzi. The night before his trip, it was even Renzi who drove to his office and bade him farewell. Under the building, they chatted intimately. The sky darkened, and the skies were clear, and the winds blew about. Renzi tilted his head, looking at Gu Xiaoshan. Gu Xiaoshan only had a hand on his shoulder, his mouth moving, seeming as if he was saying something. It was most likely “good night”, or “goodbye”, or maybe “don’t miss me.” The wind was too loud, and Renzi could not hear him clearly, only looking at Gu Xiaoshan’s lips. Gu Xiaoshan’s lips were thin and light-coloured, just like the pink petals of a pear blossom. Admiring them under the moonlight, Renzi then remembered the unfinished kiss from before. He suddenly grabbed Gu Xiaoshan’s collar, pulling his head down, while he himself went on tiptoes and kissed those lips like the petals of a pear blossom.

This kiss was just like Renzi’s love, it came without warning, and Gu Xiaoshan was caught by surprise.

However, who would have known despite barging his way into this, Renzi was still very shy. With that one kiss, he immediately pulled back. He then spoke gruffly, “So you know, this is a goodbye kiss, alright?”

Gu Xiaoshan woke up from his trance, “I know, boyfriend.”

Renzi’s shyness swelled even higher. “Then you cannot kiss other people.”

“Of course not,” Gu Xiaoshan pointed at his own lips. “These have been marked, they’re yours.”

Renzi’s heart fluttered wildly hearing this. He suddenly felt as though he was a rabbit pinned down by the eyes of a wolf. His body tensed up, his courage shrank, and turned to run away. Quickly opening his car door, he spoke brashly, “Then you better keep out of trouble, and conduct yourself properly!” With his foot on the gas, he drove away.

Renzi drove a sports car. When he stepped on the accelerator, it was quite harsh, and the sound of the engine reverberated down the street.

— His speed was on the verge of law breaking, and the rate of his heartbeat was on the verge of becoming an illness.

Renzi’s heart beat rapidly, and his hands around his steering wheel trembled along with its pace — to drive a car in his current state was a horrible decision. When he stopped at the traffic lights, his heart settled a little, then he heard the driving assistant in his car announced with a gentle, female voice, “You have a message from ‘Husband’.”

Renzi’s heart that had just barely calmed down now started racing again. His voice, shaking, he ordered the program to read the message.

The robotic lady’s voice read out Gu Xiaoshan’s message without a fleck of emotion. “Come back, please?”

Renzi then obediently drove his way back.

However, he had not driven too far away, and so very soon, he returned to where they were.

At this timing, there was very little around. The yellow lights of the building shone brightly, shining on that man in a suit, standing up straight like a lamp post. In between Gu Xiaoshan’s fingers was a cigarette, and a stream of smoke quietly left his mouth. Under the lights, the smoke was glossy looking, blurring Gu Xiaoshan’s overly sharp eyes, and adding a little more tenderness to his looks.

Looking at the smoking Gu Xiaoshan, Renzi thought, Hubby is smokin’ hot!

He then again recalled that time outside Restaurant X when he instantly got hard after Gu Xiaoshan exhaled the smoke in his face.

It was so embarrassing, but when he remembered it, he unconsciously got a little excited. What was happening?

At this moment, Renzi was like a male lead in a movie, sitting coolly in his leather car seat and looking at him.

Gu Xiaoshan was also like a male lead in a movie, smoking his cigarette with flair. If he were to casually take a photo of him with his phone, it could be a wallpaper.

Gu Xiaoshan finished the cigarette, stubbing it out and throwing it in the trash before knocking on Renzi’s window. Renzi jerked up, then quickly got off the car. He really could not believe that he was so infatuated with Gu Xiaoshan that he could just stare at him finishing a cigarette without being aware of anything.

Gu Xiaoshan did not know that he was thinking in this manner, and only thought that Renzi did not like the smell of cigarettes, and hence remained in his car.

Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Why did you just drive off like that? And at such a high speed, it’s dangerous.”

“Ah, sorry,” Renzi apologised reflexively. “I just wanted…” What he wanted, he could not put it to words, and could only find an excuse. “I thought my dad… he must be missing me.”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “You’re thinking about your dad when you’re on a date with me? Are you an elementary school student?”

“I…” Renzi could not say a word.

“You asked me to “keep out of trouble”, what did you mean by that?”

Renzi flushed, and again spoke in a very boorish manner, “You don’t know what this means? Did you not go to school?”

“I did, I did, I’m just afraid that you’ll worry,” Gu Xiaoshan placed his hand around Renzi’s shoulders. “Didn’t I say, I’ve already been marked by you? You’re still worried?”

Renzi thought about that kiss, he felt both shy and upset with himself for being so useless. Just a simple touch of lips he was already this embarrassed. If they were to do that, would he not just die?

When that happened during the dream from “2028”, it was not like that!

As expected, a dream was a dream, it was still different from reality.

Renzi then roughened his voice. “I know, I won’t worry!”

He then shrugging his shoulders to try getting rid of Gu Xiaoshan’s hand on his shoulders. Now, whenever Gu Xiaoshan touched him, his wits would fly away, and he unconsciously wanted to avoid it.

“However, I haven’t mark you yet,” Gu Xiaosha said. Just like Renzi wanted, his arm was no longer around Renzi’s shoulders. Instead, his left hand held Renzi’s chin, lifting his head up. This position was very convenient. All Gu Xiaoshan did was to lower his head and he could easily kiss Renzi’s lips.

Gu Xiaoshan clearly did not plan on stopping like how Renzi did. His tongue deftly slid across Renzi’s lips, invading his mouth easily. Probably because this kiss came in so strong, Renzi unconsciously retreated, but was surprised to find Gu Xiaoshan’s right hand wrapped around the back of his neck. He was like a toy in his hand, with nowhere to run.

The night wind was still unceasing.

When Gu Xiaoshan pulled back, the cool night air finally rushed into Renzi’s nose. Renzi finally escaped from the passionate kiss that was thick with the flavour of Gu Xiaoshan, but his cheeks were still red, just like his kissed lips.

Renzi sucked in a breath, as though inhaling the last of Gu Xiaoshan’s flavour into himself, and his mouth seemed to contain the remnants of that light tobacco taste.

His mind was chaotic, even feeling that if Gu Xiaoshan had not let him go, he would suffocate, would swoon, and would be the first lucky person to ever be kissed to death by a prince.

Gu Xiaoshan suddenly wrapped his arms around Renzi, his chin on Renzi’s forehead. “Your face is so hot.”

Renzi felt that all his dignity had been thrown away, and objected strongly. “You’re also very smelly, you stink of cigarettes.”

Gu Xiaoshan was taken aback, and descended into self-reflection.

He was very apologetic for his carelessness. “I’m sorry, I know you don’t like the smell of cigarettes.”

“Uhh…” Renzi wanted to say, actually it’s fine. My dad smokes like a chimney at home too. I didn’t like it when I was young, but I’m used to it already.

Anyway, he felt that the smoky scent of Gu Xiaoshan was quite pleasant smelling. Though that might be because of his hormones, anything that Gu Xiaoshan did was good, and he could even watch Gu Xiaoshan smoke for the entire day without feeling that anything was amiss.

After that, when Gu Xiaoshan kicked his smoking habit without a word, Renzi did miss it a little. Gu Xiaoshan even tried to claim some credit for doing it, saying that he did it for Renzi. Renzi was in a dilemma, and could only say that his darling did a great job. After that, Renzi carefully thought about it. Smoking was not good for the health, so quitting the habit was a good thing anyway.

The next day, due to Old Goo’s scheming, Gu Xiaoshan flew to the island. He left Renzi a reminder to “keep out of trouble too”.

When he saw the message, Renzi grumbled unhappily, “Do I still need you to tell me that? I always behave very well!”

Before the echoes faded away, his phone rang. Renzi answered and immediately heard his friend, “Hey, Renzi! Come and play with us!”

“I’m not going!”


“I’m keeping myself out of trouble!”

“It, it’s a study group!”

“Ah? It’s not a pool party? No alcohol and bodies?” Renzi was actually a little disappointed.

He’s actually asking me to go study? What sort of friend is this!

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