POBE Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

His friend laughed, “Don’t you have someone at home now? Who would dare to ask you to parties like that anymore?”

“Even… even if so, there’s no need to study instead, right?” Renzi instantly got a pounding headache when he heard the word “study”.

“It’s not the boring kind study group where everyone has their head bowed over a book. There’s still refreshments provided, and we’ll have some fun. If not, we’ll just go to a library instead, why would we need a function room!” His friend then said, “If you want to join us, just come!”

His friend then sent him the location, as well as letting him know that this event happened every Wednesday and Friday.

Renzi really did not want to study, but he loved being in a crowd, as he hated being alone. Staying at home for a few days, he felt restless, but as he had promised Gu Xiaoshan to “stay out of trouble”, he naturally would not go to the karaoke lounge to dance and drown himself in carnal pleasure.

To show his determination, Renzi even burnt his membership cards for all the nightclubs, and posted a video of it on his social media. On it was captioned, “From today onwards, I will leave all low-class interests behind.”

Comments included, “President Gu is sure strict, look at what sort of situation is President Ren forced into.”

Of course, he was quickly reprimanded by his brother, “You wastrel, you’re not burning cards, you’re burning money! If you’re not using them anymore, you should return them! If they can’t be returned, you can transfer them! If dad knows about it, he would definitely beat you to death!”

Being scolded, Renzi’s mood fell lower, and he had no enthusiasm for anything.

So, he still ended up going to that study group.

The venue of the study group was in a luxury hotel. The organiser had booked a conference hall, and decorated like a french salon. The furniture was pastel coloured, the curtains heavy and elaborate, the hostess beautiful, and the guests were drinking tea and having discussions in small groups.

When his friend saw him, he was extremely happy, and dragged him to the hostess. The hostess was a famous socialite, but as Renzi was faceblind, he could not recall her name. He could only smile at her, and wait for his friend to make the introductions. The hostess asked, “What books have Mr Yu been reading recently?”

Renzi paused. In his head appeared a pile of adult magazines, which were completely unsuitable for him to ever mention.

Noticing Renzi’s awkwardness, his friend hurriedly chimed in. “He’s been pretty busy lately, so he probably haven’t had time to read. Just nice, he’s here to make up for it!”

The hostess too smiled. “Then feel free to look around.”

There were clearly more female guests than male, all dressed to the nines, their appearances all gorgeous. Renzi looked around, “Girls really like reading this much?”

His friend replied, “There’s a great many girls from rich families who like reading, so you were never able to pursue them successfully.”

“Why do I feel that you’re insulting me?” Renzi frowned unhappily.

“No…” His friend spread his palms open, “How would I dare?”

Renzi felt like an ugly duckling amongst the swans. Everyone was pure and elegant, while he was unrefined and low-class. Helpless, he could only escape to the buffet table, grabbing two pieces of bread and a pot of tea before moving to a table and started eating. He thought, it would not be nice to just walk off immediately. He should have something first before leaving, in any case, he was a little hungry.

As he took a bite of bread, a cloud of perfume wafted towards him. A lady had sat down next to him.

Looking up, he smiled politely. “Hi?”

The lady smiled. “Yu Yunren, have you forgotten me already?”

Renzi gave a reasonable guess. “You’re my ex-girlfriend?”

The lady burst out into laughter. “Aren’t you shameless? Every lady is your ex-girlfriend?”

“No, no, no,” Renzi explained in embarrassment. “I didn’t mean it that way…”

“I’m Tan Zhugui, you still remember me?”

“Mn, I have a vague impression.” So vague it’s non-existent…

“I’m your college schoolmate. We were even in the same organisation before…” Tan Zhugui herself was starting to feel a little awkward.

“Oh, is it?” Renzi replied uncomfortably. “Ah, yes, I remember it now. Zhugui right? Hi, Zhugui-jie, it’s been so long. What fond memories.”

When Tan Zhugui heard this, she was also extremely awkward, and twisted a piece of her hair uncomfortably. “Mn, I miss those times too.”

“Mn, haha.” Renzi said, “Zhugui-jie, you like reading too?”

Tan Zhugui was irritated by him referring to her as an older sister. “I’m younger than you.”

“Hmm…” Renzi rubbed his hands in embarrassment. “Yes, Zhugui-mei, Zhugui-mei.”

In such extreme awkwardness, Tan Zhugui and Renzi exchanged their social media details only because of their past relationship. Renzi even specially labelled her with, “College schoolmate, in an organisation together, younger, doesn’t like to be called ‘jie’.”

Tan Zhugui asked him if he would like to join a gathering of their ex-schoolmates later. Renzi was bored out of his mind that he agreed to go.

Tan Zhugui brought Renzi to a KTV. Seeing the location, Renzi waved it off. “I can’t go in, I can’t go.”

Tan Zhugui surrendered. “What happened?”

“I’m keeping myself out of trouble.”

Tan Zhugui’s eyes were about to roll to the back of her head. “Are you crazy? This is one of those chain KTVs, you’ll at most be able to spend a hundred over dollars here. The trouble that you’re looking for is completely not available!”

Renzi was relieved. “What is a chain KTV?”

“It’s the ones without the ‘hostesses’!” Tan Zhugui looked at him disdainfully, “How have you been spending your days?!”

Renzi had thought that KTVs were all the same, how could there not be any hostesses?

He was very curious, and followed Tan Zhugui in. Looking around, it was really quite “clean”, and he asked, “No hostesses? Then what about hosts and servers?”

“No!” Tan Zhugui’s regret for inviting him was evident on her face. “What host? There’s no such things here!”

“Then who would pour the liquor? Who would select the songs?”

“You have your own hands and feet, pour your own liquor, select your own song!” As Tan Zhugui opened the door, she added forcefully, “If you want to go to the washroom, you’ll go by yourself too! Don’t drag someone along! If you want to get handsy here, you’ll get in trouble!”

Renzi nodded his head ceaselessly. “Yes, of course, I’ll never do something like that.”

Tan Zhugui clearly did not believe him. Towards this young master who opened his mouth to ask things like “are you my ex-girlfriend”, “the KTV doesn’t have hostesses”, “who would pour the liquour”, Tan Zhugui silently marked him with “a licentious wastrel” label on his forehead.

Renzi went in, and there really was a group of mixed genders. Everyone was singing, and when they saw Tan Zhugui, they all smiled, saying “You’re finally here”. When they saw Renzi, some of them recognised him, while some didn’t. “Young Master Yu! What a rare sight!”

Renzi was a little awkward, and nodded his head with a forced smile.

Sitting down and chatting with them, he then discovered that most of his college schoolmates were ordinary salarymen. These salarymen were all very curious about Renzi’s lifestyle, and asked him if he actually wiped his butt with gold foil.

Renzi was taken aback. “Gold foil… to wipe my butt? Isn’t gold foil meant for eating?”

Everyone had an expression that showed their hatred for rich people.

They all sang joyfully, and in the end, Renzi really did not pour himself any liquor, nor select any songs. When his glass was empty, a classmate would fill it up, and they even asked him what he would like to sing, and conscientiously selected the songs for him. A group of male schoolmates all lauded Renzi for being a boy wonder, becoming a president as such a young age, and that it definitely would not be any issues for him to marry a beautiful, rich, fair lady. Renzi felt it was not the time to tell his schoolmates during their first meeting, “You fools, what’s it about these beautiful, rich, fair ladies? The one I want to marry is a male president.” He then forced a laugh, “That’s still a long way to go, I have no such plans yet.” A few of the more attractive single ladies then made eyes at him, and everyone exchanged knowing glances.

Eating and drinking, Renzi did enjoy himself, and he liked reminiscing with his old schoolmates. Listening to them talk about the troubles of a salaryman, he found it quite a novelty. It was so much more fun than some stupid study group.

Renzi thought that he was drinking beer, and everything should be fine. However, who would have thought that someone was actually putting on a show. The first few bottles he had were fine, but the ones after that were poured for him by Tan Zhugui, and the beer was mixed with baijiu. By that time, Renzi was slightly drunk, and did not realise it. With only a few glasses, it went to his head, and he blacked out.

No one knew what to do. However, Renzi was brought here by Tan Zhugui, and for her to bring him back, it was also natural.

Tan Zhugui had given the excuse of driving, and so she did not drink. She took Yu Yunren away in her car, and no one was bothered. After all, none of them were familiar with Renzi.

When Renzi woke up, he found himself lying on the bed of a hotel. He was almost entirely naked, only wearing that pink pair of boxers with bananas printed all over it, and with a thin blanket over him. Tan Zhugui was in a bathrobe, her legs crossed. She was smoking a cigarette, looking down at him from beside.

He was scared out of his wits, yelling loudly and covering himself with the blanket, “Ah…” He felt his head hurt. “What happened?”

“What happened? You came onto me!”

“Came, came…” Renzi’s face paled with shock. “Impossible!”

Tan Zhugui exhaled a stream of smoke. “Why is it impossible? What’s done is done!”

“But I don’t remember it?” Renzi’s head throbbed in excruciating pain. He suddenly felt that this scenario was like a trap, and his eyes widened. “You, you! You’re seizing a yellow-legged chicken!”

How the tables turned!

At that time, he should not have relied on such a method to make Gu Xiaoshan start dating him, now, this thing actually happened!

Tan Zhugui sneered. “Aiyoh, saying one thing but doing another! Definitely a young master who only goes to KTVs with hostesses!”

“What hostesses, what young master?” Renzi pointed at her, “What, what do you want?”

“Don’t be scared, I won’t ask you to marry me.” Tan Zhugui spoke as if comforting him. “Just give me a little money, treat it like you’re just getting rid of a beggar. I will definitely not mention this to anyone.”

Renzi was utterly confused and disconcerted. Normally, he would really just settle all troubles with money. However, this time, he did not think too deeply about it, but his instincts told him that he should not give any money.

“Why?” Renzi was indignant, “Why should I give you money? Even if I were to flush my money down the toilet, I wouldn’t give you any!”

If Yu Yuntao was present, he would definitely scold him. Just don’t give the money, why do you have to flush it down the toilet!

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