POBE Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Old Mister Yu too realised the issue here, and so told Gu Xiaoshan, “Renzi has pretty much recovered. Today I saw him running even faster than Ha-cube, you don’t have to worry about him anymore. You’re busy with work as well, it’s very tiring to go back and forth like this.”

Gu Xiaoshan agreed, and did not come to their house anymore to apply the medication. However, now that Renzi had recovered, Old Mister Yu could stop the vixen from coming, but he could not stop Renzi from looking for the vixen himself.

Renzi even completely forgot about agreeing to meet Shu Jingyi on Friday.

That Friday evening when Shu Jingyi messaged him to ask why he had not appear, Renzi was gasping in Gu Xiaoshan’s lounge. Gu Xiaoshan looked at the phone next to the bed, and his eyes got a little bloodshot. Tightening his hands around Renzi’s waist, he thrusted even more savagely into him. Renzi could only beg for mercy, asking him to slow down a little. As if Gu Xiaoshan would listen to him. He continued what he was doing, until Renzi nearly fainted away.

Renzi clutched at the bedsheets, his body shuddering continuously. His body and soul were completely occupied by Gu Xiaoshan — and Gu Xiaoshan loved this sort of feeling. He invaded Renzi’s heart and body, while Renzi under him, looking fragile and helpless. No matter how Renzi struggled, he would not find an escape.

“Please, Hubby…” As Renzi’s struggling was fruitless, he instead grabbed onto Gu Xiaoshan’s arms and pleaded with a shaky voice.

Gu Xiaoshan thought, his heart really softened too easily towards Renzi.

The night again turned quiet, and only the ticking of the clock could be heard. Gu Xiaoshan lay on top of Renzi, refusing to get up. Renzi felt that he was too heavy, and pushed at him. “Move… Move away a little…”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “No, if I move away, everything’s going to flow out from you…”

Renzi’s face again turned bright red.

In the end, the two people again went to the bathroom to wash up. Renzi only discovered Shu Jingyi’s missed calls when he exited the shower, and he was a little startled. Gu Xiaoshan feigned casualness, telling him, “I saw that he had called a few times, but as we were ‘busy’, I ignored it.”

Renzi now then remembered that for the past few days, he had been immersed in enjoying the deep affection between Gu Xiaoshan and him, and completely forgot about meeting Shu Jingyi.

“Forget it,” Renzi said. “I’ll give him a call now.”

“It’s already so late, it’s not very appropriate to call him now, is it?”

Renzi thought about it, then lay on the bed, yawning lazily. The way he looked was as though nothing had happened. Gu Xiaoshan now finally understood that Renzi completely had not treated that matter as something important. He was both thankful that Renzi did not find the matter relevant, but was also angry that Renzi did not treat it as something important.

Gu Xiaoshan shook out the blanket and sat on the bed. “But why is he calling and texting you so late?”

Renzi became a little more alert, and he still remained honest. “He helped me out in the past, and I was supposed to treat him to a meal tonight as compensation. Instead, I stood him up. It’s really very rude of me. I should thank him properly tomorrow.”

Gu Xiaoshan did not know if he should laugh or be angry. Renzi’s answer could be considered genuine and believable, without any flaws. He even suspected that this was taught to him by Shu Jingyi.

Gu Xiaoshan then followed up, “What did he help you out with? How come I’ve never heard about it?”

Renzi recalled that matter, and hit himself again. Focusing on it, he thought that since Gu Xiaoshan had already asked about it in this manner, if he continued concealing it from him it felt like he was lying to his husband. So, he sat cross-legged, and confessed everything right from the start. Towards Renzi’s sudden honesty, Gu Xiaoshan was actually quite surprised. Pondering over it, he knew that it was because Renzi really had not taken this matter to heart, and so he did not mention it to Gu Xiaoshan, and had not plan on hiding it from him.

During that situation, Renzi was actually in quite a panic. After that, he realised that nothing bad had happened in the end, and Shu Jingyi had also told him that this was completely not his fault. Other people had evil intentions, and so it was natural that he could not defend against, it. Renzi was simple-minded, and so gradually let it go. For Renzi, this was like going out and falling down. It did hurt at the moment, but he would forget all about it after the fall. If Gu Xiaoshan did not ask, he would not mention it. Since Gu Xiaoshan had asked, he then talked about it.

This sort of confession made Gu Xiaoshan feel that he could not get angry, but that he should also still get angry. Thinking over it, he instead got more angry.

Renzi registered that Gu Xiaoshan’s face was a little sulky, and so became apprehensive. He only asked, “Are you angry?”

Gu Xiaoshan gritted his teeth. “Of course I’m angry! Was He Jun’s incident not enough to make you be a little more vigilant? You always never try to protect yourself against others! If there wasn’t anyone around at that time, do you know what would happen?”

Renzi was frightened by Gu Xiaoshan’s words, but he did not know what he was scared of, and could only apologise. “I’m sorry!”

Gu Xiaoshan understood Renzi, and so was angrier. “What are you sorry about? Do you know what you’ve done wrong?”

Renzi looked at Gu Xiaoshan blankly. As expected, he did not know.

Gu Xiaoshan too did not know how to say it, and it took him a while before he spoke. “In the future, you’re not allowed to go out and drink with other people alone, ok?!”

Renzi dazedly nodded. “Understood.”

Seeing Renzi like this, Gu Xiaoshan was really unable to vent his anger. Thinking it over, he tightened his jaw, pushing Renzi down he gave him a good, proper fuck.

Renzi fell asleep in the middle of the night. As he slept, he was again screwed awake by the still fuming Gu Xiaoshan. Renzi begged for mercy as he admitted his mistake, then Gu Xiaoshan’s heart softened again and let him go. By the time Renzi was sleeping soundly, Gu Xiaoshan’s fury welled up again, and he fucked him awake…

This cycle repeated over and over.

Renzi had a face full of tears. “I was wrong, Hubby, I was wrong…” With his ass in the air, he tearfully wrote a letter of guarantee that he would no longer look at pretty girls, pretty girls were poisonous — men as well, other than his husband, he would never meet anybody alone ever again.

Gu Xiaoshan’s temper finally abated. He discovered that he himself too did not really know how to teach Renzi such principles. It was probably because he knew that he was a little unreasonable, and Renzi himself would never understand such principles, so he decided to settle it with sex. It was good for him, him, and everyone else.

Renzi himself was also not good at analysing the pros and cons of a situation. He had always relied on the directions of the people he loved and trusted, who would tell him what was right or wrong. As a child, when he was wrong, his buttocks would hurt, and so he would remember the lesson and never commit the mistake again. Now, his ass would still hurt, and he was still pleading for mercy and committing the lesson to memory in that manner. Unfortunately, in the past when he was chased after by his father with the cane, he could still hide behind Gu Xiaoshan and seek shelter. Now, he did not know where he could hide.

However, slowly, he learnt that he could still hide behind Gu Xiaoshan. No matter how angry Gu Xiaoshan was, when he saw him like this, in the end, his heart would still soften.

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  4. What kind of saintly people are feeling pity for SJY??? Dude schemed against MC, had him drunk and blackmailed so he could play the ‘hero’, take advantage of MC’s trust in him and break apart a relationship.

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