POBE Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

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Gu Xiaoshan picked up Renzi’s phone, unlocking it smoothly. He ignored the messages from Shu Jingyi, only lying on the bed and sedately sending a text to Yu Yuntao. “Spending the night outside. Help me tell Father.”

Yu Yuntao’s reply came very quickly. “I’ve helped you tell him way earlier.”

“Sure.” Gu Xiaoshan responded, “Thanks.”

Another message came from Yu Yuntao. “Is that Gu Xiaoshan?”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, sending a “Good night” and putting the phone down. Yu Yuntao too did not continue texting. Actually even if he did, Gu Xiaoshan would not care as well. He placed the roses from Renzi in a glass bottle, thinking regretfully about how it was likely that there would be a few stalks that would have wilted tomorrow, and many petals would fall. They would not be able to be freeze-dried.

Despite the regret, he still felt that the decision to stay over tonight was correct, and he should not mind too much about the flowers.

His heart that pounded wildly for Renzi felt rather staid now, and he was now quite calm. He even had the mood to go to the balcony. Smoking a cigarette to satiate his nicotine craving, he shook out his clothes when he returned. Renzi suddenly woke up, opening his eyes. “Hubby?”

He also did not know why this word came out of his mouth.

Both him and Gu Xiaoshan were stunned.

Gu Xiaoshan was the first to react. He sat down by the bed and kissed Renzi’s forehead. “Did I wake you up?”

How could such quiet sounds wake Renzi up? It turned out that Renzi had a dream, dreaming that Gu Xiaoshan had married him, and even asked him to call him hubby. Groggy, he had called out this embarrassing name. Renzi coughed a couple of times, as though he was a little uncomfortable. “You were smoking?”

“Ah,” For some reason, Gu Xiaoshan was a little flustered. “Mn.”

When he recalled about this incident, he realised this was probably the moment he was determined to quit smoking.

Renzi’s coughing actually had nothing to do with the smell of cigarettes on Gu Xiaoshan. He had only choked on his own saliva.

Gu Xiaoshan embraced him, listening to Renzi breathing next to him, and a yearning welled up within him. However, Renzi was still groggy, and his eyes slowly blinked before he fell asleep again. Gu Xiaoshan tucked Renzi back into bed again, before going to take a shower. Coming back this time, he was very careful, keeping his footsteps light, and he did not wake his lover up this time.

Renzi slept till the next day’s afternoon. When he woke up, his body was aching, especially that unmentionable spot.

Behind the blue wood divider made from New Zealand pine was Gu Xiaoshan’s indistinct voice. It sounded like he was trying to answer his work call quietly. Renzi looked at the clock. Gu Xiaoshan did not deal with his work the entire day yesterday, but he still had to deal with them today.

Renzi suddenly remembered all that happened last night. He first was embarrassed, but after that, he felt that it was quite sweet. He had to admit that Brother Xiaoshan had not lied to him. It did hurt at the start, but later on it did get more and more enjoyable. Such intimacy was truly a beautiful thing, but if his buttocks did not hurt the next day, it would be even better.

Renzi carefully got up. As his actions were slow and light, together with the softness of the bed, Gu Xiaoshan who was busy with work was not aware. Renzi took a look at his phone, and Shu Jingyi’s messages were still unread in his inbox. His mood fell, resignedly opening the messages to read them. Actually, there was nothing urgent, it was only Shu Jingyi following up with whatever happened to Tan Zhugui.

He did not want to read such mood dampening things, but still politely expressed his gratitude to Shu Jingyi.

Shu Jingyi asked him, “Does Gu Xiaoshan know about this yet?”

“I don’t think so.” Renzi himself had not told him about it, nor had Gu Xiaoshan mentioned it, so he felt that he did not know anything.

“That’s good. This matter has already been settled. You can just treat it as though nothing has happened, and continue your life without any worries.”

“Thank you.” However, Renzi still felt a vague sense of anxiety.

At the same time, Gu Xiaoshan’s footsteps drew nearer. He was about to come over. Renzi immediately tossed his phone away, and could not be bothered about what Shu Jingyi or Tan Zhugui anymore. He only looked at his Brother Xiaoshan with a pair of bright, shiny eyes.

Gu Xiaoshan sat down. “You’ve woken up already?”

“Mn.” Renzi curled his legs up under the blanket, leaning closer to Gu Xiaoshan and smiled. “Have you been working the entire morning?”

“Yes. Have you been playing with your phone the entire time?”

“No, I just woke up.”

“You woke up so late. We no longer have time for breakfast, we’ll just have lunch.”

Renzi’s mouth flattened. “The food here isn’t nice.”

“Don’t think about eating fish or meat these couple of days,” Gu Xiaoshan said. “I’ll order porridge for you.”

“Porridge?” Renzi was unhappy hearing that.

Gu Xiaoshan coaxed him, “This is good for your body. I’ve examined you last night, there’s a little tearing. I’ve applied some medication on it, but it hasn’t healed by this morning yet…”

“You examined it last night? Applied medication? You even looked at it again this morning?” Renzi was alarmed. “I didn’t wake up at all?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “Your quality of sleep makes people envious.”

Renzi was suddenly a little shy. “It must be because I was too tired.”

“Why were you tired?” Gu Xiaoshan asked meaningfully. “I didn’t even say I’m tired. I was the one moving the entire time, while you were only calling out. I think it’s more like your throat is tired.”

Renzi lay down, covering himself with the blanket. He did not respond, only feeling embarrassed.

Gu Xiaoshan laughed again. “Why are you getting shy now? You even woke up in the middle of the night and called me ‘hubby’.”

Renzi’s brain blanked out. His face burned, continue burying himself in the blanket. The more he buried himself, the hotter he felt, and his head felt as though it was going to burst into flames.

Gu Xiaoshan hugged him along with his blanket, caressing the top of Renzi’s head and kissing him on the corner of his forehead. His lips felt the heat of Renzi’s skin and so asked, “Why are you so warm? Do you have a fever?”

“No.” Renzi’s voice was low and muffled. “I… I’m just embarrassed.”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed as he caught sight of Renzi’s phone. His feelings were caught between feeling love for Renzi and being angry with him.

Renzi did not know Gu Xiaoshan’s inner struggle, only feeling that everything was sweet. Even the plain porridge felt as though it had been seasoned with honey. They remained in the room, chatting and finishing their lunch. Gu Xiaoshan then suggested sending Renzi home. Renzi was reluctant. “We’re just going home like this?”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled. “Didn’t you say that it was boring over here?”

“It’s not boring, how can it be boring being with you? It’s pretty nice hanging out in the room like this not doing anything.”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. “But I don’t want to not do anything with you in the room.”

Renzi’s face again heated up.

Gu Xiaoshan helped the weak-legged Renzi up. “Let’s go back.”

Gu Xiaoshan drove Renzi home. By then, Yu Yuntao had already left for work, and Zhi Xuan naturally was already in the Yu’s offices. Only the butler was left to help support Renzi. Gu Xiaoshan came up with an excuse, “Second Young Master Yu had fell down in the marine park yesterday. I’ll have to trouble you to watch over him.”

The butler still had his professional smile on. “Definitely, definitely. Young Master Gu has worked hard taking care of him last night.”

Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi shared a farewell kiss, then Gu Xiaoshan drove away. The butler helped the weak-legged Renzi indoors, and Old Mister Yu was sitting in the living room, his face stern. “Why didn’t you come home to sleep last night?”

Renzi mumbled, “I’m already so old, and I’ve stayed out all night before as well. Why are you judging me for it today?”

Old Mister Yu sneered. “What’s wrong? You can’t even walk now? You even need someone to help you? Having not seen you for a night, you’ve turned into a concubine in the palace?”

“I’m not a woman!” Renzi’s neck stiffened as he objected. “I… I only fell down…”

Old Mister Yu asked, “Where did you injure yourself? Let me take a look?”

Renzi replied, “My butt, don’t look at it.”

Old Mister Yu gnashed his teeth, but felt that he could not go any further. He waved him off, “Forget it, go and rest!”

The butler was still smiling, “Second Young Master, let me help you back to your bedroom.”

Renzi’s butt was aching, his waist was aching, and his legs were aching. Feeling a lack of energy, he pretty much did not get off his bed the entire day. Old Mister Yu heard about it and was still very concerned. He even asked Yu Yuntao if they should get a doctor to take a look at Renzi. Yu Yuntao laughed, “There’s no point getting a doctor! Everyone’s like this!”

Old Mister Yu gritted his teeth and scolded, “Gu Xiaoshan that vixen!”

The vixen Gu Xiaoshan was bold enough to face the consequences of what he had done. In the evening, he even personally visited Old Mister Yu. Old Mister Yu hesitated between the cane and the electric saw, only to sigh and instruct the butler to serve tea.

When Gu Xiaoshan spoke to Old Mister Yu, his voice was polite yet with some traces of familiarity, keeping them very well balanced. As an elder, Old Mister Yu had great poise as well, and did not give him any trouble. Gu Xiaoshan said that he was going to take a look at Renzi, and Old Mister Yu told him to go ahead.

After Gu Xiaoshan headed to Renzi’s room, Old Mister Yu called the butler over. “Go take a look and see why he’s looking for Renzi.”

“Is that ok? What if they’re whispering to each other?”

“Renzi has already ‘fallen’ and ‘injured’ himself. If he still doesn’t know how to behave, I’ll kill him immediately!” Old Mister Yu glared.

The butler then went to take a look and came back. “Nothing much is happening. They’re talking as Young Master Gu is applying medication for Second Young Master.” However, the scene of the medication application was temporarily unable to be erased from the butler’s mind. My poor blinded eyes.

Gu Xiaoshan knew that Renzi was too embarrassed to tell anyone about having to apply the medication, and it also would not be easy for him to apply it himself. As such, Gu Xiaoshan would leave work on time everyday and drive over to help Renzi apply the medication and talk to him. As Renzi’s injury gradually recovered, the time taken to apply the medication instead increased, and there were even additions of various actions that did not comply with the recovery of the injury. Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan were applying the medication with all sorts of intimate methods, and the butler had to go take a look each time according to instructions. He really wanted to blind himself, and even thought about running back to Old Mister Yu and beg him to return him his dignity as an old straight man.

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