POBE Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Gu Xiaoshan recovered his wits and laughed, “No, no. It’s just that you suggested this so suddenly. Who wouldn’t be surprised?”

“What’s so surprising about this?” Renzi asked. “Ah Xuan and my brother are living together. They’ve been living together since the first day they got together. Our progress is even considered slow!”

Gu Xiaoshan then abruptly pushed Renzi onto the bed, smiling, “That’s true, I also think our progress is too slow. It’s best if I work hard tonight, and see if I’ll be able to get you pregnant.”

Renzi’s cheeks flushed a dark red. “Your, your words don’t sound too scientific!”

Bed matters, why would they care if it was scientific or not?

Just by doing it everything would be settled.

Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi went hard to work in the lounge of his office, while Mu Chutong, who was waiting for Gu Xiaoshan to finish work, continued standing guard in the car park. Dressed in that gaudy suit, Mu Chutong was holding onto his briefcase and looking at his diamond watch, thinking, “The hell, he still isn’t off work yet? Is Gu Xiaoshan really that hard working?”

Mu Chutong waited throughout the night to the next day. When he saw Gu Xiaoshan hugging Renzi as they walked to the car park, he then understood what was happening, and automatically hid away. What the hell, so Gu Xiaoshan is now actually with Yu Yunren?! Wouldn’t I, as an ex-boyfriend, be an eyesore if I’m seen by them? Looking for trouble? Do I still want to work with him? Of course I have to hide!

Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi left, not because of anything, but just to make preparations for living together.

Their publicised love was known to all.

Including Old Mister Gu.

Old Mister Gu had originally had not many opinions about Renzi’s and Gu Xiaoshan’s “relationship”. Gu Xiaoshan had informed his father about it with a flippant attitude, that Renzi and him had been caught after a night of drunk sex. They would be together for a period of time so as to placate everyone. Old Mister Gu only had to wait for them to fool around for a bit before they would break up. However, looking at it now, that did not seem to be the case, especially when Old Mister Gu noticed that Gu Xiaoshan had rejected Mu Chutong’s proposal because of Renzi.

Initially, he had almost handed everything to do with the company over to Gu Xiaoshan, and he had no worries about it. It was only during the recent meeting of golf lovers did he hear Shu Jingyi mention this incident.

It was very difficult for him to imagine that Gu Xiaoshan would actually handle his business with his personal feelings.

It made him very disappointed.

And even more in dread.

The memories Tang Guoguo had given him crashed upon him like a wave in the dark, it was sudden, and there was no hints before it happened.

Old Mister Gu heard that Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan were going to live together, and so felt that this was no trivial matter. He was not very close with Gu Xiaoshan, but he did have enough of an understanding about Gu Xiaoshan. His son was always very on guard, and would never easily share his personal space with people.

Renzi had chose to move into Gu Xiaoshan’s apartment. The apartment was located in the city center, and was very near the Gu offices. Old Mister Gu’s car stopped across the apartment building. Although he was not young anymore, his vision was still very sharp, and from the car, he could clearly see Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi crossing the road hand in hand. Gu Xiaoshan’s expression when he looked at Renzi was very gentle. That was a love that could not be falsified.

Renzi was looking up, his head turned towards Gu Xiaoshan, and when he smiled, it seemed like there were stars in his eyes. He looked very pure and innocent, and his passionate expression was very moving. In that moment, Old Mister Gu seemed to see a Tang Guoguo that was passionately in love.

Tang Guoguo had also used to look at him with this expression, that it seemed as though there were stars in her eyes.

He had been moved by this expression of innocence, passion, and brilliance.

However, an expression, in the end, was just only an expression.

Tang Guoguo’s love for him then was probably true, yet when her feelings passed onto someone else, there was no hesitation as well. She said that she had been chasing after love her entire love, and never stopped. This sort of attitude was too similar to Yu Yunren who seemed to go through life without a care. He had heard that when Yu Yunren chased after his love, he was also very passionate. His passion when chasing after Gu Xiaowu then was also very apparent to everyone. However, Gu Xiaowu had not been moved, and Old Mister Gu was very thankful for that. Now, he was upset about how his son had not lived up to his expectations. He did not ever think that the son he never had to worry about would have fallen into a ridiculous trap like this.

Towards Gu Xiaoshan and Yu Yunren’s rapidly heating up romance, not only Old Mister Gu was surprised, Old Mister Yu was as well. Old Mister Yu watched as people packed up Renzi’s belongings and moved them out, and he was incensed. “Gu Xiaoshan that vixen!”

Renzi only said, “What’s wrong with this, Ge and Ah Xuan are also living together?”

“Don’t mention it anymore!” The butler shot a look at Renzi. Everyone had been seduced away by a man, leaving Old Mister Yu a lonely old man.

Old Mister Yu was quite angry, and started scolding again, “I have to say this, why didn’t you look for a woman instead? Like this, you would have been able to marry her in!”

Renzi thought about it, “I understand, I will fight to marry Brother Xiaoshan into the family.”

“Don’t!” Old Mister Yu waved him off, “I can’t bear this crime!”

Renzi laughed, “How would it be a crime you have to bear? Brother Xiaoshan is so polite, Dad, haven’t you always like him? You even said that it would be good to have a son like him. When I marry him into the family, he’ll be half your son!”

Old Mister Yu was gloomy hearing that, but did not know how he should object to it. He then waved his hand grandly, “Wait till you pass Old Mister Gu’s stage before saying anything!”

Renzi instead said, “Although I’m not exceptionally clever and smart, Uncle Gu has always like me.”

“He used to like you, it’s because he likes my son. Now, you’re the vixen who seduced his son, how could that be the same?”

Renzi was surprised. “How did I become a vixen?” It actually sounded rather impressive.

Old Mister Yu actually was not sure what Old Mister Gu thought about this. Old Mister Gu was a person who never had his feelings on his sleeves. However, having once tested the waters with suggesting that Yu Yunren go on a blind date with Gu Xiaowu, Old Mister Yu knew that OId Mister Gu did not seem to see Renzi too highly as a son-in-law.

Now that the relationship between Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan was so good, Gu Xiaoshan would periodically come over to the Yu’s mansion as Renzi’s boyfriend. However, Gu Xiaoshan had never let Renzi go over to the Gu’s mansion. Renzi had not noticed this, but how could Old Mister Yu miss it? He had only not mentioned it, and would occasionally only remind Renzi to pay a bit more attention, as he did not want to pour cold water onto him just as he was in the midst of his fiery love.

However, he did not expect that Renzi did not go over to the Gu’s mansion, yet Old Mister Gu would come over.

Renzi heard that Old Mister Gu was coming, and had an unprecedented shyness and fear coming over him. In the past, he had met Old Mister Gu countless of times, and when he was young, he even whined to Old Mister Gu for a red packet during Chinese New Year. Seeing Renzi’s behaviour, Old Mister Yu criticised him, “How can a big man like you act like a little daughter-in-law, useless!”

Renzi too felt that he was rather useless. Shrinking into himself, he did not know what to do, nor did not know where to place his hands.

Old Mister Yu got angry seeing him like this, but feeling that Old Mister Gu’s sudden visitation would not be anything good. So, with the instinct to protect his youngest son, he said, “Fine, go look for a place to hide.”

By then, Old Mister Gu was already outside the living room. Renzi could not run out, and only slipped behind the ink painting screen in the room, and even pulled a Chinese-styled stool over and sat on it.

Old Mister Gu smiled as he greeted Old Mister Yu. After some pleasantries, the staff too had brought some tea over. Old Mister Gu drank as he spoke, “It looks busy over here, what’s going on?”

“Isn’t my son moving over to your son’s place? They’re packing up now.”

Old Mister Gu paused, then spoke, “There’s something like this? My son has never mentioned anything to me.”

Hearing this, Old Mister Yu too paused, before saying, “Hmm? That’s right, hasn’t your son been living alone for quite some time already? Unlike my son always sticking around with me, it’s normal that you don’t know about some things.” Old Mister Yu laughed, “Don’t tell me you also don’t know that my son and your son is in a relationship?”

“Oh, this thing,” Old Mister Gu laughed lightly. “My son has mentioned it to me. He said it was a little accident, and they had been caught by the elders, so what other choice did he have? He would go along with it for now.”

Old Mister Yu’s heart flipped hearing this. Behind the screen, Renzi’s heart was as though lightning had struck it — Right, right, previously he had always ignored me, rejected me, and even vomited because of my confession. It’s because the yellow-legged chicken had been seized, that’s why he would agree to date me…

Old Mister Yu put down the cup. He was very angry, but seeing that he had been good friends with Old Mister Gu for so many years, he could not vent his anger easily, and only said, “Ah, saying this sounds like our Yu family had set a trap for him or something.”

Old Mister Gu smiled, “No, no, I didn’t mean it that way! I meant that it was him who was not careful, so he must take responsibility for his own mistakes. I had asked him, two men sleeping with each other, what could happen? He then said that wasn’t the case. Renzi now only wanted to try being with a man, and he just went along with him. Since there’s no need to be careful about their “reputation”, these two really know how to play. If they don’t end up together, there would also be no awkwardness in the future. Now… they’re just living in the present, and enjoying their lives.”

You motherfucking piece of shit!

Old Mister Yu wanted to curse, but could not say it out loud. Towards Old Mister Gu, his temper and tolerance were always better than usual.

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  2. On the bright side, Gu Xiaoshan will need to clear up all those misunderstandings. It’s going to be OK, Renzi! His feelings for you are real. Shu Jingyi is such a tattletale, lol. Everything he does makes their relationship stronger.

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