POBE Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

Yu Yunren switched between joy and sadness, smiling brightly for a moment, then sad the next. When Old Mister Yu saw he, he suspected that his son had become crazy. Zhi Xuan said, he was only going crazy over a man, and such symptoms were completely normal. After another two years of being an old couple, he would be back to normal.

Gu Xiaoshan was over in Country C settling the problems left by the mountain fire as it was part of his responsibilities, while there was no reason for Mu Chutong to continue staying there. Going over as a business partner was only an excuse, as Old Mister Gu was the one who booked the air ticket and hotel room, forcing him there. Now that he had reached a common understanding with Gu Xiaoshan, he then took the earliest flight home the next day, watching over Renzi as per Gu Xiaoshan’s request.

Mu Chutong did not see the need to watch over Yu Yunren. He felt that Yu Yunren was already so old, why did he need to be watched over? Gu Xiaoshan really liked creating extra trouble for himself.

But he still had to contact Yu Yunren, simply for the partnership they had previously discussed.

That was money!


Anytime money was mentioned, Mu Chutong would go all out for it.

According to their agreement, Mu Chutong contacted Renzi before hand, confirming the location and time for their meeting. Renzi immediately felt flustered hearing Mu Chutong’s voice, even feeling slightly regretful for the decision he had made. However, he calmed himself down and thought, feeling that since he had made a promise to him, he had to do it. Also, he wanted to get to know this “love rival” better.

Renzi and Mu Chutong did not meet in the Yu office, but chose a cafe with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Mu Chutong was earlier, and he had prepared everything well. Even his hair was combed to the point where a housefly would slide off if it landed on his hair, showing how much importance he attached to this meeting. Renzi was also punctual, which made Mu Chutong surprised. He had thought Renzi would deliberately come late.

Although Renzi was not deliberately late, he was rather distracted. As Mu Chutong was talking about the project, he paid attention to Renzi’s reaction, only to see that he was absent-minded, and did not listen to a word. Mu Chutong also felt quite awkward, but could only push through and explain his proposal, then asked, “Is there any part that I didn’t explain clearly?”

Renzi now then regained his senses. He looked at Mu Chutong, and noticed him dressing in an aquamarine silk suit, emphasising the fairness of his skin and his appearance. Feeling a little twisted over it, he only said, “Did you really get engaged to Gu Xiaoshan?”

“…” Mu Chutong really had not expect that Renzi would be so direct, and so was a little stunned. It was lucky that Mu Chutong was very quick on his feet, and he replied with barely any hesitation, “This is a misunderstanding! It’s complete fiction!”

Renzi’s eyes flashed. “A misunderstanding? It really is a misunderstanding?”

“Mn, it’s a misunderstanding.” Mu Chutong said earnestly, “It really is a misunderstanding.”

Thinking about how Old Mister Gu was firm about it, and Gu Xiaoshan’s falter when he asked about it, Renzi did not believe him. “Can this even be misunderstood?”

“Of course.” Mu Chutong spoke without even blinking. “I’m also happy to explain the situation with you. However, this is really too embarrassing, I feel that it’s better if Gu Xiaoshan explain it to you himself. I’m an outsider, it’s not suitable for me to do so.”

On the table, Renzi’s hands were interlocked, his fingers curled. He was a little apprehensive, “This isn’t right… If it’s so, why is Old Mister Gu so fixed on you?”

“There really isn’t anything like this.” Mu Chutong had not thought that things would turn out this way, and could only say, “Actually, President Ren, I believe you’re a clever man…”

“I’m not.”

“Hmm?” Mu Chutong was taken aback.

Renzi looked calmly at Mu Chutong. “I’m not a clever man. You have to explain things clearly to me before I can understand what you mean.”

Mu Chutong blanked out for a moment, thinking, so Gu Xiaoshan likes this type.

After some time, Mu Chutong sighed, “It’s really unsuitable for me to say this. I’ll tell you the truth, and don’t blame me for it…”

“If you’re telling the truth, why would I blame you?” Yu Yunren had a look of incomprehension on his face.

Mu Chutong smiled. “Alright. Seems like President Ren is an open person, and so I’ll say it openly. This matter, I’m really not especially clear about it. I’ve not seen anyone from the Gu family in a very long time, and I’ve actually not returned to the country for many years, and there are many things that I’m really not sure of. However, from what I can see, I feel that Old Mister Gu isn’t fixed on me, it’s just that he doesn’t… really like you too. It’s easy to get rid of me, but it’ll be difficult to get rid of you, and that’s why he came up with this plan, saying that he wants to fulfil my wishes.”

Yu Yunren paused, thinking over it, and finally glimpsed an understanding of the situation. He smiled wryly, “So it’s like this. Actually, my dad has mentioned it to me before, but I didn’t take it to heart. He must be looking down on me for being stupid and simple, and that I have no accomplishments.”

Mu Chutong instead said, “No, no it’s not like this. I feel that… I feel that you have great insight.”

“Huh?” Renzi looked at Mu Chutong, not understanding.

“Look, there are so many people in the world, and yet you like Gu Xiaoshan, isn’t this having insight?” Mu Chutong held up the proposal in his hand. “This as well — there’s so many people who are looking to work with you in the world, but you like my proposal. This is also a way of showing your insight. Come, now let me introduce the three biggest highlights of my company to you…”

“Ah…” Renzi did not react in time, and discovered that Mu Chutong had started gushing about his company. Renzi again started to blank out, then raised his hand to cut him off. “You… telling me all this business things, I also won’t understand. I’ll just pass your proposal over to my brother! He’s the one making all the decisions.”

Mu Chutong smiled. “Sure, sure, I can only thank you for the trouble.”

Next, Mu Chutong turned on his laptop. “Then I’ll email you the proposal now, and you can send it on to President Yu? Or I can email him directly, but would my email be rejected?”

“Send it to me, and I’ll forward it to him.”

So, as Mu Chutong smiled and watched him, Renzi forwarded the email. Also, with Mu Chutong’s suggestion, Renzi gave his brother a call on the spot, asking him to check if he had received it.

Yu Yuntao ridiculed him, “You’re even helping your love rival? You’re such a nice person!”

Being mocked by his brother, Renzi was again a little unhappy. He asked Mu Chutong, “Then, do you still like Brother Xiaoshan?”

Hearing him call “Brother Xiaoshan”, Mu Chutong found it extremely mushy, but only laughed. “No, I’ve never liked him. I was only with him then for the money!”

Renzi was rather astonished hearing this. “Then… then….”

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