POBE Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

“Don’t worry, now I have some capability myself — although you might not think too highly of it, I can still build my own wealth with my own two hands!” To make Renzi relieved, Mu Chutong raised his hand to the sky and swore, “Let’s just say, now, other than money, there’s nothing else I like! And Gu Xiaoshan now, other than you, there’s no one else he’ll like.”

Renzi did not bother too much about the first half of his words. It was only when it came to the second part then his heart started pounding again. “How do you know that?”

“Of course I know it! I also went to O City a few days ago because of our partnership, and I saw him there.”

“You saw him?” Renzi’s ears perked up, and his eyes widened, looking just like a rabbit who had seen a carrot.

Mu Chutong nodded, and embellished the situation with what Renzi liked to hear, “He’s been really down recently, always thinking about you… I see that he had even lost weight, a person really wastes away in sorrow and pain! He really misses you, and said that he didn’t know how he offended you, and feels very upset about it… Even I can’t bear to continue watching him!”

Renzi was both happy and sad hearing him, and in a little disbelief as well. “Really? But I didn’t hear anything like this?”

“Of course it’s true!” Mu Chutong’s voice was very decisive. “I saw it myself!”

Mu Chutong’s bunch of half-true nonsense really worked on Renzi. Mu Chutong realised it, and started adding all sorts of rubbish, making it more and more exaggerated, saying that Gu Xiaoshan was nearly about to commit suicide for love. Renzi could not help feeling concerned, but unexpectedly, also felt a little glad, the feelings in his heart complicated. Thinking about that message from Gu Xiaoshan, he thought that he definitely had to wait for Gu Xiaoshan to return and listen to what he had to say.

At least, he had to hear Brother Xiaoshan tell him personally that he loved him.

Recalling these three words, Renzi’s heart was like a green plum coated with rock sugar, sour and sweet.

Gu Xiaoshan had asked Mu Chutong to watch over Renzi, his request mainly to be on guard against Shu Jingyi. Mu Chutong said, “What’s with Shu Jingyi? He’s on bad terms with President Ren?”

Gu Xiaoshan shook his head. “It’s the exact opposite.”

Mu Chutong immediately understood and laughed. “Shu Jingyi’s habit of going after wives has resurfaced again? The last time he had his leg broken in Country C by Brother Jiu Man, and needed to recuperate for half a year, he still hasn’t change this habit of his?”

Gu Xiaoshan pointed at Mu Chutong and smiled, “There’s no laws in Country C, and Jiu Man is essentially the local king there. Shu Jingyi is so crafty, no matter how much he likes doing so, he’ll never go for Jiu Man’s partner! Say, were you the one who lay the trap for him in revenge for him wrecking your business?”

“What are you saying! Do I have that much capability, and am I that petty?” Mu Chutong denied it, and turned the topic of conversation back to Renzi. “I see that President Ren is also a person of understanding. Since he knows that Young Master Shu is chasing after him, he should draw a line between the two of them, right?”

Gu Xiaoshan sighed, “But he doesn’t know!”

“Huh? President Ren is so dense?” Mu Chutong was shocked. “Then, as the official boyfriend, shouldn’t you remind him?”

Gu Xiaoshan smiled wryly, “I wouldn’t even know how to go about mentioning it. Also, I feel that it’s nice to have Renzi happy and cheerful everyday, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Gu Xiaoshan, I think there’s something wrong with your brain. How can you not clarify such matters? Isn’t this just creating trouble for yourself?”

Gu Xiaoshan saw that Mu Chutong was started to puff up with arrogance, and laughed as he deflated him, “Don’t lecture me already. You have to be careful when you’re back. Shu Jingyi definitely still bear grudges against you.”

“Then you still ask me to help Yu Yunren guard against Shu Jingyi? I should turn away when I see Shu Jingyi now.”

“This is also beneficial to you. You’re now working on the same project with me and Shu Jingyi, you think you can just turn away? Instead, why don’t you just face him straight on. Also, next to Renzi, he won’t be able to do anything to you. When Renzi’s next to you, he also won’t be able to do anything to Renzi. This is the best solution.”

Mu Chutong too felt that it sounded reasonable, and so often went around with Renzi. Renzi was not in a good mood, but listening to Mu Chutong talk about Gu Xiaoshan, his spirits could always improve. Also Mu Chutong was good at provoking laughter, and so he was a fun person to hang out with. Instead, it was Yu Yuntao who had a headache watching them. “Why are you so close with your love rival again?”

Renzi looked uncaring, “He isn’t my love rival. He doesn’t like Brother Xiaoshan at all.”

“That’s true, Shu Jingyi also doesn’t like your Brother Xiaoshan,” Yu Yuntao thought about it. “In the end, your love rivals all aren’t your love rivals?”

Renzi was taken aback. “Mr Shu doesn’t like Brother Xiaoshan too?” Renzi then pondered over it, “No wonder his attitude is pretty nice towards me. Seems like he’s never treated me as a love rival.”

Yu Yuntao was somewhat startled. “You’re still hanging out with Shu Jingyi that pile of garbage?”

Renzi was unhappy. “How did he offend you? Why did you call him garbage?”

“I…” Yu Yuntao wanted to enlighten him on the case of the “seizing of the yellow-legged chicken”, but thinking about how Renzi was unhappy recently, he was afraid that mentioning this would hurt him again. “Haven’t you been very close to Mu Chutong recently? He framed Mu Chutong, how is he a good person?”

“Tongzi has never mentioned anything about Shu Jingyi framing him.” Renzi replied, “How do you know that happened?”

“Just listen to your brother, Shu Jingyi’s character has issues! Interact less with him!”

Yu Yuntao was very dictatorial, and Renzi was not very willing to accept it. Yu Yuntao then could only say that Country C was very messy, and people who built a fortune there were all criminals. Renzi suddenly recalled the malevolent look Shu Jingyi would occasionally reveal in Country C, and only then did he make a promise to his brother that he would interact less with Shu Jingyi in the future.

Still, Renzi’s decision to not see Shu Jingyi did not stop Shu Jingyi from often “bumping” into Renzi. However, each time he “bumped” into him, he would also “bump” into Mu Chutong, and that was upsetting.

The three people sat together chatting, and Old Goo and others who saw this scene all got a shock. What’s going on? Gu Xiaoshan’s ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend and blind date are drinking tea together?

Then where was Gu Xiaoshan?

Gu Xiaoshan was working overtime.

Gu Xiaoshan was personally settling the arrangements for the injured workers, and he also went to the pier to visit the Jiu Man who had broken Shu Jingyi’s leg. Jiu Man was in charge of this place, so he paid quite a bit of attention towards the mountain fire. Towards Gu Xiaoshan’s handling of the matter, he was very satisfied, and even happily gifted Gu Xiaoshan with a big gold chain. As an exquisite gay, Gu Xiaoshan really did not like such old-fashioned things, but as the other party was someone with guns and cannons, he still put on a look of joy and wore them. “This is really gorgeous and exquisite!”

Jiu Man smiled, “You like it?”

Gu Xiaoshan earnestly praised that the gold chain was the world’s most fashionable accessory, quoting from the classics, and emphasised that the gold had to be shiny enough, the chain had to be thick enough, and paired with leather and furs, it was the most flashy style! Jiu Man felt as though he had met a bosom friend, and was extremely delighted. “You think only the gold chain is good? There’s also gold rings, gold bracelets, gold armbands… They’re all good stuff!”

Jiu Man then pulled open a drawer, grabbing a handful of gold accessories and giving them all to Gu Xiaoshan, letting him go back to appreciate the charm of solid gold.

Gu Xiaoshan brought this pile of gold back to the hotel. The smile on his face had vanished. He only kept these items, and went into the room Renzi stayed in the last time. The plate on the coffee table did not hold cookies, but the animal biscuits he had as the manager to prepare earlier. Gu Xiaoshan remembered that these biscuits were sweet, and Renzi liked them best. However, when he bit into them, he could not taste any sweetness.

Renzi was like Gu Xiaoshan, nothing tasted good to him now. No matter how much Shu Jingyi coaxed him, he was unable to smile. Sitting on the same table, Mu Chutong had quite a good appetite, but inwardly he was scorning Shu Jingyi’s presence for affecting his digesting ability. So, he found an excuse, saying that there was an issue with the Yu empire’s project, and had to bring Renzi away. Shu Jingyi stopped him, “This is an issue with your work, why do you have to drag President Ren along?”

Mu Chutong smiled, “President Ren is in charge of this project, of course I’ll have to discuss it with him!”

Shu Jingyi instead smiled and asked Renzi, “Do you know what issue is he talking about?”

Renzi blankly shook his head.

Mu Chutong then said, “I haven’t told him, of course he wouldn’t know!”

Shu Jingyi spoke, “President Ren, we’re good friends. Just tell the truth, you don’t have anything to do with this project, right?”

Renzi really spoke the truth, “That’s right, I really don’t have much involvement in it. It’s all handled by Mark.”

Shu Jingyi laughed, “Heard it, President Mu? Aren’t you just playing a trick on President Ren? President Ren can finally come here to drink some tea, but you’re using some things that are irrelevant to him to bother him. You really don’t know how to behave!”

Mu Chutong smiled. “Yes, Respected Young Master, you’re right.”

Mu Chutong had been calling Shu Jingyi “Respected Young Master” since he was a child. Each time he said it he meant it disrespectfully, and he had something wicked up his sleeves. This made Shu Jingyi feel uncomfortable.

Mu Chutong did not mention anything about work anymore. He only added a couple more sentences, and headed to the washroom.

Now that Mu Chutong was away, Shu Jingyi started speaking to Renzi in confidence, and asking him why he was so upset recently. Renzi too did not know how he should say it, and after a few questions, he felt rather anxious. Looking up, he asked, “Why isn’t Tongzi back yet?”

“I’ll get someone to check.” Just at this moment, one of Shu Jingyi’s bodyguards came over. “Mr Mu had just received a call outside. He asked me to come and inform the two of you that he has something to handle, and has left.”

“So it has to do with work?” Shu Jingyi said, “Since that’s the case, we won’t bother with him anymore.”

Renzi still felt anxious. He remembered that Yu Yuntao had warned him, saying that Shu Jingyi’s character had problems, and asked him to be more careful. Although Renzi did not believe it fully, he could not help having some suspicions. Renzi thought about it, then said, “I’ll go out and give him a call.”

Renzi then stood up and headed out. Calling Mu Chutong in the corridor of the teahouse, but no one picked up.

Renzi frowned and gave Yu Yuntao a call, describing the situation. Yu Yuntao asked him to walk down the stairs. Renzi walked as he looked around, only to see Mu Chutong on the floor, and two of Shu Jingyi’s bodyguards kicking and punching him. When the bodyguards saw Renzi, they too were shocked, and they paused.

Renzi trembled with anger, scolding, “Scram!”

Yu Yuntao too scolded over the phone, “Scram!” His voice was very loud, and the two bodyguards too heard it. They really did not dare to do anything to Yu Yunren, and so hurriedly slipped away.

Renzi immediately sent Mu Chutong to the hospital. Having suffered so many beatings over the years, Mu Chutong was very composed, saying that the bodyguards were only hitting specific points, that he would not die, and in fact, they did not even hurt his bones.

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