SASAM Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Lin SuCi had not been sent to Mysterious Heart Sect by Yan Boshen for them to vent their anger, only because of the protection of his new status, the youngest disciple of Cardinal Sect.


The new little disciple sat cross-legged. The air was cold in the ice cave. With jade-green eyes, he stared at the person in front of him, his eyebrows slightly knitted and his voice faint.

“How long more?”

Yan Boshen, standing with his back to him, was dressed in a smoke-grey robe, almost melding with the chilly mist rising from the cold pools on the cliff. He stood there, his body hazy, and even his voice sounded as though it was travelling through space and time.

“Another two hours.”

Two hours later…

Lin SuCi’s mouth tightened, he closed his eyes and continued introducing the rich spiritual energy around him into his body.

For spiritual beasts, when they started cultivating, their speed would be faster than that of humans, and were able to easily accept the spiritual energy. Likewise, Lin Su Ci could easily introduce the energy into his body, and could absorb it very quickly.

After undergoing the formal training for less than seven short days, he could already successfully take in the spiritual energy, and was now moving on to training his Qi.

This speed was too fast, and so Qing Fou and Yan Boshen both held him back, causing him to be unable to break through.

With his eyes closed, Lin SuCi felt the exuberant vitality of his body that was filled with the spiritual energy. Alternating between the cold and the heat within his body, he searched for its balance.

When he finished cultivating, Lin SuCi was completely soaked through.

A wet mark was left on the jade seat he was on. When he stood up, the originally light flowing sleeves had already absorbed moisture from the mist, and hung heavily.

Lin SuCi raised his sleeves, the light purple colour of the sleeves had already darkened with water, and was dripping wet.


Lin SuCi wiped his face. The mist had condensed on his face, and there was a drop of water hanging off his long eyelashes. When Yan Boshen looked towards at him, the water droplet fell.

Lin SuCi conscientiously spread his arms towards Yan Boshen, urging, “I feel so uncomfortable. Senior, hurry up.”

Yan Boshen turned around.

The youth in front of him looked as though he had been picked out from the water. His wet hair was clinging to his cheeks, curling around his ears, and his already thin clothes emphasised his thin body further. Lin SuCi, with his arms spread open, blinked his eyes, and those jade-green pupils looked somewhat innocent, staring at him and waiting for his help.

Yan Boshen took his time admiring this rare obedient look of Lin SuCi, before slowly raising his hand and casting a charm.

In an instant, Lin SuCi, like a cat that fell in water, was completely dry, and free from the clinging discomfort.

Lin SuCi fumbled with his messy hair, a hair tie in his mouth. Using both his hands to gather up his hair, he still could not pull his hair together.

“Senior, senior…” Lin SuCi gave up on doing it himself, and passed the hair tie to Yan Boshen. “Help me.”

Yan Boshen took that light purple hair tie, and the little kitty in front of him had already turned around cooperatively. After being dried, some of the hair was very frizzy, tangling up and almost forming a net.

Taking care of a cat was so troublesome.

Yan Boshen sighed deeply to himself. He could only help Lin SuCi comb and neaten out his hair, gather it up, and tie it with the hair tie. The two ends of the hair tie gently hung from the hair bun, covering up Lin SuCi’s slender neck.

Lin SuCi’s cat ears twitched nimbly.

Glancing a couple of times at them, Yan Boshen looked away.

Lin SuCi followed behind Yan Boshen, walking through the path beneath the majestic rock wall, and climbed up the stone stairs one by one.

Yan Boshen led the way, and besides the stairs were thistles and blooming flowers, with fruit laden branches swaying in the wind. His clothes fluttered in the air, and behind him, Lin SuCi was gnawing on a red fruit.

“Senior Boshen, we still can’t break through today? I feel that the spiritual energy in my body is already very strong, and it’s enough.”

He talked as he walked, anxiously longing to move on to Qi practice.

For real cultivation, it had to at least start from Qi practice. Lin SuCi had been held back for so many days, and eyeing at Yan BoShen’s spellwork he was desirous almost to the point of mewling, and every time he saw him, he would ask at least once.

“We can.”

“If I can’t, I can go look for… Eh?” Lin SuCi bit into the stone of the fruit, blinked, and his eyes brightened.

Quickly tossing the stone away he quickly grasped at Yan Boshen’s sleeve, his eyes curving with a smile, “Really?! Then, when shall we start?!”

Yan Boshen’s feet stopped. His eyes fell on Lin SuCi’s hand that was grabbing his sleeve, then looked up coolly at Lin SuCI. “After you’re done washing the clothes.”

Lin SuCi clicked his tongue, his deliberate action of using Yan Boshen’s sleeve to wipe his hand had been found out. Wrinkling his nose, he rubbed at Yan Boshen’s sleeve with his own sleeve. However, the red stain left by the fruit had long transferred from his palm to Yan Boshen’s sleeve.

Seeing that this stain could not be rubbed off, Lin SuCi pulled his hand back and calmly undid his clothes.

The look in Yan Boshen’s eyes froze. “… What are you doing?”

The ribbon on the outer robe had already been pulled open. Lin SuCi replied without looking up, “I’ll exchange mine with yours, then yours would be clean!”

Yan Boshen watched Lin SuCi shoved the two sizes smaller outer robe into his arms. The youth, left in a white inner robe, bounced on the spot, his face full of joy. “This way, we can start now!”

With a poker-face, Yan Boshen tossed the robe over Lin SuCi’s head, then turned around and left.

“Hey hey hey Boshen Boshen!” Lin SuCi did not have time to wear his outer robe. Casually tugging it over him, his feet pattered after him. However, although Yan Boshen looked like he was walking slowly, but in a short period of time he was a long distance away from Lin SuCi already. The clouds soon shrouded the cliff, leaving only Lin SuCi sticking his tongue out and running quickly, trying his best to chase that indistinct silhouette in front of him.

Although it was said that he could break through, but Qing Fou still made Yan Boshen hold Lin SuCi back for another seven days. Each day, he would soak in the cold pools for two hours to flush his physique, and only when his body could completely accept it, then he could officially break through.

After seven full days, when Lin SuCi open his eyes again, everything seemed different from before.

The spiritual energy flowing in the air could be vaguely seen, and the vitality of the spiritual plants outside the cave could all be pulled towards him.

Lin SuCi breathed in deeply, such a deeply moving feeling was an ease he had never felt before. As for the condensed spiritual energy in his dantian, it brought him an incomparable sense of lightness.

Lin SuCi’s round eyes narrowed, and his lips curved in a smile.

In the next moment, his joy was disrupted by a rumble that echoed throughout the cave.

He looked down and held his growling belly, curled his tail up and collapsed.

Having not ate or drank for seven days, when his body recovered consciousness, his belly cramped in pain, and the increasingly sharp pain caused Lin SuCi’s face to fall, he closed his eyes, hugged his belly and curled up into a ball.

Forgot to eat the inedia pill, how terrible.

Lin SuCi curled up on the ice bed, his face dropping. He looked around, but there was only him alone in the empty cave.

“Boshen, Boshen, come back quickly…” Lin SuCi had never experienced such a piercing pain in his belly before. He did not dare to move, and after mumbling about his official keeper, he started coming up with ridiculous thoughts.

“Boshen, if you appear in front of me within a quarter of an hour, I’ll grant you three wishes, and bless you with no worries for the rest of your life.”

With much effort, Lin SuCi turned his body on the ice bed, and continued whispering with his eyes closed, “Boshen, Boshen, if you appear in front of me within half an hour, I’ll wait upon you as my master, grant you three wishes, and escort you for the rest of your life.”

Lin SuCi again opened his eyes, but he was still the only one in the cave.

To Lin SuCi, this was completely not a surprise. In the quiet cave, he played by himself.

“Eldest Senior, if you appear within three quarters of an hour, and also bring some piping hot porridge and delicious dried fish, I’ll fight the sky and deliver you to the heavens, wait upon you as my master, grant you a hundred wishes, and would always act cute around you!”

Lin SuCi’s face was white with pain, but he knew, with his current state, before he even took two steps out of the cave, he would collapse. Since that would not work, he might as well stay here and save his strength, waiting for others to discover him.

He was quiet again for a while. When no one came, he held his belly and clicked his tongue. Taking a deep breath, he continued following the script, deep in the act.

“Yan Boshen, if you appear in front of me right now, I will…”

Before the cat-boy could finish his mock vicious words, a voice that Lin SuCi was familiar with sounded in the cave.

“What will you do?”

Not far from the ice bed, Yan Boshen had a can of food in his hand, and was looking at Lin SuCi meaningfully.

Lin SuCi’s pupils constricted, then his eyes rounded.

“Why are you…”

Just now, he did not see Yan Boshen coming from there, but how come, in the blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of him?”

Yan Boshen did not speak. He placed the can on the ice bed, and lifted the weak Lin SuCi into his arms to lean on him. He then opened the can of food, and the fragrance of porridge wafted up.

Lin SuCi’s eyes brightened, and did not care about anything else, reaching his hands out to take it.\

But only to grab empty air.

He was stunned, and looked up.

Yan Boshen had raised his hand to a height where Lin SuCi could not reach. His eyes were clouded, and he repeated, “What will you do?”

Lin SuCi looked at him.

What would he do?

The young man in front of him had a profound look in his eyes, and they felt heavy when he looked at him.

Lin SuCi stared at Yan Boshen and slowly thought, what would he do?

His belly was still cramping in pain. Lin SuCi held his belly, sniffing the aroma of the porridge in the air. As both Yan Boshen and him breathed, the piercing pain that he just felt seemed to disappear.

Lin SuCi’s eyes curved, and he said sweetly to Yan Boshen, “I super super duper like the super super duper impressive Yan Boshen!”

Yan Boshen watched the youth who had his ears perked up, and looked into his clear, bright eyes that were full of laughter. From Lin SuCi’s eyes, he saw the corner of the mouth of his reflection curved up slightly, with a rare gentle smile.

He slowly lowered his eyes, and his voice was low, “… Little kiss-ass.”

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