SASAM Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2


Lin SuCi was exhausted after playing so much, and after lying within Yan Boshen’s sleeve for a moment, he fell asleep, tilting all over the place. At this moment, he was suddenly awakened by the laughter, smacking his lips and squinting his eyes open. His little claws hooked into the cuff of the sleeve, and blankly pushed his head out from there.

There were two people beside Yan Boshen in the courtyard. One was Fifth Senior Xiao Lan, whom he was familiar with. The other was a youth, who upon seeing him, widened his eyes.

That youth stared straight at Lin SuCi, and the surprise in his eyes made him feel a little bit confused. He thought about it, carefully raising a paw, and gave a friendly polite wave.

The youth however ignored him and with a face of mortification, asked Yan Boshen, “Where did this whelp of a cat come from! Eldest Senior, you’re taking care of him? When did you start keeping such a weak and useless thing?”

Finally, he said angrily, “I hate cats!”

Oh no!

This fellow calling out “Eldest Senior”, was most likely the youngest senior he had yet to meet, Zhongli Haiming.


With a solemn face, he lifted his paw and stroked his furry chin, thoughtful.

This youngest senior did not seem very friendly.

“Hey hey hey, Xiao Haiming, this is Lin Suci, our newest disciple. He’s not a spiritual pet. You came back so suddenly that I didn’t have any time to let you know about it. Anyway, let’s just greet each other first.”

Xiao Lan hurriedly tried to mediate.

Lin SuCi thought, this family could not have any conflicts. This little boy seemed a lot younger than him, and as a elder who looked like the younger on the surface, should be more tolerant.

Lin SuCi patted the sleeve, stepping on Yan Boshen’s hand who reached out at the right moment, and leapt to the ground, changing the shape of his body with a shake.

“Sixth Senior.”

Lin SuCi smiled cheerily at Zhongli Haiming and extended a friendly hand.

Zhongli Haiming rolled his eyes, and his response to his friendliness was to turn around angrily and leave.

Lin SuCi watched as the stubborn back of this little boy faded in the distance, and pulled his hand back. Looking up with an apprehensive face, and his small voice had a timidness in it that made people’s hearts ached, “Boshen Boshen, am I dislikable?”

Yan Boshen’s heart skipped a beat, and fixed his eyes on Lin SuCi who was anxiously biting his lips.

When had the little kitten ever revealed such a fearful look? Despite laughing constantly, he would also be upset when faced with the unconcealed distaste of ours.

In the end, he was still just a cub…

Yan Boshen lowered his gaze, the ridicule that arose within him just now quietly disappearing. With a rare softness to his voice, he said, “No.”

“Then… do you like me? Do all of you like me?” Lin SuCi’s eyes were already wet, and his pupils surrounded by tears were like a piece of jade submerged in the bottom of the lake, glittering and translucent.”

Xiao Lan did not wait for Yan Boshen, and slapped his chest saying, “Of course we like you!”

Yan Boshen nodded, “Don’t jump to silly conclusions.”

Lin SuCi bit his lip, whispering, “So, it’s him who is the problem, right?”

Yan Boshen could not yet grasp his meaning, “… Hmm?”

“Everyone likes me, but he’s the only one that doesn’t…” Lin SuCi had an earnest look of worry on his face, and in his eyes were glittering sympathy. “Sixth Senior is so pitiful. He’s so young, but his brain’s not working already.”

Yan Boshen, “…”

He almost forgot, as if this little thing would ever give in and display his weakness.

He had been careless.

Lin SuCi even sighed in resignation, “Forget it, forget it. Who let me be a good kind cat who loves humanity? If I see him again, I’ll definitely take more care of him, so to prevent him from discovering his desolating abnormality, and from them on, live in self-doubt.”

Yan Boshen was silent for a moment then said earnestly, “If you don’t look for him, it’ll be the greatest kindness you can give him.”

Lin SuCi held his hand to his chest with a face of sincerity. “Eldest Senior, you don’t understand. To see a young child losing his way, and be unable to save him, my heart will ache.”

“Then you should just continue aching.”

Yan Boshen, feeling a headache, knew how clever he was, and resolutely gave up playing this zero-sum game with him, lifting the little kitty into the house.

The newly-returned little senior did not like Lin SuCi, and looked at him disdainfully the entire time. Lin SuCi rubbed his hands, drooping his eyelids and observed this little senior who was talking about his adventures, and his lips curved up wickedly.

However, he did not do anything about it.

Zhongli Haiming had brought over a thousand spiritual gems back, and presented them all to Qing Fou. Qing Fou did not keep any of them, and distributed them directly to the disciples who were present. Even Lin SuCi, under Zhongli Haiming’s contemptous look, also got a hundred spiritual gems.

Spiritual gems… Lin SuCi gathered the large amount of gems into his arms and poked at Yan Boshen next to him, “For you.”

He spread his arms, and shoved them all into Yan Boshen’s bosom.

“Keep them for yourself.”

“I have no use for them,” Lin SuCi was still trying to shove the gems at him. “I’ll leave them with you. If I need them, I’ll just ask you for them.”

Yan Boshen seemed to think of something, and kept his hundred spiritual gems, then told him, “Alright.”

The next morning, the still sleeping Lin SuCi was shaken awake by Yan Boshen. He was so sleepy that he could not open his eyes, and drowsily, he grabbed at Yan Boshen’s sleeve and buried his head in it.

“Why did you wake me up? It’s still so early, let me sleep, my body needs to develop…”

Yan Boshen hard-heartedly dressed the little soft kitty up, calmly saying, “We’re heading out today, don’t you want to go?”

Lin SuCi sprawled across Yan Boshen, as though his entire body had dissolved. With a flat mouth and closed eyes, he refused to move, but when he heard what Yan Bohen said, his body jerked, and his eyes rounded, “… Heading out?!”

Yan Boshen watched him composedly. The little kitty’s ears and tail were trembling in excitement, and stars appeared in his eyes.

As expected, he was delighted…

Yan Boshen stood up, “If you don’t want to go, then forget…”

“I’m going!!!!”

Lin SuCi jumped onto Yan Boshen’s back, his eyes squinting with a smile. Raising his hand, he shouted, “I want to go go go go go!!!!”

This really was a… little rascal of a cat.

Carrying the little kitty on his back, Yan Boshen’s eyes softened, and covering his mouth, he chuckled.

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