SASAM Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

As the cat ears of Lin SuCi twitched in front of the youth’s eyes, the youth was reminded that he had often heard of a person like this from his teachers in recent months.

Cardinal Sect’s Lin SuCi.

The bane who made the sect leader punish a very promising senior uncle.

The youth’s face twisted obviously. He choked, unable to breath, and his face turned red.

Lin SuCi, with a kind smile on his face, said conscientiously, “When you go back, remember to tell your sect leader that I’m a kind elder. Looking at your youthful ignorance, there’s no need to heavily punish you, just a few floggings would be fine.”

Lin SuCi used his method of showing concern for the mentally disabled to show concern for his juniors. His expression was very gentle, together with his adorable and good looking face, he looked very innocuous.

The youth’s eyes were glazed. “…”

The youth crouching down hurriedly got up and pressed on his fellow disciples, bowing respectfully to Lin SuCi. “We apologise! We’ll now go back to receive discipline from our teachers!”

Lin SuCi waved his hand magnanimously, “Go ahead, it’s not a big deal. Remember to tell them to use less strength.”

The three red-faced youths covered their faces with their sleeves and soon disappeared from the eyes of the audience.

Lin SuCi now straightened his back and gave a shy, embarrassed smile to the crowd. He scratched his cheeks, and his face was pink, speaking softly, “Sorry to have disturbed all of you…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Little brother, you’re also from Mysterious Heart Sect? You seem to be quite senior in rank?” The young man who claimed to be from Pagoda Temple was curious.

Before Lin SuCi could answer, the circle of spiritual energy around his wrist flashed. His body suddenly floated up, flying over the crowd and was pulled towards a direction far away from the crowd.

He was only in the air for a short moment. Lin SuCi’s pupils contracted, and before he even had time to wonder, he had already landed steadily.

Standing in front of him, Yan Boshen pulled his hand back, and looked at the little kitten with a faint smile.

“Not bad.”

Putting aside those words whose meaning could not be discerned, Yan Boshen tapped Lin SuCi with a finger. They were surrounded by a ball of spiritual light, and Lin SuCi saw a flash. When he opened his eyes again, in front of him was a lane.

As soon as he steadied himself, Lin SuCi eagerly grabbed Yan Boshen’s sleeves. His eyes were full of curiosity. “What’s not bad? What were you complimenting?”

Yan Boshen did not answer.

“You saw that?” Lin SuCi made the realisation very quickly, and immediately put on an aggrieved look. He sniffled at Yan Boshen, pointing at his own arm, and complained, “They’re so mean, scolding me and bullying me, and they even wanted to hit me! Boshen Boshen, why didn’t you come and rescue me?”

From looking like a compassionate elder in front of those youths, the little kitty now looked like a pouting child throwing a tantrum.

Yan Boshen glanced at him, speaking composedly, “Didn’t you deal with it very well?”

When he found out that the little fellow had left his sight, Yan Boshen immediately chased after him, and witnessed how the little kitten countered the situation.

From his every move, every smile, every look in his eyes, the little kitty was very quick-witted, and took the first step in pre-emptive actions. He could even comfortably switch between being ferocious and shyness, causing Yan Boshen to be somewhat fascinated by him.


Did this little scourge even need any help?

If it was not for the fact that he disliked Mysterious Heart Sect, Yan Boshen might even sympathised with those youths.

Lin SuCi said earnestly, “No matter how well I’ve done, you must stand by my side and help me. You must let me feel your concern, and protect my young little heart well. After all, I’m still a baby who needs a lot of love to grow.”

Yan Boshen did not want to give this little kid any bit of his concern. He silently pulled him towards a direction, and pushed him inside.

In front of him was a shop selling spiritual robes and instruments.

“Choose what you want.”

Yan Boshen raised his chin and spoke to Lin SuCi who was purposely stumbling about.

Lin SuCi patted his sleeves. A great man rarely stooped to pettiness. He gave a reserved nod, and led the way into the shop to take a look inside.

This shop was not very big, looking old and dilapidated. There was a sense of long decayed history in it. Lin SuCi entered, and there was only an old man looking after the shop who glanced at him with eyes surrounded by wrinkles.

Lin SuCi made his way inside, and choked harshly on the mildew in the air.

He fanned his hand in front of his nose, turning to look at Yan Boshen behind him.

Yan Boshen had already found a shelf, and was examining the spiritual instruments on it.

He seemed very familiar with this place.

Lin SuCi thought about it and decided to trust his official keeper, carefully making his selection.

“Boshen Boshen… This one.”

Lin SuCi saw a blue and white spiritual robe, his eyes lighting up. He tugged at Yan Boshen’s sleeve and pointed towards it.

This spiritual robe did not look very special. However, the color looked very similar to the hospital gown Lin SuCi had been wearing for many years.

Yan Boshen took one look at it and rejected. “No.”

After a pause, he added. “This is a robe for catching spirits, it clashes with your beast nature.”

“Oh…” Lin SuCi nodded obediently, a little regretful.

At that time, he hated the hospital gown so much that he would rather streak naked. But now, seeing the blend of blue and white, Lin SuCi felt a sense of nostalgia.

He bowed his head, sighing deeply.

Yan Boshen saw that the little kitty’s ears were drooping, and hesitated.

“If you like it…”

“I like it!” Lin SuCi’s eyes brightened. He spoke earnestly to Yan Boshen, “I especially want to wear this robe, then tear it apart!”

Yan Boshen’s hand, about to take the robe, suddenly froze.

A moment later, his hand retracted. He stared at Lin SuCi expressionlessly. For the nth time, he really wanted to knock Lin SuCi’s head open and see what was actually inside.

Eventually, his options were all vetoed by Yan Boshen. From the writing instruments Lin SuCi needed to draw his charms, to his defensive spiritual robes, and even his hair ties and belts that could be used at defensive spiritual artifacts, they were all selected for him by Yan Boshen.

Lin SuCi only had to follow behind Yan Boshen’s buttocks, occasionally raising his hands, lifting his arms, and was taken care of by Yan Boshen from start to the end.

When the old man in the shop collected the money, Lin SuCi saw Yan Boshen retrieve a pile of spiritual gems. He quickly counted, and when the old man had accepted all the spiritual gems, Lin SuCi had finished calculating with his fingers.

Following behind Yan Boshen out of the shop, he bit his lip, silent.

The purchases were all stored in Yan Boshen’s small spatial ring. It could not be seen that he had spent so much spiritual gems in that old dilapidated shop just now.

Lin SuCi recalled how Qing Fou nearly sold his conscience for money, then looked at this Eldest Senior who spent half the family assets on him. The little kitty’s ears immediately perked up, and flashing gold words appeared in his head.

What official keeper, this was his Lord Official Keeper!

Following this official keeper, he definitely would have meat to eat!

Lin SuCi quickly caught up with Yan Boshen, his two hands around his own cheeks, grinned and revealed a pair of dimples, and purposefully blinked his big eyes, calling out sweetly, “Boshen Boshen, you spent so much money on me, I’m unable to repay this kindness, let me…”

“Shut up.”

His official keeper glanced at him lightly.

Lin SuCi immediately kept quiet.

Fine, you’re the one with money, you have the right to make the decisions.

The silence did not last long. Lin SuCi again dawdled and patted at Yan Boshen’s arm. “Boshen Boshen, I saw something just now. It’s full of spiritual energy, and also very cheap, only 15 spiritual gems!”

Yan Boshen nodded. “Lead the way.”

How was Lin SuCi able to lead the way? He turned left and right, and other than there being more items he needed stored in Yan Boshen’s spacial ring, there was nothing else.

Finally, Yan Boshen signed in resignation. Pulling at the little kitty’s collar, he returned to their original path.

The crowd who had gathered because of the commotion had long been gone. On the broad street, people were everywhere, with the shopkeepers hawking their wares on both sides of the street. Biting into the candy stick in his hand, Lin SuCi saw the stall he was squatting at earlier in the day, and dragged Yan Boshen over.


Lin SuCi smiled sweetly. “I’m here to buy the thing I wanted just now.”

When the stall owner saw Lin SuCi, he was surprised, then he looked awkward. “Little brother, you found your elder brother already?”

“Yes, gege has the money, so I asked gege to come foot the bill.” Lin SuCi smiled brightly as he pointed at Yan Boshen.

Gege? Yan Boshen raised his brow slightly at his new title.

The stall owner spread his hands in embarrassment, “Ahh… Sorry, you didn’t come back, so I…”

Lin SuCi realised, “The thing’s been sold?”

“That girl just bought it…” The stall owner pointed at the group of young girls dressed in red. In the hands of one of the girls was the jade ornament Lin SuCi had wanted.

Lin SuCi clicked his tongue.

“You want it?”

Yan Boshen looked at him.

After Lin SuCi thanked the stall owner and stood up, he was ambivalent. “It’s not really a big deal, but the spiritual energy on the jade ornament is somewhat attractive, and I’m curious about it.”

Yan Boshen silently nodded.

However, as it had already been bought by someone else, it just meant that he had no fate with it. Lin SuCi scratched his jaw then grabbed Yan Boshen’s sleeve. “Boshen Boshen, let’s go back.”

“Hold on.”

Yan Boshen walked quickly. Bringing Lin SuCi along, in a flash, he stood in front of those giggling girls.

That girl dressed in red was still laughing and chatting with the people next to her. Realising that her path was blocked, she frowned slightly. About to rebuke them, she saw Lin SuCi, and she stopped moving.

Since the situation was like this, there was no need for Lin SuCi to be embarrassed anymore. He smiled politely at the girl, and asked courteously, “Excuse me, could you sell me the jade ornament you bought just now? My older brother will pay for it.”

“Sell, sell…” That girl’s eyes were glued to Lin SuCi, and she looked dazed. Sucking in a breath, she smiled foolishly, “How much should I give you?”

Facing this strange look, Lin SuCi could not help but shrink his neck and drew closer to Yan Boshen. Only after he felt Yan Boshen’s warmth did he feel a sense of security. “I’m the one giving you the money, to buy your jade ornament.”

The girl’s companion also studied Lin SuCi, clicking her tongue.

“He’s really suitable…”

Their unrestrained eyes were about to strip Lin SuCi naked. These eyes could not be met, and Lin SuCi unconsciously pushed himself further into Yan Boshen’s arms.

Yan Boshen looked calmly at that girl.

The girl seemed to have recovered her wits. Her eyes swept past Yan Boshen, and continued to watch Lin SuCi.

“You said you wanted to buy this jade ornament?” The girl twisted it in her hands. She gave a beautiful smile. “Sure.”

“How much for it?”

Lin SuCi reached his hand into Yan Boshen’s bosom for his money purse.

The girl licked her lips, and smiled charmingly at Lin SuCi, “I don’t want money, I want you.”

“Be my vessel for one time, and I’ll give it to you.”

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