SASAM Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

At first glance, Qing Fou did not see Lin SuCi waving his hand. His eyes fell behind him onto the young man standing at the entrance of the cave. He was stunned. “BoShen, you’ve finished your meditation?”


Yan BoShen in his grey undergown made a salute to Qing Fou.

Qing Fou looked gratified, though there were in fact some traces of a guilty conscience hidden beneath his smile. He gave a hollow laugh, “Haha, you came out much earlier than than I expected.”

Yan BoShen’s eyes fell onto the young cat-eared adolescent in front of him. He said, as if hinting at something, “I also thought that it would take a little longer.”

The cave he used for mediation was invaded without any notice, forcing him to end his practice early and come out to check out.

Qing Fou’s eyes followed Yan BoShen and fell onto Lin SuCi.

He was slightly shocked and looked at Lin SuCi carefully for a moment. Stroking his chin, he said hesitantly, “His energy feels similar to that of the little kitty, except that it is laced with some of yours… BoShen, were you the one who helped this little demon cub transform into a human?”

Yan BoShen shook his head.

“I thought it was Master’s work.”

The thick chain around the adolescent’s neck and the spiritual energy twined around it were obviously from his sect, which was the reason he chose to let him go.

Qing Fou let out a sound of surprise.

Lin SuCi who had just rolled his sleeves high up now realized the master-disciple relationship between the fake-medicine seller and the youth. He thought it through in his mind and matched this Yan BoShen with the pillar of the sect, their First Senior, that XiaoLan had mentioned.

Standing face to face, Yan BoShen and Qing Fou already exchanged a few sentences through their inner qi without moving their lips. After hearing what Yan Boshen ‘said’, the expression on Qing Fou’s face changed.


He beckoned Lin SuCi over and asked, his face earnest, “Did you transform because you ate the ‘medicine’ I gave you?”

Lin SuCi tried to recall after hearing what he said. Before this, all he could remember was that how painful he felt after taking the “medicine” and didn’t draw the connection between the “medicine” and his transformation. However, Qing Fou’s question suddenly made Lin SuCi realized that it was the fake-medicine… oh, no, the sect leader’s miraculous pill that had helped him transform?

With this in mind, Lin SuCi’s eyes sparkled, “Yes!”

In his eyes, the master who saved his life’s fate was now as lofty and respectful as a building of a height of thousands of metres. Just like his disciple, the master was also a very kind man!

Lin SuCi was a little embarrassed when he recalled how he kept referring to him as the fake-medicine seller. Just as he was about to thank Qing Fou, he saw the white-haired youth in front of him suddenly displayed a deeply distressed expression on his face. He covered his chest and pointed at him, giving a stream of painful groans, “Oh no! I gave you the wrong pill!”

Lin SuCi raised an eyebrow. He raised his head and quickly glanced at Yan BoShen who was standing by the side. The young man threw his master a glance, then looked into the distance, his face as still as water.

“Kitty, oh my little kitty, I was supposed to give you the Dragon Breath Pill.” Qing Fou covered his chest with his hand, looking extremely sorry. “But what I handed you was…”

Qing Fou’s eyes drifted to the forest and underbrush not far from him. Fixated on a long-leaved green grass, he opened his mouth and lied right through his teeth. “It’s ten times more expensive than a Dragon Breath Pill. It’s the Dragon Tongue Pill!”

So he has given me the wrong pill? Qing Fou looks so agitated, please don’t tell me that he wants me to spit it out? Lin SuCi couldn’t help but think that if he suggested Qing Fou to wait till he pooped it out, would Qing Fou beat him up?

Qing Fou’s eyes were now flashing, “Kitty, you now owe me 30,000 pieces of low-grade spiritual gems!”

Lin SuCi, who fell into a heavy debt in an instant, immediately retorted, “That’s your deal with me! There shouldn’t be a price at all! It’s your problem that you gave me the wrong pill. I should not be the one to bear the consequences.”

“But you’re the one who benefited from it.” Qing Fou refused to let Lin SuCi get away so easily. He vigilantly said, “Since you benefited, you’ll have to pay it. That’s the rule.”

Just as Lin SuCi was about to speak, his heart suddenly thumped. With a blur of his vision, his body shrank several times in size.

From the loose clothes, the little kitten struggled to poke his head out. For a moment, he looked at a loss. Then his eyes brightened, as he strived to run towards Qing Fou with his four short limbs, he caught the latter’s cloth with his claws, and quickly climbed up to his shoulders.

The kitten was still covered with soft fur, his small head tilted and his eyes were clear as jasper. He mewed at Qing Fou with a trembling voice. Sounding very young and innocent, they were like little brushes scratching Qing Fou’s hearts.

“Medicine seller, you are buying and selling by force! Where’s your conscience, aren’t you ashamed to  bully a newborn baby? The kitten’s voice was tender and crisp, which was different from when he was human-shaped. Like a child, his voice was full of an adolescent’s complaints towards adults.

Lin SuCi recalled firmly that he was just a newborn cat, and so placed himself in the position of a newborn baby, and hence was bold and confident.

Qing Fou’s eyes met Lin SuCi’s, those jade-like eyes were as clear as crystals, bright and clean, with a glance he could tell that he was newborn, and still very innocent, a pureness that had not been stained by dirt.

The words in his mouth twisted around, towards the tender appearance of Lin SuCi as a kitten, Qing Fou was unable to say anything at that moment.

Qing Fou could not help but reflect on himself. When did he degenerate to the point where he even bullied a kitten? This was too sinful of him.

Lin SuCi tilted his head, his clear eyes full of childish ignorance, his fine fur shaking in the wind, and his weak body looked pitiful and helpless, causing people to feel tender and protective towards him.

Qing Fou dared not look directly into Lin SuCi’s eyes. He looked towards Yan BoShen pleadingly. However, this disciple did not seem to want to get involved in the dispute and kept silent.

“Cough…” Qing Fou’s eyes drift around, his hands hugging the kitten weakly. After a long struggle, he eventually yielded to the limpid eyes of Lin SuCi, “Then, forget about it.”

Lin SuCi, who had shaken off his huge debt, nodded satisfactorily and paused. He jumped lightly from his shoulder and looked up at Yan BoSehn. After thinking about it, he crawled back into the clothes that had fallen on the ground, crouching obediently, but his mouth was not, “Fake-medicine seller, since you want to settle your accounts, then I also want to settle my accounts with you.”

Qing Fou was taken aback, “Wait a minute, what accounts do you want to settle with me?”

“First, what you traded with me was a dragon’s breath pill that could allow me to speak.” Lin SuCi was systematic. “But you gave me the wrong medicine instead. It’s very serious to take the wrong medicine. No matter what you gave me in the end, I had to take the risk of eating it.”

Qing Fou’s eyes widened, “But you benefited from it… How can you be like this, Cat?!”

“Second, I’m still a newborn kitten,” Lin SuCi said with great righteousness. “I’m not ready for the transformation at all. You gave me the wrong medicine which forced me to transform, and I couldn’t change myself back to my original form. This caused a trauma to my heart. This is another account.”

“As for the third…”

The white-haired youth couldn’t believe what he just heard, “And there’s even a third?!”

Lin SuCi nodded slightly, “I took the wrong medicine, which caused me to take the wrong path, and was…” With a gesture, he pointed to Yan BoShen and said, “Misunderstood by this one.”

“I’m still a kitten,” he said as he gestured with his small paws in chagrin. “It’s miserable to be misunderstood, so miserable, so miserable!”

Yan BoShen looked deeply at the expression of innocent complaint on the kitten’s face and was very interested. Lin SuCi looked weak and helpless, but unequivocally turned the situation around despite starting from a weak position. Just this alone was not enough, he was even clever enough to take advantage of his own.

He didn’t even notice himself that his eyes looked a little more serious when he looked at Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi’s eyes shone brightly, his head looking up, has a bright eye, exerting great pressure onto Qing Fou.

Qing Fou was all muddled. The other party had clearly benefited, how could he still nurse such grievances sternly?

He kept feeling that something was not right.

Qing Fou felt that he could not let the kitten be so aggressive, and decided to teach him the rules. As soon as he lowered his head, his eyes were met those of the little kitten sitting on the ground, and his jade eyes were blinking, twinkling like stars. They were clean and bright, crystal clear like the clearest spring.

Qing Fou, who had now completely forgotten that he was coming to convince Lin SuCi to be a cat, asked feebly, “.. So what are you going to do?”

He totally handed the initiative back to Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi’s eyes darted around, then with a profound and righteous look on his face, he said with great emotion, “You also said, I am an auspicious mascot that descended from heaven, then being such an auspicious mascot, I’ll condescend myself and let you raise me for a period of time. If you take good care of me during this period, we’ll consider that you’ve compensated for your guilt.”

His plan was to stay here anyway. Since this was a small sect not related to the main plot, he was sure it would be safe. It was the best place for him to learn how to live in this world.

Besides, this sect leader was pretty nice, and this First Senior… Lin SuCi’s eyes fell on Yan BoShen next to him. Licking his lips with his little pink tongue, he was in a good mood.

To be accompanied by a beauty could always make one feel relaxed and happy.

Qing Fou stared at Lin SuCi for a moment, then turned his head to the side, “…BoShen, I’ll leave this auspicious mascot to you to take care then.”

The burden was suddenly thrown onto Yan BoShen who was watching the show by the side. Before he could realize what just happened, his master had already left with a sigh.

Yan BoShen: “…”

Crouching on the ground, the little kitten looked up at the tall youth.

At this moment, the status between the two people was now reversed. Lin SuCi smiled, revealing his little white teeth happily, “Oh, how embarrassing… Senior BoShen, please take good care of me.”

Yan BoShen looked at the smug little kitten in silence, then said meaningfully, “I will.”

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