SASAM Chapter 21.1

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Chapter 21.1

When Lin SuCi met Yan Boshen’s seemingly placid gaze, he felt a sense of guilt and awkwardness as though he had been caught doing something behind his back.

Previously he had unintentionally mentioned Bai Qingkong’s name a few times. There was once he said it in front of Yan Boshen, but Yan Boshen did not have any reaction then. It turned out he did remember this name though.

Lin SuCi even wanted to confidently ask who Bai Qingkong was. Just as he prepared himself and was about to open his mouth, he saw the curl to Yan Boshen’s mouth.

He was angry.

Lin SuCi realized this problem.

He quickly swallowed back his deceitful words, silently raising his face and smiled at Yan Boshen. Blinking his big eyes frantically, he spoke shamelessly, “I’ll listen to the eldest senior. I’ll only go if you’re going.”

Yan Boshen did not even look at Lin SuCi. He turned away, and spoke quietly to Sect Leader Zhao of Chongyun Sect.

Color had returned to the sect leader’s face. He glanced at the still struggling Cui Hong in disgust. “Immediately send someone to invite the sect leader of Southern Shuge here! Let him come and take a look at his group of arrogant disciples!”

The disciples of another sect had trespassed into their prohibited territory and disturbed their ancient beast. If any mishaps occurred, and lives were lost, the Chongyun Sect Leader did not know who to settle this account with.

His face flushed with anger, the sect leader rose on his sword. Behind him followed many of his elite disciples. Yan Boshen pulled Lin SuCi over to him, following the Chongyun Sect Leader closely.

Lin SuCi clutched tightly at Yan Boshen’s sleeves. In a blink of an eye, they swiftly made their way through the hills, arriving at the prohibited land that was seething with spiritual energy.

Lin SuCi descended from the sword. He suddenly paused and tugged at Yan Boshen. “Little Senior… Where is he?”

Yan Boshen replied calmly after a moment, “I left him behind to watch over Cui Hong.”

Lin SuCi nodded, not really understanding it.

There were many disciples of other sects in the area. Most of them were older and were anxiously gathered outside the zone, constantly questioning the Chongyun Sect disciples who were standing there on guard.

Lin SuCi saw that pair of female disciples who were sitting next to him at the banquet. They were wringing their hands, their tears dripping down their faces, and were continuously begging that Chongyun Sect disciple, “Please let me go in, my younger brother is inside.”

“No, the beast has woken up, and is out of its mind. The more people there are inside, the higher the number injured.”

The Chongyun Sect disciple looked very dignified, and refused Tang Yinyin’s plea straightforwardly.

The helpless pair could only weep and wipe their tears.

Lin SuCi quietly approached the border of the prohibited zone.

There was a gigantic pit in that broad expanse, and it was surrounded by eight extremely tall pillars. Eight gold, shiny chains extended into the pit, trapping the humongous monster within.

That was a giant beast, its arms and legs wrapped by the gold chains. Its body was covered with glittering scales, and one of the horns on its head was broken. Its scarlet red pupil was dull and listless, looking like an out-of-control puppet. It had no emotions, no targets and no soul.

Bloodlust could be seen in those huge scarlet pupils. With savagery and violence, it emitted an earth-shaking roar.

Trembles ran through the mountain continuously, and the ground could not stop shaking. Lin SuCi nearly stumbled and fell, but fortunately for him, Yan Boshen reacted quickly and caught him around his waist.

Some of the people next to them were not so lucky. On the ground were several disciples who had fallen. Clinging tightly to the ground due to the vibrations, they were unable to get up.

Lin SuCi gripped Yan Boshen’s clothes tightly. The moment he steadied himself, his eyes widened.

Separated by just a barrier, on one side was the earth, and the other, hell.

Beyond the pit lay many young disciples on the ground. They were the youths who had surrounded Lin SuCi and Zhongli Haiming earlier as they played stones together.

Some were bleeding from all seven of the orifices on their heads, some were wheezing like broken bellows, and some were soaked with blood, convulsing on the ground. With blood oozing out of their mouths, they were feebly mouthing “save me”.

Lin SuCi could not bear to look straight at the scene.

The tragic image of the previously energetic teenagers was too much to accept. He had clearly already brought Bai Qingkong away, and if they had changed the topic, they could have avoided this tragedy.

However, they insisted on taking this risk, rushing to seek their deaths.

Lin SuCi looked down, his face paling.

The next moment, Yan Boshen’s palm covered his eyes, cutting off the scarlet hell in front of him.

“Don’t look.”

He said in a low voice.

Lin SuCi blinked, his eyelashes fluttering slightly against Yan Boshen’s palm.

He bit his lip and caught Yan Boshen’s wrist. “It’s fine, I won’t look at them.”

After a pause, Lin SuCi heard Yan Boshen speaking coolly. “Mn. You want to look at Bai Qingkong.”

Lin SuCi’s eyes rounded. Yan Boshen pulled his hand back very quickly. With a twist of his wrist, he broke away from Lin SuCi’s hold. Yan Boshen looked straight into the prohibited zone, not even giving Lin SuCi a glance.

Lin SuCi rubbed his nose, and Yan Boshen’s words could be considered a reminder. Lin SuCi looked around him. Under the command of their sect leader, the Chongyun Sect disciples had formed into elite groups and ran into the prohibited zone. On their swords, they cast their charms, and amidst the sparks, an explosion occurred.

“Bai Qingkong…” Lin SuCi’s eyes swept around the surroundings. Finally, at the edge of the pit in the dense patch of grass, he saw a grey-robed figure huddling in a corner, unconscious. Lin SuCi clicked his tongue, grabbing at his hair before quietly explaining to Yan Boshen, “Actually, I’ve seen him in my dream. At first, I had thought that he was only fictional, and didn’t exist. Today, I discovered that there really was someone like this, and I was very surprised.”

His previous life was a dream, and Bai Qingkong was a fictional character in a novel. He gave himself a hundred marks for his explanation, finding no issues with it. Lin SuCi believed in his explanation, and spoke with seemingly seriousness, “So it turns out that a person in your dream can actually appear in reality.”

Yan Boshen raised his brow. “This explanation isn’t bad.”

Lin SuCi chortled.

Finally managing to gloss over the situation with his official keeper, Lin SuCi focused his entire attention on the battle in front of him.

He bit his finger, watching nervously as the Chongyun disciples steadily formed an array, attacking the trapped beast in waves. They also took this opportunity to pick up the injured youths on the ground, carefully sending them out.

The injured youths came from various sects. Four of them were from Southern Shuge, three of them proper disciples while one was only a miscellaneous one. As the miscellaneous disciple, Bai Qingkong was used as bait, and was made to be the closest to the beast. The other youths were all far away, and it was not as difficult to rescue them.

It was just that…

Lin SuCi frowned slightly, carefully speaking to Yan Boshen. “Is that chain about to break?”

The gold chains winding around the beast’s limbs were all pulled tight, while the beast shook and twisted non-stop, roaring continuously. Shockwaves burst out one after another. Not only did the force from its roars attacked the disciples, they also attacked those gold, trembling chains.

Lin SuCi studied them for a while, feeling that the chains were about to shatter from the beast’s roars.

However, that should not happen, right?

Uncertainly, Lin SuCi thought, that if he did not remember wrongly, Li Wen should only break free from its bonds and escape Chongyun Sect only a few years later. The protagonist now was still young and unpolished. This future emperor of the monster realm would definitely be unable to escape now.

So, today’s incident should only be a terrifying one, but there should not be any danger, right?

Lin SuCi’s eyes slid across those wounded and injured youths that were soaked in blood, sighing a little.

Now, he only hoped that no one’s life would be lost. It would be enough for these conceited brats to receive a lesson, and teach them to have some fear.

The disciples from various sects who had yet to leave all gathered around, picking up the injured youths who belonged to their own sect. Hugging the teenagers covered with blood, they wept bitterly. Fortunately, although they were badly injured, they were still alive.

The ones who had pills and medical training on them quickly offered their assistance, desperately forcing the pills and their spiritual energy down the barely breathing disciples on the ground, preserving their lives by force.

“My little brother, why isn’t my little brother out yet…” Tang Yinyin was still holding on to her senior and looking around. Her face was stained full of tears.

Lin SuCi looked over into the prohibited zone. Near the pit where the rescuers were unable to easily reach, a few groaning youths were still lying there. Under the watchful eyes of the beast, the Chongyun Sect disciples were unable to grab the injured youths, and so they could only temporarily give up on the rescue. Instead, they constantly strengthened their charms and attacked the beast with spiritual energy, attempting to send the beast back to sleep.

Lin SuCi was in trepidation. He clutched Yan Boshen’s hand tightly, and his palms were extremely damp with sweat.

Yan Boshen held onto him. Looking at him intently, his brows creased slightly. “There is danger.”

Not far away, the Chongyun Sect leader had already summoned his spiritual artifacts. With a poker-face, he was about to enter the prohibited zone.

“Sect Leader Zhao.”

Yan Boshen stopped him.

In the chaotic situation, he looked directly at the sect leader and spoke telepathically to him.

A grave look on his face, Sect Leader Zhao nodded. He then raised his hand, summoning a bright light. Leading a group of disciples who just arrived, he entered the prohibited zone.

“That Bai Qingkong of yours is in some danger.”

Lin SuCi was watching the proceedings carefully, and Yan Boshen’s voice suddenly appeared in his ear.

He looked up and waved his hands innocently. “He’s not mine. We’ve only met once, how could he be mine? If we’re to discuss this, it’s more likely that you’re mine.”

Yan Boshen, “…”

Lin SuCi thought about it, then continued. “No, I should actually be yours.”

It was easier to just change the procession to make his official keeper happier.

Yan Boshen was a little uncomfortable. He quietly acknowledged it, and no longer spoke.

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