SASAM Chapter 21.2

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Chapter 21.2

Lin Suci listened to his words and also carefully observed the world’s male masters.

What Yan Boshen said just now was not false. Bai Qingkong was truly in danger.

In the novel, Li Wen was asleep for many years, and was locked up by Chongyun Sect. The moment it woke up completely, even dozens of cultivators at the Jindan stage were helpless against him. Li Wen went in and out of the prohibited zone as and when it liked, and swaggering about, it trampled through Chongyun Sect, leaving fear and fright in his wake. Its strength was supreme, and so it was extremely arrogant.

The current Li Wen had been disturbed by the disciples, and was still in a manic stage of insanity. Controlled entirely by its beast nature, it only had a desire for life, blood and hunger. The fresh meat leaping about in front of its pit, in its eyes, were like targets coming together. The scent of prey wafted off them, inciting it to kill.

It was like an out-of-control killing machine. Wherever it went, it was hell.

There was no movement or breathing that could be seen from the teenagers lying closest to it.

Sect Leader Zhao led a few high-ranking cultivators, replacing some of his disciples who would no longer hold out. The situation on the field was now reversed a little, and the cultivators who had been internally injured quickly left the scene. They even did not spare a glance for the remaining teenagers lying on the ground who looked as though they were dead.

The smell of thick blood was now everywhere. Lin SuCi had a sensitive sense of smell, and he could not help but silently raising his sleeve to cover his mouth and nose.

Yan Boshen looked at him. “You head back first.”

“No,” Lin SuCi refused nasally with his nose covered. “Wherever you are, that’s where I’ll be.”

Yan Boshen then held Lin SuCi’s hand and walked away.

This time, Lin SuCi did not refuse. Following Yan Boshen, they walked against the crowd, away from the blood-filled scene.

Once they were a short distance away, Yan Boshen raised his sleeve and waved. Fresh air from the forest blew towards them, diluting the scent of blood from behind them. Lin SuCi could finally breathe easily. He put his sleeve down, gulping the air in a few times.

“Did you get scared?”

Yan Boshen took out a container of water from his space and handed it to Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi drank a few mouthfuls, shaking his head. “I wasn’t exactly scared, it was more like… shocked.”

The exceedingly skilled Li Wen was still a sleeping beast now, while the unlucky Bai Qingkong was still basically a baby. Having a baby bump into a sleeping beast was a rare, uncommon sight.

Li SuCi deliberately ignored the scene filled with blood he saw just now, throwing it to the back of his head and hoping he would forget about it. He calmed himself down, storing the water container away, and looked behind him.

From their distance, he could only hear Li Wen’s roar, and feel the slight trembling of the ground. As they were far from the blood and fight, it was a lot quieter.

“You still want to look at it?”

Lin SuCi shook his head. “No, I was just wondering if they saved everyone already. Li—… Looking at the beast inside, it doesn’t seem easy.”

Yan Boshen spoke indifferently. “Li Wen is an ancient beast. At this moment, he is still confused. It would be difficult to steal those people from right under him.”

“This time, they’ve made a huge mistake.”

Lin SuCi clicked his tongue. “You can’t even stop them. There’s still so many disciples from other sects here. If they were to start investigating, Southern Shuge will definitely suffer this time.”

Yan Boshen swept his eyes past Lin SuCi, “So, that’s why it’s very important to be obedient.”

Lin SuCi heard the implication of the sentence clearly. He raised his arm up high, responding loudly and solemnly. “It’s most important to be obedient! They should be like me, obedient and sensible, and never create trouble for the sect!”

Yan Boshen was speechless.

The ground under their feet again shook violently.

Lin SuCi’s first reaction was to lunge over, spreading his arms. He exclaimed loudly, “Boshen, I’ll protect you!”

He jumped up and hung off Yan Boshen. His feet above the ground, he looked around nervously, “Is it here? Is it here?”

Yan Boshen who had been treated like a cat climbing frame closed his eyes, skillfully pulling the little kitty off him.

The tremors were caused by Li Wen’s roar. Just looking at this, it was evident how intense the situation was inside.

Lin SuCi jumped down, sighing, “Hasn’t that sect leader already went in? Why hasn’t it been settled yet?”

The present Li Wen was definitely not the King of Demons who would break away from its bondage a few years later. When its mind was still unclear, any sect leader should be able to handle it.

Yan Boshen was not optimistic. “Sect Leader Zhao is not cultivating the warrior path.”

Lin SuCi did not really understand.

So, the demolition of Chongyun Sect was not something random, but it was likely to be… inevitable?

Oh no, then isn’t that little baby in danger?

Lin SuCi was somewhat confused.

The world’s protagonist was at Li Wen’s feet. If Chongyun Sect could not control it, once Li Wen exploded, would that not mean that the little baby’s life was about to end?

That could not be true? Would the actions of these daring teenagers really bring about such a huge change?

Lin SuCi felt a prickling run through his body. While standing, it seemed like a fire was raging under his feet. He adjusted his position, uneasy.

“You want to go?”

Yan Boshen calmly looked at the little kitten who had anxiety written all over him.

Lin SuCi was no longer stubborn, and nodded honestly. “I want to go and see if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Yan Boshen nodded, and continued, “You’re not allowed to go.”

Lin SuCi’s eyes widened. “Huh?”

Was this the first time he had been so decisively rejected?

“It’s dangerous.”

Yan Boshen’s reply was concise.

It was truly dangerous, but Lin SuCi was really anxious.

He wrung his paws, tolerating it. “Then let’s go far far away. If we don’t look at it, don’t think about it, our heart wouldn’t ache.”

Yan Boshen was very good at catching the main point. “Your heart aches?”

Lin SuCi blinked. His casually spoken words seemed to have been too casual.

“What I’m saying is…” Lin SuCi waved his tail resolutely, his face full of sympathy. “My heart aches for you.”

Yan Boshen snorted coldly.

The kitten spared no effort to circle Yan Boshen, praising him with a flourish. “Our Boshen has worked hard today! He had to discuss some official matters, and even had to rescue me. Later on, he even has to carry me back! He’s really worked hard, and my heart aches!”

Yan Boshen was silent for a moment, then spoke uncertainly, “… Hold on, I’m carrying you back?”

The grinning kitten spread his arms open towards him, speaking enthusiastically, “I’m so scared I can’t walk anymore, I need Boshen to carry me.”

Yan Boshen turned and left.

Lin SuCi giggled, and followed after.

Before he even took two steps, the ground suddenly shook again.

Without Yan Boshen’s support, Lin SuCi swayed all over the place, his feet almost lifting above the ground.

“It started again…” Lin SuCi muttered. The ground had shook several times, and he was used to it now.

This time, the earthquake lasted for quite a while. Yan Boshen stood steadily a slight distance away from him. Holding onto his sword, he was quietly looking at Lin SuCi. Lin SuCi was waving his arms about like a mage, his actions all over the place. However, because of his young body with his long and slender limbs, his swaying body still looked rather beautiful.

A huge roar exploded from far away.

Lin SuCi’s ears buzzed.

The smell of blood seemed to have traveled over again.

Lin SuCi looked back.

All the cultivators who were at the prohibited zone were now fleeing with their swords, screaming in a panic.

“The beast has escaped! Quick, run!”

The beast had escaped?

Lin SuCi’s eyes widened as he looked at the situation. Following closely behind the cultivators, flying at a low altitude, was that not the ancient beast Li Wen?!

The roaring beast had its maws gaping open, and its raw, bloody breath blew towards them!

Li Wen actually broke free at this moment?!

Lin SuCi was shocked silly. The plot had now been pushed forward a few years, then what happened to that little baby?

A roar full of demonic power rang through the valley. Lin SuCi could not even move his feet, and many cultivators flying on their swords all fell onto the ground.

Lin SuCi was a little panicked. He moved, wanting to run towards Yan Boshen. However, the crowd pushed and shoved at him, and being young and light, he instead fell towards the beast in the opposite direction.

He was dead!

Lin SuCi’s pupils contracted into a line. Cut off by the chaos, he shouted in a panic, “Senior! Boshen!”

The screams and shrieks completely drowned out his cry.

The thick and dense smell of blood covered Lin SuCi. His heart pounded, and he looked back, trembling. In his green eyes, the image of the beast was clearly reflected.

Lin SuCi’s pupils constricted. That beast had already ran towards him!

The huge claws gripped Lin SuCi’s waist fiercely. The next moment, Lin SuCi was carried up by the beast into the sky!

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