SASAM Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Lin SuCi had turned into his cat form as soon as he settled down. Before he could figure out how to change it back, he became hungry.

Since he just arrived, he could only go to his newly appointed “Official Poop-Shoveller” for this kind of problem.

Yan BoShen obviously lacked the self-consciousness of a cat keeper. Lin SuCi did not find any items that was slightly relevant to his basic needs. Having no choice, he could only try to support his own survival.

Cardinal Sect was not very big. Lin SuCi found his way from the cave on the hillside all the way down to the foot of the mountain. The noon sunlight was flooding the earth — it was just around lunch time, when people were starting fires to cook and smoke was coming out of their chimneys.

Speaking of smoke…

Lin SuCi was crouching outside the fence with his head raised. He had been in that position for so long that even his neck was starting to get sore. All he saw was the cold, dry low wall of the mud hut, without a sign of a smoking chimney nor the aroma of food cooking.


Lin SuCi looked left and right. Nobody was around. It happened that the nearest thing to him was a small kitchen with fences on three sides. Without saying another word, he slipped in, rubbed his paws and was prepared to show his skill.

The kitchen looked very humble, and it was indeed very humble. Especially when Lin SuCi climbed onto the kitchen stove, he was literally shocked at the iron pot covered in spider webs.

Were all the people in Cardinal Sect fairies who lived on dew?

But he was not!

Lin SuCi rubbed his paws excitedly. It seemed like he would be the savior for everyone’s stomachs!

Quite some time had passed.

A deafening sound shook the entire valley.

Alarmed by the loud noise, Yan BoShen strode over.

The kitchen was charred and filled with smoke.

He looked around, and saw the black kitten which was curled up on the blackened wooden frame.

Lin SuCi’s eyes squinted uncontrollably into a line, his green irises now the only bright color in this burnt-black kitchen. They were watery and rippling, laced with a tinge of lifelessness from the shock, making him look extremely innocent.

With a single glance, Yan BoShen already understood what had happened. Even someone like him couldn’t help asking, “Do you specialize in blowing up kitchens?”

Lin SuCi tilted his head, his big eyes looking all ignorant and confused,, “Meow?”

Yan BoShen: “…”

He had clearly watched so many gourmet food programs before, why was it that when he did it, it was so different?

Lin SuCi slipped slipped off the shelf and looked at the mess, his heart slightly empty.

“I didn’t mean to do that either. I was so hungry…” Lin SuCi sniffled and looked around. The mewling tone was quite charming. “You said you would take good care of me, but you didn’t give me anything to eat, so I was forced to cook by myself.”

“I’m a little kitten. I don’t know how to do anything. I cannot help but make mistakes.” Lin SuCi deliberately put on a chagrined look.

Yan BoShen took a deep look at him, but did not want to answer.

At this time, there was a rush of footsteps outside. Lin SuCi looked towards the sound. A young man with a sullen face saw the mess in the kitchen, an expression of forbearance appeared on his face, and a vein pulsed on his forehead.

Lin SuCi waved shyly to Hui Lian, “I’m sorry, I was hungry, so I tried to cook, but I found that your pots don’t recognize me.”

Hui Lian’s eyes were heavy, then Yan BoShen opened his mouth, “I’ll hand this over to you.”

After that, he turned and walked off.

Lin SuCi’s eyes lit up, he hurriedly slipped around the furious Hui Lian with a curl of his tail and his best elegant walk.

His official keeper Yan BoShen did not go far. He was standing nearby with a deep look in his eyes.

Kind keeper! LinSuCi’s eyes brightened, running over, he hooked onto his clothes with his little claws, ready to climb up.

“BoShen, Boshen, you’re so nice~~”

As the coquettish Lin SuCi just hooked his claws into his clothes, he was frozen and unable to move.

This somewhat familiar feeling made the corner of Lin Suci’s mouth twitch.

“Let me go.”

The little kitten’s voice sounded very young, so when he was angry he only sounded coquettish. Yan BoShen glanced down at the kitten hanging off his leg, he stretched out his fingers, and… gently poked the kitten’s face.

The frozen Lin SuCi fell backwards onto his boots, his four paws facing the sky, and the kitten’s face was confused.

Lin SuCi: “…” So angry!

Yan BoShan admired the fury of the helpless little kitten for a moment. He slowly bent down, his long finger lightly poking Lin SuCi’s forehead again.

The next moment, the released Lin SuCi immediately flipped over and swiped his little pink paw towards Yan BoShen.

But he missed.

With a stride of his long legs, Yan BoShen stood at a distance where the kitten could not reach.

Lin SuCi tutted.

Should he also find a master to learn how to live in the Way of Being in this world?

Lin SuCi crouched on a chair. Next to him was Yan BoShen, at the head of the table was Qing Fou. Facing him was a sleepy looking girl, Fourth Sister Ruan LingGu.

At this moment, both Second Brother and Sixth Brother were not around. Including him, there were only a total of six people.

“Food is actually being cooked…” Ruan LingGu leaned back on her chair with an incredulous face. “We haven’t started a fire in one year already.”

Qing Fou was also a little emotional, “That’s right. I still thought that I’ll never be able to eat Hui Lian’s food again.”

One year without starting a fire… Lin SuCi slowly twisted his head towards Yan BoShen.

Yan BoShen’s eyes fell onto the palm-sized kitten next to him, then calmly looked away.

Lin SuCi didn’t know how good Hui Lian’s skills were. He only knew that the aroma coming from the kitchen was mouth-watering.

Lin SuCi’s nose twitched and his stomach growled in hunger.

“Coming, coming!”

XiaoLan carried two trays that stacked with steaming hot dishes, the fragrance wafting towards their nose. Lin SuCi stood up straight away, raising his two paws, and called out in enthusiasm, “Come come come, put them here, over here!”

The table was full of delicious dishes. Behind XiaoLan, the poker-faced Hui Lian entered.

Lin SuCi greedily swallowed his saliva, smelling the delectable aroma, he lifted his kitten face to thank the seated Hui Lian, “Brother Hui Lian, you’re so great. Smelling the fragrance of the food, I know they must be delicious!”

Towards Lin SuCi’s praises, Hui Lian only looked at Yan BoShen and did not speak.

Lin SuCi also looked at Yan BoShen.

Yan BoShen’s gaze towards Lin SuCi seemed to be laced with a deeper meaning.

Hui Lian could cook, but it was because of the words of his official keeper. Lin SuCi was very conscientious, he blinked his big eyes, and with a clear voice he sweetly called out to Yan BoShen, “BoShen, BoShen, it’s so good to have you around. To have this meal is all thanks to you~.”

Yan BoShen slowly pulled his gaze away, speaking softly, “Little brown-noser.”

Lin SuCi pawed at his ears and did not find anything wrong with this evaluation. Instead, he rubbed his paws happily and prepared to eat.

When he wanted to pick up his chopsticks, he stared at his little paws and slowly made a realization. He was a cat, it seemed like he could no longer pick up chopsticks.

Lin SuCi exerted a lot of effort, but still could not change back to human form. He looked up at Qing Fou, about to ask for help only to see Qing Fou frown slightly and put his chopsticks down.

“He’s here…”

What was here?

Lin SuCi was curious, then he heard a polite voice coming from outside.

“Your junior Wang LiChen, is here specially to deliver an invitation to his Grand Master Uncle.”

Wang LiChen… Dismay flashed in Lin SuCi’s eyes.

After the Mystique Heart Sect was extinguished, the only trace of the sect left, the one who went around the world dealing with demons, that pitiful child?

He could not help but crane his neck and wait for the only character with a full name in the book.

With Qing Fou’s permission, the person outside pushed the gate open and slowly stepped forward. Standing outside the door, his back facing the light, he bowed respectfully before coming into the room.

“Grand Master Uncle, Senior Uncle Ding Ye has successfully formed his golden core. He would hold the celebration of this event five days later, and would like to invite Grand Master Uncle and all the Senior Uncles to attend it.”

On his chair, Lin SuCi could see everything clearly. In front was a young man dressed in white, looking clean and obedient. Unlike the previous arrogant looking Mystique Heart Sect disciples, he looked respectful and courteous.

Wang LiChen respectfully handed the invitation letter over. Just as he bowed with his fists clasped together to say goodbye, he happened to meet Lin SuCi’s eyes.

Crouching on the chair, Lin SuCi was looking curiously at this little tragedy who would go on to defeat demons. Unexpectedly, their eyes met.

He raised his paw happily and mewed a greeting to show his friendliness.

Wang LiChen’s eyes lit up.

It could also be said that a fire was lit in his eyes, the flames burning bright.

“Kit… ten? “

Wang LiChen became very lively. He studied Lin SuCi carefully, his face full of longing and asked, “Grand Master Uncle, this kitten is so cute. Did you just start raising it?”

Qing Fou shook his head and pointed to Yan BoShen: “Your Senior Uncle is the one raising it.”

Looking at Yan BoShen, Li Chen shrank visibly and hesitated. However, when he looked at Lin SuCi again, he finally gritted his teeth.

“Senior Uncle Yan, junior really likes your spiritual beast and would like to request if it’s possible for you to give it up. Junior is willing to exchange 3,000 spiritual gems for it, don’t know if Senior Uncle Yan… Is willing to accept this terms?”

He was obviously a little wary about Yan BoShen.

About to smile at this little tragedy and praise him for his good taste, Lin SuCi’s face froze.

Was he treating him like a plaything, buying and selling him?!

Looking at Wang LiChen, Lin SuCi’s eyes gradually turned dangerous. To think that he just felt tender towards this child with a pitiful future, it turned out that he was a little devil, wanting to buy and sell him!

Three thousand spiritual gems, at least he was a good judge of value and did not disgrace his worth, but… This money wouldn’t belong to him, how was it any different from having no money at all?

Such fraud, he definitely wouldn’t agree to it!

Lin SuCi tilted his head, with bright eyes he looked at Yan BoShen.

That youth next to him also happened to be looking at him.

One person, one cat, two pairs of eyes met.

“Do you want to go with him?”

Yan BoShen’s eyes were dark, his voice low and deep, ringing in Lin SuCi’s ears, it made them shiver.

Want to go with Wang LiChen? Lin SuCi’s immediate reaction was to reject this idea!

The time for the destruction of Mystique Heart Sect would soon arrive. Wang LiChen this unlucky child, would soon be reduced to hunting demons . If he went with him, he would have to wander all over the world to hunt down the villain, Yan Ran, wouldn’t he?

He would do that over his dead body!

Lin SuCi resolutely dug his claws into the sleeve of Yan BoShen, with his tiny body, he sneaked into the sleeve and hid there, clutching his arm, mewing, “No, I want to follow you.”

Cardinal Sect was a peaceful paradise. He was not afraid of poverty. He was good at making money, so it was better to stay here than anywhere else.

However, as Yan BoShen was the elder, what if he felt obliged to give in to the requests of his junior? Lin SuCi licked at his milk teeth, his claws clinging tightly to Yan Boshen’s sleeve. He flipped over, hugging Yan BoShen’s arm and swayed, rubbing against him, “If I leave you, I will die!”

A moment later, Lin SuCi heard Yan BoShen’s indifferent voice coming from above, “This is my cat.”

There were no superfluous words, but when others heard him, they could clearly hear him say, don’t even think about it.

Wang Li Chen could not hide his disappointment. He hesitated for a while, but dared not request a second time, leaving dejectedly.

“Come out.”

Yan BoShen’s sleeve moved. When Lin SuCi crawled out of the sleeve, he saw a hand right outside the cuff, the palm facing up.

He slowly placed his little paws onto it, seeing that Yan BoShen’s hand did not move, he then crawled on it.

Yan BoShen’s hand was very big, and held him firmly.

Lin SuCi looked up.

The eyes of Yan BoShen were half-lidded, and there seem to be something different in his eyes.

“Little thing, follow me?”

Lin SuCi regarded this as the establishment of a contract. He raised his paws openly, and with a serious look on his kitten face, “Of course.”

He was going to stay with Cardinal Sect. Yan BoShen was the First Senior of Cardinal Sect, and also his official poop-shoveller, he would definitely cling onto him.

Yan BoShen slowly placed him back onto his chair and spoke softly, “Your words, I’ve noted them down.”

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