SASAM Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6.2

“Why did Senior Uncle bring only one disciple with him this time? What about the other disciples?”

Before Lin SuCi could see the man’s appearance, Yan BoShen shoved him back under his clothes.

“I’ve brought two disciples, the younger disciple is not feeling very well now, he’ll join us later.”

“How unfortunate that Junior HuiLian did not come.”

Qing Fou smiled perfunctorily, keeping quiet.

At this moment, Lin SuCi was struggling within Yan BoShen’s clothes. Without noticing, he was shoved back in again. This time, he was a little annoyed, and bit into Yan BoShen’s abdomen.

Yan BoShen shuddered. He retreated two steps, turned his back to the crowd, and pulled out the kitten from within his clothes.

With a bite, Lin SuCi knew that his icy looking official keeper was not someone he could easily deal with. It was fun biting him, but now he was dead.

An alarm rang in his head. Just as Yan BoShen pulled his top open to pull him out, his short legs kicked at Yan BoShen’s palm. He fell and tumbled onto the ground. As Lin SuCi’s kitten body was soft and flexible, he did not injure himself. Standing up and shaking himself, he turned to look at Yan BoShen, and his four paws fled in a hurry.

Yan BoShen could only watch as that bundle wrapped in spiritual energy ran further away from him. He sighed helplessly, invoking a spell with a tap of his fingers, he tossed it in Lin SuCi’s direction.

Flying across the hard ground, Lin SuCi did not know how far he had travelled. After stepping into a patch of grass, his legs weakened, and he finally stopped.

Looking up, he was not far from the main hall. In front of him was a vast atrium, and disciples in white were shuttling back and forth with various objects in their hands.

There were also many guests who arrived here on their swords. Landing there, they were all greeted with smiles by those with ranks from the Mysterious Heart Sect.

Lin SuCi took a few glances, then he turned his head away and headed deeper into the grass.

His clothes were still in the Lingluo armour. Now, he no longer felt any discomfort. His original body placed many restrictions on him, it was better for him to change.

With so many people milling around, Lin SuCi was not that shameless to streak in front of them, and so ran into a place where no one was around.

His footsteps were so light that there was no sound as he ran. His little paws pitter-pattered, huffing and puffing he ran for a long distance. When he reached a gigantic tree in a dense forest, then he stopped.

“Did people from Cardinal Sect really come? Then, did Jing HuiLian come too?”

Lin SuCi paused, his ears perking up.

There were people here, and they were not just people, but… vile people who spoke behind the backs of others.

“How could Jing Huilian come? With his temper, a conflict would definitely happen. Unless Grand Master Uncle Qing Fou wants to fall out with us, he would certainly not bring him along.”

“Sixth Senior, Jing Huilian’s spells are the best. Without him, will it work?”

“He only didn’t come. Anyway, that matter is now his problem. What day is it today? No matter what, Grand Senior Uncle Qing Fou has to deal with this matter. Cardinal Sect is unable to even gather 100 spiritual gems. As long as they admit to this matter, there’s no way out for them.”

“If it’s like this, then I’ll have to congratulate Sixth Senior already! Even Jing HuiLian can become your scapegoat… Ah! No! He’s — leading your battle! This grand ceremony, Sixth Senior is bound to be the champion!”

“Even without him, I’ll still be the champion! Who asks my dad to be so distressed over me, and afraid that I’ll have an accident in that place. It’s better to get someone to suffer on my behalf.”

“Also, that damn Junior LiChen. We’ve already arranged everything for him, but he refuses to accept it.”

“3000 spiritual gems in exchange for 3 labourers from Cardinal Sect. If he doesn’t want it, I do!”

“Sixth Senior is far-sighted…”

The footsteps drew closer. Lin SuCi crouched behind the tree, remaining motionless. His face, hidden under the Lingluo armour, changed subtly.

Ohho, someone is trying to involve me in a scheme?

The little kitten licked his sharp teeth, and a dark gleam appeared in his eyes.

A moment later.

Under the tree roots, a cat boy, with his tail curled up, slowly dressed himself. He pulled his long hair into a bun, tying it up with a ribbon, and the ends of the ribbon floated gently behind him.

As the ears and tail could not be hidden, Lin SuCi did not bother about them. He kept the Lingluo armour, and straightened his expression. Those round eyes were clear like water, and the corner of his mouth curved up. His cheeks were a light pink, and he looked both shy and cheerful.

As he walked, his robes, that were of the same silvery grey as Yan BoShen’s robes, rippled gently. Lin SuCi entered the atrium with a gentle expression on his face, and quickly attracted the attention of many people.

With pink cheeks and a pair of black ears, the signs that this boy was a spiritual beast were evident. When he only took a few steps, a little servant came out from the main hall and walked towards him.

“Are you the little Senior Uncle with Grand Master Uncle Qing Fou?” The little servant bowed and asked with a smile.

In Cardinal Sect, they always called him little kitten or little mascot, and uptil now, there was no chance for Lin SuCi to use his name. Luckily, Qing Fou’s status was high enough, with his ambiguous identity of being his disciple, most of the people in this crowd could not ask after his name.

Lin SuCi followed the little servant in with a bright smile on his face.

The main hall was large, and carved from jade. A banquet was going on within the hall, spiritual fruit and spiritual liquor were available. The guests were sitting along the table, and at the head of the table was an affable looking middle-aged man. Next to him was the one who had successfully cultivated his golden core, Ding Ye.

At that moment, all guests and hosts had already sat down. As they toasted each other, they could also see into the atrium through the open doors. When Lin SuCi slowly walked in with that little servant, all eyes were directed at him.

Lin SuCi made his way in slowly. Blinking with his emerald eyes, his tender, pink face looked at the crowd in the hall, and his thin, red lips curved in a slightly bashful smile.

The noisy hall quietened down as he walked in. Everyone’s attention had been drawn to the cat boy at the door.

Qing Fou and Yan BoShen were no exception.

Seeing the elegant walk of the boy with a blushing face, Qing Fou nearly dropped the cup in his hand.

Lin SuCi glanced at Qing Fou, then his eyes fell onto Yan BoShen. His official keeper was also looking at him, and his eyes were a little unfathomable.

Lin SuCi shyly looked away, and turned to the crowd. With a timid smile and a somewhat shy voice, he said, “Lin SuCi, from Cardinal Sect. I’m a little late.”

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