SASAM Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2

Soon, Lin SuCi understood what Yan BoShen meant when he said it might be difficult.

Qing Fou deflected them numerous times, acting ignorant about the matter. However, both Sect Leader Wang and that Dingye did not want to let go of such a good opportunity.

With a smile on his face, Dingye raised a glass of wine and walked down the platform to Qing Fou. The middle aged looking Dingye gave the youthful Qing Fou a bow, and offered a toast.

“Many years ago, on his deathbed, Master had mentioned, we, as the younger generation, had to rely on the support of the elders. From then on, I’ve remembered this sentence till now, and also taught it to my disciples. My disciples have all remembered it as well. The relationship between the master and his disciples is greater than anything else.”

Qing Fou’s eyes flashed, he pursed his lips, remaining silent.

“That 3000 spiritual gems of Junior Huilian, at the end of the day, it’s our sect matters. If he can’t return it, it means he can’t return it. Who would force their own people to settle their debts like this?”

Hearing this, a trace of unhappiness could be seen on Qing Fou’s face. He tapped the table with his fingers, “There’s no point dragging this one. So, how do you want to settle this matter?”

Dingye exchanged glances with Sect Leader Wang, then slowly spoke. “Senior Uncle, we’re all family. About Huilian’s matter, we won’t dig into it anymore. However, the 3000 spiritual gems that were lost, were gathered by my two disciples and the sect leader’s son. All three of them are disciples who will be heading for the cultivation journey this time.”


In the quiet main hall, even a drop of a needle could be heard. They were all waiting for Qing Fou’s reaction, but then they heard a tinkle of a laughter that broke the silence.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the person who made the sound.

The amusement on Lin SuCi’s face was still present. The corner of his lips curled up, seemingly embarrassed, his face was shyly red.

It happened to be the critical moment of Dingye’s conversation. To be interrupted in such a manner, he was quite unhappy. “Little Junior, what are you laughing at?”

“Nothing much, I just recalled something only.” Lin SuCi scratched his cheek, saying shyly, “Senior Ding, pardon me for asking, amongst your disciples, is the sixth one one of the three persons you mentioned?”

Dingye was puzzled. “Yes, how did you know that?”

Getting a confirmation, Lin SuCi broke out into a smile. “It’s alright. Next, are you planning to say, these junior nephews are about to head to some secret location, then you’ll like to request for Senior Huilian to take their place instead?”

Dingye’s face stiffened, replying uncomfortably, “Little Junior, why would you say that?”

Lin SuCi took a look at Yan BoShen and Qing Fou, seeing that they both tacitly approved his actions, he was prepared. Standing up slowly, he patted the non-existent dust off his sleeves, then looked up with a face full of curiosity. “Because, I heard it.”

He did not wait for the response from anyone in the hall, and leisurely continued. “I’m still young, and my body is weak. On the way here, I felt uncomfortable, and so…”

He looked at Qing Fou then smiled, “Separated… from Master… and Senior.”

“Who would have guessed such a coincidental thing would happen! I heard a conversation, saying something about Senior Huilian’s spells being the best. If they could deceive Senior to replace him into going to some secret location, he was bound to be the champion.”

“Then, someone next to him asked, how were they going to deceive Senior Huilian?” Lin SuCi did not blink, and within the truth, he mixed in some falsehoods. With a serious face, he cast aspersions on them. “That one who was referred to as Sixth Senior, very gleefully he said that he had already done it. He had laid a trap to deceive Senior Huilian, causing him to owe the money, so wasn’t he now at his disposal?”

“Nonsense!” Dingye’s face was flushed with anger. He pointed at him with a trembling finger. “Boy, you dare! Saying such impudent things, you’re clearly sowing discord!”

Lin SuCi blinked his eyes innocently. “Senior Ding, I’m not talking nonsense. That person even said, with the son of the sect leader under him, if anything went wrong, he’ll just make him the scapegoat. He said, who asked Wang… that Wang something person, to be such a fool, and easily bullied.”

The expression of Sect Leader Wang was quite ugly, he looked deeply towards Dingye.

“No, Junior Sect Leader…” Dingye’s expression had changed dramatically. He ground out, “He’s talking nonsense!”

Lin SuCi took the opportunity to further muddy the waters. His words were a combination of truth and lies, “Oh, right, I also heard that person say…”

“There’s still more?” Dingye felt an impending sense of doom, but he was unable to stop Lin SuCi, and could only watch as he continued talking.

Lin SuCi slowly turned his eyes towards Dingye. “He said that his master was very impressive, in the sect, he held the reins, and even the sect leader had to show him some respect. After laying a trap for Senior Huilian, he only had to inform his master, and could deceive Senior Huilian over to become the patsy.”

“Master.” Lin SuCi obediently turned towards Qing Fou with a curious expression on his face. “A junior laying a trap for an elder, I’ve never seen such a thing in Cardinal Sect before. Is this how Mysterious Heart Sect usually behaves?”

With a shaking hand, Qing Fou picked up his glass, using it to shield his laughter. He coughed, “I’ve never seen it before as well.”

Lin SuCi nodded cluelessly and looked back at Dingye. “Senior Ding, that person who said all those things, he’s your disciple. So, is this your rules? That juniors can lay a trap for their elders?”

Dingye’s face had turned to the colour of a pig’s liver. Hemming and hawing for a long time, he could not say that this disciple that he had just acknowledged was not his, and so could only choke out, “Of course not!”

“Oh, it’s not? Then that’s great!” Lin SuCi clapped his hands and gave a relieved sigh. “I still thought, your disciple laid a trap for Senior Huilian, and you’ll lay a trap for my master!”

Lin SuCi gave a reassuring smile. “Senior Ding, when you educate your disciple, don’t be soft-hearted. Spare the rod and spoil the child. If you teach him a harsh lesson, he would know that he was wrong. In the future, he definitely wouldn’t dare to lay a trap for his elders again, and even lay the blame at your feet.”

“… Huh?” Dingye did not seem to catch Lin SuCi’s meaning, and was bewildered.

Lin SuCi cautiously glanced at Dingye, and spoke politely, “Your disciple had been insubordinate, and deceived his elders, shouldn’t he receive a beating?”

“Hold on, when did I…” Dingye was in a tight spot. Before he could finish, he saw Lin SuCi standing up.

Lin SuCi placed his palm on his chest, speaking clearly, “I swear by my life, just as I said, that sixth disciple of Senior Ding, he has evil intentions and ulterior motives!”

“He laid a trap for his elder, laying the blame on his own master, how unjust. Senior Ding, if you don’t believe what I said, and believe in your disciple, why don’t you call him over, and swear by your cultivation?”

A firm smile slowly grew on Lin SuCi’s face. He stared directly at Dingye and spoke softy. “I dare to make this swear. Senior Ding, do you… dare?”

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