SASAM Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

As if Dingye would dare.

He knew what his own disciples had done, and even he himself was involved in it, and would not be able to separate himself from this matter.

To swear on his cultivation, did that not mean that his lifetime cultivation would go down the drain?!

The main hall was completely silent. From the head of Mysterious Heart Sect to the servant standing on guard outside the hall, their eyes were all concentrated on Dingye. He was dripping with sweat, and he felt guilty.

Lin SuCi waited for a moment, and seeing that the other person refused to open his mouth, he then put his hand down. A slight smile appeared on his face, and he said gently, “But this all has to do with with younger disciples, to involve the elders, it doesn’t seem quite right. Senior Ding, I believe you don’t know anything about it, right?”

Dingye shot a quick look at Sect Leader Wang. “…”

Seeing this, Sect Leader Wang smiled and walked down the platform to round up the play. “Of course Senior Ding doesn’t know anything about it, this is all a misunderstanding. I believe it must be his disciples fooling around. How this came about, we will certainly investigate.”

Lin SuCi heard this and smiled brightly, “Then, Sect Leader Wang, please show mercy. Don’t beat your Junior Nephew to death. After all, it’s still a life, it’s worth more than 3000 spiritual gems.”

After hearing his words, Sect Leader Wang did not want to bother with Lin SuCi anymore. This so-called little cub, every single word he said could cause a person to choke to death.

With a stiff smile, he turned his head and snapped at the disciple guarding the door. “First go beat that unruly kid, then lock him up, and wait for me to deal with him.”

Lin SuCi watched as the disciple ran out in panic and fear, and Sect Leader Wang’s face had already turned completely dark. He let the smile on his face slowly fade away, then replaced it with an uneasy look, twisting his fingers, he anxiously asked. “Sect Leader Wang, did I do something wrong to make you so angry?”

Sect Leader Wang looked at him heavily, but still laughed, “You did nothing wrong. When you found out something wasn’t right, you reported it as quickly as you can, and prevented us from being deceived.”

Lin SuCi patted his chest and sighed in relief. “That’s great. I’m young, and have just learnt to transform less than two days ago. I don’t really know the rules, so I was worried that I have offended you.”

Sect Leader Wang, “… No, no you didn’t.”

“That’s good. If I had been rude, please forgive me due to my youth and ignorance.” Lin Suci politely said, scratching his cheek, his face infused with a shy blush, and bowed his head.

Sect Leader Wang and Dingye exchanged deep glances, but they were also resigned. Not only could they not be angry, but because Lin SuCi was a young cub, they still had to coax him nicely.

With Sect Leader Wang’s and Dingye’s stiff consolations, the anxious Lin SuCi finally relaxed and sat down.

After sitting down, he quietly leaned into Yan Boshen. Covering his mouth with his hand, he asked softly, “Senior, their disciples had bullied us, shouldn’t they offer something in apology?”

No matter how soft the whisper was, with the silence in the main hall, everyone still heard it.

However, Yan Boshen froze slightly.

Lin SuCi’s lips had touched his earlobe.

He tightened his jaw, and shifted aside without any trace, then gently straightened Lin SuCi who was bonelessly leaning against him. Not caring to lower his voice, he replied, “This is for Master to worry about.”

The disciples’ whisperings had landed in Sect Leader Wang’s ears. His smile that he had barely managed to maintain stiffened again, and his expression was inscrutable.

Seeing that his whisper had been overheard, Lin SuCi flushed and lowered his head in embarrassment.

Sect Leader Wang nearly cursed in anger.

But he had no choice. Everyone had already heard what they said, he could not pretend that he did not hear it.

“Senior Uncle…” Sect Leader Wang forced out a smile. “My sect disciples have been impolite. I’m really ashamed, please allow Mysterious Heart Sect to compensate you.”

Having been an audience member for so long, it was now finally Qing Fou’s turn to shine. He put down his teacup, patted his sleeve, and with a smile, he agreed. “Sure!”

Sect Leader Wang who was prepared for Qing Fou to refuse, “…”

“As an elder, if I don’t accept the juniors’ compensation generously, I’m afraid that you’ll feel troubled by it. To let you feel better, I’ll accept the compensation. Ah, it’s all because I’m one who cares for the juniors.”

Qing Fou shook his head and sighed lightly, exclaiming over his magnanimity.

Sect Leader Wang laughed drily, “… What Senior Uncle said… That is the case.”

“Nephew.” Qing Fou raised his head and spoke with great emphasis. “Your Senior Uncle is a soft-hearted person. If you cry and insist on giving me spiritual gems, although I will accept them, but in the end, we’re all a family. Talking about spiritual gems would only hurt our feelings!”

Sect Leader’s heart was already drumming, and he stared warily at Qing Fou, “… So what does Senior Uncle mean?”

Qing Fou slowly looked at Lin SuCi who was next to him. The vanguard who had just given him a beautiful victory now looked very bashful, sipping at his teacup. His eyes were hooded, his eyelashes fluttering, and looked extremely innocent and adorable.

As for the oldest disciple sitting beside him who was staring at the floor motionlessly, Qing Fou did not see him at all.

It was a good start…

A light flashed within Qing Fou’s eyes. The corner of his lips curved up, and he spoke slowly, “Compensation is also meaningless. Forget about it. How about, for this year’s Scatter of Flowers and Leaves event, let my disciples go as well, and take care of your weaker disciples.”

“You want the quota for entering the secret location?!” Sect Leader Wang’s face changed.

Qing Fou looked at him in astonishment. “Is this considered wanting the quota? If we were to go into it, this quota should belong to my disciples in the first place. We just hadn’t been participating in the event for the past few years only. Even if we don’t use the quota, it wouldn’t rot, we’re not robbing you of your quota.”

“Also…” Qing Fou pointed out. “Your disciples are too useless, scheming such a way to get their elders to help them. Although I don’t like such despicable methods, but they’re still my juniors, and I can’t watch them die. So, as according to what you want, just let my disciples come along and help. We’ll bear this loss.”

All other people in the main hall had been stunned by his words, and their eyes all turned towards Sect Leader Wang.

Lin SuCi wanted to applaud Qing Fou. He raised his hands, but before he could put them together, they were deftly held down by Yan Boshen.

Lin SuCi gave him a side-eye look, and Yan Boshen whispered. “Don’t move.”

Fine, don’t move then I won’t move. Lin SuCi knew how to behave, his impulses came and went quickly. With his hands caught, he sat obediently, and continued watching the show with great interest.

The youth by his side had obeyed him, and did not make a move. Yan Boshen regretted that he had moved too quickly, holding down the youth’s hand. His palm had started heating up, and he could not find a suitable opportunity to let him go.

Sect Leader Wang’s head had turned purple just like Dingye. When Lin SuCi saw them, he longed to ask them turning purple was a secret skill of Mysterious Heart Sect.

“Senior Uncle…” Sect Leader Wang just opened his mouth, then Qing Fou turned his head towards Lin SuCi and asked, “Xiao Ci, are you still feeling uncomfortable?”

Lin SuCi had suddenly been called out, and even referred to as Xiao Ci. Being called by his name for the first time, he felt a moment of inertia trapped between reality and fiction.

And in the next moment, he understood the look in Qing Fou’s eyes, and his consciousness dragged itself back. He quickly responded, pulling his hands away from Yan Boshen and rubbed his chest. His eyes damp, his mouth tightening, and said in grievance, “I’m still feeling uncomfortable.”

With an empty palm, Yan Boshen glanced at the glittering eyes of the youth with the corner of his eye, and slowly withdrew his hand.

“Nephew, my disciple is too young. To be out for so long is not good for his body.” While speaking politely, Qing Fou stood up. “I’ve already given Xiao Ding my congratulations. Since we’ve made things unpleasant with our arrival, never mind, we’ll just take our leave now. There’s no need to send us off.”

Sect Leader Wang was anxious. “Senior Uncle!”

“Oh right!” Qing Fou shot him a bright smile. “Don’t forget about my quota.”

Under the eyes of the audience, Lin SuCi accepted the label of feeling uncomfortable. While standing up, he staggered unsteadily, and Yan Boshen, standing next to him, could only reach out to support him.

Taking his arm, Yan Boshen took two steps. It felt a little awkward, so he directly caught Lin SuCi’s waist, and carried the slender youth in his arms. With a polite nod at Sect Leader Wang, he followed behind Qing Fou and left calmly, leaving everyone’s eyes trailing behind them.

Before the people behind them could react, Qing Fou had already summoned his sword. Gaining such an advantage over them, they should run away as quickly as possible.

Lin SuCi still dutifully pretended to feel ill and remained lying in Yan Boshen’s arms.

The kitty was still in his infancy, and so it also affected his human body. He looked just like an adolescent, slender and thin. Lying within the arms of the young man, he had been gathered up by Yan Boshen.

Carrying him, Yan Boshen was about to step up onto his sword before he paused and prodded a finger between Lin SuCi’s brows.

The cat boy turned into a palm-sized kitten and fell into his palm.

Yan Boshen pulled the Lingluo armour over him, and did not tuck Lin SuCi back in his sleeves, only holding him in his hand.

Laying on Yan Boshen’s palm, Lin SuCi watched the sword rise. The air below them was shrouded in clouds, and the peaks and towers of Mysterious Heart Sect faded in the distance. Cold air came rushing over him, but he did not feel the discomfort he had on the previous journey.

He swayed his tail, his little claws clinging only Yan Boshen’s fingers tightly, and cautiously stretched his neck out to look downwards.

“Be careful of getting dizzy.” Yan Boshen raised his hand to stop him, covering him and grasping him firmly.

Lin SuCi mewled.

“Little kitty, good job.”

On another flying sword next to them, Qing Fou had his arms crossed and a faint smile on his face. His white hair streamed behind him.

He looked like he was in a good mood, and his smile was happy. “I still thought that we’ll be forced to acknowledge the debt of 3000 spiritual gems today. You’re smart, managing to push away the debt and even provoke them, and finally even gaining such a big advantage. Hahahaha, great job!”

Pleased, Lin SuCi swayed his tail and raised his chin proudly. “Who let them bully others first!”

“However, Sect Leader, you’re also impressive. Asking so much from them without giving in at all!” Lin SuCi praised him as well.

Qing Fou smiled. “Such an advantageous situation, how could we reject anything that’s given to us? Also, I was not wrong, that quota is ours in the first place.”

“This is great. Now that we have the quota to participate in Scattering of Flowers and Leaves, we’ll be able to go and get some spiritual weapons back to fill up our coffers.” Qing Fou exclaimed.

Lin SuCi raised his paws and clapped them together, flattering him, “Sect Leader is wise.”

“Little thing…”


Lin SuCi tilted his head.

With a deep look in Qing Fou’s eyes, he looked at him for a moment, seeming to have countless words to say, but finally only laughed. He said brightly, “You should call me by another way from now on.”

Hearing this somewhat familiar words, Lin SuCi lay on Yan Boshen’s palm and thought over it. Fortunately his memory was quite good, and through his memories of his past life, he dug out the most common response to a statement like this.

The little kitten grasped onto Yan Boshen’s fingers, tossing his head he shook the cape of the Lingluo armour off, revealing his furry little face. Holding his head in his two little paws, he tilted his head. His jade-green eyes were a little bashful, a little tentative, and his mouth opened, with a trembling and uncertain voice he called Qing Fou, “… Father-in-law?”

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