TEDY Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Promise

Edited by Asa


“Light Blades?” That name seemed the exact opposite of the shadow guards.

“Shadow guards stand in the darkness. They, however, stand in front of the crowd in the public’s eye. They won’t even let others see blood if necessary. It was created by one of my friends from the underground.” QI Xutian seemed to know the answer to Qi Mingyue’s question, but he never answered.

However, Qi Mingyue didn’t forget, “Father hasn’t answered my question yet, why am I so special to you?”

Looking at Qi Xutian’s eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, “You want to know?”

“Yes.” Qi Mingyue nodded, thinking that Qi Xutian’s attitude at that moment was slightly strange.

“I’m afraid that it’d be a long story, MingEr will have to be patient…” Qi Xutian laid down, sneering slightly. Seeing that, Qi Mingyue guessed that it probably had something to do with what happened twenty years ago. Raising his lips, and exposing a sly smile, “I almost forgot to tell Father. In my past life, I was already twenty-five, do you think a thirty-year-old like me would lack patience?”

Qi Xutian raised his brows then laughed out loud, “A thirty-year-old soul trapped in a five-year-old body, no wonder MingEr is unhappy. Seems like I took advantage of you…”

“That’s right, you took advantage of me. So, you can start your story now.” Lying in his chest, Qi Mingyue found a comfortable spot and looked at the face that no longer had a cold expression on it, then smiled.

Qi Xutian seemed to notice something, then retracted his smile as he looked at him meaningfully, and held him tighter, “MingEr is definitely special to me. Do you still remember what I said before, that you’re like me?”

“Yes, Father did say.” Thinking back to the hundredth-day celebration, he did say something like that, thinking back Qi Mingyue suddenly came to a realization, “Is it…”

“Seems like MingEr guessed it,” Qi Xutian continued: “That year Tan Wu said something that angered the previous emperor, causing him to be imprisoned in the palace. Everyone in the palace was conflicted about it, but still, the previous emperor sent me out of the palace to an isolated manor, wanting me to die there quietly…” Saying that, Qi Xutian gave a smile in loathing, “Does MingEr know what Tan Wu said?”

Qi Mingyue guessed a few things, but shook his head, knowing that if it was similar to what happened on the hundredth day celebration, then he must be the same as him, Tan Wu calculated had his destiny as well, but maybe he also had said something, “What did he say about Father?”

Qi Xutian gave an expression of devilish charm, the madness in his eyes hinted at a smile as if he had immersed himself into the past, “He said, that I have the life of an emperor but I also have a cultivator’s heart. Half man half demon, emotionless and bloodthirsty. Destined to kill my father! Killing all of my blood relatives!”

Qi Mingyue was shocked by those words, killing his father and relatives…. It was the same destiny as his mother. Pausing for a moment, he suddenly laughed out loud, “Father! Together, you kill a father and I kill a mother, isn’t this amusing?” Saying this as if it was something really funny, and continued to laugh.

“That’s right, it is very amusing.” Qi Xutian smiled gently, the destiny of these two were objected by either of them, when needed, if they must kill they will. It was only a matter of time. Holding Qi Mingyue in front of him, smiling in a slightly evil manner, “Now you know why you are special, to be so similar to me, of course, I don’t want you to get hurt. Father is only interested in MingEr….” saying that he leaned down and kissed his soft lips.
Seeing him coming for his lips, he didn’t move away until he felt the tip of his tongue moving along his lips, occasionally sucking on it. Even though the movement was gentle, the atmosphere was still suffocating as the gentle scent sandalwood from his father engulfed him.

Seeing Minyue not reacting to his kiss, Qi Xutian did not expect it, “MingEr, don’t you think it’s strange?”

“How is it strange?” Qi Mingyue licked his lips, causing them to glow slightly, then smiled gently, “I think Father is just curious about someone like me, who has the same fate as father and has an unmatched body and soul. Even though I’m only five, it must be very seductive right? Not knowing what I taste like? Not knowing what expression I’ll make? Father must be curious, right?”

“Ahh, MingEr figured me out, no wonder you’re special, never wasting the love I give you.” Not sure if Qi Xutian was joking or was serious, he continued kissing him, and it seemed like he was really happy.

Qi Mingyue was not actually that sure of his father’s thoughts, but he could see that he treated him very differently from the other princes. Or one can say that because of his destiny and his different soul and thinking, his father treated him like a ‘partner’, like him and J. Giving each other trust, love, and warmth, not wanting to live alone in this world.

Maybe, Father is just lonely too. Like him those years ago.

Wrapping his arms around his neck, “Father, remember, Mingyue is only five.”

“What MingEr is trying to say is, if I wait till your older then I can…” elongating the last words, Qi Xutian smiled gently, a face of amusement, it was as if a delicious fruit was placed in front of him, just waiting for it to ripen.

Qi Mingyue curved his lips, “Why not?” When you’re lonely, some people don’t need words to comfort them, but someone that accepts them. He had had J in the past, but now, his father was the best candidate.

“MingEr really surprises me all the time,” and this relationship between father and son, the two don’t really have any objections. Qi Xutian gave an evil grin, “If so, can MingEr give me a taste first? It looks delicious…” As his words ended, his fingers lingered on Qi Mingyue’s lips, making sure he understood his intentions. Licking his fingertip, he inched over and brought himself to his lips, “This is just a temporary advance… Father…”

Qi Xutian’s eyes darkened a bit, only to see his tiny face showing the same confidence and strength as himself, the slightly parted lips contained a slight seductive feeling to it. Seeing a treat come his way, how could he deny it? Qi Xutian pushed him down gently and met those tiny and cute lips. This time it wasn’t just a light kiss, and his tongue entered into his mouth, rolling around, slightly sucking on the tiny tongue, causing Qi Mingyue to shiver. Due to his small and weak body, he could only accept it.

Qi Xutian finally let go the already suffocating Qi Mingyue, “MingEr tastes wonderful of course, I can’t wait till you grow older, and see how seductive you’ll become.” He licked his lips satisfyingly, despite wanting more.

Qi Mingyue laid on the bed, panting, only to see his father’s loose hair and collar, revealing the sturdy muscles on his chest. The corner of his mouth revealed his evil charm, his eyes shone, what he was calculating unknown. He sighed in his heart with satisfaction. Father really liked his type, and he was different than J. Father was as unpredictable as the wind, but you could always see the evil within his eyes. It made him very hard to reject, of course, who could reject their own kind?

Sitting up lazily, Qi Mingyue move to the side of the bed, “Father, is today’s advanced tasting to your satisfaction?”

“What do you think?” Qi Xutian bend down and held his tiny feet, helping him with his shoes.

“Of course MingEr is satisfied, Father must be too, but…” he sighed a little, Qi Mingyue wiggled the feet that shoe that was already put on his feet, saying slowly: “MingEr is only five, everything else, we can do later. After today, Father will not do anything else, does Father agree to it?” Looking over to him, only to see a face of displeasure, “Fine, but from now on, MingEr will live in XuanTian Palace with me.”

“That’s fine.” Today’s events and injury made him an obvious target. Even so, living here wasn’t impossible. It’s not like he cared about the gossip.

Jumping off the bed, Qi Mingyue walked towards the door, but halfway, he was picked up by Qi Xutian, “Where is MingEr going?”

Qi Mingyue blinked, “Since I’m injured, I’m planning to see Mother. After five years, I wonder if she misses me.” In these five years, in QI Xutian’s interest, when the two princes moved to ZiXia Palace, even their Mothers weren’t allowed to visit. But when others remembered Tan Wu’s worlds, they believed that the Emperor was protecting the two Concubines, and praised him.

“What does MingEr plan to do?” Of course, Qi Xutian didn’t think that he missed his mother.

“I don’t plan to do anything. Just going to visit, after so many years. I wonder how Mother is, and how she will treat me.” How would a mother react after being told that her son will kill her? Most people would either reject them completely or remain loving. But within these palace walls, how would his mother be since she worked with power and status all her life? It’ll make anyone curious.

“Qi Xutian held him as he walked out of his chambers, “Even though it’s boring, a visit won’t do any harm. I will go with you.” Her son has the power to control her, and even the possibility that he might kill her. What would An Ruolan do? Certainly, with MingEr here, things had gotten much more interesting.

Looking at Liu Yi guarding the door, Qi Xutian ordered, “To NingXi Palace.”

“Yes.” Liu Yi came with servants, and walked by the side, ignoring the second prince that Qi Xutian held in his arms, stoic, not showing any type of expression.

Qi Mingyue observed, then said to Qi Xutian: “Father, I want him.”

Qi Xutian looked at the nonchalant Liu Yi, “Oh, why is that so?”

“For self-protection.” Qi Mingyue crooked his neck out from his arms, looking at the Liu Yi who never showed his true intentions.

“MingEr has good eyes, I’ll accept it.”

Liu Yi, who had been listening to the conversation, but had never responded until now paused slightly and bowed, “I will do my best.”

Soon after that, Ning Xi palace was in sight.

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