TEDY Prologue

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Prologue: Tarot

Edited by: Asa


“So you’re saying… that I’ll never have descendants?” Cheng Ziyao’s eyes narrowed, his expression was one between flirtatious and dangerous, his lips lifted in a slight sense of amusement.

No descendants, meaning no children. Whoever heard that would definitely get angry. The woman picked up the tarot cards in a panic, then waved her darkly manicured fingers in embarrassment, “Brain 1, you know, the cards aren’t that accurate, but if the cards hinted at that, then it has to be, I’m just messing around, don’t think too much about it…” Pausing for a moment, she changed her expressions, into one that was seductive and leaned towards him, “Either way, people like you, maybe someone already stole your seed. They’re just waiting to get pregnant and tie themselves to you.”

“That’s enough, Deer2, you’ve said enough. Are you going to take that back? You’re still under the name of a tarot reader and you want to ruin your name?” Cheng Ziyao put down the glass of wine that was in his hand, his slim fingers rubbed the edge of the cup.

No descendants. It wasn’t impossible, considering what he did for his job now…

Through the wine glass, Deer squinted her eyes as she looked at the red liquid in his palm. His hands were smooth and spotless, but at certain places they glowed. They had a weak yet sharp feel to them, just like his people.

The man in front of her that was lying on the sofa, the man that was kind and full of smiles. Dressed in a casual attire, a light colored shirt and a dark colored sweater vest, he had a head full of dark and well groomed hair. With his rolled-up sleeves and loosely flowing hairs, in this place he was filled with charm.

Of course, in this type of place, this was the true curiosity for the normal folks. This was “Midnight”. A luxurious yet addictive…. male host club.

That was right, ‘Midnight’ was a male host club. It was popular among high society members, and Cheng Ziyao was the eyecandy of this club. Most people call him Brain. Even his existence itself was a contradiction.

His manners were elegant, like those of high society. At any type of events, he’d use the most appropriate voice to say the most appropriate thing. But his cold eyes would look at you with a gentleness like water. This type of elegant temperament, at an indulgent place like this, it became a type of seduction instead.

“Brain, if I made you angry, then pretend that I didn’t come!” She gently lifted her red lips and turned away in a spoiled manner.

Cheng Ziyao lifted an arm to wrap around her waist, “How could I be angry at you Deer? Come, turn this way.” His soft voice whispered into her ear as he breathed seductively.

“For what?” His words always made people seem like they were being loved and cared for, but sadly, she knew that was just the illusion that he created.

“So I can take better care of you, dummy.” His fingertips lifted her chin. With dominance laced with slight gentleness, he pulled her into his arms, but he only gave her a light kiss.

Deer licked her lips, unsatisfied, “That’s it?”

“What does Deer want then?” Lifting her hair and give the strands a light kiss, he laughed gently, then sighed. “Too bad, I can’t accompany you tonight, I have other plans.”

Tapping her slightly parted lips, he stroked her cheek in attempts to comfort her, “It’s not a customer, don’t get me wrong. How could I reject the cute Deer for another?”

“Fine then, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kissing the corner of his lips, she was ready to get up and leave. But the moment she was about to leave, she found a shadow at the corner of the table.

“Dropped something?” He bent down and picked it up for her.

She took it, and it was a tarot card. Maybe it fell when she was reading the cards for him just now. Technically, this card would be the most important one, and the reading might not have been the most accurate. “See, I told you so, that reading didn’t count. Tomorrow, I’ll read for you again!” She waved the card in her hands, turning to leave.

As she was about to put it into her bag, she turned it over.

Only to see a dark cloak, and a long scythe that glowed sharply.

Her hands shivered, and the card fell to the ground.


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  1. OOOOhh this seems like a really interesting story…the translation seems good except for some typos with “Brian” as “Brain” in some places and is it “Dear” instead of “Deer”???…Anyways looking forward to next chapter!!!

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