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Chapter 2

Then they don’t know why, their eyes are always in sight, sometimes unconsciously, and sometimes one is looking at the other.

In math classes, Xie Meng is often called to ask questions on the blackboard, but the moment he gets out of his seat, the eyes of Ji Qinyang seem to stick to his back. They are watching him, especially the eyes of Ji Qinyang are particularly keen, worshiping the principal so as to hate it … From that time on, he did not know even when the partner has developed as long as the apology ends the problem. Hmm. The habit of leading after two words.

Every time, Xie Meng returns to his seat with a scream of enthusiasm When he goes to see Ji Qinyang, the eyes of the other person will be his opposite, and his face will laugh. The meaning is deep, but his eyes are ridiculous and he is applauding.

The hand of Zhang Ganggang were red and he was particularly excited. “This type of Maitreya has not taught you yet!”

Xie Meng quietly said: “I previewed.”

The blindness of Zhang Ganggang is a bit exaggerated: “It is also very powerful!”

Xie Meng glanced at him and opened the book and pointed to an example: “Is it exactly the same? Just change a number and the process will go down.”

It’s really the same when Zhang Ganggang looked carefully.

“You will do it when you are back.” When Xie Meng said these words, it was as easy as talking about what he was eating today. He encouraged the slap of the arm of Zhang Ganggang: “Next time you go up and try, right. I will applaud you.”

Maitreya’s mathematics teaching is very good, and he is humorous. When he talks about geometry, he even has an ant toy on his body, just like teaching children, but in fact his only student like a child is Ji Qinyang.

Only Ji Qinyang would ask him like a joke. Teacher, why should ants climb the cube, is there sugar? When talking about algebra, only he would think that a+b should be equal to ab.

Maitreya’s madness is simply swearing, but there is no way to take the season. Although the boys are not motivated, they are not enough to follow the rules, but they don’t skip classes, they don’t fight, they don’t even sleep in class, they even want to train him to learn. No reason can not be found seriously.

“You should work harder.” Maitreya is patient with the bitterness of the temper: “Follow Xie Meng, pre-class study, review after class.”

At that time, it was a late self-study. The students and teachers whispered one-on-one in front of the podium. Ji Qinyang’s voice was lazy.

“I did it.” He smiled and said: “But no such talent, no skill points.”

Xie Meng heard and subconsciously look up, Ji Qinyang also just looked over, he squeezed his eyes at Xie Meng, suddenly lips pulled down with his tongue against the person turned his eyes and made a gorilla expression, Xie Meng gave a laugh.

“…” Zhang Ganggang looked at him inexplicably and looked at him: “What happened?”

Xie Meng coughed up and calmed down: “Nothing, drowning.”

Zhang Ganggang gave a look of “You must be deceiving me, but I will forgive you.” He is talking to Xie Meng in the morning, he just met the netizen he just met, saying that the spit is flying in the air: “I tell you, Rourou is super cute and super gentle, she will not write poetry and essays, not too good…”

Xie Meng listened to the direction of the podium, and Ji Qinyang had already removed his sight. He continued to be lazy with Maitreya, and it seemed that nothing had happened from beginning to end.

A few days before the mid-term exam, Ji Qinyang also made a concert with Qi Fei. The two men and the seniors played for a long time, and they were finally put down during the intermission.

Qi Fei was the boy who asked Ji Qinyang and Xie Meng were unfamiliar that day: “I heard that the high school group has a band, are you interested?”

Ji Qinyang lay on the ground, his head resting on his arm, and he was careless: “It’s boring, it’s boring.”

“That’s not necessarily.” Qi Fei laughed: “It seems like the lead singer is Yin Luoxue.”

When he heard Yin Luoxue’s name, Ji Qinyang spoke: “She is so busy.”

Qi Fei spread his hand: “Where do I know, people are chasing after a long time… When did you break up?”

Ji Qinyang snorted, the smile on his face remained unchanged, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, coldly said: “I have nothing to do with her, she loves how to play is her business.”

Qi Fei sighed a few times: “People are very affectionate about you. I heard that you also chased after you went to W. When I was in military training, I saw her, and her eyes couldn’t wait to stick to your face.”

Ji Qinyang was unruffled. The temperature in November was a lot cold. He lay down for a while and put on his coat. When he turned back, he found that Qi Fei was copying the paper.

“When are you so serious?” Ji Qinyang joked, he looked around and looked at: “Whose are you copying?”

Qi Fei: “Xie Meng’s.”

Ji Qinyang raised his eyebrows. He had some surprises: “When did you become so familiar with him?”

“There is nothing familiar with this.” Qi Fei does not care: “I asked him if he wanted him, and people are quite good.”

Ji Qinyang’s expression became subtle. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Xie Meng’s paper, and regardless of Qi Fei’s call behind him.

Xie Meng’s handwriting is as clean as his identity, not too beautiful, but also neat than most boys. Ji Qinyang looked at it for a while and then lost interest. He threw the paper back to Qi Fei before wearing the jacket. it is good.

“How long do you have to copy?” Ji Qinyang kicked and kicked each other’s knees: “Go.”

“What do we eat.” Qi Fei slowly swept the paper: “Mutton?”

Ji Qinyang shook his head: “I promised my mom to go home and eat.”

“Is the fairy sister cooking today?” Qi Fei asked.

Ji Qinyang gave him a squint: “Who told you to call my mother like that.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with the fairy sister? The last time I went to the dance machine, she was also picked up by the freshman students. I don’t think you are angry.”

Ji Qinyang did not speak. He reached out and pressed the head of Qi Fei, and there was some warning on the strength.

Xie Meng was reminded that the mobile phone in his jacket was shocking, and it was the name Zhang Ganggang

“Where are you?” Zhang Ganggang sounded rather anxious: “I have called you several times!”

“…” Xie Meng sighed: “What happened.”

Zhang Ganggang: “I haven’t been a lot of simulation papers before… I’m not here recently, your papers?”

Xie Meng: “My paper is with Qi Fei.”

Zhang Ganggang screamed: “What are you doing for him? What are you doing? Why don’t you keep it for me?”

Xie Meng touched his nose and finally said: “If you come to me, I will teach you face to face.”

“Okay, okay!” Zhang Ganggang said, “You give me the address, I will come over!”

Xie Meng: “XX Road XX, 3rd floor, 2 rooms.”

Zhang Ganggang whispered: “The third floor…2…” He paused and his tone became cautious: “Isn’t this the famous martial arts center in the city…?”

“Yeah.” Xie Meng’s words were mild and plain: “I am in the Sanda, and remember not to go wrong when I come.”

Zhang Ganggang: “…”

When Ji Qinyang returned home, Ji Shanrong was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. When he saw his son, he did not look up. He only said: “Come back.”

Ji Qinyang sighed, Mo Suyuan came out of the kitchen, holding a big pot in his hand: “Go wash your hands.” The mother urged: “Your father brought the crab back, eat two more today.”

Ji Qinyang likes crabs in general. He washes his hands and sat down at the table. He is eager to play with the crab feet. Jin Shanrong hardly comes back. He is a geologist. Every day, he visits the stones and the rocks. His love is far greater than the concern for the son.

Mo Suyuan gave the two of them a crab, and they didn’t have a ride with their son.

“Is the school fun?” Ji Qinyang went to high school, Mo Suyuan did not seem to have any sense of tension, she will always say hello not to play, it seems that the son is to play, not to learn.

Ji Shanrong piled up the crab yellow, vinegar and ginger handed to his wife’s mouth, saying “slow, hot”, watching his wife happily eating.

“…” Ji Qinyang was unadorned with a look of love and muttered: “The dog is also in need of love…”

“What to say.” Mo Suyuan smiled and pat his head, and asked again: “Is the school fun?”

Ji Qinyang bite the crab leg and perfuse: “Alright… very interesting.”

Mo Suyuan: “Is there a good girl?”

Ji Qinyang said vaguely: “…not paying attention.”

Mo Suyuan: “What about the boy?”

Ji Qinyang paused, and his face suddenly flashed Xie Meng’s face and frowned slightly.

Mo Suyuan blinked, she laughed: “So rare? Long look good?”

Ji Qinyang looked at his mother. He looked at his father. Ji Shanrong was still slowly disassembling the crab legs. The father and son had two pairs of eyes. The old man pretended to cough and cough: “You care about the boys.”

Mo Suyuan smiled, spoiled: “Are you jealous?”

Ji Shanrong had no way to go to this woman who was still a little girl of her age. He couldn’t help but answer: “Yes.” The crab meat was thrown into the wife’s bowl.

“Make more friends.” Mo Suyuan finally ruffled her son’s fluffy hair: “Go to school, just have fun.”

Zhang Ganggang stood in the dojo outside the court. Xie Meng greeted him. The boy’s body shape was still very slender, but he was full of tenacity when he was over, and he was wearing a satin top. Pushing the palms, the sleeves float like a water curve.

He and the master had three or forty strokes before they took over and wiped the sweat and went out.

“The paper.” Xie Meng stared at the bag of Zhang Ganggang: “Where is it?”

Zhang Ganggang reacted to what he was doing, and quickly took the paper out of the bag.

Xie Meng casually hung the towel around his neck, holding the paper in one hand and taking out the pen to change it. Zhang Ganggang was watching him next to him. The boy’s bangs grew a little longer and he was carrying moisture in front of his forehead.

“Take this directly, and then summon after the opening…” Xie Meng paused for a while, his eyes fell on the face of Zhang Ganggang and sighed: “Are you listening?”

Zhang Ganggang: “…you are handsome.”

Xie Meng: “…”

Zhang Ganggang: “When did you start to learn Sanda?”

Xie Meng: “When I was a child, my grandmother sent me to study… this geometric question…”

“That’s put it first, don’t worry.” The focus of Zhang Ganggang has been completely biased: “Have you learned this useful? Fighting what is defending…”

Xie Meng: “…”

Zhang Ganggang: “Hero saves the beauty?”

Xie Meng looked at him silently.

“The road is not flat and the knife is helping?” Zhang Ganggang puts on the shape of a hero.

Xie Meng finally couldn’t help it: “I just learned Sanda and didn’t become Superman or Spider-Man. What are you thinking about?”

Zhang Ganggang is still not dead: “What is the use of learning?”

Xie Meng hardened his scalp: “Be first to keep fit…”

The two eyes of Zhang Ganggang are starry: “And then.”

“And then… maybe…” Xie Meng was stunned by his heart, and finally he was blamed for it: “Re-protect the country and defend the country…?”

“No matter what.” Zhang Ganggang looked at Xie Meng seriously: “You are so handsome.”

Xie Meng: “…thank you.”

After the completion of the problem, the time was almost over the meal. The two settled the dinner at the mutton shop at the entrance of the martial arts hall.

“Rourou is so busy recently, they seem to have to take the exam.” Zhang grabbed the noodles: “She wants me to study hard, go up every day.”

Xie Meng squinted and carefully picked out the garlic in his food. He heard a few words when he was learning to go up every day. His eyebrows were black and clear, and the mist rising from the sheep soup was so staring at Zhang Ganggang.

Zhang Ganggang seems to understand what the other party is skeptical about, and the baby’s face rises red in a flash, and says: “I, we don’t, have no early love… just, encourage each other… divide, share…”

“You don’t like her?” Xie Meng finally picked up all the garlic. He picked up the noodles and blew it: “You ask me about my homework every day. Everything else is about Rourou… How do you know?” ?”

The redness on the face of Zhang Ganggang has not faded, and the whole person looks awkward and ashamed: “We met in a group of study…”

“…” Xie Meng did not respond to the study group is awkward…

“Just, it is a lot of well-learned students who stay in a group and talk about homework…” Zhang Ganggang is a bit embarrassed: “I, I secretly mixed into the S high group.”

Xie Meng opened his mouth: “…copy each other’s answers?”

“Of course not!” Zhang Ganggang was shocked, and righteously retorted: “It’s very soft! They are all very difficult questions, and they are super serious and super-discussed!”

Xie Meng could not imagine how beautiful the picture was. He thought about it and asked: “Do they know that you are from W high?”

“I don’t know…” Zhang Ganggang suddenly fell down: “I am embarrassed to say that the topics they said are very difficult, I don’t understand… I accidentally asked where I wouldn’t, only Rourou replied me.”

Xie Meng did not speak. He patted the arm of Zhang Ganggang and remained silent for a while before saying: “You are very good. It is not a shameful thing. They ignore you as their problem.”
Zhang GangGang smiled: “The same is true of Rourou.”

Xie Meng nodded: “She must be very good.”

The face of Zhang Ganggang is red again, and he is as smirking as he is praised.

“You are also very good.” Zhang Ganggang slammed the shoulders of Xie Meng a little. “I think they will definitely have the title, but they are not on S high. What is great.”

Xie Meng couldn’t help but he looked back at the lever and slowly said: “There are only two things in the world that are fair, that is knowledge and time. I think about which school is the same.”

Zhang Ganggang was stuffed with a mouthful of noodles, and with a face of worship he threw a thumb to him.

“Well.” Xie Meng sipped the last of the mutton soup: “But the previous sentence is not what I said.”

Zhang Ganggang: “…”

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