TOL Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Warning: Slight NSFW


For students, the most painful thing was to analyze the exam papers after the midterms. Since the start of their second year in high school, everyone’s results were no longer contained within the school, but released to the entire city and province.

Almost all of Xie Meng’s science exams were the models the teachers used for the analysis. Therefore, he could only share a desk with Zhuo Xiaoyuan and looked at the same paper.

“How do you do this question?” Zhuo Xiaoyuan was recalculating the question he did wrongly, “I clearly used the correct formula.”

Xie Meng took the paper over. “Your order is wrong, you have to solve the part in the brackets first.”

Zhuo Xiaoyuan looked down and waited for him to finish solving it. He suddenly whispered, “Your ear stud… Is it from Ji Qinyang?”

Instinctively, Xie Meng covered his earlobe and looked up at Zhuo Xiaoyuan.

“Don’t worry, you can’t see it at all from a distance,” Zhuo Xiaoyuan’s expression was aloof. “Also, you’re a good student. Teachers are not worried about you at all.”

“…” Xie Meng slowly put his hand down. “Thank you…”

Zhuo Xiaoyuan pursed his lips scornfully, “When did your relationship start?”

Xie Meng thought about it, “It’s been over a year.”

Zhuo Xiaoyuan clicked his tongue, “No wonder he was so enthusiastic about that scum then. Seems like he himself is not much better.”

Xie Meng frowned, “I’m a willing party, he didn’t force me.”

“Fine, I know now, don’t show your love off,” Zhuo Xiaoyuan looked disdainful. He was silent for a bit, before turning his face away and speaking stiffly, “If he dares to force you, I’ll be the first in line to beat him up.”

Xie Meng laughed out loud. He thought about it for a while, and could only thank him.

Zhuo Xiaoyuan ignored him.

After a long silence, Xie Meng heard the boy speak awkwardly, “Didn’t he used to have quite a lot of girlfriends… You have to be more careful.”

Xie Meng, “…”

Zhuo Xiaoyuan frowned and nagged, “If he goes back to his playboy ways, you shouldn’t tolerate it. You must first…”



Xie Meng, “…”

“…” When they were about to reach the school gate, Ji Qinyang confirmed once again, “You were listening to this the entire class?”

Xie Meng sighed. “What else could I do? Cover his mouth and don’t let him continue?”

Ji Qinyang had a meaningful expression on his face, “… He seems to know quite a bit about all these.”

Xie Meng too felt complicated, “I feel like I have another member in my family.”

Ji Qinyang threw an arm over his shoulder. “You have many additional members in your family.”

Xie Meng, “?

Ji Qinyang rubbed his nose. “Qi Fei realised it too.”

“…” Xie Meng asked, “Does Zhang Ganggang know?”

Ji Qinyang laughed wickedly, “With his IQ, it’s going to be a little difficult.”

Xie Meng could not help but laugh as well. Ji Qinyang watched him, and suddenly leaned over to kiss his lips.

“… We’re still in school.” Xie Meng pushed his forehead away. He looked resigned, but he did not look reproachful.

Not bothered, Ji Qinyang hung entirely off Xie Meng’s shoulders. He took off the headphones around his neck and placed it on Xie Meng’s head, and the melody Xie Meng was starting to get familiar with now had new lyrics added to it. Xie Meng listened to it for a while before turning to look at Ji Qinyang, “You haven’t finished writing it?”

Ji Qinyang hummed along with the rhythm. With a serious expression, he raised his brow, “Good things have to take their time.”

After Mangzhong, the weather began to warm up. The summers of Suzhou were rainy with little wind. That afternoon, the sun was fierce, enveloping the greenery on the school grounds.

Xie Meng checked over his exam papers, then looked out of the window. The fans in the classroom spun, causing the dry, warm air to shift. Cicadas could be faintly heard.

After the last paper, Zhuo Xiaoyuan sprawled across his desk as though he had collapsed. Just as Xie Meng finished packing his bag, he saw Ji Qinyang standing at the backdoor.

“Coming here everyday to abuse dogs1,” Zhuo Xiaoyuan said gloomily, holding his head in his arms. “You guys are really too much…”

Ji Qinyang patted the “dog’s head” as he walked by. Qi Fei who was following him mocked, “You haven’t gotten used to it yet? I’m already numb to it.”

Xie Meng asked, “Where is Zhang Ganggang?”

Ji Qinyang took his bag from him. “Han Dong came. We’ll go reserve the seats first, he’ll join us later.”

Xie Meng did not understand why Han Dong was here. Qi Fei glanced at him, “He’s here to help Goddess Rourou deliver her letter… What year is it now, I’ve never seen anyone dating with such a foolish manner. We’ll ignore the fact that they’re still writing letters, but they even found a middleman to be their postman. As expected, China Post is unreliable.”

This is the first time Qi Fei had taken the initiative to speak to Xie Meng in several days. Ever since he learned about his relationship with Ji Qinyang, Qi Fei’s attitude had turned very awkward. A few days ago, even when they bumped into each other along the corridor, Qi Fei would deliberately avoid him and take a detour.

Ji Qinyang had been unbothered and just hugged Xie Meng’s shoulders, speaking lightly, “Ignore him, the idiot will think things through himself in a while.”

Xie Meng, “…”

The few people were waiting for Zhang Ganggang at the dessert shop near the school. Ji Qinyang and Zhuo Xiaoyuan went to the counter to make their orders, and Qi Fei sat across Xie Meng, clearing his throat awkwardly.

“Umm… I wasn’t being prejudiced or anything like that.” Qi Fei scratched his head, vexed. “After all, Boss Ji had always been going after girls…” He glanced at Xie Meng’s face, muttering, “Although you’re pretty good looking, but you’re too handsome… No matter how I look at you, you’re still a man.”

Xie Meng was speechless for a long time, and finally, he could only thank him, neither laughing nor crying.

“Why are you thanking me? I didn’t compliment you.” Qi Fei said carelessly, “As long as Boss Ji is happy, we’re still buddies.”

Xie Meng smiled and nodded, “We’ve always been buddies.”

Qi Fei twisted about in his seat, and could not resist gossiping smugly, “However, I had really not expected that Boss would finally fall under your hands. He was a man whom Yin Luoxue could not even settle in middle school! At that time, he was truly lascivious, with girlfriends one after another, Boss Ji really has no precedents, nor will he have any successors.”

“…” Xie Meng’s smile was ambiguous. “Is that so?”

Qi Fei exclaimed proudly, “Of course…”

“Of course what?” Standing behind Qi Fei, Ji Qinyang interrupted. He was done paying, and smiled, asking Xie Meng, “What was he saying about me?”

Qi Fei turned his head around stiffly, “…”

Xie Meng answered mildly, “We were talking about your past.”

Ji Qinyang, “?”

Xie Meng’s expression was unruffled. “Truly lascivious, with girlfriends one after another, no precedents, nor any successors?”

Ji Qinyang, “…”

Xie Meng looked at Qi Fei, “Is there anything else? Just say it all at once.”

He patted the seat next to him, “Ji Qinyang and I will listen together?”

Qi Fei, “…”

Han Dong watched as Zhang Ganggang bounded towards him. In the heat of the day, the boy’s head was covered in sweat, and his baby face was reddened by the sun. He even nearly tripped and fell in front of him.

“…” Han Dong stared at him expressionlessly. “Hello.”

Zhang Ganggang panted as he greeted him. “H-hello…” He wiped his sweat, looking nervous and excited, “Where’s the letter?”

Han Dong slowly pulled out a pink envelope from his bag. “Where’s yours?”

Zhang Ganggang hurriedly handed over the letter he wrote. He even remembered to warn him, “Don’t read it.”

Han Dong’s hand paused. He glanced at Zhang Ganggang, coldly acknowledging him.

Zhang Ganggang eagerly opened Rourou’s letter. He looked warily at Han Dong, then carefully covered the letter with his hand before reading it.

Han Dong, “…”

Zhang Ganggang was still worried. “Can you turn your head around?”

Han Dong took a deep breath. Holding himself back for a while, he finally turned around. It was about five minutes later, when Zhang Ganggang allowed him to turn back, satisfied.

“You’ve finished reading it?” Han Dong was scornful, “You…”

“Do you know what Rourou said to me?” Zhang Ganggang cut him off excitedly. At that moment, the boy looked like he was surrounded by a layer of pink floating hearts.

Han Dong paused. He had been affected by how Zhang Ganggang had the aura of a main character in a shoujo manga, and was unable to say anything rude. Twisting about for some time, he finally stiffly spoke, “W-what did she say?”

Zhang Ganggang giggled for a long time. Only when Han Dong clearly looked impatient did the boy spoke with a solemn face, “You really want to know?”

Han Dong’s eyes narrowed coldly, “Are you going to say it or not.”

Zhang Ganggang grinned. “I’m not going to tell you~”

Han Dong, “…”

Because of exams, Xie Meng and Ji Qinyang had not been to the martial arts centre for a while. When they arrived, many of the martial arts trainers all came over and greeted them.

“You’re late.” Master Li who taught Sanshou exchanged a few blows with Ji Qinyang. Xie Meng had already changed, and smiled at them. “You can just leave us the spare key, I’ll lock the doors.”

Master Li certainly had no objection. He warned them not to play until too late and left.

Ji Qinyang changed his clothes straight in the hall. Xie Meng was doing a split, his hands holding onto one foot, and his face almost pressing against a knee.

Ji Qinyang raised his brow. He crouched down, reaching out wanting to touch the boy’s waist. Xie Meng saw him and suddenly snapped his legs together. With a spin, he turned and sat up.

“What are you avoiding?” Ji Qinyang smiled. He took a step forward, only for Xie Meng to trap his legs. Before he could regain his balance, Xie Meng caught his arm and pulled.

“…” Ji Qinyang lay on his back. Xie Meng was sitting across him, looking down.

The boy was wearing a satin black jacket. As his collar was too big, a large patch of his fair chest was revealed when he bent over.

Xie Meng frowned. Looking down, he saw Ji Qinyang’s erection pressing against his buttocks.

“…” Xie Meng could not help but say, “You’re really not well-behaved.”

Ji Qinyang held his waist, not feeling embarrassed at all. His smile was very rakish. “Towards you, I can never be well-behaved.”

Xie Meng narrowed his eyes. Ji Qinyang’s hands had already slipped down to his buttocks, kneading at them a little roughly. Xie Meng licked his lips, and as Ji Qinyang stared at his face, he could not help but sitting up and kissing him.

Xie Meng leaned back. Pressing one hand against Ji Qinyang’s shoulder, he pushed him back to the ground.

Ji Qinyang’s breathing sped up. “Hurry up… Come give me a kiss.”

Xie Meng was not moved. “Other than Sun Tian, Yin Luoxue, who else were there?”

“…” Ji Qinyang’s eyes were full of innocence. “How can you believe what Qi Fei says?”

Xie Meng laughed lightly. He suddenly reached out and drew his finger along Ji Qinyang’s lips before standing up and walking towards the door.

With a look of bafflement, Ji Qinyang saw Xie Meng locked the door.

Xie Meng returned, kneeling down beside Ji Qinyang’s legs.

Ji Qinyang, “?”

Xie Meng’s face was blushing slightly. He undid his belt, blindfolding Ji Qinyang with it. “Don’t take it off.”

Ji Qinyang did not move. He could feel Xie Meng pulling his trousers down. The boy’s hand was slightly cool, and his tugging actions were not very experienced. However, it did not affect Ji Qinyang’s excitement at all. The erected part of his lower body was swollen and aching. Unconsciously, he reached down to grab hold of it, but felt Xie Meng’s hair instead.

“…” Ji Qinyang yanked off the belt around his eyes. The image before him was so arousing he nearly lost his mind.

Xie Meng had his entire face buried between his legs, and was clumsily sucking him off.

Probably because it was his first time, Xie Meng’s technique could be described as awkward. He worked hard, swallowing Ji Qinyang’s considerably sized cock, and when his tongue occasionally licked past the tip, he could taste something salty. At the start, Ji Qinyang could still control himself, but later on, he could no longer hold himself back, and as though encouraging him, he kneaded the back of Xie Meng’s head.

Xie Meng took a deep breath, taking even more of Ji Qinyang into his mouth. Ji Qinyang moaned in pleasure.

The deepthroating made the corner of Xie Meng’s eyes reddened slightly. He looked up towards Ji Qinyang, and Ji Qinyang was also looking at him. Their eyes met, and Ji Qinyang came.

Unprepared, Xie Meng coughed. It was too late by the time he pulled himself off, and quite a fair bit of fluids spattered across his face. He reached out to wipe it off so as to prevent the come from dripping onto the floor.

Ji Qinyang deftly removed his top and covered Xie Meng’s head with it.

“…” Xie Meng was embarrassed. “Stop wiping it… It’s already clean.”

Ji Qinyang stopped. Through the shirt, he hugged Xie Meng, refusing to let him see his face.

Xie Meng was amused. “Is my technique that bad?”

Ji Qinyang spoke, his voice muffled, “It’s not because of that.”

“Then why?” Xie Meng asked.

Ji Qinyang turned his face away. “Can’t I be shy about it?”

Xie Meng started laughing. Looking at him, Ji Qinyang leaned over and kissed his lips.

“A few days later, I’ll be taking my music theory exam.”


“I’ve received the letter of recommendation from Shangyin. There’s also an interview of Zhongyin in October.”

Xie Meng patted his hair, “Then you should go.”

“Do you wish for me to get into Shangyin?” Ji Qinyang held Xie Meng’s hand and asked again, “Do you wish so?”

Xie Meng did not reply. He buried his face into Ji Qinyang’s palm, and nodded softly after some time.

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