TSNLT Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — Nice Job

Probably because they was too deep in the act, Zhuo Fan’s shouts had long faded into the background. Wen Muyan raised his head, panting heavily, before realising what Xiao Han had said. He could not help but feign anger, “How would I know, I’ve never been raped before!”

His cheeks flushed a slight red, but it was unsure if it was due to his anger or for some other reasons.

Xiao Han held his hands down, thankful that this part of the script had mostly inner thoughts. If he had to read out his lines as he was screwing him, he was afraid that he would have broke out of character.

The temperature in the basement was not high, and was a little chilly. However, these two people currently engaged in physical activities were so heated up they were covered in sweat. Xiao Han paid close attention and took care of Wen Muyan’s pleasure, but by now, he too was unable to hold on any longer. Burying himself in Wen Muyan’s warm and tight channel, he gave a few hard thrusts, and gave a low groan in ecstasy. “Now, aren’t we… You can learn a little…”

The thrusts overwhelmed Wen Muyan, and his Adam’s apple bobbed non-stop. Hearing what Xiao Han siad, he wickedly tightened his hole, breathing heavily and moaning, “This sort of thing… Who wants to learn it… Ahh…”

Xiao Han’s head heated up when Wen Muyan tightened around him. He finally managed to hold himself back, and he chuckled coldly, “Wen Muyan, you think you haven’t suffered enough yet, is it? Or are you just a slut, born to enjoy getting fucked? Look at how tight you are around me.”  The original script meant to deliberate humiliate him, when Xiao Han said it, whispering in a low voice, lilting gently at the end, it actually sounded rather alluring.

In Wen Muyan’s ears, his words sounded even more seductive. His stomach tightened, calling out huskily. Unable to help himself, he lifted his chin, seeking a kiss.

Xiao Han was alarmed. With great perseverance, he controlled himself from lowering his head and kissing him. Pushing his head down, his breathing hurried, “Have you been screwed out of your mind? What person getting raped would have such a reaction?”

Wen Muyan bit his lip, aggrieved, “I forgot…”

Even Xiao Han could not help but feel defeated at this moment. The eyes of the man under him were wet with desire, and it made him feel unbearable. Thrusting heavily into him a few more times, he finally came.

However, the poor little cannon fodder Wen was unable to enjoy such treatment. He could only stand there, trembling, and was not allowed to even reach out and touch himself.

With Wen Muyan’s complaining eyes looking at him, Xiao Han risked grievous punishment to pick up the shirt and pants from the floor and throwing it onto his body, covering him. Mockingly, he said loudly, “Throw this fellow out of here, don’t dirty my place.”

Right at this moment, something occurred suddenly—

Zhuo Fan witnessed the entire process of his good friend being raped. At first, he had already turned listless, and was numb, but suddenly, he exploded and pushed the people holding onto him. Picking up the gun on the floor, he pointed it at Xiao Han, his face full of tears and his voice shaking, “Xiao Han, I hadn’t expected, I really hadn’t expected that you would hate me to this extent. It wasn’t enough that you’ve humiliated me, you even attacked Muyan! He is clearly innocent! Is it just because he likes me? What’s wrong for him to like me? Let us go! If not, I’ll kill you and we’ll all die together!”

The two people who had long known things would evolve this way were not surprised at all. Xiao Han eyed Zhuo Fan coldly, looking down at the trembling barrel of the gun. He sneered slightly, slowly wiping at his dirtied clothes. Looking back and forth at Zhuo Fan and Wen Muyan, he spoke lightly, “Fine. Open the door, let them out.”

“But, Young Master—” The two bodyguards wanted to say something, only to be stopped by Xiao Han’s raised hand.

Xiao Han lifted his chin, approaching Zhuo Fan with an icy smile. “Do you really dare to shoot?”

“Don’t, don’t come over!” Zhuo Fan sprinted over to Wen Muyan, helping him up. Wen Muyan barely managed to pull his clothes on, his two legs still a little weak. This time, he too could not be bothered about too many things, and just pulled Zhuo Fan towards the door.

“Young Master, do we need to chase after them?”

Xiao Han’s face sunk, his voice cold. “Chase them, and report their whereabouts to me constantly. If you lose them, don’t come back to me.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

This game of cat and mouse took three days. Xiao Han was unsure of what the script wanted him to do exactly, only vaguely feeling that what would happen next would not be something good.

While waiting, he could not help feeling a little anxious. He even thought that it would be fine if he had to follow the original script, to feel regretful, kneeling and licking at Zhuo Fan’s feet. Having been used to it already, he could just bow and scrape without any sincerity. But now, he knew less and less about the upcoming plot. He also could not call Wen Muyan and discuss it with him, as he was now with Zhuo Fan.

Finally, he managed to wait till the third day. The fog in his brain gradually dispersed, and the upcoming plot slowly trickled into his mind.

The lighting in the bedroom was dim. Xiao Han sat under the light, deep in thought. His elbows rested on the armrests, his fingers interlocking. The light cast a blurred shadow of him on the floor, looking like a bird spreading his wings. Xiao Han stared at the shadow for a moment before slowly putting his hands down.

He needed to make a decision. He knew that it was highly likely that Wen Muyan too was currently struggling over this decision.

The next morning, Xian Fu came to report that Zhuo Fan and Wen Muyan had been trapped in a warehouse out in the suburbs by their people.

Xiao Han nodded slightly. He shut his eyes, thinking about what would happen next. He already had a plan, but he was now unable to know what would be happening tomorrow. It seemed that the script was slowly depriving them of their abilities.

However, this situation was not necessarily something bad. After all, a future full of unknown was a true future, unlike now where he was being led along by his nose down a path already fixed for him.

Despite so, the scumminess of the script was still present. If he defied it openly, who knew what would happen?

“Bring a few people and come with me.” Xiao Han finished his milk, wiping his mouth, and stood up abruptly from the couch.

Xian Fu frowned. “Young Master, there’s no need for you to handle such trifles yourself. Just let the subordinates bring Young Master Zhuo Fan back to see you.”

Xiao Han shook his head, and did not explain further. “Let’s go.”

“… Yes. ”

During the three days, Wen Muyan had been very silent. With his preparations, he was always able to get away from the people following them. However, he was very perfunctory about his care and concern for Zhuo Fan.

His attitude was wildly different from his past gentleness and affections. However, Zhuo Fan was not suspicious of him, as after all, he had just gone through that sort of humiliation. In Zhuo Fan’s eyes, that was the biggest indignity that could happen to someone. If it was him, he might even think about committing suicide. Now, Wen Muyan could still sit in front of him as though nothing had happened, and Zhuo Fan found it incredible.

He completely had no idea what was about to happen was truly what Wen Muyan was struggling with.

“Muyan, we’ve already stayed in this warehouse for a night. Where are we going next?”

Looking at how Zhuo Fan did not seem worried at all, Wen Muyan shook his head resignedly, “We don’t have to go anywhere from here.”


The sounds of brakes and footsteps outside the warehouse helped Wen Muyan answer his question.

“Oh no, Xiao Han’s men must have found us. Muyan, quick, let’s hide!” Zhuo Fan pulled at him, wanting to escape through the back door. Who would have thought that Wen Muyan would remain sitting there, motionless, without any intention of getting up.

“There’s no more need to hide. Such a tiny place like this, where can we conceal ourselves?” Wen Muyan sighed, reaching for his pistol and pulling it out. Closing his eyes and resting, he said, “Let’s just wait for him here.”

“But…” Zhuo Fan frowned as he paced back and forth.

They heard a loud boom coming from the front. The front door most likely had been opened, and many footsteps drew closer, soon entering the place they were in. Appearing calm and composed, Wen Muyan was holding onto his gun, while behind him stood Zhuo Fan who was panicking yet forcing himself to remain cool. A group of men, as though facing a formidable enemy, all raised their guns towards Wen Muyan.

In an instant, Xiao Han dressed in a black coat walked in. He signalled, and the muscular men standing at the door immediately withdrew and stood behind him, as motionless as mountains.

His indifferent eyes swept across Zhuo Fan and Wen Muyan, smiling slightly. “We haven’t seen each other in 3 days. Seems like the two of you had quite a good time, but would you still be able to escape today?”

Wen Muyan stared at him for a moment. Unable to gain any information from his eyes, he took a deep breath and answered him, “You’ll have to ask the gun in my hand first.”

“Hah, Wen Muyan. Do you believe that one word from me is enough to turn you into a sieve?” Xiao Han raised his brows and laughed. He reached out, taking a gun from his man next to him. Undoing the safety catch on the gun, he aimed right between Wen Muyan’s brows.

The other person too was unwilling to look weak. They both raised their guns at each other, and the atmosphere was tense and silent.

“Stop it!” Zhuo Fan who had been shielded by Wen Muyan all this while finally could no longer take it. He rushed out and stopped between the two confronting men, spreading his arms apart. However, he did not know who he should block. In the end he looked at Xiao Han, then looked at Wen Muyan, a wretched look on his face, and his voice sorrowful, “Please, don’t hurt each other because of me! This is all my fault!”

Wen Muyan and Xiao Han vomited blood internally at the same time.

“Xiao Han, aren’t you here just to take me away? Fine, I’ll go with you. As long as you let Muyan go, I’ll go with you.” Zhuo Fan’s expression was open, his face full of tears. He tried his best to suppress his grievances to show that he was utterly fearless about sacrificing himself for his friend. He definitely did not secretly feel pleased with himself about having two outstanding, tall, rich and handsome men fighting and getting jealous over him, ok?!

“If I kill him, you would have no choice but to follow me.” Xiao Han spoke coldly, not moved at all. All this time, his eyes never left Wen Muyan, and did not look at Zhuo Fan at all.

“You and your men better put down all your guns. If not, before you kill me, there would definitely be an extra hole in your head.” Wen Muyan looked deeply at him. If the conversation between them was not so cold, those lingering eyes would have made others think that they were a couple.

“Well, let’s see who’s faster then.” Xiao Han’s hand holding the gun did not move at all, but in his heart, he was secretly crying. His arm was aching!

“No!” Zhuo Fan was really panicked this time. He gritted his teeth, shielding Wen Muyan. “Xiao Han, Muyan has saved me so many times. I cannot watch as you kill him. If you shoot, then kill me first!”

Xiao Han pursed his lips disdainfully. He really wanted to shoot this idiot to fulfill his wish of “selflessly” putting his friendship before love.

If it was the scum top blocking the cannon fodder bottom and threatening the bottom instead, the scum couple would definitely be the ones getting burned to death, right?

But now…

Xiao Han’s brows knitted. What he was depressed about was that Zhuo Fan had now blocked his sight, and he was completely unable to communicate with Wen Muyan through their eyes! Did they really have to follow the script, and shoot at each other? Although he knew he would not die, thinking about it he could already feel the pain! Rather than going through this suffering, why not…

At this moment, a hand reached out from behind Zhuo Fan to press against his cheek. Next, before Zhuo Fan could react, catching him off guard, Wen Muyan used all his strength and pushed him into the wall!

Wen Muyan rubbed at his shoulder as he complained, “My arm is aching so much I can’t lift my gun.”

Xiao Han was speechless for a moment. He hurriedly signalled his stunned subordinates to leave, then frowned and reprimanded seriously, “How can you do this to our beloved Zhuo Fan?!”

Without waiting for Wen Muyan’s reply, Xiao Han solemnly raised his thumb at him, “Nice job!”


Author’s note: Scum Classmate Xiao, I really did not intentionally write such a character for you! OTZ…

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