TSNLT Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Can’t Think of A Title

Wen Muyan seemed to be afraid of being recognized by others. He grabbed Xiao Han’s sunglasses and wore them instead, choosing an empty and desolate path and dragging him there.

“Why are you sneaking around like this? Did you do something against your conscience behind my back?” With a poker-face, Xiao Han looked at him suspiciously.

“You’re the one sneaking around, alright? Who was the one crouching outside peeping just now…” Wen Muyan retorted. He then gave an explanation, “Whenever I go out, there’s always some annoying paparazzi following me. How can I not keep a low profile?”

“Huh?” Xiao Han’s tone pitched up exaggeratedly. He was about to ask him what was going on, but his phone started ringing loudly again. “When I think of you you’re in my mind~”

“Hah. Mr. Xiao really is dedicated to Zhuo Fan. Even your ringtone is his song.” Wen Muyan brushed off Xiao Han’s hands. He crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes in a sneer.

Xiao Han saw that it was a call from Xian Fu. He had rejected his call just now because he bumped into Zhuo Fan and Liang Chenli, and it must be something important and that was why he called a second time. Hearing the jealousy in Wen Muyan’s words, he rubbed his hands together like a housefly and spoke disdainfully, “Eat a little more salt, have a little less vinegar, stupid human.”

Wen Muyan’s mouth twitched, but because Xiao Han was on the phone, he could not burst into anger. Instead, he shot him a cold glare.

“Hello? It’s me. Xian Fu, what’s the matter?” Xiao Han looked askance at him, and his tone returned to normal.

“President Xiao, we’ve found the Wen Muyan you’ve instructed me to investigate.” Xian Fu’s always respectful and solemn voice came from the phone.

“Oh? So quickly? Tell me about him.” Amusement curled around Xiao Han’s lips. He deliberately increased the volume of his voice, and to his surprise, he saw Wen Muyan’s darkened face and his averted gaze that was full of embarrassment.

“It’s like this. He’s a famous movie star from Thailand, and is born Chinese. He has returned to China to advance into this market…” Xian Fu was still earnestly listing Wen Muyan’s information, but Xiao Han could no longer carry on listening. He was silent for two seconds, then—


Xiao Han ignored someone’s rapidly darkening face. Laughing wildly, he hung up and brazenly looked at Wen Muyan’s lower half wickedly. “Mr. Movie Star, was Thailand fun?”

“… Be careful of laughing yourself to death again!” Wen Muyan tried to suppress his rising anger, and gloomily, he made his bitter complaints. “You think I was a willing party? How would I know this stupid script actually gave me such an identity.”

“Isn’t it pretty good? It allowed you to be an actor, just like a fish in water.” Full of laughter, Xiao Han saw that no one was around and he reached out to pull open Wen Muyan’s coat. Through the shirt, he caressed Wen Muyan’s trim waist, and he lifted his knee, rubbing that thing below ambiguously. Leaning into the man who had tensed us, he spoke sensually into his ear, amusement coloring his voice, “Yo, Little Classmate Wen is still there.”

“Xiao Han, are you looking to die?!” Wen Muyan narrowed his thin eyes, and like him, sneered in a low voice. “Do you believe that I’ll let ‘Little Classmate Wen’ burst your hole open, and make you cry out for your parents in pain?”

Wen Muyan wrapped his arms tightly around Xiao Han, then slid his hands down to his buttocks and grabbed at them roughly.

“I’ve always said that you think too much. After eating spinach, you think you’re Popeye? Even if you turn into Ultraman, you still have to obediently remain under me!”

Xiao Han did not take his threat seriously at all. He straight away just pressed Wen Muyan only the wall along the path, pulling his shirt out from being tucked in his trousers, and boldly touched his smooth skin and firm abs.

With a few strokes, the fire was lit up. Wen Muyan grabbed onto the back of Xiao Han’s head, kissing him passionately and deeply. The clothes under his palms were all hindrances, and he wished desperately to strip this person naked, spraying his face with his life fluids.

Xiao Han’s hands were not idle either. One by one, he undid the buttons on Wen Muyan’s shirt, his thumb pressing onto the protrusion on his chest, scraping it lightly with his nail. Without too much time, both people were panting heavily.

“Hey, don’t tell me you want to do it here…” Despite being kissed to the point of dizziness, Wen Muyan still had a bit of his rationality left, and pushed lightly at Xiao Han.

“This suggestion’s pretty good. I wouldn’t have guessed that a trip to Thailand would make you even more lewd. You want to have sex in broad daylight?” Xiao Han distorted his meaning, giving him a contemptuous look and lowered his head to suck a big red mark on his neck.

“Fuck, your shamelessness has leveled up again!” Wen Muyan struggled in a rage. Unfortunately, his most important part was grabbed by Xiao Han. He froze, and relaxed.

Xiao Han chuckled. “Shout, just shout louder. No one will come to save you.” Doing whatever he liked to Wen Muyan, Xiao Han was in a good mood. While he spoke to him in a delighted tone like a tyrant bullying a little girl, he tried his best at tearing his clothes — this place was so remote anyway, they were not that unlucky to have someone come across them. At most, he would not go all the way, but he still had to take as much advantage as he could.

Wen Muyan rolled his eyes, shouting feebly, “Help…”

“What are you doing?!”

A voice as loud as thunder suddenly rang out, startling the two people fooling around. They turned their heads in unison, only to see a youth in slippers with eyes full of anger. Pointing at Xiao Han, he scolded in righteous indignation, “Quickly let go of him, you beast!”

… Exactly how unlucky were they?

Xiao Han’s eyes darkened. He was not very happy about having his fun interrupted.

Wen Muyan was even more direct. He clasped his hands behind Xiao Han’s neck, talking to the youth who appeared out of nowhere. “I like this sort of play with my man. Little friend, don’t you know that disturbing others in the midst of sex, you’ll get hemorrhoids?”

Xiao Han who was hugging him also smiled evilly at the teenager who was shocked silly. “Or, you want to join and make this a threesome?”

“… Mama, help! There are perverts here!” The youth shouted in terror. Turning, he escaped, running even faster than a rabbit. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

With this interruption, they had lost all interest. Both their expressions did not look very good. Xiao Han touched his grumbling stomach, and decided to satiate his grief with food.

When he ate enough, they would go home and fight for 300 rounds.

The night was dark, and from the half-closed door of the bedroom shone a dim light, lighting the casually thrown coats and ties on the floor of the living room.

Broken moans and gasps could be heard intermittently. On the bed in the master bedroom, the blanket had long been kicked aside. Two naked men were entwined with each other. Wen Muyan was on the bottom. He had his eyes shut, his forehead covered in sweat, and his sharp brows were creased.

His chest arcing up slightly, he kept rubbing it against Xiao Han’s body. However, this fellow just preferred to tease around his collarbones, refusing to go further down and kiss other spots. Helpless, Wen Muyan could only rely on himself. He grabbed Xiao Han’s hand and made him pinch his own left nipple, pulling at it.

“Oh, you’re itching here?” Xiao Han played with it a couple of times, then wickedly grabbed Wen Muyan’s wrist and held it down next to him, laughing wickedly. “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Wen Muyan could only open his eyes and raise his chin. Resigned, he spoke, “I want you to lick me. Satisfied?”

“You’re really obedient…” Xiao Han smoothly sucked a nipple between his lips. He immediately felt the man under him tense up and writhe even more passionately. Since long ago, he had known that this was an especially sensitive spot for Wen Muyan, but he could not help but tease him on purpose.

“… Mm…” Wen Muyan had no spare thought to argue with him, getting entirely engrossed in this passion. He snaked his fingers into Xiao Han’s hair, pulling at him and making him lift his head up to kiss him. Their tongues danced together fiercely, and Wen Muyan did not feel the need to say anything aloud, only eagerly wanting to suck Xiao Han into his mouth.

The tip of Xiao Han’s tongue repeatedly licked into Wen Muyan’s mouth, and every spot on Wen Muyan’s body had been carassed by Xiao Han’s hands. Only when his lips had been kissed red did Xiao Han slowly move to his neck.

“Hah…” Wen Muyan hugged his head and gasped. Unable to help himself, he spread open his legs and ground himself against Xiao Han. “Xiao Han… Just do it… No more kissing…”

“You can’t wait anymore?”

Xiao Han laughed lowly. Following the curve of his waist, he touched Wen Muyan’s back. Brushing slightly against the wrinkled spot there, he could feel it contracting.

“Mn… I can’t hold on anymore.” Wen Muyan lifted his head to nuzzle against his cheek, his lips seeking for a kiss. He had always been very open and direct on the bed, desiring for the most direct collision and possession. The previous time when they were under the control of the script, it was not pleasurable enough for him.

Looking at his heated gaze, Xiao Han knew what he was thinking. Swiftly preparing him, he turned Wen Muyan over. After kneading at his buttocks a few times, he gradually spread them open.

“Hey, stop play—ah—ah” When Xiao Han entered, Wen Muyan could not help crying out loud. Only when Xiao Han fondled at him did he slowly relax.

Xiao Han panted heavily, biting his earlobe. “This time, you can call out as much as you want…”

Pumping into Wen Muyan, Xiao Han asked, “Does it feel good?”

Sprawled on the bed, Wen Muyan could feel that heated object thrusting in and out of his body. The wet, squelching sounds brought his blood to his face, and he barely managed to call out huskily. “Ha-harder— Ah—”

The originally high-pitched voice sank, slowly becoming a gentle whine. Entangled, the two of them rolled about of the bed all the way till late at night before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Without any restriction from the script, their sleep was extremely relaxed, and they slept till late in the morning.

Xiao Han only remembered about fooling around with Wen Muyan, and forgot about something very important — Zhuo Fan, who told Xiao Han yesterday that he would be late having dinner with his good friends and would not be coming back that night, actually had a key to this house. After Cannon Fodder Top 1 Wen Muyan had said his goodbyes, Zhuo Fan had not much interest left in Shao Ze and Liang Chenli. He then randomly thought of an excuse and left. Thinking that since Xiao Han had already seen that he had so many existing love rivals, he should let him stew in his jealousy, make him unable to sleep. If Zhuo Fan did not go back for the night, it would let his brain run wild, and make him nervous and anxious. As such, Zhuo Fan returned to his own apartment and had a good night’s sleep.

The next afternoon, Zhuo Fan took his time opening the door to Xiao Han’s home.

Who would have thought that Zhuo Fan’s eyes nearly fell out once he stepped into the house! With wide eyes, he looked incredulously at the two men hugging each other on the bed. He pointed at them, his finger trembling, “How… how did the two of you get together?! That’s too much!”

This sort of dog-blood play, his lover and his good friend getting together, how could it happen in this script?! There had to be something wrong!

The two people were groggily awakened from their wet dreams, and an air of unhappiness exuded from both of them. Frowning, Xiao Han did not even open his eyes, angrily grumbling, “Which bastard ran all the way here to grow hemorrhoids?!”

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