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Chapter 8 – A So-Called Reunion

When XiaoHan was in middle school, he used to play a game called The Sims. His greatest pleasure was to come up with various ways of killing off those little people that he created.

Burning to death, starving to death, swimming in the pool and exhausting themselves to death, all these were just too easy. Deaths due to holding back their pee, being bitten by flies, being scared by ghosts, being hit by meteorites, these were so much better.

However, Xiao Han had never thought that one day, he would die laughing…

As such, when he again woke up, an intense anger and powerlessness welled up within him. He felt just like those little people he created in that game, and was being controlled by some sick player. Once the plot deviated from the established script, he would die in all sorts of ridiculous methods.

The most speechless thing was, in his last life, he had clearly already been prepared to go along with the plot of the script, but how did he still end up dying?

With a poker-face, Xiao Han sat up from his bed — Fuck, a bed again, why was he always in bed after transmigrating?

The room was very spacious, and the furnishings were modern-looking. It looked quite luxurious, and the floor was covered with a thick and soft carpet. There was a strong personal style with the achromatic color scheme. It did not look like a cosy bedroom, but gave a cold and stern feeling.

Casually glancing around, Xiao Han discovered a framed photo on the bedside table. In it was a man who looked exactly like himself hugging another young man, they looked intimate, but the photo had clearly been cut in the middle before and glued back.

The young man’s face looked very familiar. Squinting, Xiao Han considered for a long time. Wasn’t this person from the first script, the good friend Liang Chenli whom he had been secretly in love with for many years?

It seemed like this fellow had again been designated as “his” ex-lover.

Just as Xiao Han was contemplating about the new plot for this life, a knock sounded from his door. “Young Master, breakfast is ready.”

“… Alright.” Xiao Han had no choice but to put down the photo frame. After washing up and changing his clothes, he headed out. At the door stood a middle-aged uncle with glasses, the trusted butler who had worked under the Xiao family for many years. Ever since Xiao Han’s father had passed away, he had devoted himself to assist Xiao Han in consolidating the power over the family. Finally, they successfully kicked out the mafia boss in X city, and the Xiao family now ruled the throne.

This uncle — wasn’t he the middle-aged version of Xian Fu, fuck!

Expressionlessly, Xiao Han sat at the dining table and watched the butler Xian Fu bring up the dishes for breakfast. Using the same actors, was this a TV drama?

No matter how the background of the story changed, the relationships between characters would always remain the same. The plot would always be “I like you but you don’t like me, by the time I don’t like you, you start liking me again”, changing the setting but never changing the plot, it seemed that all scripts in the world were about the same.

During the last two transmigrations, Xiao Han could not resist grumbling about them. Now, he was thoroughly calm about it, and there was only two things he was concerned with. One, was how to get out from being under the script’s control, and two, was about Wen Muyan.

He was willing to bet with his dick, that fellow was definitely not the same person from the first transmigration. He might have crossed over in the last life.

However, these were only his speculations. Exactly what was happening, he could only know after meeting cannon fodder Wen.

“Young Master, Young Master Zhuo Fan is still making a fuss. He says that if he doesn’t get to see you, he’ll go on a hunger strike.” Seeing that Xiao Han was nearly done with his breakfast, Xian Fu immediately whispered this to him.

Xiao Han could not help but reach for his temples and massaged them. Now, whenever he heard the two words Zhuo Fan he would feel glum. He sneered, “Then, let him starve. Does he still think that he’s a mafia prince? Just give him some glucose and nutrient solution.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Xian Fu answered respectfully. It was likely that if Xiao Han ordered him to kill Zhuo Fan, he would obey him without blinking.

“Xian Fu, go investigate a person called Wen Muyan for me. The more details, the better.” Xiao Han wiped his mouth. The script would never stop him for doing superfluous things. “This person should have something to do with Zhuo Fan, and their relationship is not that simple.”

“Understood, Young Master.” Although Xian Fu was a little surprised, but with his many years of experience, he did not show it.

For now, he still did not need to take a look at Zhuo Fan. At that moment, according to the script, he needed to go somewhere else.

“Prepare the car, I’m going to the Nanshan Mausoleum.”

It was late autumn, and along with the gloomy sky, there was a slight drizzle.

There were few people paying their respects at Nanshan Mausoleum. Two black cars slowly made their way through the winding mountain pass, and stopped at Haoling District. Four bodyguards dressed in black suits exited the car quickly. One of them prepared an umbrella, waiting for the door of the other car to open.

Xiao Han got out of the car, half his face covered with a pair of large sunglasses. Only a pair of lips that had tightened into a line could be seen, looking both thin and cold.

In his arms was a stalk of white chrysanthemum. Taking the umbrella from the bodyguard, he instructed them indifferently, “Wait here.”

“Yes.” The four of them sounded as one, and stood by the entrance like statues.

Walking past more than ten tombstones, Xiao Han stopped at one that was all the way in. The surroundings of the tombstone had been tidied neatly, as people had been hired to maintain this part of the cemetery.

The owner of this tombstone was none other than Liang Chenli, and the inscription read: Put Up by lover, Xiao Han.

Xiao Han put down the flower and murmured, “Chenli, then Zhuo Fan had deliberately leaked out news about you due to his jealousy, using the hands of others to murder you, I will make him pay it back more than ten times over. The Zhuo family has already been destroyed by me. Now that the Zhuo family’s old man is gone, there’s no longer anyone left to back Zhuo Fan up. He has already been secretly locked up by me, how do you wish for me to deal with him?”

“Heh, when the Zhuo family had domination over the city, the only heir of the Zhuo family then threw himself at me. I’m to be blamed for being too weak, unable to protect you. After you were gone, I pretended to accept Zhuo Fan, falsely treating him with sincerity, and secretly laying down a trap for him. Now, I’ve finally succeeded in taking over, and ground them all under my feet. It’s a pity that you can’t see all this…”

Xiao Han slowly took off his sunglasses, revealing an icy profile. In the bleak autumn rain, his solitary figure looked desolate and lonely.

Placing the sunglasses in his coat, he took out something purple and white from another pocket.

This was a bunch of onions.

As he was still holding an umbrella, he found it inconvenient. Looking around and seeing no one, he clamped the handle of the umbrella between his shoulder and neck, then, in front of the tombstone, he crouched down in a strange position and began peeling the onions. While peeling them, his tears rolled down his face. “Chenli, how could you bear to leave me here alone? The only photo we had together was even cut by Zhuo Fan. Although I’ve stuck it back together already, but that scar would forever be there…”

“I keep feeling that your face is gradually becoming hazier as time goes by, but I don’t want to forget you…”

“No matter how I take my revenge on Zhuo Fan, you’ll never come back. Is there any meaning for me to do all these…”

When Xiao Han’s eyes were finally swollen with tears, he finally exhaled in relief. “If I knew peeling onions were so troublesome, I would have just bought a bottle of eyedrops. Tragic Comrade Liang Chenli, as a through and through passerby, in the first world you already did not have much presence already. Now, in this world, you don’t even have a chance to appear on scene. Compared to how the cannon fodder top tries to maintain his presence, the cannon fodder bottom is just a pile of shit, after excreting, it’ll be flushed away.”

He stood up again, quickly covering his red eyes with his sunglasses. Then, returning to his appearance of being a dashing and ruthless mafia boss, he appeared in front of his bodyguards and got back into the car.

By the time he returned to the villa after dealing with some matters, the sky had completely darkened.

Removing his rain-soaked coat and passing it to the maid, Xiao Han loosened his tie and asked, frowning, “What’s going on with Zhuo Fan?”

The butler pushed up his glasses, and answered in a somewhat helpless tone. “Young Master Zhuo Fan has been clamouring to see you, and was fussing over it for the entire day. We gave him a tranquiliser in the afternoon, then he finally fell asleep. Young Master, your bath has been prepared. Would you like to have your dinner in the dining room?”

“Bring it to Zhuo Fan’s room.” Xiao Han’s brows were still knitted, and without a change in expression, he headed to his bathroom.

Immersing himself in the bathtub for a long time, but Xiao Han still could not wash away the glumness that he felt about having to see that mental irritation. Finally, he could only exit the bath with an impassive face, and with a damp body and bare feet, he walked to Zhuo Fan’s room.

An orange lamp was lit in the room, emitting a soft and dim light. Apparently, an orange light in the bedroom would increase a person’s sexual desire, but Xiao Han felt that this was just pure rubbish.

A sleeping man lay quietly in bed, his face pale. Even in his sleep, he was frowning tightly, his anxiousness clear for everyone to see.

Standing by the bedside, Xiao Han stared at this familiar face with a deadpan expression. An urge took over him, he really wanted to take off his shoe and rub this person’s face with it!

However, when he touched his bare feet, he realised that he was not wearing any shoes at all.

Hence, Xiao Han could only slump in the armchair next to the bed in disappointment. His eyes were half-lidded, but he continued staring at Zhuo Fan in accordance to the script. Fuck this shit, if he was to continue staring, he would become cross-eyed.

Fortunately, the script did not waste too much time on this. Zhuo Fan finally showed signs of waking up. His eyes blinking blearily, they widened upon seeing Xiao Han. Leaping up from the bed, he rushed over to Xiao Han and gripped his lapel. “Xiao Han! You finally dare to appear in front of me?! Tell me, did you intentionally stay with me for the sake of the Xiao family? Were you lying to me when you said you love me?”

Getting jabbed by a tranquiliser after abstaining from food, Zhuo Fan was not fully alert yet. However, after seeing Xiao Han’s face, feelings of love and hate surged up within him and fully occupied his head.

Having been mired in this for two lifetimes already, faced with Zhuo Fan’s agitation, Xiao Han only felt extremely bored by this. As such, he looked very indifferent, even more than what the script asked from him. “So what?”

Xiao Han yanked Zhuo Fan’s hand away, then with some force, he tossed that thin and weak Zhuo Fan onto the bed. Who would have guessed, Xiao Han had exerted a little too much strength, and Zhuo Fan who was supposed to “fall onto the bed” now rolled across the bed, and fell onto the floor.

“… Oops, my hand slipped. Excuse me.” Xiao Han did not expect this, and scratched his head innocently.

Dizzy from the fall, Zhuo Fan finally managed to clamber back onto the bed, panting to catch his breath. Feeling both furious and pain, he angrily spoke to Xiao Han, “Why are you doing this to me? I’ve done so many things for you, I’ve trusted you so much, I’ve loved you so much, why did you betray me?!”

“Betray you? I’ve never been sincere to you before, so how could it be a betrayal?” Xiao Han sneered and fell onto him. With a few movements, he stripped the man of all his clothes, only leaving a pair of underwear.

“Let me go!” Zhuo Fan struggled fiercely, but he did not have a single shred of strength in him. Closing his eyes in hatred, he thought about the intimate scenes between the two of them in the past. Now, faced with his lover that had betrayed him, this assault only made him feel endless humiliation and torment. “Xiao Han, get lost! Don’t touch me!”

“… You were the one who gave me the pain of losing Chenli, I must repay it to you a hundred times over!” Gripping his neck, Xiao Han laughed coldly into Zhuo Fan’s ear.

His other hand quickly ripped off Zhuo Fan’s underwear.

The fear of the incoming rape and the pain of betrayal swelled up in Zhuo Fan, gnawing at his heart. Overwhelmed by these feelings and the strain on his nerves, he — fainted.

Just at that moment, an unexpected visitor arrived at the villa. With excellent skills and a calm face, that person somehow managed to avoid the guards and the surveillance of the villa, sneaking into the house. Knocking out the two bodyguards standing outside Zhuo Fan’s room, he kicked open the door and rushed in!

This man was Wen Muyan.

Although he had already prepared himself for what he might see in the room, but when Wen Muyan rushed in, he was still stunned by what he was seeing—

Xiao Han, dressed in only a bathrobe, was positioned above the naked Zhuo Fan who had lost consciousness. Because of their previous struggle, the bathrobe had also loosened, exposing a large stretch of firm pectoral muscles.

Wen Muyan stared blankly at Xiao Han, he even forgot to say the lines that he had prepared.

Actually, it was not only the splendid vision on the bed that stunned him, but also what Xiao Han was doing — he was pulling down something white on Zhuo Fan’s head.

This white thing looked like a pair of underwear.

This person was trying to pull Zhuo Fan’s underwear over Zhuo Fan’s head!

… What was this situation?

Hearing the disturbance, Xiao Han turned, his eyes meeting Wen Muyan’s astonished face. His response was very quick, greeting him, “Hey, we’ve met again in this life, McDonald’s!”

Hold on… Who the heck is McDonald’s!

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