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Chapter 9 – No Such Things As So-Called

Although Wen Muyan was stunned, but the guards in the villa were not. They had immediately noticed the abnormality here, sounded the alarm, and quickly surrounded them.

The script had originally intended to let Wen Muyan come and stop Xiao Han’s revenge on Zhuo Fan, then escape in failure.

But this situation in front of him… Something seemed wrong?

Could Xiao Han’s revenge be — pulling his underwear over his head?

“Xiao Han, you… quickly let go of Zhuo Fan.” Hearing the alarm, Wen Muyan finally regained his senses. He rushed forward to catch Xiao Han’s wrist, attempting to tug him away.

Xiao Han was prepared. With a twist of his arm, he tossed the person aside, and used his other hand to grab at his shoulder. Then, punching and shoving, they started fighting on the bed.

What? You ask why did the two of them suddenly knew martial arts? The script already said that they were gangsters, so they had to be given these skills.

“What McDonald’s were you talking about just now?” Wen Muyan had gained the upper hand, and shoved Xiao Han onto the foot of the bed, quickly lowering his voice.

Raising his leg, Xiao Han kicked him away. He straightened up and smiled at him, “What do you think, His Royal Highness Prince Wen?”

“!” Wen Muyan’s surprise was evident on his face, and he immediately got excited. “You also —” He could not finish his words, as the guards had arrived in a swarm. Now was not the time to speak. Wen Muyan looked deeply at the other person, then broke through the window and escaped, leaving only a sentence. “If you dare to touch a strand of Zhuo Fan’s hair, I’ll kill you!”

“Hah.” Xiao Han stood in front of the window, his eyes following Wen Muyan who was being chased after by the guards. He had no intentions of ordering them to stop, until Wen Muyan’s figure had disappeared in the dark.

After a moment, Xiao Han returned to his study. With a face full of self-reproach, Xian Fu came to report that they had lost the person.

“I see.” He nodded his head calmly. Sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, he silently drank his tea, and browsed casually through the newspaper in his hand.

Xian Fu asked in surprise, “Does Young Master recognise this man?”

“He’s Wen Muyan, the one I asked you to investigate this morning.” Xiao Han stretched his head out from behind the papers. With the smile on his lips, he looked as if he was in a good mood.

“So that’s how it is. I have neglected this matter, I’ll definitely have answers for you tomorrow.” Xian Fu bowed, then asked, “About Young Master Zhuo Fan, should we increase the number of men guarding him?”

“No need.” Xiao Han shook his head and added, “Take away a man, and just leave one to watch him.”

“?” Xian Fu was shocked, then he wondered if Young Master was trying to set a trap by showing some weakness. Ah, yes, that must be it. Xian Fu thought worshipfully, his young master was indeed smart and wise!

Xiao Han contemplated for a moment, then instructed, “If you discover that he’s here again, don’t take action first. Let me know straight away.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The next day when Xiao Han came to Zhuo Fan’s room, he found that the man was already awake. Also, he was already dressed neatly, and huddled in a corner of the bed, looking at him vigilantly with a complicated look.

In fact, Xiao Han really wanted to know what expression he had when he woke up and found that he was wearing nothing but a pair of underwear on his head. Unfortunately, he was destined to never see it.

Anyway, the script had only wanted him to take his revenge on Zhuo Fan, and did not stipulate what his revenge should be. According to script’s tendencies, it would definitely have wanted him to force himself onto Zhuo Fan, but since there was no specification this time, why should he not avoid it? Even if this mental irritation was gifted to him to fuck, he also did not want to!

“You… Yesterday, why didn’t you…” Zhuo Fan frowned, seemingly unable to speak, but could not help asking with a trace of anticipation.

Xiao Han curled his lips disdainfully and coolly said, “Your old flame suddenly rushed in here to try and save you, spoiling my appetite.”

“What did you say?” Zhuo Fan was stunned, and his brows wrinkled further. He looked blankly, “Who are you talking about?”

“Who else could it be?” Xiao Han snorted, then carelessly flipped through a few pages of the document in his hand, choosing a passage to read out loud. “Old Mister Zhuo had once fostered a few people, secretly training them so to strengthen his son’s position in the future. He let them compete amongst each other, and the last man standing would become his successor’s right hand man. This person is extraordinarily skilled, determined and extremely loyal to the Zhuo family. After the fall of the Zhuo family, everyone fell apart, and only this person’s whereabouts were unknown. Zhuo Fan, what do you think, who is this person?”

With every word, Zhuo Fan’s face turned whiter, and at last he asked with a trembling voice, “What did you do to Muyan?”

Xian Han looked at him mockingly, and did not give him an answer.

Zhuofan closed his eyes in despair, a pained expression on his face. He seemed as though he was engaged in a fierce struggle in his mind. After a long time, he finally calmed down, opening his eyes to stare at Xiao Han. His eyes were empty, as though they were ashes.

Here we go again!

Looking at those eyes, Xiao Han felt that he should not look straight into them. Then, Zhuo Fan stubbornly spoke out, sounding like he was risking it all, “Since in your mind, I’m the one who caused the death of Liang Chenli, then, just direct your revenge at me. I will not resist any humiliation you have in mind for me, but don’t vent your anger on Muyan because of me. He’s my buddy, he’s innocent, all he wants to do is protect me!”

He then hardened his heart, and started taking off his clothes on his own initiative and lay down on the bed. Knitting his brows, he closed his eyes, turning his head to one side, looking like he had swallowed his pride and was ready for humiliation.

Hey hey bro, don’t do this. Who wants to do anything to you? You think you’re Helen of Troy? That any man in the world would want to fuck you after seeing you?

Quickly put on your clothes. I’m really not interested in those little ribs of yours!

Xiao Han resisted his urge to roll his eyes. The logic of this script was really too weird. A normal man, when taking revenge on another man because of his hatred, should he not destroy his business and ruin his reputation, then let him be utterly discredited and become like a street rat that everyone would beat? Should he not be forced to kneel and beg for mercy, or just kill his entire family?

If a cheap bottom liked a scum top, it was reasonable that they would try to get close and make their advances. However, after the scum top started to take his revenge, could he only force himself over and over and over onto the bottom?

Force my fucking ass!

He had only heard of hate growing from love, and never love growing from hate. This scum top would later regret, and realise that during the times that he had forced himself on the bottom, he had fell irrevocably in love this person that had killed his ex-lover. Then blaming himself for harming the bottom, and even letting go of the fact that the cheap bottom had killed his lover — that was because the bottom had loved him, and did it out of jealousy!

Actually, this was not a scum top. It should be a weird top, right?

Xiao Han thought, as he felt infinite sympathy for the little invisible Liang Chenli. If his spirit knew that his own lover had really fallen for the person who killed him, and they were now on a journey of true love, would he not climb back out from his grave, and die again in anger?

Right then, Xian Fu knocked on the door at the right moment. “Young Master, that person is here again! He insisted on meeting you.”

With a sigh of relief, Xiao Han ran away. Zhuo Fan, who had been lying on the bed like a corpse, suddenly revived, rushing over to hug his waist tightly. “Xiao Han, I beg you, please don’t hurt Muyan. I’ve already promised to let you do anything to me, isn’t that enough? I know that you hate me to the bones, but don’t hate him because of me!”

This fellow’s skills in self-delusion was way too high!

Xiao Han took a deep breath and wrenched the other person’s arm away. Turning his head, he roared at him, “Get lost!”

With a slap, he plastered that person against the wall.

As soon as he stepped out of the room, he instructed Xian Fu to watch him properly. No matter how Zhuo Fan made a fuss, he ignored him.

In the living room, there were at least two groups of bodyguards staring at Wen Muyan who was standing in the center. A group was in the light, and the other group was in the shadows. Yesterday night, forget about the fact that they had let such a big target enter the villa, in the end, they did not even manage to capture him, causing all men in charge of standing guard to lose their dignity. If not for the young master’s order to not take action against this person, they would have long rushed up to tie this fellow up and beat the crap out of him.

With so many eyes on him, Wen Muyan still looked very calm. Dressed in a black coat, two hands in his pockets, when Xiao Han appeared on the staircase, he immediately looked towards him with brightening eyes.

“You’re Wen Muyan?” Xiao Han stopped at the top of the stairs. A hand on the stair rails, his face was haughty, looking down at him from a high angle, and his eyes were as sharp as a razor blade.

“You’re right.” Wen Muyan met his eyes, not exposing any weakness. The other ten plus people in the living room remained silent, watching this confrontation.

No matter what, the plot was still going on. Xiao Han was silent for a moment before chuckling coldly. “You have guts. Even daring to come here, you think I won’t shoot you down?”

“You won’t. This time, I’ve entered your front door openly. Many eyes have watched me come inside, and naturally, they’ll want to watch me walk out.” Wen Muyan shook his head, and made his request. “Let me see Zhuo Fan. In exchange, I’ll tell you about some of the secret hidden companies under the Zhuo family. Old Mister Zhuo did not have time to tell Zhuo Fan about them, I’m the only one who has the information.”

Xiao Han scoffed. “Why should I believe you?”

As though he had expected it, Wen Muyan calmly showed his stakes. “I can bring you to one of them first.”

Xiao Han immediately agreed. “Lead the way.”

No one had noticed any other subtle feelings between the both of them other than hostility. Wen Muyan and Xiao Han got into the same car, and three other cars accompanied them. The front and back seats were separated by a curtain. Although vision was blocked, but the sound insulation was ideal.

Ever since they got onto the car, Xiao Han’s eyes met Wen Muyan. They looked at each other for three minutes, and no one started speaking first, as though they were playing a game where the person who spoke first would lose.

Until when Wen Muyan finally could not help but blink due to his dry eyes, about to open his mouth, he suddenly saw Xiao Han leaned his head over and asked him in a low voice, “The Heavenly King Covers The Tiger?”


Wen Muyan looked at him solemnly, and responded in a low voice as well, “Chicken Stewed With Mushrooms!1

Xiao Han gave a long exhale, and patted him on his shoulder with force. “Comrade!”

Wen Muyan suddenly got emotional, pulling the other person’s hand off his shoulder and holding it in his hands. “Buddy!”

Then, they released their hands simultaneously and embraced each other in a big hug. Xiao Han clapped him on his back and said passionately, “You’re not fighting alone!”

Hearing that, Wen Muyan was touched, and a tear rolled down his face — As if.

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