UCNS Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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Captain of the police force: “Yuanle, you need to be alert for this assignment. Even though you’re a newbie, this team believes in you!”

Lin Yuanle: “Roger captain, I will definitely complete this assignment!” The rookie policeman had passionate eyes filled with excitement for his first assignment.

The group of policemen at the back whispered amongst themselves: “This, Yuanle won’t be found out right from the start, right…”

“Hard to say, since he never won the game of ‘Who’s the Spy’…”

Deeply worried, everyone wiped away their sweat.

This happened three months ago at the police office, and now, Lin Yuanle was miserably squatting in front of the entrance of a certain base of operations. “Hey Yuanle, let’s go. Time to collect protection money.” Lin Yuanle followed along with a long face. He was actually excited in the beginning, rubbing his fists proclaiming to definitely get evidence of these people’s criminal activities, but in the end…

“Oh, Le Le came. Come come, take this cucumber, it’s juicy and delicious!” The vegetable seller, Aunt Li, handed over a packet of cucumbers.

Lin Yuanle accepted the packet with a grin as he pondered about what he had done these past few days. In the mornings, he helped the uncles and aunts set up their stalls, gossip, oh and collect protection money. Carrying the bag of vegetables and fruits to give to the kitchen, he then went to various companies to work as a security officer.

When Lin Yuanle just entered this base, the company’s front was a security firm. However, when he fished around for three months, it really was as advertised.

Contact: “Yuanle, you’re too anxious, you should be patient. You need to understand that they are a dangerous group of criminals!”

Lin Yuanle side-eyed a 190cm tall man in black who was bashfully chatting with an auntie. “…Huh.”

No matter what he said to his contact, he just wouldn’t believe him. Lin Yuanle was confused too, no crime was committed, yet a lot of good deeds were done. The red flag hanging on the wall added the righteous atmosphere. “That, captain, I think this place isn’t from the underworld. No, don’t scold me. Last week, that thief who was caught was their doing. You even shook the hands of the boss.”

The captain on the other end of the line: “…Who allowed you to contact me directly.”

Lin Yuanle: “That, captain, the company also gives allowances for call time every month, so I used it… Eh, eh, captain!! Captain!!!”

A burly man in black walked past and smiled, “Little Four, who are you calling to that you have to yell so miserably.”

Lin Yuanle flinched, “Ah, hehe, that was my grandaunt. Ah, she has dementia, she likes to get everyone to call her captain!”

The man was surprised, then praised Lin Yuanle’s filial piety with a face full of sincerity. He went on and firmly declared that if his grandaunt needed help, his friends would definitely provide it.

Lin Yuanle hurriedly thanked him and also firmly declared that his grandaunt was very healthy, and did not need any help; whoever helped her would only stress her out!

Little police officer Lin Yuanle was depressed, but with a heart full of passion and a conscientious and meticulous spirit, they helped him make a decision. His position was too low, he needed to climb higher in order to find out those sinful misdeeds!

The evening after work, Lin Yuanle entered the company and found that his superior hadn’t left yet. So he immediately exploited this opportunity, “That, Leader, how can I be promoted?”

Leader Han Fei: “…You want to be promoted?”

Henchman Lin Yuanle: “Yup, as they say, a security guard who doesn’t want to promote is not a good security guard!” If he didn’t promote, how could he peek into their wicked misdeeds!

The placid Leader: “All right, I’ll help you ask around.”

Satisfied, Lin Yuanle went back to the staff dormitory.

A group of burly men: “With Little Le’s IQ, we have to look after him, if not he’ll be beaten to death.”

The rest agreed solemnly but then declared that if the Leader were to get angry, they would rather not stand up against him.

The next day, Leader Han Fei went directly to Lin Yuanle, “For your promotion, I had already asked around. Your performance during these past few months was not bad; good thing that this month, the president would come for an inspection, so you’ll be his bodyguard for two days.” Then the placid Leader left.

The dazed Lin Yuanle said, “Thank you, Leader!”

The people at the back started to applaud: “Congratulations! It’s expected that the fool Little Le has fortune’s favour!”

Lin Yuanle who finally reacted rushed to the toilet. That’s right, because he was shocked, so shocked, that he immediately called his grandaunt -no his captain. “Hello, captain, hahahahahahaha, hello, hello, captain don’t hang up ahhhhh!!”

Captain: “Lin Yuanle, I told you not to contact me directly!”

Lin Yuanle: “No, captain, I was just too shocked and became impulsive. This month, the president will come for an inspection and Leader made me in charge of his security!”

Captain: “Oh, not bad. Yuanle, you have to remember something.”

“Do say, captain!”

“Don’t contact me directly!!!!”

Lin Yuanle dazed at his phone that hung up, but his excitement was impossible to be contained. Hahaha, this time he would definitely grab the president’s attention, then enter the enemy’s inner circle and collect evidence of their crimes.

Lin Yuanle left the toilet, trying to suppress his excitement.

However, a man with a playful expression left the cubicle beside, and a burly man who came in the next moment was shocked to see him. “Pre-president, why are you here!”

Lin Yuanle was astonished, he thought the ‘president’ would be a fierce uncle with tattoos of dragons and tigers. But this was a young president, definitely not above thirty-five, even if he had an imposing manner. Lin Yuanle contemplated a bit and felt that it was believable to have a young president. After all, this was a world which prioritised attractiveness.

Lin Yuanle stood at attention, “Hello President, I’m Lin Yuanle, responsible for this visit’s security!”

Yan Yuan glanced at the forever placid and competent subordinate Han Fei, “En, I know.”

Lin Yuanle did not know how to respond, only able to stand at a side looking very professional.

Afterwards, the president followed Leader into an office to hold a secret meeting for two hours. Lin Yuanle was very thrilled, it looked like there would be a big operation soon. He would absolutely not let down the force!

In the office.

Yan Yuan: “This Lin Yuanle, you did check him out right.”

Han Fei: “En, rookie police officer, came three months ago.”

Yan Yuan: “How is he.”

Han Fei: “Stupid, but hardworking. The uncles and aunts all like him, offering lots of vegetables and fruits.”

Yan Yuan considered that face full of smiles, nodded, “En, certainly is very likable.”

Han Fei looked at his boss’ expression: “Since he’s likable, why not bring him over. Just so happens that he wants to be promoted.”

Yan Yuan narrowed his eyes: “No rush, best to let the rabbit crash into the tree on his own.”

Han Fei looked away to roll his eyes, then placidly nodded his head.

The second day, Lin Yuanle had gathered the people and started his preparations. After all, it was the president who was rumoured to be very cold, overbearing and unreasonable. Lin Yuanle, however, was delighted, this should be what a criminal boss is like, unfazed when killing people. One glance and you’d know that this person had committed many illicit deeds.

Yan Yuan sat amused inside the office, looking at the busy people outside. Lin Yuanle wasn’t short, almost 180cm, yet when standing next to men taller than 190cm, he looked as if he were a little kid.

“Han Fei, how’s the little officer’s popularity..”

Han Fei pondered with a blank face, “Very good, it’s been a long time since everyone saw such a foolish and cute boy. They all are protective of him. Most importantly, ever since he came, the vegetables that the aunties give are much fresher than before.” That’s right, Leader Han Fei was just that stingy. Since there were people who sent gifts, he wouldn’t need to buy himself. So every time during the collection of “protection fee”, he must bring Lin Yuanle to the forefront.

“His skills are not bad, quite a fit for this job. Although foolish, he never made any mistakes. The saying ‘fortune favours the fool’ cannot be untrue.”

Yan Yuan narrowed his eyes, looked like this kid really had a bit of skill.

Lin Yuanle who was outside did not know the discussion the two were having inside. He was still thrilled. A group of men became depressed seeing him this delighted. Why did this kid become so happy just because the president came.

And so, rumours started to spread. After all, they were blunt men who often gossiped together with the aunties. Their level of gossiping would not be beaten by women.

“What! Who said I have an unrequited love with the president! …No! I never thought of recognizing him as a godfather either, bastards!!!”

Lin Yuanle wanted to crumble, what did they even learn from the aunties!

However, Lin Yuanle’s positivity didn’t take a hit, still continuing to earnestly flutter around the president.

“Lin Yuanle, I heard that you wanted to be promoted.”

Lin Yuanle quivered, the president’s tone sounded cold and heartless!

Cough cough, yes, President Yan.”


Then there was no follow up, Lin Yuanle felt sullen, what’s the meaning of this.

Seeing him desolate every day, the company came up with new gossip.

“…President Yan didn’t reject me… No! Of course he didn’t agree! Bastard, I’m not depressed because of love!!”

Lin Yuanle felt he couldn’t go on like this. If the captain heard about this, how would he explain. After all, the captain was old fashioned and very hard to coax.

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