UCNS Chapter 8 (End)

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Chapter 8 (End)

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After that, Lin Yuanle started to live at Yan Yuan’s place. He started to work under Han Fei. Although it’s said to be a combat instructor, Lin Yuanle didn’t think that the people there needed his teachings. So, he still went along with them to, collect, protection money.

Han Fei was very satisfied with this outcome, very satisfied because the pantry finally has enough food to feed them.

A certain burly man: “Le Le, are you really together with our president?”

Lin Yuanle: “Uuu…en.”

The burly man:” Haha, I just knew that you would catch the president!”

To be honest, it was actually me who was caught.

Lin Yuanle was still worried about one issue, which was the rumoured Grandfather Yan.

Lin Yuanle knew a bit about this grandfather, which made him uneasy. After all, this was an actual person belonging to the underworld.

“Le Le, come home with me and meet the old man tomorrow.”


Lin Yuanle hesitated: “I… Will the old man beat me to death?” After all, he was the one who took away his grandson. If his own grandfather were here, he would definitely be the one who beats you to death.

Yan Yuan pinched his face and said, “No worries, my grandfather isn’t that ruthless, you’ll know once you meet him.”

In the end, Lin Yuanle followed Yan Yuan along, trembling all the way.

The two of them drove a car to a quiet cottage at the city outskirts.

Lin Yuanle never thought that this tempestuous person from the previous generation would live in this kind of place. However, he didn’t relax one bit.

His hand which was held by Yan Yuan had been cold the entire way, exasperating Yan Yuan, “If people didn’t know us, they would have thought you were kidnapped by me.”

Lin Yuanle was too nervous to reply, sitting up straight in his chair and wait.

Grandfather Yan walked in, wearing a Tang suit. Although he was close to his nineties, he still looked very healthy.

“You came quite early.” The old man sized up both of them.

Lin Yuanle quickly greeted him, “Hello, grandfather!”

Yan Yuan huffed: “I brought Le Le to see you.”

The old man measured Lin Yuanle again, patted his shoulder.

“Not bad, though looks a bit skinny.”

Yan Yuan laughed out loud and nodded.

Lin Yuanle couldn’t properly reply as he was too nervous. “Huh, ah, yes.”

The old man lifted a brow, looked at Yan Yuan. “This stupid, no wonder you could get him.”

Finally, Lin Yuanle realised what he just said and turned extremely red. He stammered while looking at Yan Yuan, and then his face was pinched.

The two of them accompanied the old man for dinner. During this time, Lin Yuanle found out that Yan Yuan actually had two other uncles, but they were overseas. Lin Yuanle heaved a sigh of relief at that, because Yan Yuan wasn’t the sole offspring, if not he would feel very guilty.

“I don’t care what the next generation is doing, so long as you’re both happy.” The old man said serenely.

Lin Yuanle couldn’t contain his excitement once he heard, kept calling him grandfather until Grandfather Yan was dazed from the onslaught.

Yan Yuan stood uncaringly at the side since it’s fine like this.

Yeah, everything was fine.

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13 thoughts on “UCNS Chapter 8 (End)

  1. I like this story. A bit annoyed on the ploy by the captain and ML. But overall I like it.

    Thank you for translating all the chapters (^ ⌣ ^)

  2. Stupidly cute but that’s his charm.
    Never expect this novel is actually something like Matchmaking in disguise. Lol

    Love it!.

  3. Hmmmmm… Okay, Xiao Le, I’ll help you save some face okay?

    Well.. at first I also thought that it’s utter stupidity for him to act like that.. but after knowing the kid grew up in the orphanage and after that flash back.. well, I believe that those people who grew up with nothing, no parents no possessions are lucky to have chance to serve as an officer or any position in the government, and because they grew up in that kind of environment (orphanage) their sense of justice is there but their good will and we’ll good heart is way more upfront. That’s why from the beginning, those people were kept saying he’s silly /stupid but he’s just actually being nice to other people, first he’s an officer and second he’s an orphan. So there.. but when it’s comes to our dearest Master Yuan, well, to someone who’s been eyeing a sweetheart, without having a chance to embrace it was torture so I won’t blame him there 🤣 I’m just glad that’s how their story really started and how the story end.

    Alright that’s all. I’m done with you kid hahaha 🤣 you Fool!

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