UNDEAD Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Zhou Rong’s brows twitched fiercely a couple of times, and barely half a second later, he responded succinctly, “Got it.”

He ignored the slight resistance, lifting Si Nan up with one arm under his back and the other under his knees. Carrying him into the bathroom, Zhou Rong placed Si Nan in the shower stall and picked up the showerhead, spraying Si Nan’s face with the ice cold water of winter.

“Ahh… Ahh!”

Si Nan naturally opposed it, struggling and twisting about for over ten seconds. Finally, he swatted the showerhead away, shouting, “Get the hell out!”

He was entirely drenched, his skin gleaming from the water. However, his eyes looked like they were about to burst into flames — from fury.

Zhou Rong immediately raised both his hands up. “Sorry.”

Zhou Rong’s t-shirt was also soaked completely, clinging tightly onto his body and revealing his sculpted muscles of his torso. What was awkward was that his camouflage pants, because of the water, was bulging out very explicitly, and there was no way of hiding it.

“I’m sorry,” Zhou Rong repeated earnestly. “Why don’t you hit me a couple of times to vent your anger?”

Before his voice even faded away, his head skewed to one side from Si Nan’s punch!

“Bastard,” Si Nan said coldly.

Rubbing his face, Zhou Rong reached out — Si Nan did not even have time to dodge it before he felt his hair being ruffled. Zhou Rong laughed hoarsely, “Alright, we’re even now.”

He then stood up, clearing his throat. When he spoke again, his voice had returned to normal. “Comrade Xiao Si, you have three minutes to suit up, and gather downstairs with your weapon!”

Crossing over his body, Zhou Rong walked out of the room. Guo Weixiang was standing in the corridor, waiting. Upon seeing him, Guo Weixiang swept his eyes up and down his body, astonished. “Rong-ge, you… you’re…”

“Can’t I wear my clothes to shower?” Zhou Rong spoke fiercely. “What’s the situation now?”

“Huh? Oh. Feng Wentai and his group had knocked the guards out, stealing the keys to the bus, then drove right through the chain fence in the north and causing it to collapse…”

Zhou Rong strode towards the stairs, sighing in his heart.

In this life of mine, it seems like I’ll only be able to rely on my right hand.

Half an hour after midnight, on the north side of the factory.

Everyone was in a hurry, running back and forth. The light from the torches swung up and down in the night. A big chunk of the chain fence had fallen in the inky black weeds, and Chuncao was directing the men to attach several rope hooks onto the fence. She herself was holding onto one rope, and she called out, “Three, two, one—”


Everyone worked in unison, and the distorted chain fence was slowly pulled back up, creaking dangerously. Next, amidst the cries of alarm, it split apart into pieces, and fell back into the mud!

Zhou Rong stopped, and his breath could be seen in the air. “What’s the temperature currently?”

“-5,” Guo Wei Xiang replied. “There’s a drop in the temperature tonight.”

The last ray of moonlight had vanished. Darkness descended upon them, without any light from the moon or the stars. Without the protection of the chain fence, the industrial zone looked endless.

It was so dark that they could see nothing in front of them, and it felt like the yawning gape of a demon was right in ahead.

An uneasy feeling suddenly welled up within Zhou Rong, but he hid his unsettledness. “What about the guard watching Feng Wentai and his people?”

That guard had been hit severely at the back of his head, and when he was discovered, he was bleeding on the grass behind the garage, and had yet to gain consciousness. Zhou Rong checked his breathing and his pulse, swearing in a low voice. “Fuck!”

Guo Weixiang covered the guard with a thick blanket to keep him warm. “Ding Shi has already driven after them, I think he’ll soon…”

“It’s impossible, it’s too late. How could we have let the guard take care of the key to the bus?!”

“The key had originally been kept by Dr. Zheng. Just now, when preparing for the birth, he changed into a set of clean clothes, and handed the key to this person — the relationship between these two people are very good, and he did not expect that he would be assigned to guard Feng Wentai and his people…”

Zhou Rong knew that now was not the time to find out who was to be held accountable, and interrupted Guo Weixiang loudly. “Chuncao! Gather a group to repair the chain fence as soon as possible, and get Si Nan to bury the gunpowder in the road. Hurry! Where’s Si Nan?!”

Chuncao ran to do as instructed, and Guo Weixiang immediately spoke. “I’ll go drive after Da-Ding and call him back!”

“No,” Zhou Rong said abruptly.

He seemed to have suddenly heard something. Raising his hand to stop Guo Weixiang, he slowly walked up ahead.

At the vast edge of the wilderness, and B City was up north. The cold wind blew about the pitch-black darkness. Along with it came mournful wails.

Guo Weixiang watched Zhou Rong’s back, anxious and not daring to speak. Just as he was hesitating, he heard two words. “… Not good.”

The sound of an engine drew closer, and the headlights of a vehicle could be seen at the end of the road. It was followed closely by Ding Shi’s gut-wrenching cry. “Rong-ge! Get everyone to quickly escape—!”

“A hoard of zombies are heading south, coming here from B City. They’re only 2 kilometres away, and will reach soon!”

The faces of everyone changed, and terrified shouts rang out!

“Quiet! It’s fine! There’s no need to be scared!” Zhou Rong’s voice could be clearly heard amidst the chaos. Everyone paused to listen to him. “Everyone, bury gunpowder and nitrocellulose in a 500 metres radius around the factory, quick! Guo Weixiang, arrange for the pregnant woman and the injured to get onto the vehicle. Move all the weapons, and drive the armoured vehicle out!”

“Ding Shi! Get ready to transport the citizens, if the food rations can’t fit, then just leave them here!”

Everyone moved, all looking terrified and anxious. Standing in the crowd, Zhou Rong turned his head, shouting at Guo Weixiang who was sprinting towards the garage. “Remember about Yingjie—!”

His roar pierced through the noise. “Don’t leave Yingjie behind!”

Guo Weixiang got a little tearful. “Yes!”

Ding Shi sped over, slamming on the brakes and coming to a stop right next to Zhou Rong. Panting, he shook his head. “I couldn’t catch up, it was impossible to do so. They’ve headed up north, and looking at their direction, they would most likely end up facing the hoard of zombies.”

“The number?”

Ding Shi’s voice shook slightly. “The sudden decrease in temperature has made the zombies all move down south. It’s hard to count, there’s most likely thousands of them.”

Zhou Rong made a prompt decision. “Get a flamethrower and 3 signal flares from the garage, and head back to the end of the road. When the first wave of zombies are 1.5 kilometres away, shoot a flare. Shoot the second one when they’re 1 kilometre away, and the third one 500 metres away. Then, immediately return to pick up all the survivors, we’ll gather on the first floor of the dormitory. Chuncao!”

Chuncao was directing the men to place the explosives along the road, and sweat dripped down her face. “Yes!”

“When you see the second signal flare, immediately get everyone to head back. One less, and I’ll take it out on you!”


Zhou Rong stood there, a finger rubbing the center of his brows. A moment later, he recalled something. “Where’s Si Nan?”

“Si Nan!” He looked up and yelled.

His eyes swept through the busy crowd, but did not see that familiar and silent figure. His heart sank a little. Is he angry?

No, he shouldn’t be. Now is definitely not the time to throw a tantrum, and Si Nan is not that type of person…

“What do you want?” A cold voice sounded next to him.

Zhou Rong turned. Si Nan was dressed entirely in the riot police gear, the key to his explosives lab hung around his neck. In his arms were two dozen bottles of nitroglycerin, and he was standing behind Zhou Rong with his brows creased.

“I knew you didn’t run away,” Zhou Rong relaxed, reaching out to pinch his cheek. “You’re really my little darling…”

Si Nan pulled away to dodge his hand, annoyed. “Do you want to drink some nitroglycerin?!”

Zhou Rong was used to taking such advantage of him, and just as he was about to respond that he would drink anything Si Nan fed him, a signal flare shot up in the distance, lighting the sky.

The zombies were now one and a half kilometres away.

The people who were transporting the explosives ran wildly back to the factory. Zhou Rong no longer had the time to try taking any advantage, but instead, personally picked up Si Nan’s “fire meteors”. He half-buried the explosives with immense firepower in the road the zombies were going to pass by, then again shouted loudly to get people to hurry Guo Weixiang.


The second signal flare now lit up the sky!

Chuncao’s ear-splitting roar rang out in the dark. “Everyone, withdraw—! Quick quick quick!”

The survivors ran back like crazy. However, Zhou Rong removed his assault rifle from his shoulder. Holding it in front of him, he moved against the crowd.

“Captain Zhou!” A woman’s voice shrieked, so sharp it went offkey. “Captain Zhou, something bad’s happening!”

Zhou Rong would now shudder reflexively whenever he heard the words “something’s happening”. He turned his head to see Wu Xinyan stumbling towards him, running from the dormitory, her face flushed and her hair disheveled. “C-captain Zhou, Dr. Zheng… Dr. Zheng has asked me to tell you…”

“The woman in labour can’t be moved.” She reeled to a stop, gasping, and spoke hopelessly. “She can’t move, her labour’s too difficult.”

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