WTA Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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Zhao Jinxin brought Li Shuo to a music bar located within the resort.


There were not many people in the resort, and in this season, business was a little slow in the restaurants and bars. When the two people entered, there was not a single customer.


The chef-cum-owner of the bar was a German. He was tall and burly, while his wife, the bartender, was gentle and graceful. The couple looked odd, but also very matching.


Zhao Jinxin and Li Shuo sat down in the most hidden corner. Since it was dinnertime, Zhao Jinxin ordered the bar’s signature dish — roasted goose leg — and two dozen bottles of beer. He asked Li Shuo, “How’s your alcohol tolerance?”


“I don’t drink often, but it’s decent.” Li Shuo still remained a little guarded. The last time, he had only taken some medication and fell asleep for a few hours, and Zhao Jinxin immediately squirrelled into his bed. If he were to get drunk today, who knew what would happen? Fortunately, they were only drinking beer, and he had never been drunk on beer before.


“This bar has twenty over types of beer, and the one I ordered is one that the owner brewed himself. It’s very thick and flavourful, and hence it is also stronger. However, it’s beer, and no matter how strong it is, it won’t be very alcoholic.” Zhao Jinxin smiled faintly. “Don’t worry, I won’t get you drunk, unless you have a reason for it.”


Li Shuo felt an awkward sense of having been seen through, and he replied placidly, “I won’t get drunk.”


The roasted goose leg was soon served. Upon seeing that somewhat large size, Li Shuo momentarily lost his appetite. How did this goose manage to grow so big?


Zhao Jinxin sliced off a piece of meat, delivering it to Li Shuo’s mouth. “Try it, it’s very delicious.”


Li Shuo hesitated for a moment, before opening his mouth and eating it. It was rather heavy on the spice, but the meat was tender and the skin crisp, and it was truly delicious.


“Here.” Zhao Jinxin again forked up another piece, feeding it to Li Shuo.


Li Shuo nudged his hand down. “It’s fine, I’ll do it myself.”


“Previously, when I was injured, you fed me. Now that my hand has pretty much recovered, I should reciprocate.” Zhao Jinxin waved his fingers whose swelling had already mostly receded.


Li Shuo smiled. “But my hand is fine.” He started eating.


Zhao Jinxin licked his lips. “If only you were mine. I really want to take you on a perfect date.”


“We won’t discuss if this is a date or not, but what is considered a perfect date? I’m a little curious.”


Zhao Jinxin countered, “What sort of dates do you normally go on?”


“It depends on what the other party likes.”


“If it’s me, where would you bring me?”


Li Shuo’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Why are you asking this?”


“Auntie says that you have always been very popular, even as a child, and you have had quite a number of boyfriends. I just want to know if you’re really so experienced.” The corner of Zhao Jinxin’s mouth quirked up a little, his smile a little wicked. “Or do you only just have your looks, and nothing else.”


Li Shuo knew very well that Zhao Jinxin was poking at him, but men being men, they always like to participate in such meaningless competitions. Gently dabbing at his mouth with a napkin, Li Shuo chuckled. “Alright, then let me ask you three questions. Answer honestly, and I’ll give you a ‘perfect date’.”


“Go on.”


“What cuisine do you prefer? What sort of art do you like? Do you like tranquility, or liveliness?”


“I prefer spicier, high caloric food; I like calligraphy, classical music, rock, cold weapons, as well as modern art that has to do with metal, and I like liveliness.”


Li Shuo coughed lightly. “You’ll wake up well-rested in the morning, and I’ll pick you up at around 10am, taking you to Queens for an art show. For lunch, we’ll go to a Mexican restaurant, and try the spirits they have available. After that, you’ll need a bit of rest, and I’ll take you to a classical music club. We’ll request for a private room, and you can take a nap to the accompaniment of classical music. Once you’re up, they’ll provide an authentic English-style high tea. If you’re too full for dinner, we can go to New York’s biggest independent designer market and explore. There’s quite a lot of interesting and practical metal art pieces that can also be used as furniture. Otherwise, we can also go to a rock bar. This all depends on how much energy you have that day. Finally, I’ll send you home.”


He finished all this in one breath, and looked at Zhao Jinxin, full of confidence.


Zhao Jinxin did not comment, only raising a brow. “It’s my turn. The same goes for you, just answer three of my questions. What position do you like? What location do you prefer? Do you have any special kinks?”


Li Shuo froze for a moment, and was a little angry. While he was seriously considering what a perfect date was, this fellow just revealed his character in three short questions! Huffing angrily through his nose, Li Shuo could not be bothered with Zhao Jinxin anymore.


“Hey, say something,” Zhao Jinxin spoke as though he was completely innocent of any wrongdoings. “I was also in all earnestness when I asked the questions. Don’t you consider sex in the equation when planning a date? If not, what sort of date would that be? Not daring to answer my questions, are you afraid that you’ll lose to me?”


Li Shuo held on to his patience. “These are all my private matters, and I don’t wish to answer them.”


“If you don’t answer, then I’ll start guessing.”


“Zhao Jinxin…” Li Shuo grabbed a bottle of beer, filling Zhao Jinxin’s glass. “You should drink some more, and speak less.”


Zhao Jinxin lifted his glass, clinking it with Li Shuo’s. Emptying his glass in one gulp, he placed it back on the table, and said, “Let me guess, you like it best from behind, you prefer private spaces that are enclosed by a public space, like offices or something, and although I’m unable to guess your kinks, I know that you definitely wouldn’t dare to say most of them aloud, and even more so, you wouldn’t dare put them into practice.”


Li shuo glared straight at Zhao Jinxin, speechless.


Zhao Jinxin had actually managed to guess everything correctly!


Zhao Jinxin burst out laughing. “I guessed correctly, right? Be a man, don’t refuse to admit it.”


Li Shuo was somewhat infuriated from his exasperation with Zhao Jinxin. “Why are you guessing all these?”


“You should ask me how I managed to guess them all.” Zhao Jinxin’s body shook with laughter. “The first is a question of probability, and I only made a random guess. Most gays like this position, as it’s easy and feels good.” Zhao Jinxin spread his palms apart. “It’s most suitable for newbies.”


Li Shuo clenched his fists, feeling a bit of an urge to punch him.


“As for the second and third answers, they can be explained together. You have a lot of wild desires within you, but you’re trapped by your traditions, your culture, your status and other various reasons, and you’ve always held them back deliberately. Together with how you’ve always liked Li Chengxiu’s type, and any kink that’s slightly out of the ordinary, you would be too embarrassed to ever mention them. As such, the office is a perfect spot for you, as you will be able to experience the excitement of doing it in public, but at the same time, it is also a safe environment, a safety net for your caution and fear.”


Li Shuo’s face darkened. To have words like this stabbing right through him, it really did not feel good. This was especially so when the words came from a kid that was nearly a dozen years younger than him. Despite not doing anything, he still felt ashamed. “Don’t say anymore, or I’ll leave right now.”


Zhao Jinxin patted his hand to calm him down. “Don’t be angry, aren’t we just discussing dates?”


“I’m discussing dates, but you’re discussing sex.”


“Sex is a part of dates as well. In all honesty, eating, listening to music, going to art shows… isn’t the end motive sex?” Zhao Jinxin’s charming and alluring eyes curved up with his smile. He leaned his head closer, lowering his voice, “An unforgettable night of sex is better at conquering you than ten perfect dates.”


Li Shuo was both amused and annoyed. “Forget it, you’re just like this. It’s impossible to explain it to you.”


“Aren’t we very compatible? In the day, we’ll follow your schedule, and have a perfect date. At night, we’ll go along with me, and have a good bout of sex.” Lightly, Zhao Jinxin licked the corner of his lips. “With me, you’ll experience something new everyday.”


Li Shuo did not respond. He was actually a little tempted by Zhao Jinxin’s suggestion.


He knew that Zhao Jinxin was right. Being with a daring man who understood romance and sex, the relationship would be full of excitement. However, he did not like such a feeling of being led by the nose. Furthermore, he already had…


He smiled wryly in his heart. He had only just been “broken up” with today…


He had been involved in many relationships before, and he had always been able to calmly, rationally face the end of those relationships.


Considering them seriously, the one that made him the most sad was actually his boyfriend in university. After all, they had once agreed to go to Africa together, planning many meaningful activities. However, the other party had finally chosen to accept the offer from Wall Street. Towards the Li Shuo then, who was confused and troubled by the future, not only did the other party betray their relationship, it was also a betrayal of their trust. Of course, now that he had matured, he could completely understand why the other man had made that choice then, as well as realise how selfish and naive he had been. Unfortunately, the past was the past, and time could not turn back.


Now that Li Chengxiu had chosen to break up, Li Shuo instead had a feeling that this was their destined ending. After all, right from the start, the foundation of their relationship had always been fragile and weak. Li Shou could accept that at the end of the day, he had not managed to move that person, and he could also adjust to this feeling of failure. However, he had not expected that Li Chengxiu would leave without notice. He was the one who had lost this man, that the man had gone missing when they were together, and he needed to take responsibility.


Li Shuo gave a light sigh. “Jinxin, I have no doubts about what you’re saying, but I am not in the mood to discuss this.”


“I understand, I know what you’ll like to discuss with me. You’d like to discuss the setbacks in my love life, right?”


Li Shuo drank a mouthful of beer, his eyes dimming, as though covered by a hazy layer. “I really don’t understand why my relationships always fail.”


Zhao Jinxin stood up and moved over to the seat next to Li Shuo. Reclining himself comfortably, he smiled. “Of course, it’s because you chose the wrong partner.”


“You might as well have not said what you just said.” Li Shuo smiled wryly.


“What I mean is that you’ve chosen the wrong type of partners. People like Li Chengxiu are completely not compatible with you, and what you want is also not Li Chengxiu. You just want a simple, calm life, and you think that only the homemaker type of people like Li Chengxiu can give you that.”


Li Shuo fell silent. This was exactly what he thought.


“Right from the start, your way of thinking is already wrong.” Zhao Jinxin inclined himself slightly towards Li shuo. “If you don’t love a person enough, there will be nothing to support the foundations of what you want. Even moreso, you won’t be compatible in bed, and sooner or later, you’ll break up.”


Li Shuo sniffed, “So, according to you, what sort of people are compatible with me?”


“People who can let you be yourself.” Zhao Jinxin leaned into Li Shuo’s ear, whispering, “Like me.”


Li Shuo tilted his head slightly away. “ Allow me to be frank, Jinxin. People like you, are only suited for sex only.”


“Then let’s just start from sex. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, right?”


Li Shuo put his glass down. Having drank a few glasses in a row, he was already starting to feel his body heating up. “You keep trying to drag me towards you. I’m not going to chat with you any longer. It’s getting dark, let’s go back.” Done, he was about to stand up.


Zhao Jinxin immediately held his shoulder, forcing him back into his seat. “Li Shuo, what are you running away from? Are you this afraid of me?”


“Me? Why do I have to be afraid of you?”


“You clearly feel something for me, and yet you still keep feigning there’s nothing. Previously, the reason you gave for refusing me was that you had a boyfriend, but now that you’ve broken up, what excuse are you going to give me now?”


Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin, completely amazed. Never before had he ever felt that Zhao Jinxin was so aggressive. In the past, despite his harassment and shamelessness, it was mostly of a coquettish nature. However, now, he had a sort of unreasonably tyranny, forcing him to face him directly. Li Shuo was a little flustered.


He pushed Zhao Jinxin away, starting to regret coming for a drink. Perhaps he had overestimated his determination that had been honed by his age, and underestimated Zhao Jinxin. In any case, this was the first time he realised that this person was very dangerous.


Zhao Jinxin’s hand suddenly reached under the table, wrapping around…


Alarmed, Li Shuo glared at him in rage, exclaiming quietly, “Zhao Jinxin!”


He grabbed onto Zhao Jinxin’s wrist, clenching on it.


Despite the slight pain, Zhao Jinxin did not let go. Instead, he gave a charming smile. “Just enjoy it, it’s free anyway.”


Nervously, Li Shuo looked at the bar. The boss and his wife happened to be chatting, and neither was paying attention to them. Currently, there were two more tables occupied, but they were seated far from them. However, Li Shuo’s heart was still pounding violently, and he dared not make any big moves, afraid of attracting any attention and being discovered.


Zhao Jinxin’s technique was indescribable.


It had been a long time since Li Shuo did it, and right now, his body started trembling uncontrollably. Reflexively, he hunched over.


Zhao Jinxin pressed against his cheek, his soft and damp lips kissing him. “It feels really good, right? They might notice us, notice that a well-dressed man like you, is doing something like this where no one can see.” Chuckling softly, he continued, “But, what does that matter? You’re enjoying yourself now, right? You like it a lot, right?”


Li Shuo breathed heavily, accompanied by the slight quaking of his chest. He was terrified that others would notice, but because of this daring behaviour, he was deeply excited as well. He had never experienced something like this, this feeling of… doing something bad.


Zhao Jinxin said gently, “Darling, you can enjoy yourself as much as you want. You’re already 34, how long more do you want to keep suppressing yourself?”


Li Shuo bit his lip. He gave a couple of low coughs, clearly desperately enduring the sensations to the point where he was unwilling to say anything.


Using his fingers that had yet to completely heal, Zhao Jinxin pinched Li Shuo’s chin, savagely attacking those lips.


Unlike the soft, gentle kiss of the day, Zhao Jinxin was rough and domineering, sucking and nibbling hard on those soft lips. His tongue prodded its way through, curling and dancing within the cavern fiercely. It did not seem like a kiss, but a conquering.


Li Shuo’s eyes gradually lost focus. His senses were being increasingly stimulated, and that passionate kiss pushed him even further towards the edge of his excitement, and he could not help but lose himself within it.


It had been very long since he had felt such pleasure and release, Li Shuo thought. He suddenly let go of his tension, and relaxed his stiff body as well, deciding to enjoy what he had right now, enjoying the brand new experience Zhao Jinxin was giving him.


In a foreign city, in a little bar, in this corner, in this place where there was only a wooden table that could barely be considered as a cover, Li Shuo found his release.


This might be the most daring, lewd, and shameful thing he had ever done in his life, but he was actually — greatly satisfied.


Zhao Jinxin took his hand out from under the table, gently wiping his palm with the napkin as he admired that seductive flush on Li Shuo’s face. This man… was really too delicious.


Li Shuo’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, his head seeming so heavy that his neck could barely support it, and so he continued keeping it down. He could feel Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, but right now, he needed the time to adjust.


Zhao Jinxin bit Li Shuo’s ear. “Li-shushu, are you feeling shy now?”


Li Shuo looked up, a trace of wetness hanging off his lashes. His lips were a bright red from kissing, and this image made one’s crotch tightened. He looked at Zhao Jinxin, using calmness to conceal the wavering within him. “You sure have guts.”


“But you like it.”


“… It was fine.”


“Is that so?” Zhao Jinxin spread his palm open, placing his long, slender fingers by his mouth. Gently, he licked something suspicious off them.


Li Shuo’s face burned, a trace of embarrassment flashing across his eyes.


Zhao Jinxin smiled, like that of a cat who got the cream. “Are you going to follow me to a hotel like a man, or going back to sleep like a coward?”


Li Shuo gave him a penetrating look. “We…”


“It’ll only be sex.” Zhao Jinxin winked.


“… The hotel.”

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