WTA Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

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Without a change in expression, Zhao Jinxin laughed. His body shifted forward slightly, and he whispered into Li Shuo’s ear, “When you say it like this, you sound like you’re jealous.”


Li Shuo smiled. “Thankfully, it’s only ‘like’.”


“I know what you’re thinking.” Zhao Jinxin stroked Li Shuo’s chin with a finger. “I like your type, because I like the maturity and elegance your age has entrusted you with. However, you’re different from everyone else in the world. The experience I gained from my previous relationship, their one purpose is to let me treat you even better, even more meticulously. Does this not express my sincerity?”


Li Shuo grabbed his finger, rubbing against his fingertip lightly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I was too narrow minded.” He was also astonished and regretful about what he had just said. Normally, he was not someone mean and unkind, and whether Zhao Jinxin was sincere towards him or not, he would never casually use it as an excuse to make assumptions about anyone. Could it be that… he was really jealous?


Li Shuo immediately denied this possibility. He did have a very favourable impression of this big child, but it was not to an extent that he would be jealous over him, right? Perhaps, just now, in that moment, he was only confirming some speculations for himself. After all, Zhao Jinxin was too effortlessly skilled at flirting, and Li Shuo had always been somewhat guarded towards it.


No matter what, he still regretted what he had just said.


Zhao Jinxin’s smile was very gentlemanly. “I know you didn’t mean it. I admit, I am not in the slightest reserved at all, and it’s very normal for you to feel that I’m unreliable. However, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with pursuing someone I like.”


Gazing deeply into Li Shuo’s eyes, he emphasised his every word, “Furthermore, I know that you’d definitely fall in love with me as well.”


Li Shuo stared at that pair of pretty eyes, losing himself for a moment in them.


The server happened to carry the hotpot over at this moment, interrupting their exchange of gazes.


Li Shuo coughed lightly, concealing his emotions behind it. Zhao Jinxin too bowed his head, and it was unclear what he was thinking.


Once the dishes were served, the two people pretended that nothing had happened.


“What do you like to add to the hotpot most?” Li Shuo asked.


“Lotus root and mutton. You?”


“Chilled beancurd.” Li Shuo smiled. “It’ll absorb the most flavour.”


“Next time, come to my place for some fresh seafood hotpot. Our chef is excellent at it, and I’ll prepare a lot of chilled beancurd for you.”


“Haha, sure.”


After the meal, Li Shuo sent Zhao Jinxin home.


Zhao Jinxin undid his seatbelt, asking flirtatiously, “Want to come up for a chat?”


“No thanks, I still have things to do when I get home.”


“You have nothing on at all, and you only want to avoid me, right? Actually, the matter of who’s on top, you really don’t have to be bothered so much by it.” Zhao Jinxin leaned over, resting his chin on Li Shuo’s shoulder. “I’m willing to let you go first.”


Li Shuo’s fingers tapped lightly on the steering wheel. He hesitated, before saying, “Your condition…”


“Only trauma will trigger it, and I’d be unable to stop the bleeding.” Zhao Jinxin shrugged. “But I trust you. You wouldn’t hurt me, right?”


Li Shuo answered awkwardly, “Jinxin, I’m very moved, but I really can’t do it.” If he had to worry constantly about not causing any issues while having sex, he would definitely soften on the spot. He was a very cautious man, and no matter how interested he was in Zhao Jinxin, he dared not take the risk.


A crafty gleam flashed past Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, but his tone exuded extreme disappointment. “I want to do it with you, and I can’t help but think about it every moment of the day. I want to make you mine, but you probably can’t understand that.”


Li Shuo was somewhat unable to meet Zhao Jinxin’s eyes directly. That eagerness and desire directed towards him, while leaving him embarrassed to the point of feeling at a loss for what to do, they also made him feel a pride of being pursued. However, it was difficult for him to respond to Zhao Jinxin’s passion.


“Don’t worry, I won’t force you to do things you’re unwilling to do.” Zhao Jinxin circled Li Shuo’s waist with an arm, his lips kissing the older man’s cheek gently. His voice, deeply enchanting, sounded, “We just won’t go all the way, how about that?”


Li Shuo turned his head towards him, his eyes gleaming.


“Come up with me, alright?”


“… Alright.”


In the lift, the two people could barely contain themselves. Li Shuo was pressed against the door by Zhao Jinxin, kissed to the point where he could hardly catch his breath. Upon reaching the apartment, impulse overtook their brains, only leaving chaos behind.


What Li Shuo got from Zhao Jinxin was a sensory excitement, as well as a passionate sweetness, things that could only be experienced as a youth. Like opium, it made one intoxicated, addicted. For people who thought that such excitement had dissipated with age, that one should be practical and steady in life, it was an enormous, delightful surprise. It made Li Shuo realise that it was not him who was not young enough, but that he had not met the right person.


Interacting with Zhao Jinxin, Li Shuo had actually been restraining himself the entire time. He did not allow such excitement to go to his head. Despite Zhao Jinxin progressively forcing himself closer, Li Shuo remained stuck between the choices of remaining strict with himself, and to enjoy life while he could. Li Chengxiu’s existence was the safety latch, and now, without this latch, the gunpowder had exploded.


The two people fell onto the thick wool carpet, attacking each other’s clothes as though the pieces of clothes were their enemies. They kissed, they touched, they bit each other, and the more passionate their actions were, the more their desires overwhelmed them, and the more they could express their awareness of the other.


They tried their best to instigate each other, and if their blood could heat up because of the fierce emotions running through them, right now, it would be boiling.


Mutually, they pleased and fondled each other’s organs, feeling a sense of accomplishment from controlling the other’s desire. Heavy pants filled their ears, the sound even more powerful than the wildest rock music, breaking every last thread of their rationality.


Li Shuo was the first to surrender. He laid back on the carpet, staring at the ceiling with wide eyes. As he gasped hard for air, his body was still convulsing slightly, recollecting the peak he had reached just now.


The next moment, his view was obstructed. Zhao Jinxin supported himself with two hands by the sides of his head, and his eyes, reddened by desire, were extremely charming. Because of kissing, his lips were a ripe red, and they carried a sharp sexiness. With an indolent yet greedy smile, he said, “… But I haven’t had enough.”


Li Shuo sucked in a deep breath, staring fixedly at those seductive eyes of Zhao Jinxin.


Zhao Jinxin leant down, nibbling at Li Shuo’s chin, before moving to his ear and speaking to him with the utmost temptation, “You hadn’t had enough either, and your body has yet to be explored properly. If you’re willing to hand yourself over to me, I will let you know that what you’ve experienced in the past were only the games of children, and I will let you fall asleep thinking about my dick every night.”


With a jerk, Li Shuo flipped them over, holding Zhao Jinxin down under him. As he panted, he laughed, “It’s such a pity you didn’t go into marketing.”


“It’s not a pity at all. How can money compare to your charm?” Zhao Jinxin cupped Li Shuo’s face with his hands. “I know that you’re resistant towards this because of your fear.”


“What am I afraid of?”


“You fear that what I say is true.”


Lying on top of Zhao Jinxin, Li Shuo poked at that smooth and taut skin, laughing lightly. “I admit that I’m a little curious. However, what if you’re only just bragging? Am I supposed to come settle the claim with you then?”


“I’ll settle the claim with myself.” Zhao Jinxin opened his mouth, wrapping it around Li Shuo’s finger, circling it and teasing it with his tongue. “If you don’t like it, you can do anything to me. However, if you do…”


Li Shuo narrowed his eyes slightly. “Then what?”


“You have to be mine.”


“So, in any case, you’ll triumph?”


Zhao Jinxin laughed. “Am I not worthy as a triumph for you?”


Li Shuo bent his head down, kissing him, then chuckled. “Jinxin, you’re a pride to anyone, but I’m not so easily swayed by such sweet talk. However, as a reward for your performance today… I promise you, I’ll consider it.”


From a very short distance, Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo’s confident and debonair smiling face. Even the subtle wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were suffused with a mellow charm that had been cultivated over the years. He froze slightly, before giving a prompt smile. “One day, I will utterly convince you.”


Li Shuo pressed a forceful kiss to his lips, biting a corner of his mouth as though in punishment, and the two people laughed together.


That night, Zhao Jinxin wanted Li Shuo to stay, but Li Shuo did not want them to be so clingy with each other, and so went home.


Mrs. Li was reading in the living room. Seeing her son returning home, she asked him if he was hungry.


“Ma, I had hotpot tonight, I’m very full.”


“Oh? Who did you go with?” Mrs. Li put her book down, walking towards him.


“With Jinxin.” Li Shuo smiled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “What are you reading?”


The two people leant close, but Mrs. Li suddenly jolted as she stared at his neck.


Li Shuo reflexively looked downwards, but did not see anything. “Ma, what’s wrong?”


Mrs. Li’s expression was a little peculiar. “On your neck… Did you not realise it?”


Li Shuo touched his neck, suddenly enlightened. Momentarily, he was a little embarrassed. How many times was this? The number of times he had embarrassed himself in front of his parents because of Zhao Jinxin, this was really too…


Mrs. Li sighed. “You’ve broken up with that boyfriend of yours back home, haven’t you?”




“When you just came back, you were so eager for us to have a conversation with him. However, a few days later, you stopped mentioning it, and your mood became a little down. All these, I noticed,” Mrs. Li said resignedly. “I don’t know if I should blame myself for giving you such a good looking face. Ever since you were a child, you never had a lack of romance and relationships. However, why is it that you have never settled down? Is it a problem within yourself?”


Li Shuo smiled wryly. “Ma, I’ve contemplated this issue myself, time and time again, and never have I ever found an answer. I feel that I’ve been very good to all of them, but in the end, the relationship either progressed to the point where I could no longer bear it, or they just ended up dumping me. Say, what do you think about my luck in romance?”


She shook her head. “I had thought that when you grow up, you would definitely be able to marry a very outstanding wife, and we would never need to worry about your relationship. In the end, not only would you never marry a wife, at your age, you still have yet to find a steady partner. The next time I return to China, I must find a place and pray for you.”


Shooting her son a look, she continued sincerely, “But you shouldn’t play around with people’s feelings either. Hurting others would only lead to your own retribution.”


“Ma, I’ve never played with people’s feelings.” Li Shuo did not know if he should laugh or cry.


“Alright, if you’re not hungry, then go back and rest early,” Mrs. Li nagged. “I must definitely go and pray for you. Or should I get a master to divine your fate in romance?”


“Ma, don’t be superstitious. The masters don’t care about homosexuals.”


“You don’t know anything.”

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