WTA Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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Li Shuo thought that his mother had only been speaking casually, and he never expected that the next morning, she would wake him up early in the morning, asking him if he wanted to follow her to see the “Master”.


Li Shuo said helplessly, “Ma, I’m not going. Could you not go as well please?”


“This master is very accurate, and even your Uncle Zhao believes in him. If you don’t go, give me a shirt that you recently wore. Like this, his readings will be very accurate.”


Li Shuo had yet to fully wake up. Dressed in a singlet and shorts, he sat dazedly on his bed, blanking out for a few seconds before he pointed at the shirt on the stool he had just removed last night. “That one, I guess.”


Madam Li immediately wrinkled her nose upon picking it up. “It smells of hotpot, how smelly.” She turned to look at her son. “Just give me your singlet instead.”




Aiyah, I’m not making you do anything, just only to give me a piece of your clothes. If you don’t believe in him, then don’t. Just let your mother seek some peace of mind, alright?” Madam Li was the epitome of a Jiangnan woman. Her way of speaking was always soft and slow, very gentle. When she wanted to act a little spoilt, she even exuded the charm of a young girl, and it was irresistible.


With no other choice, Li Shuo could only remove his singlet.


Madam Li studied Li Shuo’s muscles, saying proudly, “My son is so handsome. His fate in marriage will definitely be good.”


Li Shuo laughed, then reminded her, “Come back earlier.”


When Madam Li left, Li Shuo no longer felt sleepy. He got up, brushing his teeth and washing his face, and just like usual, he then looked at his phone. There was an email from Xiang Ning, and it was a draft of the partnership agreement with the En Nan done by the lawyer. Xiang Ning had even left a message, something to do with his case. The gist was that the past few days, the investigators had not been doing anything. They did not come to the company, nor did they come to speak to them. Perhaps, things were turning for the better.


Li Shuo was not surprised. Shao Qun either wanted him to go back so that they could search for Li Chengxiu together, or he completely could not be bothered with him anymore. It was more likely to be the latter, and once things turned better, he would be able to return to China.


Actually, he had no idea about where Li Chengxiu could go. Wen Xiaohui too had no clue, and compared to Shao Qun, he actually understood Li Chengxiu less. Li Shuo had already employed all the measures and channels he could think of to search for him, and now he could only do what he could, and see what the heavens had planned.


After printing the draft agreement, Li Shuo drove to En Nan’s headquarters. Fortunately, he had not been idle during the time he was in the states, otherwise his emotions would be even more difficult to settle.


Zhao Rongtian happened to be free, and Zhao Jinxin was in the office as well. As such, the three people went to the chairman’s office to discuss the agreement.


Zhao Rongtian approved greatly of the conditions Li Shuo listed in the agreement, and he even did not object much to them. The main reason was that this agreement had been done fairly.


Li Shuo had his own principles when it came to business, and he would never squabble over profits and interests. He held great admiration for the business philosophy of a wise Jewish man, that if it was a cooperation among three people, when ten dollars was being divided, he only needed to be able to receive that three dollars. There was no need to insist on dividing it so precisely to 3.3333~. This also was the same principle to be human. He did not mind earning a little less, as this could save him a lot of trouble, as well as improve his reputation and gain him friends.


During the entire negotiation process, Li Shuo could feel that Zhao Jinxin was watching him the whole time. That sort of unconcealed gaze gave him a headache. After all, he was guilty, and if not for his strong willpower, he might have been easily distracted.


After discussing the contract with Zhao Rongtian, the two people left the office.


Zhao Jinxin said meaningfully, “This might be the fastest agreement ever discussed with my father. Furthermore, it’s our first partnership together.”


“We want to pay attention to efficiency. Being a little more straightforward is good for everyone.” Li Shuo too felt greatly at ease. He did view this partnership with En Nan as something that was very important.


“Do you know what my dad’s personality is like?” Smiling, Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo.


Li Shuo thought for a moment. “En Nan’s corporate culture is wolf-like, and Uncle Zhao himself is also a person who is decisive and resolute. As such, he’s very tough.”


“Here.” Zhao Jinxin gently pressed an arm around Li Shuo’s waist, leading him into the pantry. “You’re right. My dad is this sort of person. If you take a step, he will insist on taking three steps, but if you withdraw a step, he will also be able to withdraw three steps. If you’re tough, he will want to be tougher than you, while if you’re generous, he will want to be even more generous than you. In any case, he will always want to be “more” than you,” Zhao Jinxin laughed as he said, “isn’t it fun? I’ve been studying my dad for a long time already, and he’s very interesting.”


Li Shuo carefully pieced Zhao Jinxin’s words together, and he could not help but laugh as well. “It’s really interesting. And it’s because of his character of being able to take a step forward, and withdraw when needed, that’s why En Nan can reach its current height. Your father is very outstanding.”


Zhao Jinxin leant against the table next to the coffee machine, looking at Li Shuo with a bright smile. “That’s why you really surprised me today.”




“I don’t know if you did it intentionally or not. You completely just went along with his temper. When he advanced, you would withdraw, and when he withdrew, you advanced. Even I myself am sometimes unable to maintain this balance.” Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, looking at Li Shuo, became even deeper, and his voice too became a little husky. “Li Shuo, what other sides to you have I not discovered?”


Li Shuo smiled. “I don’t know if I should say that you’re overestimating me, or underestimating me. If I don’t even have the basic skill of negotiation, I’ve wasted my years of working experience. However, I am truly not as impressive as you think I am. In Uncle Zhao’s eyes, I’m a junior whose father is a close friend of his, and his mentality is to give in to me. As such, as long as there’s no big differences in regards to the issue of principles, this agreement can be concluded very quickly.”


Zhao Jinxin gave a wicked smile. “It’s you who underestimated yourself. Do you know how much I wanted to strip your suit off you just now, seeing you negotiating so seriously in that attire of yours…”


Li Shuo stretched his long legs out, taking a large step forward, covering Zhao Jinxin’s mouth with his hand. From the corner of his eye, he saw someone walking over.


Zhao Jinxin’s alluring eyes curved in a smile.


“You just can’t last three minutes with a sense of propriety.” Just as Li Shuo finished speaking, he felt something warm licking at his palm. It was both ticklish and tingling, and he hurriedly withdrew his hand. There was still a little round wet spot on his palm.


“Since I don’t have a sense of propriety, should you punish me?” With the tip of his red tongue, Zhao Jinxin licked his lip. “For example, punish me by not allowing me to come for an hour or something like that.”


Li Shuo patted his cheek, cocking a brow. “Stop bragging.”


“I’m not. It’s up to you whether you dare to try me or not.” Pulling Li Shuo’s hand, Zhao Jinxin pressed it onto his own body, saying ambiguously, “How about this, we’ll set a timer. For every one minute short, I’ll pay you a million, and for every one minute more, you have to join me in a location, or with a toy, or a position. You can choose whichever you want.”


Li Shuo burst into laughter, and said softly right into his ear, “You have yet to even shoot the goose down, so stop being in a dilemma over whether you should steam it or braise it.” He gave Zhao Jinxin a kiss, chuckling as he walked away.


With his fingers, Zhao Jinxin touched the cheek that Li Shuo had just kissed, huge flames burning in his eyes.


Only when engaged in a battle with someone like this, would he then never tire of them.


Zhao Jinxin chased after Li Shuo, following him out of the building. “Where are you going?”


“I’m going…” Momentarily, Li Shuo truly did not know where he wanted to go. His parents had both gone out, and ever since he started his own business, he had never been so idle before. “I’m going to the gym, it’s been ages since I worked out.”


“Let’s go together, I’ll bring you to my club.”




Once they were in the car, Zhao Jinxin lunged over, throwing his arms around Li Shuo’s neck as he whined softly, “Li-shushu, you haven’t kissed me yet today.”


Li Shuo smiled. “I’ve just kissed you.”


“It doesn’t count if it’s on the cheek.” Zhao Jinxin pouted.


A crafty gleam appeared in Li Shuo’s eyes. Like a dragonfly flitting across water, he touched his lips to his. “Alright, now sit properly and put your seatbelt on.”


Zhao Jinxin was naturally not satisfied. With his hand on the back of Li Shuo’s head, he forcefully pressed their lips together, indulging in a passionate, heated kiss. Their lips clung to each other, and finally, heavy pants filled the air, and a fervent atmosphere spread throughout the cramped interior of the car.


Licking his lips, Zhao Jinxin let go of Li Shuo. “It has to be like this.”


Li Shuo straightened his collar, casting him a side eye glance. “Now you can sit properly and put your seatbelt on, right? If you’re going to be up to your tricks again, I’ll buy you a child seat.”


Zhao Jinxin paused in the action of putting his seatbelt on, and smiled lewdly. “There’s a type sex chair called child seat…”


Li Shuo scolded him laughingly, “That’s enough.” He reached out, pinching Zhao Jinxin’s cheek. “Are you the reincarnation of a sex demon?”


Zhao Jinxin burst into laughter.


The two people arrived at an extremely luxurious gym that could be considered one of the top few ones in the states, and there was even a wave pool and an indoor ski slope here.


“What would you like to do?”


Li Shuo worked his arm. “Let’s play squash.”


Zhao Jinxin placed his membership card on the front desk. Very quickly, a beauty with an outstanding figure led them to the squash courts.


Zhao Jinxin had clothes stored here, but the sizes were bigger, and they were not suitable for Li Shuo. As such, the older man went to the shop to buy a set of clothes.


When Li Shuo was changing, Zhao Jinxin, who had long changed into his workout clothes already, was leaning against the lockers, staring fixedly at him.


Li Shuo chuckled. With no avoidance, he stared straight at Zhao Jinxin. “If you want to see it so much, you better watch closely.” Hooking a finger into the knot of his tie, he pulled his neck slightly away, loosening the tie. He then took his time, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, finally removing it deftly and tossing it aside, revealing his firm pecs and flat stomach. The entire process, he was looking at Zhao Jinxin, smiling.


Zhao Jinxin’s throat bobbed. His eyes slided down Li Shuo’s chest, his gaze unbridled and undisguised.


Skilfully, Li Shuo undid the buckle of his belt, pulling down the zip of his pants, and took his pants off as well. He appreciated the hungry eyes of Zhao Jinxin, the little brat, the gaze whetting his desire.


Li Shuo picked up his workout clothes, pulling them on. Zhao Jinxin walked over, caressing Li Shuo’s buttocks through the thin pants. Unreconciled, he said, “Li-shushu, you’re really very bad.”


“I feel that…” Li Shuo turned his head, biting at Zhao Jinxin’s ear. “This should be the punishment for you, you little sex demon.”


Zhao Jinxin threw his arms around Li Shuo’s waist, lifting him up and holding him against the lockers. The loud crash that occurred as his body hit the hollow metal containers was the exploding emotions in both their hearts.


Their faces were very close to each other, the distance almost close enough for them to exchange their breaths. Their bodies were also right up against each other, and Li Shuo could distinctly feel the changes in Zhao Jinxin’s body.


Momentarily, even their breathing had turned slight.


Zhao Jinxin inhaled deeply. “I really want to fuck you.” Despite his tone being joking, there were some tinges of a conqueror’s domineering desire in his eyes.


Li Shuo felt his heart pounding rapidly. He knew that both of them could not be satisfied with just kissing and touching. Those were not enough, they were really not enough. They needed something even more intense, more primal, more filthy… to vent the hunger they had for each other. If they were to continue holding themselves back like this, it would not be good for their body at all. Having lived for so many years, Li Shuo had never wronged himself in this matter.


However, he dared not touch Zhao Jinxin. Thinking about what might happen to him, he would definitely soften.


Did he really have to try being a bottom…? Actually, if he put aside his mental aversion, his body was curious about it. His past experiences had always given him a sort of idea that being a bottom might feel even better than being a top. At least, those people who had gone to bed with him were all very satisfied. Also, a lot of the satisfaction he experienced in sex could not even compare to the satisfaction of having brought pleasure to his partners.


Should he try it…? However, he could not get over his mental aversion to it.




An exclamation gave the two people a sort. It turned out that other guests had come in.


Zhao Jinxin let go of Li Shuo, winking at that guy.


That guy gave him a thumbs up and an awkward smile, then walked backwards out through the door.


Tugging at his hair, Li Shuo had clearly regained his composure. “Let’s go, time to play squash.”


“What’s the bet?”


Li Shuo chuckled a couple of times. “If I lose, I’ll let you fuck me.”


Upon saying that, Li Shuo immediately regretted it. He had only been making a casual joke. It was all because he had been thinking about these matters, and forgot to think before he spoke. In the end, he saw Zhao Jinxin’s eyes lighting up. It seemed that the man had taken his words at face value.




“Alright, it’s a deal.” Li Shuo could practically see Zhao Jinxin rubbing his hands in glee.


Smiling, Li Shuo shook his head, saying calmly, “Darling, in university, I had the standards of a professional tennis player. Now, my skills might have decreased a little, but you still can’t beat me.”


“How would you know without trying?” Zhao Jinxin looked at him challengingly.


Stretching his neck, Li Shuo said, “Alright, I’ll keep my word. If you lose, you owe me a favour, any favour.”




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