XXS Chapter 11

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Chapter 11  — Show Them How Our Students Do It


“Hurry, get your ‘once and for all’ over with.” Luo Zhiyu braces himself, “I knew the second I saw your dandy getup, you’re after my dorm presentation points.” 

Xiao Yan: “…….” 

“You have a mini fridge in your dorm?” Jing Ximing is learning for the first time that second-year alphas got themselves such a sweet setup. 

“Luo Zhiyu, let’s talk this out.” Xiao Yan puts down the clipboard, sitting on his desk chair unprompted. 

“No discussion.” Luo Zhiyu cannot even hide his evil smile, “You are not in a position to talk this out with me, you just said so yourself.” 

Thrown on the chair’s back is the first-year uniform Luo Zhiyu has stained blue. Xiao Yan looks at it for a second and back at Luo Zhiyu’s direction: “What you said earlier, I can consider it.” 

“You want to bite me?” Luo Zhiyu points at himself. 

“No, bribe me.” Xiao Yan frowns. 

“Don’t bother considering.” Luo Zhiyu walks over, places two hands on the back of the chair, and lowers his gaze towards Xiao Yan who is sitting there, “Xiao xuezhang 1, I am ready to get my points deducted and write self-reflections with you.” 

The morning assembly next week is themed “dress code and presentation”, the main speaker being Luo Zhiyu. The week after that, the assembly theme is “dorm safety”, which basically means that they will get in line to read their self-reflections, one holding a mini fridge and another with a pot. If Xiao Yan, who participated in the pop inspection as an inspector, is suddenly dragged up to read his self-reflection, it will certainly be a beautiful sight. 

Luo Zhiyu does not want to lose face, but above that, he wants to make the school-grass lose face with him. 

“And you already deducted my points.” Luo Zhiyu points at the “-2” that Xiao Yan wrote on the form, indicating that there is no going back from here. 

“No, this is nothing.” Xiao Yan moves to rip out the score sheet, rumpling it into a ball and throwing it into Luo Zhiyu’s garbage can. 

“Wait,” Luo Zhiyu reminds him, “Not allowed to have garbage in the garbage can, that doesn’t count for my score.” 

Xiao Yan: “Yes, doesn’t count, I didn’t see it.” 

“And my balcony?” Luo Zhiyu is very good at having his cake and eating it too. 

“I didn’t deduct points for your balcony just now.” 

Xiao Yan takes out a new score sheet, writing down Luo Zhiyu’s dorm room number again, and checks off every box in front of Luo Zhiyu, “You don’t tell, I won’t tell, the banned electronics won’t expel.”

“Close your mouth, I close mine, the banned electronics will be fine.” Luo Zhiyu’s strategic operation is a success; he holds out his right hand, swinging it with force, giving Xiao Yan a high five, “Deal.” 

“What’s a deal? Xiao Yan.” The half-closed dorm room opens from the outside, and Mr. Xu appears in the doorway again. “I just remembered, are my keys and work pass with you?” 

Luo Zhiyu: “……” 

Xiao Yan: “……” 

Mr. Xu’s entrance is way too sudden; the two of them are still in the middle of a high five. The pot resting on Xiao Yan’s knees falls to the ground with a clatter, making a string of metal clangs in its wake. 


First Metropolitan Campus Forum– 

[The first-years had their dorm inspections, fold your blankets, hide your little electric appliances!] 

1L: Location tagged at alpha dorms, Building 10, it’s been pretty strict. 

2L: My pot, my pot QAQ. A pot and the garbage can, we lost four points, and the garbage wasn’t even from us. Fairy scrunching eyebrows.jpg

3L: Fairy scrunching eyebrows.jpg, upstairs, you only had a pot taken away from you. Our dorm lost a mini fridge, dude. They took off four points too, and we’re in second year. 

4L: Lighting a candle for the two upstairs, our electronics are doing just fine. Gonna hide them this afternoon, 

5L: 4L, are you going to finish your sentence? Did you get inspected? 

6L: This year’s new students are really something, I just saw the Students’ Association people with a microwave. How did you guys get it in here? Crying covering face.jpg 

7L: Can’t wait for the assembly the week after next, when the first years line up to read their self-reflections. 

8L: Still early to talk about next next week, let’s worry about next week, who’s doing dress code and presentation? If they’re not good looking, I’m not accepting it. 

9L: Class 3, Luo Zhiyu, don’t worry, there won’t be an issue. According to my observations, as long as Xiao Yan is not within a five meter radius of him, he’s the most goody-two-shoes. 


The brief first-year military training period ends in students’ laughter; because the mini fridge was taken away, in the remaining days, Xiao Yan’s daily Luo Zhiyu-viewing after class featured dried plums and lemons instead of watermelon, soda, and ice cream. 

Over the one week of military training, Luo Zhiyu beat up Xiao Yan quite a bit. He wasn’t quite able to avoid getting screwed over by Xiao Yan, but at the same time, he did not forget to drag Xiao Yan down with him. After that week, Luo Zhiyu hasn’t even gotten to know everyone in his class, but recognizes every single item in Xiao Yan’s snack stash. 

Military training ends, and first-year students are about to officially start their high school career, which includes a busy curriculum. 

On Monday morning, between classes, the entire student body assembles in the sports field for the first morning assembly of the year. A youth wearing the red and white athletic uniform walks out from the Class 3 row and takes his position on the podium. 

“Good morning directors, teachers, and students.” Luo Zhiyu, following Director Wu’s series of requests, has his script written out beforehand and reads it out at the podium, standing up straight and proper. The script has been through the school’s Directors’ review, and there is nothing to nitpick on. 

“I am First Year, Class 3’s Luo Zhiyu. As the Excellent Student Representative, I take part in our collective efforts to build on a respectful campus and share this learning community. I have the pleasure of speaking on the topic of dress codes and clean and appropriate presentation at today’s campus morning assembly.” 

“The morning assembly news go on the WeChat account posts.” Director Wu, who doubles as a photographer, holds up a camera and takes a photo of the student at the podium, “I better take some good photos.” 

First Metropolitan High has its own public WeChat account, managed by the Students’ Association media team and the supervising teacher. It mostly posts about campus news, and recaps of every morning assembly. 

Luo Zhiyu looks as if he was born to model clothing. The standard First Metropolitan first-year red and white uniform, on him, gives off an air of youthful exuberance and studiousness unique to those at this age. The camera in Director Wu’s hands has yet to stop clicking. 

“The photos from this morning assembly can go on the school website.” Director Xu suggests, “Show the other schools how our new students do it.”

“As first-year students, we must remember the school teachings in our heart, including the dress code and presentation standards. We should also respect our teachers and elders, so that together, we will build a good campus atmosphere…”

Luo Zhiyu, under the watchful eye of the entire teaching staff and student body, completes his script-reading responsibilities and puts down the notes in his hands: “My speech on this week’s theme ends here. I hope this will mark the start of many great happenings.” 

Luo Zhiyu leaves the podium under applause, returning to the First Year, Class 3 row. 

Half a day later, coverage of Luo Zhiyu’s morning assembly speech goes live on the First Metropolitan’s official WeChat and website. 

[On the first day of official classes, our students show excellent leadership and initiative.] 

The first photo shown on the WeChat account’s news update is one of Luo Zhiyu on the podium. The speech script is in his hands, but he does not look at it at all, instead gazing at the faraway ground where the students are, with a textbook goody-two-shoes smile on his face. 

[First Metropolitan student Luo Zhiyu states, students should pay attention to their dress code and uniform presentation; this is the respect that every First Metropolitan student should have.] 

This news article receives pretty good responses from the parents’ group chat. 

Parent 1: As expected of First Metropolitan, great quality content in the morning assembly, great points being made.

Parent 2: Thumbs up.jpg, this cohort of students is very impressive. 

Parent 3: Wear the uniform with respect, well said. 

The Students’ Association media team also posts this news article onto the First Metropolitan campus forum. 

1L: Repost again, no one cares about these articles. 

2L: I’m saving this photo. Director Wu took a great photo here. 

3L: I’m reporting Luo Zhiyu for pretending to be a goody-two-shoes, do you guys need me to cleanse your brain with a video of him whipping people with a broomstick? 

4L: Okay but, Luo Zhiyu is really good looking! Zoom in on the photo and there are no flaws, his skin is too good and his features are so delicate. I’m an omega but even I’m getting a crush on him. 

5L: Wait, I am 4L. Everyone please, zoom in on his uniform. 

6L: ? What’s there to look at on the uniform? Don’t they all look the same, what’s there to zoom in on? 

7L: !!! Holy shit, 4L your eyesight is so good? Everyone please, before you jump to conclusions, zoom in on the nameplate. 

8L: 0301, I don’t see anything wrong. 

9L: 0301 is fine, but it says, 0301 Xiao Yan. 

10L: ……

11L: ??? 

12L: Damn impressive, “wear your uniform with respect”. This guy’s wearing someone else’s uniform. 


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