XXS Chapter 25

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Chapter 25  — Multiple Choice 


The “casualty”’s reaction is quite heated, completely messing up the demonstration script. First Metropolitan’s originally orderly demonstration stage is interrupted with substantial mutterings, laughs, meows, and a certain someone’s pained cries. 

The visiting teachers: “…….”

Director Wu cannot bring himself to brag on about his students, the smile on his face starting to waver: “…….either way, these two students are very special.”

“It burns so much, you’re the one without a conscience.” Xiao Yan picks up the paper cup from the desk and throws it into the garbage before finally remembering to turn off the microphone. 

Once the two very special students turn the mic off and scramble to clean up the podium, now in shambles, the overhead projector stays on. The slideshow is stopped at where Luo Zhiyu left it — a white slide with black text that clearly reads, “Stay calm when situations arise.” 

“What are they saying?” Zhang Shu stands on his tiptoes, looking out towards the stage, “What did Yan-ge do to Luo Zhiyu?” 

“Dunno.” Fan Yue drags Zhang Shu back down, “Quick, quick, go sub out Tang Yuan as the casualty.” 

Zhang Shu has just lain on the stretcher instead of Tang Yuan when Tang Yuan breezes by the two of them again, wailing as he goes, the chubby orange cat in his wake ending up stomping all over Zhang Shu’s torso. 

Fan Yue: “……”

“Why are there so many big orange cats around campus lately? If I had known, I would’ve gone and played the casualty. Would avoid this entire mess and I’d just have to lie down.” Luo Zhiyu has a patch of redness on the back of his hand from the boiling tea, “It still kinda hurts. Where did you get burned? Is it bad?” 

When the paper cup was knocked over, the tea splashed evenly like rainwater, half on the back of Luo Zhiyu’s hand, and the other half on Xiao Yan’s pants. 

“It’s nothing……” Xiao Yan shakes his head, hitting the spacebar on the laptop to change to the next slide. 

“Come here, can I see?” Luo Zhiyu has achieved two things today — steep tea and change the powerpoint slides. The cup of tea has fallen over so he feels a little apologetic, and makes up for it by asking after Xiao Yan’s well-being — whether he is just being courteous or actually concerned for Xiao Yan is another story. 

Xiao Yan takes a step back at his question, looking at Luo Zhiyu with a complicated expression. He shakes his head as if scoffing. 

Luo Zhiyu: “?” What is he being so fussy for? 

“Luo Zhiliao.” Xiao Yan wipes down the chair and sits back down on it, “You’re such a little perv.” 

“How am I a……” Luo Zhiyu is about to slap the table and refute right there, but then he remembers the search results he found yesterday and immediately simmers down; the speed with which he shuts up is a surprise to even Xiao Yan. 

The two of them, without any experience for MCing, continue with their team project — Xiao Yan turns the mic back on and Luo Zhiyu continues to control the powerpoint slides. Once they finally finish introducing the safety instructions that no one is still listening to, the bell signalling the start of the next class rings. 

The noisy sports field starts to quieten down, students from each class lining up again and walking back into the classrooms in an orderly fashion. 

“What were you two doing just now?” Fan Yue jogs to catch up to the two of them. 

“Knocked over some hot water.” Luo Zhiyu is still rubbing the back of his hand, “What did you think we were doing?” 

“Just as I thought.” Fan Yue seems to let out a big sigh of relief, “I told them, you two are super pure.” 

Luo Zhiyu: “……Oh.” 

Xiao Yan: “…….” 

Because the earthquake awareness safety drill runs into several complications and does not actually end up serving its informational purpose, the school administration decides to hold another morning assembly drill on a different week. Because of this, the blackboard mural with Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan’s names will stay up on the campus entrance for another spell.

First Metropolitan campus forum– 

[This is one of the most riveting morning assemblies since I came to First Metropolitan hahahahaha.]

1L: Wu’s face almost went green hahahaha, I’m almost feeling bad for him. It is so unfortunate that educators have to deal with those two. Doge.jpg 

2L: It wasn’t that bad to me, you’re overstating it. You will discover when we do the city-wide exams, these two do earn some face for the school. I feel kind of bad for Tang Yuan though, it is so hard being a fierce A. He had to sprint around the campus like three times to get rid of the big orange cats. 

3L: Luo Zhiyu and Xiao Yan are hilarious as always. Every time I am about to believe that they have a pure relationship, they always come up with something else. Doge.jpg 

4L: They just knocked over some hot water. Nothing to see here, everyone, put away your impure thoughts. Did you forget about the 0% compatibility? What are you thinking? 

5L: I’m with 4L, yelling this out now, there is no chance between them! It’s fine for laughs but don’t take it seriously. 

6L: Okay, there is no chance between them, but hasn’t Xiao Yan shown up with Luo Zhiyu too frequently for it to be normal? Impure motives perhaps? Has Yan-ge cleared his name today? 

7L (Xiao-dows Yan-der): @Director Wu, @Director Xu, there are people going on the forum during class, I suggest a serious investigation. 


“The physical education teacher had something come up, so this block is now math class.” Ms. Zhang stands on the classroom podium as the chatter in the classroom slowly ebbs down. 

“PE teacher had something come up.” Jing Ximing says quietly. 

“Ai.” Luo Zhiyu pillows his head on his arm, “I want to go play badminton.” 

“Luo Zhiyu.” The math teacher, Ms. Zhang, calls his name, “Yes, you, the one who pretended that he was Xiao Yan from second year last time.” 

The entire class bursts out laughing. 

“Come, explain this question to the class.” Ms. Zhang hits the blackboard with the triangular ruler in her hand. “Don’t just write the answer, expand the steps fully.” 

Luo Zhiyu stands obediently, walking up to the blackboard to solve the question. Ms. Zhang steps down from the podium to look over how the class is doing with the question. 

This question is not hard for Luo Zhiyu, just requiring a full set of steps in order to prove the answer. Because of this, it more or less requires more time; once Luo Zhiyu fills up half the blackboard, he sees a familiar silhouette from his peripheral vision. 

Xiao Yan leaves his white and blue uniform unzipped, a badminton racket in his hands. He passes by the door to First Year, Class 3 with Fan Yue; their class has PE during this block. The two of them, making their way down to the sports field, even have the time to each grab an ice cream cone. 

As they pass by First Year, Class 3, Xiao Yan naturally glances at the familiar seat in the classroom and surprisingly does not see Luo Zhiyu, who is instead solving a question on the podium. 

From the moment he saw Xiao Yan, Luo Zhiyu is already distracted, the chalk in his hand scribbling out a line of chicken scratches. 

“Come out and play.” Xiao Yan slows in his steps, pointing at the sports field over the balcony, “Zhiliao, wanna play badminton?” 

“Scram.” Luo Zhiyu mouths back, replying, “I’m doing a question right now.” 

“Luo Zhiyu.” Ms. Zhang scolds, “Who are you telling to scram instead of focusing on the question?” 

“He…” Luo Zhiyu points at the window. The two people who were standing there use the windowsill as cover and crouch down with astonishing speed. 

Ms. Zhang: “?”

Luo Zhiyu: “……”

“It’s fine, whatever.” Luo Zhiyu grits out, writing out a line of calculations on the blackboard while grinding his teeth. “I was looking for inspiration for this question.” 

Luo Zhiyu, under the impressed gaze of the entire class, returns to his seat. The stacks of books he had made stand quite tall; once they cover up Ms. Zhang’s line of sight, he opens Wechat. 

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: Hahahahahaha. 

[Second Year Excellent Student Representative]: Serves you right hahahahaha. 

[Not Zhiliao]: You’ll pay for this, just wait. 

“Not Zhiliao” has changed this user’s nickname to [Stinky Orange]. 

[Stinky Orange]: Okay, I’ll wait. 

That evening, during self-study, the Second Year, Class 3 students end up taking a pop quiz. 

“Have some discipline, okay, there isn’t much to copy for health class quizzes. The scores don’t go into your report cards, if you don’t pass, you can just take it again.” Mr. Xu hands out the exam, glancing at the time. “I have something to deal with back home, I need to leave for a bit first. There isn’t anyone to supervise the exam, so it is on everyone to play fair. If anyone talks, Xiao Yan, you take down their names for me. Once the exam is over, Lu Minggui, you can collect the exam papers.” 

“Hand these out.” Mr. Xu gives the papers to Fan Yue, “There are three versions, don’t get them mixed up.” 


[First Metropolitan High Health Class Final Exam, Alpha version] 

Section One, Multiple choice. 

Question 1 (General knowledge): It is getting late; an unmarked omega invites you to hang out outside. He does not have a clear activity in mind and has only invited you; the invitation seems flowery and even has a sense of provocation. How should you respond?

A. Happily hang out with him.

B. Refuse his invitation with proper reasoning.

C. Reluctantly agree.


“Easy, don’t even need a brain for this one.” Fan Yue has already started answering, “Let’s get this over with quickly, so I can start on homework.” 

It is easy indeed, easy points, only idiots would not choose B. Xiao Yan takes off the cap on his fountain pen, the nib of the pen just making contact with paper, when a knock sounds from the window next to him — 

Everyone in Second Year is taking a test right now; the hallway is dead quiet. Luo Zhiyu hides next to the window, slowly creeping over, voice soft: “Come play, gege.” 


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