TMG Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Did OP’s Childhood Buddy Turn Him Gay? (YES!)

“What happened?” Jin Jiang asked him concernedly.

“Nothing much. It’s just that the forum I’m posting on has crashed, and the post that I spent a lot of time typing on has disappeared.” Chang Pei was irritated.

Jin Jiang did not know how to console him, and could only pick a piece of fish belly meat for him. “Eat properly.”

“I’m already full.” Although he said that, but Chang Pei still ate that fish.

Chang Pei turned his attention between his phone and Jin Jiang. He did not know if it was because he had seen him so often, and therefore was used to it, but he felt that Jin Jiang was the sort of handsome that a person would never get sick of.

When Jin Jiang was done eating, they went to settle the bill then headed to the garage. Today, Chang Pei was the one driving.

“What happened to you today?” When the traffic light turned red, Jin Jiang pinched his brows and asked.

“Nothing much?”

“But you barely spoke to me the entire night.”

Chang Pei was not sure, but he seemed to hear a trace of grievance in Jin Jiang’s voice.

Chang Pei steadied himself. “I saw you on a date with your girlfriend today.”

“What girlfriend? When did I get a girlfriend?” Jin Jiang looked surprised, and he suddenly came to a realisation. “Oh, you mean my client? Ah, didn’t I tell you I had to work overtime today? There was a problem with an explanatory note I wrote the last time. When the client saw it, she didn’t understand nor know how to use it, so I arranged a meeting with her to explain the instructions clearly. It just happened that her office was near the grilled fish restaurant you chose, so I arranged to have the meeting at Wanda. You saw us together?”

Chang Pei pursed his lips. “Oh~ I thought she was your girlfriend.”

Jin Jiang was caught between exasperation and amusement. “You were upset over this?”

Chang Pei did not reply. It was too embarrassing, even if someone were to beat him to death, he would not admit that he was jealous.

The third day.

CP forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay>

[165] Idling Everyday
Is OP not coming back? (sobbing.jpg)

[171] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I’m back!

Heehee, the misunderstanding has been cleared. The lady I saw was not his girlfriend, it was a client.

[172] Has CP Crashed Today
Hahahahahahahaha I knew it! So, did the buddy push himself onto OP to prove his innocence?

[173] Fish CareTaker
OP, we all already know that you’re rapturous now (aknowinglook.jpg).

[176] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Ummmm so it’s still the same old question. Although my buddy doesn’t have a girlfriend, but I still don’t know if he wants to turn me gay (struggling.jpg).

[177] Fish CareTaker
But OP, you’re already gay without anyone turning you~

[178] Has CP Crashed Today

[185] Idling Everyday

[186] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Yeah…. I think I really might have a chance.

When we went home last night, we were both very full already. I opened a bottle of yogurt drink and couldn’t finish it, so my buddy helped me finished it all, and did not mind my saliva at all.

Recently, after showering, my buddy would come out of the bathroom in only a towel, so sexy! I asked him why wasn’t he wearing his clothes, and he said that he had to take them off later anyway, so he was too lazy to wear them… (palmsopen.jpg)

[187] Fish CareTaker
Look at the first sentence above!

Celebrating, OP is finally out of the closet!

[188] Popcorn Eating Crowd
Alas~ We all got it wrong. OP wasn’t asking if his buddy wanted to turn him gay, but how to be eaten up by his buddy (snicker.jpg)

Chang Pei ate the porridge Jin Jiang cooked and the fried egg Jin Jiang prepared, completely not realising that his face had turned red. Glancing at 188’s reply, he basked in the sweetness yet was still troubled. Hai, if Jin Jiang wasn’t a completely heterosexual man, why hasn’t he made a move on me yet?

“Don’t play on your phone so much, I still need to wash the dishes.” Jin Jiang reminded him.

“Oh~” Chang Pei blinked, giving a gentle acknowledgement.

Jin Jiang instantly wanted to eat this guy up, but he did not know if this little fool realised that he was gay already.

Sigh~ Love was truly a sweet bother.

Chang Pei liked to idle on his job. This time, he had only worked for an hour, and then logged into the CP forum.

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay>

[200] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I don’t care about what you guys think, I insist that it was my buddy who turned me gay, hmph.

Let me tell you about my buddy and me.

[202] Mr&Mr Chang Jiang Are Showering Fluff Online
Wow~ OP is finally showing us some PDA?

[210] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I’ve told you guys about how it started already, I’ve known my buddy since we were in diapers. However, it was in middle school when I realised I like my buddy.

In middle school, our language teacher asked us if there were anyone we like. At this age, most people would have someone they like. However, I didn’t, so I was very gauche.

After that, I discovered that the person I like was actually my buddy, because he was always bounding about in front of me. At first, I couldn’t part myself from his homework (I used it to check my answers), but later, I felt out-of-sorts if I didn’t see him.

I could no longer tell if my feelings could be defined as like. Anyway, I followed him to the same high school in a muddle, and then we both went to college in the same city. How should I say this, the more time I spent with him, the more I liked him, but I couldn’t distance myself from him. Although I always fantasise about him having feelings for me, but only until a few months ago, I completely had no confidence in it.

[220] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Although my buddy isn’t that kind of overachiever who attended the top universities in China, but he was always the earnest and hardworking type, quite different from me.

Although he was very outstanding, but it never pressured me. With him, I could always idle along without any worries, as he always dealt with everything very well (of course I won’t create trouble for him as well). I was the only one who could copied his homework and when he played basketball he would only drink the water I gave him. There never was another party around us, and even when looking for a co-tenant, the first one he asked was me.

But, he had never confessed his feelings for me before.

[222] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I completely cannot accept that my buddy would treat another person so nicely in the future.

So, today, I will tell him that I like him.

Yes, that’s it.

[223] Has CP Crashed Today
Oh oh oh all the best, OP!

[224] Guide to Fish Care
OP please livestream your confession!

[225] Idling to Forum
Please livestream your deep exchange as well!

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