Day: January 24, 2019

POBE Chapter 1

Hi all,

Yudun here! I’m actually posting this on behalf of AlexPt, who you guys know as the translator for ‘Love Stops Rumours’ and ‘The Antelope and Night Wolf‘!

I did this teaser a couple of months back and Alex was intrigued by it so I’m pleased to announce that she decided this will be her next project! Hoorah! But ONLY after she’s done with TANW, which is hopefully soon!

So we’re posting up the first chapter first as a tease to what’s to come!

Please look forward to it.

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience (POBE) is a hilarious addition to our library as it explores Renzi’s new found sexuality and sexual desire towards his own childhood friend after he returned back from his trip into the future. This story is meant to be a fun, brainless read. It’s funny and fluffy! And oh, have I mentioned there’s already smut (?) in the first chapter?

Without further ado, start reading by clicking here!

P.S. We have one last new novel coming and that’s it! We promise! We basically got everyone on the site now so that’s the end to the pits. (I think. I hope so.) We might be posting teasers though! If you’re interested in picking up any of the teasers, feel free to take them.  😀

TSNLT Chapter 1

Hi everyone! It’s BaiGou here!

This is my first time translating, please bear with me as I figure my way through this.

This novel’s about a person who has transmigrated and has to complete the plot as a scum top who becomes a loyal dog. Of course, it’s not that simple. Watch as our male lead goes through various hijinks throughout the worlds!

Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1.