Month: January 2019

TANW Chapter 50

AlexPT here!

Oh no oh no oh no the class leader has found Husband, Please Do It Gently (ugh that name)!!!!! What is he gonna do about it?

Find out in Chapter 50 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

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TSNLT Chapter 3

Hi all! BaiGou is here~

How did you feel about truck-kun’s guest appearance at the end of the previous chapter?

What new adventures miseries await Xiao Han after death? Find out in the latest chapter here!

(P.S. Read with caution for some teeny steamy bits! OwO)

TANW Chapter 49

It’s AlexPT here!

So… The class leader is starting to become suspicious about Tang XiuWen and LingYang.

What is he going to do about it?

Here’s Chapter 49 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 47

It’s AlexPT here as usual!

I’m finally done re-formatting all chapters so that they look ok-ish whether on the computer or the phone.

Please do let me know if you see any wonky stuff appearing.

Here’s Chapter 47 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 46

So it seems like everyone knows something is up except for our silly little wolf.

And that hammer, why did his roommate stumble when he heard what YeLang wanted to do with it?

Here’s Chapter 46 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 45

AlexPT here!

So Passionate Sword’s pervert Guild Leader finally appears! And it seems like he knows about LingYang. What would he do with this information?

Check it out in Chapter 45 of The Antelope and Night Wolf.

ISMM Chapter 7 – 8

New chapters for ISMM!

Me and Yudun had so much fun reading and translating this novel. Every chapter is hilarious! I hope all of you enjoy it too =w=

Here are the freshly baked fluffs!

TSNLT Chapter 2

Hello! It’s BaiGou again~

In this chapter, our fed-up MC decides to test the limits of the script! What happens when you go against the dictates of the omnipotent script-sama?

Click here to find out: Chapter 2