TANW Chapter 42

Welcome to the next update of TANW.

So, will LingYang be going on a date with YeLang?

Check it out over here in Chapter 42.

By the way, we have a few new translations as well!

Check out The Script Is Not Like This that’s being translated by BaiGou for an interesting twist to a transmigration novel where the MC has to complete tasks according to the script. (It has a MC who’s the top!)

We also have Peerless that’s being translated by Momoe and NyanNyan, a thriller set years after Thousand Autumns, if you guys have been following that!

There’s AWM: PUBG being translated by Akarin if you like gaming novels, the CP feels is strong in this one!

Finally, I’ll be working on A President’s Out-of-Body Experience, whose first chapter had been translated by Cloud (thanks Cloud!). As per my usual habit, I’ll start working on it only after I finish TANW! Enjoy that teaser!

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