Day: April 14, 2019


HoG Chapter 7

Another long chapter.

This novel is draining my life force away. The reason I did this novel was because I really love it. ;w; And not to mention it was my first exposure to Danmei!

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SW Chapter 8

Back with a new chapter for Slow-Witted.

Edited by Tin. Qced by Isa.

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POBE Chapter 8

And it’s time to start the daily updates for A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!

I do hope that I have enough stockpiled to work on the other projects as well… (Yes I’ve finally started digging pits.)

If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll be translating Undead right from chapter 1! 2 chapters have been released already, do check it out.

Here’s Chapter 8!