Month: April 2019

TSoG Chapter 2

In the first chapter of TSoG, Marshal Gavin had a bit of a rough start, but no worries, it would be a really short story if that was the end of our dear Marshal. The question is when and how will we see him again?

I bring you the next chapter, filled with some action and maybe some answers (or just more questions).

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TLC by Alex PT. Thanks with much cookies! :3

5/10/19: Chapter has been revised with edits by Uni.

POBE Chapter 24

You’re the exception… *melts*

Hello Gu Xiaoshan 你太会撩好不好. Unintentionally some more!

Here’s Chapter 24 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!

POBE Chapter 23

I was really tempted to throw in a “why male models” joke in this chapter, BUT. IT. NO. FIT.

Alright please ignore my lousy jokes.

Here’s Chapter 23 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!

YGMCT Chapter 10 (NSFW)

Well, the title of this chapter is Flute Appreciation.

I think you can guess how NSFW that is lol.

But here’s another NSFW warning just in case! This chapter is STILL NSFW.

Here’s Chapter 10 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!

This chapter has been edited by DancingDolphinsYo.

Hiatus Notice

I’m very sorry to announce that due to various reasons, I have to put all of my projects on hiatus for a period of time. If anyone is interested in picking up any of the projects please contact me with a sample of your translation. I would prefer people who has a solid grasp in both English and Chinese to work on them so as not to lose the nuance of the story. I might still release occasionally during this time, but I cannot promise a schedule or anything.


Again sorry about the sudden announcement. I will try my best to work things out.


—Momoe Pom