AWM Chapter 45

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Chapter 45



“Little Captain,” Bu Nana threw a program script to Yu Yang and smiled, “Next Saturday, the captains of these few teams need to participate in a program, you can take a look in advance.”


Yu Yang was in a trance. He took the papers that Bu Nana passed to him and folded them properly before placing them to the side.


Yu Yang took a deep breath before he suddenly realized that he was already the captain of HOG.


Bu Nana felt that Yu Yang’s state was not right and got close to him to look at his face before he questioned loudly, “Qi Zui went to your room last night?!”


Yu Yang: “…”


Qi Zui, who had just finished his physiotherapy session came upstairs. When he heard those words, he said mildly, “How did you know?”


Bu Nana gave Qi Zui a look of despise and returned to his seat.


Qi Zui walked to Yu Yang’s table and sat on it, smiling, “Don’t tell me that you’re regretting it. Didn’t we agree on it already?”


Yu Yang’s brain was a little slow today and only understood what Qi Zui was saying after a long while. He laughed dryly, “I’m… I’m not regretting anything.”


“Well, then what’s with your expression?” Qi Zui quickly held up Yu Yang’s chin and laughed lowly, “You’re not scared, right? Didn’t I already tell you that I won’t bully you, we can take our time…”


Yu Yang was stunned and subconsciously touched his chin, his ears slowly turning red.


Bu Nana who was hiding in the shadows jumped out and cursed, “Shameless! Teasing our captain in the training room! Our Captain is about to make an appearance and participate in a program, in the future, he’ll be able to hold up on his own. Don’t touch him in front of other people! Don’t you know that we have to cultivate the prestige of our new captain?!”


Qi Zui was extremely annoyed, “Who’s doing it in front of others? Don’t you know how to not look?”


Bu Nana was in a good mood today and insisted on fighting with Qi Zui, “Can’t I look? Is the team yours?”


Qi Zui smiled, “Eh, you better remember that sentence you just said.”


Bu Nana harrumphed and sat back down to join the solo queue.


Qi Zui lowered his head and noticed Yu Yang’s expression. He realized that he was fine and lowered his voice, laughing as he said, “You’re doing well, cutie, you’re even alright with people lifting your chin now?”


Yu Yang was embarrassed and said, “We’re in the training room, don’t…”


“Don’t affect the prestige of the new captain, I understand,” Qi Zui smiled and stood up to return to his seat.


Yu Yang took a deep breath and picked up his cigarette box and a lighter, walking out of the training room.


He would go out to smoke whenever he was tired. Everyone was used to it and no one paid attention to it.


On the balcony on the third floor, Yu Yang was looking through the messages that Xu Dawei sent him.


[Yu Yang, it’s you, right? Even if you’re doing well now, don’t ignore your Dad.]


[I spent quite a lot of money to get your phone number. There isn’t any problem with that, I’ve asked people, so stop pretending.]


[I heard that you make tens of millions of RMB a year now? Your Dad, your Mom, and your younger brother are still suffering.]


[I helped to maintain your Mom and raise your younger brother.]


[You aren’t replying? It’s definitely you then.]


[Aren’t you scared that I’ll tell everyone? You’re earning so much money but you make your father and your mother starve at home.]


Yu Yang looked at his phone silently… This scumbag thought he did not know about their divorce.


Xu Dawei continued to send harassing messages.


[I’ve reached Shanghai, I don’t have the money for the travel back home! If you give me no way out, I’ll find out where you stay and look for you.]


[Anyway, I don’t care about my reputation, but what about you? You’re a reputable person now, you probably don’t want people to know about us, right?]


Yu Yang’s eyes turned cold.


[Everyone will know then that you earn so much money but you don’t take care of your parents.]


[Are you scared? Anyway, I’m in Shanghai now, I can look for you.]


Yu Yang lit a cigarette.


That scumbag knew what he cared about the most.


If he could, Yu Yang hoped that Qi Zui would never know about his messy past.


Yu Yang did not need Qi Zui’s pity.


Yu Yang did not want something he could deal with on his own to affect anyone.


[I don’t have enough money for my travel expenses back. If you give me money, as long as it’s enough, I’ll leave. I’m not doing this for myself, I’m doing it for your mom and your younger brother to have money to spend.]


Yu Yang looked at his phone quietly, swallowing a mouthful of acrid smoke.


There was nothing he could not tolerate.


Yu Yang typed: How much do you want?


Xu Dawei: Hahahaha, I knew that it was you. I heard that you earn tens of millions a year now?


Yu Yang: Dream on.


Xu Dawei: I don’t care, it’s fine, I don’t want too much anyway. For now, you must give me ten or twenty thousand first to give me a place to live.


Yu Yang breathed the smoke in harshly, extinguishing the cigarette on the edge of the flower bed.


Yu Yang: I only have fifty thousand on hand now.


Xu Dawei: Hahahaha alright, you can just send me any amount. Fine, you can transfer me that amount first, I’ll slowly settle accounts with you for the other things later on, hahahahaha.


Yu Yang: Account number.


Yu Yang: Are you sure that after I give you money, you won’t expose me?


Xu Dawei: Hahaha, I said that you’ll have to wait till I’m satisfied.


Yu Yang: After you’re satisfied you’ll shut up and not slander me, right?


Xu Dawei: Yes. Transfer me the money first, I sent you my account number.


Yu Yang directly transferred fifty thousand over.


Xu Dawei: Good that you’re wise enough. I’ll stay here first, but there’s one thing you need to know. These few years, your mom and your younger brother spent quite a lot of my money, this amount is not enough.


Yu Yang looked at his phone coldly, thinking in his heart, I know.


He did not know who Xu Dawei got the information from, but Xu Dawei insisted that his salary was tens of millions of RMB a year, how could he be satisfied so easily?


Yu Yang logged onto his bank account on his phone, calculating how much money he had.


The money he could use right now was around eight hundred thousand.


Yu Yang was quiet for a moment. He did not feel that this was enough for that old scumbag to be satisfied.


Sure enough, Xu Dawei contacted Yu Yang again the next day.


Yu Yang was eating and when he saw the message, he almost puked in disgust.


Xu Dawei sent a photo, and in the photo was the location of HOG’s base on the map.


Yu Yang forced himself to finish his food and went upstairs to call Xu Dawei.


In the phone call, Xu Dawei said that Yu Yang’s mother was sick and needed money, that he was going to come over to get money from Yu Yang.


Yu Yang transferred him two hundred thousand at one go before he finally agreed to not come to the base.


On the second day, Xu Dawei took another two hundred thousand from him.


Based on how things were going, Yu Yang was about to run out of money.


After the training at night ended, Bu Nana kept talking about wanting to order supper. Yu Yang would always train for an extra hour and Bu Nana was scared that he did not have the time to order supper, so he came over to ask Yu Yang what he wanted to eat so that Bu Nana could order supper for him as well.


Yu Yang looked at Bu Nana’s smiling face and remembered the threatening message Xu Dawei sent him in the morning.


[If you don’t give me money, I’ll have your current friends know what kind of person you were in the past!]


Yu Yang lowered his gaze and said in a low voice, “I’m not hungry, it’s fine.”


“Are you joking? We’re still young, if we eat one meal less, we could grow one centimeter less,” Bu Nana never ill-treated himself and could not stand Yu Yang not eating supper. He urged, “Tell me now, it’s my treat.”


Yu Yang was helpless, “Stir-fried rice noodles.”


“Alright, with a fruit salad and a cup of milk tea, alright?” Bu Nana helped Yu Yang choose things that would complement what he ordered, “I’ll just order that. When the delivery is here, I’ll pass it to you.”


Bu Nana said as he walked away.


Yu Yang hesitated for a moment and followed him out.


Qi Zui had something on today and went out. He had just returned when he bumped into Yu Yang.


“Captain, I…” Yu Yang found it hard to say those words, “I have something I need to tell you…”


Qi Zui smiled and followed Yu Yang upstairs.


“Can you…” Yu Yang took a deep breath and suppressed the nauseous feeling in his heart, saying softly, “Lend me some money?”


“How much?” Qi Zui did not even stop to think, “Should I transfer it to the bank account you use for your salary?”


Yu Yang pursed his lips, enduring his humiliation, “A million… is that alright?”


Qi Zui was a little surprised but he instantly transferred the money anyway, “Did something catch your eye? How about I buy it for you? It might be cheaper than if you buy it yourself.”


Yu Yang shook his head, “There’s no need, I…I’ll return it to you in a few days.”


They were getting their pay and reward for the summer season in a few days, Qi Zui smiled, “As expected of the Captain, you’re rich.”


“I’m not…” Yu Yang was extremely embarrassed, leaving after he thanked Qi Zui.


At night, Yu Yang gave Xu Dawei a call.


After hanging up the phone, Yu Yang managed to break a towel just by biting it.


The next day, Yu Yang went to borrow money from Qi Zui again.


This time, Qi Zui did not lend it to him instantly.


“What’s the matter?” Qi Zui saw Yu Yang’s expression and did not feel at ease, “It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, but can you tell me more about it? What do you want to buy?”


Yu Yang lowered his head, no matter how he struggled, he could only say one thing, “I need the money…”


Qi Zui smiled helplessly.


Yu Yang’s condition was a little strange, and Qi Zui was worried.


He had even acted like a pervert yesterday and secretly entered Yu Yang’s room, taking a look at his rubbish bin.


There was nothing strange.


As long as he was not taking medicine, for other things, no matter how much money he wanted to spend, Qi Zui could satisfy him.


However, Yu Yang’s recent state was not right. Qi Zui did not want Yu Yang to misunderstand him and think that he could not bear to spend money, so he transferred him one million before he smiled and said, “That’s all the cash I can use right now, can you tell me? What do you want?”


Yu Yang held Qi Zui’s hand, haggard, before he said in a low voice, “It’s about… it’s about enough, everything is fine now.”


Qi Zui frowned slightly.


Yu Yang did not want to talk about it anymore and turned around to leave when Qi Zui stopped him.


“I’ve been distracted these few days…” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang and said softly, “I won’t stop you, can you tell me what you want to do? We…”


Qi Zui smiled gently, “Didn’t we reconcile already?”


Yu Yang’s eyes turned red.


Why was Qi Zui such a good person?


“Don’t ask me about it now…” Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui pleadingly, “In the future…”


“It’s fine, it’s fine,” Qi Zui took a slight step back, not giving Yu Yang any more pressure, “But you must promise me one thing. Don’t leave the base these few days, alright?”


Yu Yang hesitated.


“If you must leave, tell me, I’ll drive you there,” Qi Zui said solemnly, “This request is not too much, right?”


Yu Yang hesitated for a moment and nodded.


Qi Zui felt slightly more at ease. Spending money was fine, anyway, if he can’t go out, what trouble can he get into?


Yu Yang could not borrow any more money from Qi Zui. He thought about it, then went to look for Bu Nana and Lao Kai separately. He did not even let Xin Ba off.


Yu Yang did not borrow much and only wanted cash.


Out of these few people, Xin Ba had the most money, when added up together, it had yet to reach a hundred thousand RMB.


The good thing was that everyone thought that Yu Yang was preparing a surprise for Qi Zui. They did not think more of it and no one told Qi Zui.


Yu Yang told Xu Dawei that he really had no more money and only had a bit of cash left. Xu Dawei agreed to take away that amount of money and would no longer threaten Yu Yang.


In the morning, Yu Yang looked at the hundred thousand in cash and could not sleep the whole night.


This was almost the end.


The truth was, since Yu Yang escaped from his home, he had dreamed of what the situation would be like if Xu Dawei found him in the future.


He might be held in place and beat up.


He might be stopped for money.


He could be threatened for money with his mother’s safety.


No matter what sort of situation it was, the ending in his imagination was always a knife.


Just like what he dreamed of when he was young, Yu Yang would use a knife to stab Xu Dawei to death.


In the call, Yu Yang and Xu Dawei had finished their discussion. Xu Dawei would come to the base tomorrow and Yu Yang would pass the last hundred thousand RMB to him.


Qi Zui did not let Yu Yang leave the base, and Yu Yang could only do that.


If he could, he did not want to dirty the floor of the base as well.


Yu Yang picked up a baseball bat and rubbed it gently.


This was a gift that Bu Nana gave to him before. When Bu Nana gave it to him, Lao Kai was still joking, saying that this could be a murder weapon.


On Yu Yang’s table, there was a pile of money in the middle. To the left of the money was his phone and to the right of the money was that baseball bet.


Yu Yang looked at those three things for the whole night.


At eight, everyone in the base was still sleeping deeply. Yu Yang made two phone calls and packed up the money, then went out.


The baseball bat was thrown on the table.


Xu Dawei could not enter the base, he was squatted outside the residential area and was extending his neck to peek in.


Yu Yang looked at him indifferently and walked over.


Xu Dawei’s eyes shone looking at the item in Yu Yang’s hand. He looked Yu Yang up and down a few times, smiling horribly, “You look like you’re doing well now…”


Yu Yang passed the money in his hands to him.


Xu Dawei was busy counting money.


“Do you know…” Yu Yang was quiet for a moment before he said, “That extortion is a crime?”


Xu Dawei was anxiously counting money and did not manage to hear what Yu Yang said. He lifted his head numbly, “What did you say?”


“Thankfully, I managed to attend one year of high school, so I learned a bit…” Yu Yang said mildly, “I know that this crime has different levels of it1.”


“A thousand to three thousand is a small crime, there won’t be much of a sentence.”


“Ten thousand to thirty thousand can have a sentence of a few years.”


Xu Dawei’s fingertips stopped moving and suddenly raised his head.


Yu Yang looked directly at Xu Dawei and asked, “Do you know why I transferred fifty thousand to you the first time?”


Xu Dawei suddenly felt a little flustered.


“Thirty thousand and above, you will get sentenced for ten years,” Yu Yang paused between each word, “There is no upper limit.”


Xu Dawei grasped the money in his hand, a sudden chill in his heart. He instinctively looked to the right and left, his voice trembling, “You little rascal…”


“It’s almost three million, take a guess, will you be in prison for the rest of your life?”


Xu Dawei instinctively wanted to run, and Yu Yang instantly grabbed his collar. Yu Yang gritted his teeth, “You’re scolding me? Do you think that these few days, I2 was truly scared of you?! Do you think that I’m so crazy that I would give you so much money?! Huh?!”


Yu Yang kicked Xu Dawei’s knee harshly, Xu Dawei yelled out loudly in pain, trying his best to struggle, wanting to beat Yu Yang up like he had multiple years ago. However, he panicked after struggling for a moment…


He could not beat Yu Yang in a fight at all.


Yu Yang forced Xu Dawei to kneel on the ground, harshly grabbing onto his neck. Yu Yang’s eyes turned red and he said fiercely through his teeth, “You dared to look for me? You should be thankful that I didn’t try to look for you! Do you know how much I want to kill you?! I wanted to fight you from the very first message you sent me!”


Yu Yang’s fingers were trembling. He did not know if he was saying such words for Xu Dawei or himself, “But the reason I’ve made it to this day is not for me to end myself with you.”


Yu Yang left home when he was twelve years old, every step was full of difficulty. Only he knew how hard it was for him to reach the achievements he had today, if it were just that, it would be fine, the most important thing was…


Yu Yang glanced at the team symbol on his team uniform. He felt his throat tighten as he tried his best to control himself to not strangle this scumbag.


HOG needed him, Qi Zui needed him.


Such a good team, such a good Qi Zui…


Yu Yang fiercely pressed on Xu Dawei, he was short of breath, “You’re not worthy…”


Xu Dawei struggled hard and said angrily, “You rascal! You set a trap to trick me? Do you think I’m scared of you?! Don’t forget that your mom is still at my…”


“Stop being delusional!”


Yu Yang had his mother get a divorce a long time ago. It was not only for him to fulfill his filial duty, but it was also because he did not want to be threatened over this in the future, he did not expect that he had predicted it correctly…


“You want to force me even now?!” Yu Yang was completely angered by Xu Dawei, he forcefully grasped Xu Dawei’s neck, and looking at how the veins in Xu Dawei’s face was popping up, he still did not loosen his grasp, his eyes turning red. “My mother and I depended on each other and she had treated me so well before, she had treated me so well before… We could have continued living together properly, it’s fine that we were poor, I was already used to being poor, it’s all because of you, it’s all because you cheated her, it’s all because of you… I should have brought that bat out, I…”


Xu Dawei’s eyes started to pop out and his body started to tremble, his eyes rolling upwards…




“It’s alright…”


Yu Yang was hugged by someone.


Yu Yang was dazed as he fell into a warm and strong embrace.


Yu Yang vaguely felt that he was dreaming.


In the dream, Qi Zui was hugging him, stopping him, not letting him do stupid things in a fit of anger.


Qi Zui used all his force to separate the two of them, Qi Zui stepped on Xu Dawei’s chest with his foot, kicking the person away. Xu Dawei almost had his breath knocked out of him by Qi Zui. He gasped for air, lying on the floor and constantly twitching.


Qi Zui hugged Yu Yang from the back, continuously saying, “Sh… Sh…”


Yu Yang’s whole body was trembling, cold sweat constantly coming out.


“It’s fine, I was the one who hit him, I was the one who did everything, I was doing it in self-defense…” The police sirens sounded from a distance away. Qi Zui turned his head to the side, lightly kissing Yu Yang’s cheek, continuously comforting him, “It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright…”


He did not know when, but everyone in the HOG team had rushed out, wearing their pajamas.


“It’s alright, it’s alright…” Qi Zui pulled Yu Yang into his embrace, saying in a low voice, “You did well, you did very well, don’t worry, I will make sure you don’t ever have to see him again.”


Yu Yang’s eyes gradually focused.


Yu Yang took a deep deep deep breath.


Yu Yang turned his head to look at Qi Zui who was tightly hugging him. From the corner of his eye, he could see that Lai Hua had rolled up his sleeves to show his colorful arms3, his expression fierce. Bu Nana held a baseball bat in his hand and scolded loudly as he rushed over. Lao Kai and Xin Ba were both holding things in his hand, and He Xiaoxu was not even wearing shoes, a fruit knife in his hand as he looked at Xu Dawei cautiously.


The police finally arrived.


Yu Yang closed his eyes, leaning on Qi Zui’s body like he had lost all strength in his body.


In front of him was Xu Dawei, who was struggling as he was handcuffed, and behind him was the whole of HOG.


The justice that was seven years late had finally been served this time.


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