CFSB Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — The Official Spouse Appears (Part 1)

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The next morning, Yun Jinshu was woken up by an ear-piercing ringing. Groggily, he rolled over and pulled his blanket over his head, about to head back to sleep. However, his phone still continued ringing incessantly.


Scratching at his head in resignation, he wondered why did Han Jiang not react at all when the phone was so loud. In the end, when he sat up, he discovered that there was no sign of Han Jiang in the room at all.


Yun Jinshu sat on the bed dazedly. He then remembered, yesterday, Han Jiang must have definitely seen the message left by that “Winter’s Fisherman”. As such, early in the morning, he had probably left the house eagerly for the date.


Fine, he should not have held any hopes that Han Jiang would stay next to him properly.


Pursing his lips in resignation, Yun Jinshu pushed the blanket away. He found his noisy phone in a pile of clothes, and was immediately delighted upon seeing who was calling.


“Hey, Big-shot Zhao. Why would you think of contacting me so early in the morning?”


On the other end of the phone conversation, Zhao Hanchan choked violently when he heard those words. Yun Jinshu, this little fellow, completely had no self-awareness of being an artiste at all.


“It’s already ten, and you think it’s early in the morning?! If you’re willing to live uselessly, relying on Han Jiang, then take it as if I’ve never called!”


Yun Jinshu knew Zhao Hanchuan’s stubborn temper had been aroused again. He hurriedly softened his words before Zhao Hanchuan hung up on him, “Ah, don’t do that! Big-shot Zhao, you’re really too serious, and you don’t have the least bit of humour in you. I just haven’t had enough fun with being the ‘mysterious newcomer’, that’s it. Actually, as long as you give me a call, I’ll accept all projects.”


Zhao Hanchuan snorted contemptuously, “Work is work, don’t try and flatter me! I’m on my way now, I’ll give you ten minutes to tidy yourself up into the form of a human. Ten minutes later, I’ll be at the entrance of Jade Villa waiting for you.”


“Hey hey, wait a minute. You have to at least tell me what’s going on, right?”


“Your opportunity has arrived, I’ve made an appointment with a director for a new movie. If I don’t see you in ten minutes, you can just get the hell out of Starbright!”


Zhao Hanchuan’s tone was very icy, and he immediately hung up when he finished speaking. Yun Jinshu fell into a daze for a moment, then looked down at what he was wearing, and nearly cried.


As he had been staying at home for a number of days, his hair was currently like a bird’s nest. He was still dressed in loose, baggy pyjamas, and there were two large dark circles around his eyes. He looked entirely sloppy and slovenly.


If he met the director like this, he would definitely have completely no chance at all. However, to make himself look decent, how was ten minutes enough?!


Ten minutes later, as mentioned, Zhao Hanchuan sounded the horn of his car outside the villa. Without having to wait too long, Yun Jinshu came out. Zhao Hanchuan was nearly on the verge of breakdown when he saw him.


A Doraemon T-shirt, a yellow jacket and blue jeans, and on his head was an orange baseball cap. He looked just like a living colour palette, so garish that one could not bear to look at him directly.


“You’re going to wear this to meet the director?”


Yun Jinshu nodded, a little embarrassed. “Actually, I feel that… dressing like this isn’t too bad. Look at how youthful and lively I am.”


The reason why he was dressed like this was completely because he did not have many clothes in Han Jiang’s place, and the few decent outfits he had were sent to the dry cleaners by the butler, leaving him only this option.


Zhao Hanchuan rolled his eyes, pointing at the baseball cap on his head. “Then what about this? You’re no longer a teenager, why are you still trying to act youthful? Hurry up and take that off, I cannot afford this embarrassment.”


He yanked off the baseball cap, and his face darkened completely seeing the bird’s nest on Yun Jinshu’s head.


Unable to stop himself, Yun Jinshu laughed. Zhao Hanchuan glared fiercely at him and placed the cap back on his head. “If not for the lack of time, I’ll definitely shave you bald. It’ll still be better than what you look like now!”


“Get in the car.”


Yun Jinshu stuck his tongue out, opening the door and obediently got into the car. However, before he could seat himself properly, the car sped out, leaving a trail of dust in its wake.


Sitting in a private room of Heyun Teahouse, Yun Jinshu yawned tiredly, supporting his head on his hand and nearly dozing off.


He was really too sleepy. Last night, because of the MSN message from the official spouse, he barely slept at all. Looking at Han Jiang who was sleeping deeply next to him, he also did not dare to turn over. Finally, he managed to fall asleep around dawn, and was then woken up by Zhao Hanchuan’s deadly incessant calls. Now, they had rushed over to the teahouse, but there was no sign of the director at all.


“Big-shot Zhao, who is this director? Come, tell me more about him so that I can learn.”


With a frosty expression, Zhao Hanchuan raised his teacup and took a drink. He said steadily, “He’s not a famous director. Even if I were to tell you about him, you may not know him as well.”


A smile curled around Yun Jinshu’s lips. A currently unknown director did not mean that he would still be unknown in the future. He had been in the entertainment industry for five years, and he knew quite a number of directors who became famous in 2008. For all he knew, the director he would be meeting today might even be someone he knew in the past.


“A director whom you can think highly of and even arrange for a meeting with, even if he’s not famous, he should be quite a good one, isn’t he?”


Zhao Hanchuan’s lips quirked up, not denying it. “You’ll know when you see him. Also, if not for his family refusing to let him act, I would definitely have signed him on. He’s much more pleasing to the eye than you are.”


Yun Jinshu burst out laughing. He was no longer surprised by Zhao Hanchuan’s poisonous tongue. Every time he saw his poker face, he could not help but want to tease him.


“Yo~ does this mean that Big-shot Zhao even wants to sign this person with underhand methods? Then I’ll have to open my eyes wide later to see if he’s more handsome, or I am.”


Zhao Hanchuan swept Yun Jinshu a scornful gaze. “You? Why don’t you go take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you’re like?”


Yun Jinshu laughed. Having drank numerous cups of longjing tea, his bladder was starting to complain now. “Alright, I’ll go to the washroom to look at the mirror right now, and comfort my poor little injured soul.”


Zhao Hanchuan watched him go, and only then did his icy expression melt into a smile. There had never been anyone like Yun Jinshu who would audaciously say such nonsense in front of him, but even with such an irritating personality, he surprisingly liked it.


Yun Jinshu dealt with his bodily needs, and was in no hurry to return to the private room. Taking out his phone, he texted Han Jiang, “Auntie Zhang is on leave today, so I’ll be preparing that bowl of soup noodles tonight. Would you be coming back to eat?”


The message had been sent out, but no reply came even after a long time. Yun Jinshu thought that he should have guessed that as Han Jiang was now with his official partner, how could he have the time to bother with him? However, he could not help but debase himself and try, and in the end, all he did was eat dirt.


Yun Jinshu smiled self-mockingly and tucked his phone back into his pocket. Walking along the corridor surrounded by glass windows, he headed back to the private room. A black lotus happened to stop outside at this time, and the car looked identical to Han Jiang’s. Due to it being a limited edition, there were not many in the country, and so Yun Jinshu could not help but stop and look.


Right at this moment, a young man got out of the car, a camera slung around his neck. He waved at the person inside and ran hurriedly into the teahouse. Only when the young man vanished into the building did the black lotus slowly drive away.


With no more entertainment, Yun Jinshu returned to the room, his hands in his pockets. In the end, before his butt could even land on the chair, the door to the room opened again. A panting young man came running in, the one who got out of the black lotus.


This person had a baby face. He was not tall, his black eyes big and bright. As he had ran here urgently, his face was slightly flushed. Looking just like a university student, he wiped off the sweat on his brows, smiling and revealing two dimples.


“Sorry, sorry. Please excuse me for being late.”


Yun Jinshu cocked a brow in astonishment, while Zhao Hanchuan had already stepped forward and welcomed him in. “Director Wen, there’s no need to stand on courtesy. We’re already honoured that you came, please, have a seat.”


“Zhao-laoshi, just call me Xiao Wen. Don’t use Director Wen please, I don’t deserve that status.” The young man smiled embarrassedly, and when he saw Yun Jinshu, he was delighted. “Eh? This is the actor you’ve mentioned the last time?”


Zhao Hanchuan smiled and nodded, patting Yun Jinshu’s shoulder. “Jinshu, this is the director I spoke to you about, Wen Zeyun.”


Hearing this name, Yun Jinshu suddenly felt panic well within him. He did not know why, but out of courtesy, he stood up and held his hand out, “Hello, Director Wen. I’m Yun Jinshu, a newcomer of Starbright. Please guide me along.”


“Yun Jinshu?” The young man froze upon hearing the name, then smiled, his charming black eyes curving into crescents. “So it turns out you’re Yun Jinshu. Han Jiang has mentioned you before.”

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