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Chapter 7 — It’s Tough to Be a Newbie

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When Han Jiang was about to head downstairs after the phone call, he happened to see Yun Jinshu in the corner of the corridor, already dressed.

The clothes he had gotten the butler to prepare for Yun Jinshu surprisingly suited him. The light colours complemented Yun Jinshu’s fair skin very well, and he looked especially smart and handsome. A man like him truly had the quality of being a star.

Yun Jinshu had long noticed Han Jiang after opening the door to the bedroom. He had already recovered from his downtrodden mood at the dining table, and he was now able to walk up to him with a smile.

“Just now, at the dining table, I thought you probably had something important to do, so I went to inform the butler on my own accord. Later on, you can just go handle your work, there’s no need to specially make a trip to Starbright with me.

The corners of Han Jiang’s lips curved up. Previously, he was still wondering how to tactfully cancel this appointment with Yun Jinshu. But now that Yun Jinshu had thoughtfully given him an exit, he was even more satisfied with this little lover that he was supporting.

Self-controlled, courteous, and most importantly, obedient enough. As expected, he did not make the wrong choice.

“Apologies. This time, I’ve gone back on my word. Later on, I’ll arrange for the chauffeur to send you there. I’ve already informed Starbright, don’t worry about that.”

Yun Jinshu smiled. “Shouldn’t you be the one to not worry? Also, Ii’m not a child, there’s no need for you to personally take me there. Your ‘work’ is more important.”

Han Jiang curved his hand around Yun Jinshu’s neck, pressing a light kiss to his forehead. “Then I’ll go first. I’ll probably be busy till very late, and so I won’t be coming back tonight. Remember to eat properly.”

“Mn.” Yun Jinshu responded. Just like how he did countless times in the past, he reached out and straightened Han Jiang’s tie. Only until he saw him walk down the stairs, exiting through the front door, and hearing the sound of a car leaving, did Yun Jinshu’s body relax.

He would probably be busy till very late, and so he would not be coming back tonight?

Hah, this lie sounds so smooth. I wonder how many people he has practiced it on.

Han Jiang was truly too busy. He was so busy that after answering that call, he left in extreme hurry, even tossing away his usual composedness and steady bearing. As expected, he would only become so eager and passionate when facing someone he really cared about.

“Mr. Yun, the car is ready for you.”

The old butler’s voice interrupted Yun Jinshu’s thoughts. He turned and glanced at him, nodding.

In the past five years, he had never felt an issue with this old butler, as he had always been very polite and distant with him. Now, once again seeing this elderly man who had been in service to the Han family for nearly thirty years, he finally understood something.

This attitude of his did not mean that the butler had an aloof personality, but that he was treating him as an outsider. Maybe because of that relationship between him and Han Jiang that was not fit to be seen, the butler had no choice but to address him as “mister”. However, in actual fact, the butler despised him.

“I’ve troubled you. I’ll leave once I grab the jacket from the room.”

With distant politeness, the butler bowed slightly. “The young master had arranged for the meeting with Starbright for 10.30 in the morning. Mr. Yun had best hurry.”

He did not take the initiative to suggest that he would collect the jacket for Yun Jinshu, but instead he seemed worried that Yun Jinshu would embarrass Han Jiang. Yun Jinshu could neither laugh nor cry. Even the butler looked down on him, so exactly how unwelcomed was he?

Casually smiling, he had no intentions of fussing over this with the old man. “Don’t worry, I’m even more afraid than you about being late.”


In the car, Yun Jinshu thought about many things. He felt so regretful that he really wanted to give himself two tight slaps.

He had clearly been sitting so close to Han Jiang while eating breakfast. Why did he not look at the screen when that mysterious call came in?

He knew that the person calling was definitely that mystery lover Han Jiang was so carefully protecting. Although he did not manage to hear this person’s voice at all, his self-awareness was too apparent, and he was completely unable to deceive himself.

Despite having never seen through Han Jiang entirely, he had still been with him for five years. From Han Jiang’s every action, he could still get a clue. The happiness on Han Jiang’s face was too glaring, and it made him, the “kept” lover, ashamed.

With the “empress” calling for a spotcheck, as the shameless male mistress, Yun Jinshu was immediately banished into the “Cold Palace”. The “emperor” had a huge harem, but this person had to be the only one for him, and he was completely infatuated with him.

He could not help but have <The Legend of Zhen Huan> play in his head. Yun Jinshu immediately broke out into goosebumps from his own imagination. He must have acted in too many idol dramas, and his intelligence had been affected.

While Yun Jinshu was amused by his own fantasies, the chauffeur had already driven him to his destination. Yun Jinshu got rid of those nonsense in his head, calming himself down before exiting the car. Looking at the building of Starbright, he told himself.

Yun Jinshu, this is an opportunity God has given you. Where you fell will be where you climb up from again. In this life, you must find your own path.

Entering the doors to Starbright, the lady at the front desk immediately led him into the VIP passage after hearing Han Jiang’s name. Taking the exclusive lift, he headed straight up to the top floor.

Sitting in that luxurious lounge, Yun Jinshu’s heart pounded fiercely. Although he had been extremely outstanding in his past life, it was all due to Han Jiang’s support. Now that he was starting from zero, he did not need anyone’s help, including Han Jiang. He wanted to rely on his own effort, to prove that he had the capability and right to remain in Starbright.

It had been very long since he was so inspired. All his passion and eagerness for the future that he had exhausted on Han Jiang in his past life seemed to have returned at this moment. Yun Jinshu suddenly was filled with anticipation for the future, and he was no longer just stuck in seeking the truth of the past.


The door to the lounge opened. Yun Jinshu stood up, wanting to greet him. Seeing a tall man walking in, he was slightly taken aback, feeling somewhat astonished.

How come it was… him?

The man glanced at him, heading over with an icy expression. He waved at Yun Jinshu, “Take a seat.”

Yun Jinshu broke out in sweat. This person was really as cold as how the legend depicted him. Even speaking one more word was extraneous.

After taking a seat as well, the man stared at him with focus for quite some time. Yun Jinshu finally could not bear the pressure, and spoke first. “Mr. Zhao, I did not imagine that you would be the one seeing me today. To tell the truth, I’m very surprised.”

With long, narrow eyes, that man looked at him. “You know me?”

Yun Jinshu smiled slightly. “Zhao Hanchuan, the great Manager Zhao. Even though I’m only a newbie, I’ve also heard about your illustrious reputation.”

Zhao Hanchuan’s brows knitted slightly, and he eyed Yun Jinshu from head to toe. He could not help but feel curious. This was the first newbie that remained so calm and composed, without any fawning or flattery after seeing him.

“There’s no need to address me like this. Your background is even more impressive than mine, there’s no way I can accept this illustrious label.”

Yun Jinshu could infer the sarcasm in his words, but he still kept smiling, and he was not angry.

Actually, Zhao Hanchuan was being modest. In 2008, he had already been called the “Hand of God”. Any artiste under him, they had all become a huge star. Five years later, he was a legend in the entertainment world, and people said that he had a pair of eyes that were extremely good at reading people.

It was just that this person was rather picky, with a strange temper, and he rarely signed any artistes with him. In the past, Yun Jinshu did manage to meet him before. He did not imagine that he would be able to see him at Starbright this time, and he was delightfully surprised.

“Mr. Zhao, I know you probably have some misconceptions about me. However, I’m here today to sincerely discuss signing a contract with Starbright, and I’m not here to compare whose background is more impressive.”

Yun Jinshu was smiling as he said this, and he even made a joke at the end. Zhao Hanchuan was slightly taken aback. He did not think that not only did this little newbie not hide the fact that he had entered the company through an unsavoury route, he had even silently admitted to it as though it could not be any more natural. Even his voice was so relaxed, and there was no trace of nervousness as a newbie.

Hah, this is starting to get a little interesting.

Zhao Hanchuan again studied Yun Jinshu. “Although I don’t know who’s the person behind you, since the old president has asked me to come look for you, then, I’m still the one who decides if you can enter Starbright. Come with me.”

Yun Jinshu did not ask him where they were going. In any case, he had faith in Zhao Hanchuan’s standards. At the moment, not only was he not scared, he was even vaguely excited.

Although Zhao Hanchuan’s temper was strange, to be able to engage with such an outstanding person, how was it not something to be savoured?

This was a classroom, and in the center was a small stage. The four walls were covered with mirrors, and it looked like one of Starbright’s practice rooms.

Zhao Hanchuan could not even be bothered to introduce anything. He casually grabbed a chair and took a seat, pointing at the stage. “Starbright does not accept any person who only looks good, and it would never accept a young master who is very arrogant just because he thinks he has an impressive background. Go up and act something out for me, and give me a reason to keep you.”

Yun Jinshu raised his brow. He found Zhao Hanchuan’s attitude very interesting. Although he was so mean, he was surprisingly to his taste.

Yun Jinshu removed that slim fitting coffee-coloured jacket Han Jiang had prepared for him. Left in a white shirt, he walked up the stage and smiled. “Mr. Zhao, although good actors can get into their roles at any time in any place, performing like this, isn’t it so boring and dry? Why don’t we do it another way?”

Zhao Hanchuan frowned, not understanding what sort of trick he wanted to play. “What do you want?”

“Oh, dancing before lunch is good for increasing appetite.

Zhao Hanchuan was amused, but his sharp eyes narrowed. “What I need is a person who can act, not someone who can perform on the streets for a couple of dollars.”

“Then Mr. Zhao, please give me a two dollar tip after watching this.” With a bright smile, Yun Jinshu’s dimple on his left cheek was revealed.

Zhao Hanchuan was very proud of the fact that he had met countless people, but he had never seen anyone as easygoing as Yun Jinshu. With just a bit of sunlight, he shone so brightly, and he was not nervous at all.

He clearly was a boy so pretty that he looked a little too sharp, but when he smiled, he felt just like a boy next door. With the increase in his warmth and friendliness, he truly was the type that girls would like.

“Ok, you can dance. But if it’s too awful, I won’t even give you two dollars.” Zhao Hanchuan shrugged unconcernedly. “What style of dance are you good at? Ballet? Jazz dance? Or hip-hop?”

Yun Jinshu stroked his chin with a little embarrassed smile. “Actually, I only know a little. Just play any music, I’ll try and go along with it.”

Zhao Hanchuan shot him a disdainful look. The slight appreciation he had felt towards him had all completely vanished with what he said. A person who was not even sure of what he was best at, how would he be able to display the most perfect image of himself to the audience? This Yun Jinshu was truly only fit as for a decorative purpose.

He raised his hand, snapping his fingers at the full length window behind him. “Jason, give him some music.”

The stereo system of the room came alive, and a pulsing rhythm came from the speakers.

Yun Jinshu was a little surprised, but he soon understood. If he was not wrong, the mirrors in this room was all one-way. He could not see into the next room, but that room could watch every single bit of his actions.

Who knew how many were there watching his performance right now. He only had one chance to make Starbright and Zhao Hanchuan acknowledge his capability, and not just rely on Han Jiang.

The melody came in, and it was a passionate spanish tune. With a strong, exciting rhythm, the music was also exceedingly graceful. If he was a female, he could have danced the flamenco. However, it was evident that Yun Jinshu was not. This song was completely not suited for a man.

Zhao Hanchuan watched the motionless Yun Jinshu with amusement. He was ready for a good show, waiting for this person who relied on connections to vanish.

And when everyone had thought that he was going to give up, Yun Jinshu unexpectedly started dancing.

He slowly raised his arm, lying prone on the ground, panting. Dense drum beats pounded, as though they were the coming of the storm. Silence fell, and the atmosphere tensed up. Just at this moment—

The cello started playing. Yun Jinshu leapt up, staring intoxicatedly ahead as though his lover was in front of him. His white shirt swirled and flared along with his movements, fluttering deftly about like wings.

The clamorous drum beats began again, and the sound of the cello sped up. With his right foot as the axis, Yun Jinshu spun, spinning faster and faster.

Yun Jinshu’s dance was from the Hua Butterfly section in the musical of the Butterfly Lovers. Although there was only one Liang Shanbo on stage, those intense emotions in his eyes seemed as though his lover was standing right in front of him. His every move, his every glance was enough to dazzle everyone. Despite it being a spanish song, at this moment, it was like a Kunqu opera.

At the same time, Yun Jinshu suddenly recalled that night after the musical. Feeling an urge to try it, he borrowed the outfit, and danced this exact same section for Han Jiang. But before he could finish, Han Jiang could no longer endure it, and lunged towards him…

At that time, while pulling the belt off the outfit, Han Jiang laughed. “Jinshu, Liang Shanbo is exactly my type.”

The music stopped abruptly. Liang Shanbo returned to the ashes, but traces of satisfaction could be seen around the corners of his lips. Applause rang out, and Yun Jinshu was dragged back to reality.

When he was unaware, the door to the classroom had been opened. Standing at the entrance impressively, Han Jiang was clapping for him.

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