FOYO Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Fang Yuhang went to Ji Fan’s place. He always treated this place as his mental trash bin, coming here periodically to empty his rubbish.

Today, he was quiet. Asking him for the reason, Fang Yuhang tightened his lips and remained silent. Ji Fan had a bad feeling about this.

Fang Yuhang did not bring any clothes to change into, covering himself with a blanket, he huddled on the sofa. It was as though he was drunk, leaning on his side.

He slowly went through every memory he had with Nan Cheng. He had to remember all of them, then throw them all away!

Before he fell asleep, he thought about the place that Nan Cheng and him were staying in now. Although the house was not big, it was cozy. There was a room for books, another to rest in, and the living room was the holy ground for their cat. In winter, they would nestle together under a blanket, hugging their cat, and watch a television program as they sat on their sofa.

As it snowed outside, the house was filled with sweetness.

In his dreams, he saw Nan Cheng’s smiling face under the myrtle blossoms. That year, the myrtles were in bloom.

At that time, he had already been wooing Nan Cheng for a little more than five months.

That day, Nan Cheng had just finished his morning run, and Fang Yuhang then passed him a sports drink.

Opening the bottle, Nan Cheng raised it to his lips and started drinking. However, he might have put in slightly too much power in his actions, and a drop of the drink fell out, sliding down his chin to his throat. Glinting in the light like a diamond, the drop of liquid remained there, sparkling.

He could not pull his eyes away, and smiled foolishly at Nan Cheng.

Nan Cheng replaced the cap on the bottle and caressed his head.

He was a little emotional. Staring at Nan Cheng as he walked, he gave a silly chuckle. “Nan Cheng, why are you so handsome even when you’re only taking a drink!”


He had been too entranced, and walked into a metal post in the playground. Pressing against his injury, he even glanced at Nan Cheng happily. “You’re so handsome, you’ll really make me dizzy! Next time I won’t drive when I bring you out, I’ll definitely get into an accident…”

“You can still talk so much in this state.” Nan Cheng quickly pulled him behind a tree next to the track. The tree was big enough to provide a large shaded area.

“Lift your head up, let me take a look. Did you hit your eye?” Nan Cheng pulled his hand away and examined his face carefully.

There was a bump on the forehead, but his eyes were fine. Nan Cheng rubbed at his forehead, “Why are you so careless.”

Fang Yuhang smiled foolishly, thinking that it was worth it as Nan Cheng was now concerned over him. “If you could only treat me like this, I’m willing to knock my forehead a few more times.”

“If it’s like that, my heart would hurt.” Nan Cheng smiled.

These words sparked him. Fang Yuhang gripped his own sleeves, bracing himself, he asked, “Are you serious? You really will…”

Nan Cheng’s hand was still on his forehead. He pushed slightly, pressing him against the tree trunk.

“Nan, Nan Cheng… Oh…”

The heat of the early summer still had traces of spring in it. With only a few sentences,  their feelings rippled through them, entrapping them.

Nan Cheng’s face got closer to him. He heard Nan Cheng speaking lowly between his lips, “I really will.”

That was their first kiss, the mottled shadow of the tree fell upon them. In that moment, it was as though time stood still.

Hugging Nan Cheng was like hugging the world.

After awhile, he buried his face in his shoulder and panted lightly, not daring to lift his head up. Inarticulately, he spoke, “Nan Cheng, does, does this mean, we’re together?”

Nan Cheng laughed as he pinched his face, “If we’re not together, doesn’t this mean that I’m taking advantage of you? I’m not a hooligan.”

He wrung his hands, then gripped Nan Cheng’s clothes, feeling a sense of security that he had never felt before.

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