FOYO Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Fang Yuhang’s first time was after being together with Nan Cheng for six months.

Before it happened, he wondered daily about why Nan Cheng never did it with him. Was he not charming enough? Or did he actually not like him in the first place.

The thoughts twisted in his mind, even though he was frustrated by them, he still refused to speak to Nan Chang about it, afraid that Nan Cheng would think he was too thirsty. As such, Ji Fan became his vessel for complaints.

Ji Fan’s ears were aching from all this complaints. “Do you even fucking know how to do it? Only thinking about getting into his bed everyday!”

“Who says I don’t know! Isn’t it just like that!” Fan Yuhang was recalcitrant.

Ji Fan passed him a stack of DVDs. “Go back and watch them!”

Reaching home, Fang Yuhang randomly selected one to watch. When the video started playing, he hurriedly plugged in his earphones. Why was it like this between a male and a male?

His blush spread from his face to the tip of his ears. He did not dare to watch anymore, he felt a little grossed out!
Although a little disgusting, but if the other person was Nan Cheng, he would… he would… He thought about it, and believed that he would still be willing. However, he no longer dared to think about this matter in front of Nan Cheng. He was afraid that Nan Cheng had long knew about it and did not want to do it with him, as he also felt disgusted by it.

Still, this thing happened between the both of them. During the country’s National Day, Fang Yuhang and Nan Cheng went to Gucheng District located in Yunnan.

They had arranged for lodging with a homestay.
The style of the homestay was very similar to the feel of Gucheng. It was simple and warm, and the only issue was, there was only one bed.

Having been together for quite sometime, they were already used to hugging and various slightly more intimate contact.
He also did not try to be coy about it, after showering, he went onto the bed.

However, when Nan Cheng came out, he behaved differently from him.

The bed was against the wall, and Nan Cheng insisted on Fang Yuhang occupying the space closer to the wall.

Clutching onto the blanket, Fang Yuhang was reluctant. “I’m used to sleeping on this side. I may get up in the middle of the night, what if I disturb your sleep?”

Nan Cheng pushed him in. The two of them dawdled over it, and Fang Yuhang still ended up sleeping next to the wall.

Fang Yuhang crawled under the blanket, only exposing his face, and Nan Cheng went to turn off the lights.

The room fell into darkness. Slow and steady breathing could be heard from Nan Cheng.
However, he was unable to fall asleep.

Tossing and turning, he finally whispered. “Nan Cheng, are you asleep?”

Nan Cheng remained silent.

Fang Yuhang’s voice lowered some more. He mumbled, “I want to cuddle.”

As he finished his sentence, Nan Cheng’s arm fell across his chest.

He was extremely happy. Hugging the arm joyfully, he even rubbed his face against it.

The arm was not too honest. It pressed against his chest, undid the buttons of his top, and slid into it.

What happened next were all things that Fang Yuhang had never experienced before. Half an hour later, Nan Cheng had caused him to curl up against the wall, panting and shaking.

He finally understood why Nan Cheng insisted on him sleeping there already. If he slept on the other side of the bed, he might have just fallen onto the floor.

Before he could even recover his senses, Nan Cheng came onto him again. Without giving him a way of retreat, he pushed him up against the wall.

As for what came after, Fang Yuhang really did not even dare to think about it anymore.

Two hours later, Fang Yuhang was completely exhausted, while Nan Cheng seemed very invigorated, as though he still wanted to go for another round.

Fang Yuhang pushed against him, “I, I can’t do it anymore. Let me rest, we’ll do it again later.”

Nan Cheng laughed, “Alright, I’ll bear with it for a little while. Just a little while, right?”

The second time, Fang Yuhang felt giddy with pleasure. The sweat dripped off his forehead, falling onto Nan Cheng’s body. “Did you, did you watch the videos? How… How…” How do you know so much? Fang Yuhang could not ask this question, it was a little embarrassing.

The next morning, both of them woke up very late. Fang Yuhang was out of energy. Showering, wearing his clothes and eating, all needed to be done with the assistance of Nan Cheng, as though he was disabled.

Fang Yuhang could no longer fully recall the memories of that night. His deepest impression of it was as though he was lying on a beach with the tide coming, as a warm wave after another fell upon him.
Nan Cheng asked him lovingly, “Is it painful?”
Leaning into Nan Cheng’s embrace, he bit his lips, “It doesn’t hurt.”

It was actually very painful, but he would gladly endure this pain. He hoped that Nan Cheng would only love him for his entire life, and only do this with him.

Fang Yuhang’s blissful dream lasted for six years, then it got smashed into smithereens by someone called Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu — Nan Cheng’s ex-boyfriend.

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