ISMM Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

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I never expected that there would be a day when the expression “open-and-shut” could be used on me.

— To describe the closet door.




No one knew what was going through my head just as the opened door was about to shut.

That was a magical scene.

A little whistling train carrying eighteen different tricks and seventy-two different transformations drove past spectacularly, knocking down a person called rationality, and even rolled over him again and again.

The little train was escorted by a motorcade on both sides. One was arranged in the number “1”, and the other was arranged as “0”1.

The scene was really too magnificent.

As for the current me, I felt as though I had entered a time of philosophy. My heart was calm like the surface of a lake, tranquil without any ripples.




As if!




Life was really too short—

If you close your eyes and never open them, your life would be over just like that.

Once the door of your closet opened, whether it would close or not, the person would never be able to return to where he came from.




I looked at Gu Yiliang flitting about in his house. He turned his computer on, downloaded the game, then brought another chair into the study, washed some fruits and prepared some drinks. He also called his friend to borrow an account—

— Rain was pouring down in my heart, the downpour even worse than the day Noble Lady Qi was beaten to death2, but the rain did not manage to fall on Gu Yiliang at all.

He finished up everything he could busy himself with — the only thing left undone was decorating his study like an internet cafe. Sitting down with his back straight in front of his computer, he opened his browser and searched a guide for League of Legends, his attitude even more solemn and serious than a teacher preparing a lesson plan.

During the entire process, he did not glance at me once.




No, on what grounds could he do that?!

Like a storm, he spirited me away, then he was setting off great waves, and now he was abandoning me?!

The two of us! It was too unfair! Love and hate! It was all under his control!

I weep with grief! My every word is dripping with blood!




Just now, the moment he looked at me, it was as though I heard the sound of the door locking. It was clear, pleasant-sounding, and pulled at my heartstrings.

Oh, my lock, so shiny and bright. (gesturing) It’s so small, so exquisitely good-looking. It had not even warmed up from the heat of my palm, and just like this, it had been snatched away by him and thrown into the sea!

Why is he so mean?!

No, I must ask for an explanation.

If not, before we can even start playing the game, my state of mind will already be half-broken.




Mixed emotions stirred my heart. I feigned casualness as I sat down next to him, then I progressively pulled him into a conversation. “…Why aren’t we playing DOTA?”

The moment I opened my mouth, his tense shoulders relaxed inexplicably. Looking at me with bright eyes, he even hurriedly answered, “Playing LOL is the same, they’re all MOBA games anyway. I want to play what you like to play. Don’t worry, I’ve played LOL a bit in the past before, and I’m not too bad at it—”

Why did Gu Yiliang seem afraid that I wouldn’t talk to him?

I gave him a strange look. “Oh… Alright then. Let’s play DOTA together next time, I’ll go learn about it.”

His eyes brightened even more, nodding his head like a puppy. “Mn mn!”




I kept feeling that something was strange about this.

Why did he say he wanted to play what I like? What did he mean by that? Would a straight guy say something like this? Even I would not be able to say it! Was he straight or not?!

Could a misunderstanding have occurred just now?

Thinking like this, my feelings became even more complicated. I carefully considered my words, cautiously probing, “Umm, if you have an opportunity, hmm, and you can, umm ascend to new peaks with me hand-in-hand, and we can work to a better future…”

Watching how Gu Yiliang’s expression gradually turned solemn, my heart shook, and I dragged out my words. “— What would you choose?”

The moment I finished asking, he immediately replied seriously. “Are we playing a ranked game? Then I’ll choose Kha’Zix, my Kha’Zix is at level 6.”




I had already adjusted my expression, ready to embrace him warmly. But now I was speechless, “………….”




I’m requesting to withdraw!

This withdrawal will be for the rest of my life!




My state of mind had collapsed, just like that of an avalanche, collapsing like an animation that did not have enough funding.

I looked at Gu Yiliang with unfocused eyes.

Gu Yiliang looked back at me, his eyes saying things like, “I’m so happy, you actually trust me enough to play a ranked game with you,” and “Quickly praise me, isn’t my answer perfect?”

He even dared to smile softly.




I suppressed my mental collapse and the twitching of my mouth, returning a soft smile to Gu Yiliang.

You just wait. I’m about to go to the dark side, I’m going to line my eyes with black and paint my lips red, I’m going to sit alone in a room and laugh wickedly while looking at a copper mirror, I’m going to cover half my face with a wide sleeve and then change my expression. There’s going to be no more light reflecting in my eyes anymore, and when I appear, a bizarre and impassioned BGM is going to accompany me.




The game finished updating, and we logged into our accounts. With the chime of the game client starting, we entered the game.

Smiling comfortably, we got ready to select our champions. We shared some interesting stories that had to do with playing games, and also talked about how we should act in tomorrow’s evening filming, as well as our upcoming schedules.

Gu Yiliang passed me some snacks that were next to him, and I passed him the drinks that were next to me. We exchanged a smile.

We were two people putting on a show of love and harmony between a couple.




While the game was loading, Gu Yiliang blinked his eyes at me, acting cute. “I haven’t played LOL in a very long time. If I don’t play well later, you won’t scold me, right?”

With a benign expression, I pinched his cheek lightly. “Don’t worry, I’m a buddha-like player.”

He smiled gently, patting my head.




12 minutes into the game.

Me: “Gu Yiliang I asked you to go to the middle the middle the middle do you not understand why are you poking around over there are you waiting for someone to send you to your death?!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang do you know how to use your skills can you move your delicate fingers is it very difficult to press the R key?! RRRRR!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang are you stupid why did you run there alone are you trying to fight ten people by yourself hurry up and come back!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang hurry up and join the group what are you doing in the forest are you taking a stroll looking at the scenery and selecting souvenirs or what?!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang if you still can’t shield me this round you can just go to the dragon alone and kill yourself to express your apology!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang I asked you to use your skill are you waiting for the new year to use it or what are your fingers stuck in a Chinese knot?!”

Me: “Gu Yiliang—”




Gu Yiliang: “… A buddha-like player?”

In the midst of the enemies, I sliced my way through like Zhao Yun3, gaining three kills and even rescuing a good-for-nothing teammate. Without being distracted, I answered, “Mn, the Buddha of Utterly Victorious in Battle4!”




My gaze was fierce, glaring at the opposition’s champions ferociously.

Ezreal. The E in his name sounds too much like Yi. Kill! Kill him resentfully! Kill him until he doesn’t dare to leave the fountain!

Master Yi. His name has a “Yi”. Kill! Chase after him and kill him! Kill him until he dare not enter the jungle!

Nunu and Willump. He looks super hardworking like a certain somebody. Kill! Kill him until he’s completely shattered and broken!5

Malzahar. He’s dressed in such a flamboyant, gayish purple. Kill! Kill him until he loses everything!

Jayce. He looks too much like a straight guy. Kill! Kill him until he scampers away like a frightened rat!

My fingers flew across the keyboard, tapping furiously at the mouse, and my eyes turned bloodshot with murderous rage.

See if you still flirt indiscriminately, see if you are Schrodinger’s heterosexual, see if you still “make me feel your love”, see if you still hold onto me and don’t let go, see if you still hem and haw, see if you still want to play a game, see if you still choose Kha’Zix, and a fucking level 6 Kha’Zix at that, see if you—




— We won.




Look at the scene of the opponents’ nexus exploding into crystal shards, I crushed the empty coke can in my hand. Relaxed and content, I quietened down and turned towards Gu Yiliang. “Shall we play another round?”

Gu Yiliang was momentarily silent. Carefully, he took the can from my hand. “… I’ll get you a new one.”



505.5 【Gu Yiliang’s Standby Diary — Section 4】

Sure enough, he was angry. If it was me, I would also feel embarrassed, then angry when faced with a situation like this.

I’m the one at fault. I didn’t prepare myself enough.

How should I do this properly? Paying the fare after taking the bus is wrong.

But he never gives me the opportunity to pay the fare…

Then again, actually, I don’t really want to — No, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t want to turn our relationship into a purely beneficial exchange.

Ai, before I can find the solution to this problem, I can only treat him better as compensation.




Gu Yiliang said he was going to get a can of coke. He probably went all the way to the Pacific Ocean to get it, since so much time had already passed.

Leaning back in the swivel chair, I tilted my head back to stare at the ceiling. Studying it from one end to the other, I was immersed in my thoughts.

— Did I go overboard just now?




I really could not understand what was going on with him. Sometimes he was so very cunning and crafty, yet at other times, he could not even compare to a paramecium.

Gu Yiliang was truly a good person — his only issue being that he was too good at flirting. He was even unaware of it, running away after flirting, leaving only a trail of dust behind him.

Thinking about how I ended up bouncing in and out of the closet after a paramecium flirted with me, I was filled with anger.

I sighed deeply.

Halfway through the sigh, I suddenly froze.


Was flirting a flaw?

When he flirted with me, I seemed to be… very happy?

Like a current shooting through, a light bulb lit up in my head. I touched my butt, ah no, I smacked my head—

It wasn’t as though I had lost anything in this scenario?




I slammed my fist into my palm.

If he wanted to flirt, just let him flirt. Why did I make it sound as though no one else knew how to flirt? If he flirted with me again, could I not just flirt back with him even more?

Come on, this mutual flirtation in a business capacity. For our fanservice of love, let’s be happy and enjoy it together!




My mind kept playing Happy Poker song in the background. Just as I was blissfully thinking about how I could flirt and take away all of Gu Yiliang’s happy beans, a cold can of coke pressed against my cheek. Reflexively, I looked at the computer screen. Gu Yiliang was standing behind me, his eyes curving along with his smile.

He’s here! I’m going to up my bet! I jolted, turned around and shouted, “Yeah!”




Him: “…?”

Me: “…”

Me: “… Y-yeah, I was wondering where I’ll be sleeping tonight yeah?”

Him: “Yeah, with me, yeah?”




What an expert! What a gambler! He’s basically Chow Yun-fat! I’ve lost this round!

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