LSR Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – What to Do, My Roommate Says He Wants to Do Me Now!!!!

On a dark and windy night, it was the first of May, Labour Day, Xiao Nian was unfortunately forced to be a team leader for his club event, it was a 2 day 1 night trip, he could not return to the dormitory for the night. Wei Ru Song mercilessly mocked Xiao Nian for being dragged into being a greeter, only to be nearly kissed to death by Xiao Nian, Wei Ru Song had no choice but to act nauseatingly cute and called Xiao Nian his husband before Xiao Nian let go of him. What was this, why did he not realise that Xiao Nian was a big pervert in disguise? But Wei Ru Song could also understand, previously he had also wanted his cute and lively and understanding girlfriend to sweetly call him her husband, who would have known that Wei Ru Song no longer had the chance to hear people call him husband, and could only call someone else his husband, God was truly playing with him…

Unlike other couples, maybe because of his character, Wei Ru Song never wanted to cling to Xiao Nian 24/7, although when he told Huang Fan this, Huang Fan had scoffed: “Fuck off, you’re roommates with Xiao Nian, you guys see each other all the time, just the two of you alone, even if you guys fucked till you were exhausted and died no one would find you guys.”

Hearing this shivers ran down Wei Ru Song’s spine, he said.

“Huang Fan, why are you such a freak? You’ve spent so much time with Xu Yang Sheng you didn’t learn anything decent, only picking up this kind of things?”

Huang Fan was nearly bald with distress.

“Thanks to your well wishes.”

Looking at the two of them pulling at each other Wei Ru Song could no longer bear watching, although Wei Ru Song was unqualified in commenting about such matters, he still analysed their relationship with Huang Fan, and finally found the root of their problem. Using Wei Ru Song’s and Xiao Nian’s excellent relationship as an example, a normal relationship should start from hand holding and light kisses, and not jumping straight into the Kama Sutra, this was no different from a shotgun marriage. Being like this was no good, Dr Wei felt that this was not incurable, they only had to go back to the hand holding and kissing stage, their relationship would improve rapidly. Huang Fan shook his head.

“Actually we can now make love, very energetically, even the condom can break, but just making love without dating I cannot bear it, this must be karma.”

“You also know it’s karma!”

“Let’s not talk about me, what about you,” Huang Fan turned the arrow towards Wei Ru Song. “You still haven’t slept with Xiao Nian?”

“Why, is it very surprising?” Wei Ru Song proudly puffed his chest up. “I’m different from all you horny dogs out there, a step by step progress is very important to me, things should happen spontaneously, when the time is right we’ll naturally–“

“Bro, just shut up, how long have you guys been dating?” Huang Fan did not know to laugh or cry. “I’m distressed on behalf of Xiao Nian!”

Actually if he said that he did not want to do that it would have been too fake, however Wei Ru Song was still in the midst of preparing, he was also too embarrassed to ask Xiao Nian to sleep together, Xiao Nian was all ready to start fucking his asshole, if after fucking any issues occurred, they might have problems in the future.

“Actually, it’s,” Wei Ru Song sighed, his thoughts jumbled. “I don’t have any experience in that, him either, it’s our first time, we want it to be a good memory.”

“Xiao Nian is a virgin?!” Huang Fan was shocked, ashes from his cigarette fell onto his pants and yet he did not brush them away. “With his qualifications he’s still a virgin, maybe he just can’t get it up…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Wei Ru Song immediately defended Xiao Nian. “He uses the XL ones!”

“Fine, fine,” Huang Fan cupped his hands together in greeting. “Are you here today to gloat?”

“It’s not like that, just, since you’re the top, can you teach me that?”

“How am I going to teach you?!” Huang Fan suddenly looked like a young lady whose virtue had been stained by others. “I’ll teach you personally? Shall I call for Xu Yang Sheng and demonstrate it for you? You’ve never watched gay porn but you should have watched straight porn right? You’ve never eaten pig trotters but you’ve seen pigs run right? Still want people to teach you this sort of things! Aren’t you ashamed? You better retreat now, hurry.”

It was said that after dating each other for long the couple would become more and more similar to each other, Wei Ru Song finally understood this, in the past Huang Fan would never be so aggressive, that sharp and sarcastic tone not unlike a woman selling vegetables in a market, it was exactly the same as Xu Yang Sheng. However, Huang Fan made Wei Ru Song realised something, it was better not to trouble others with matters of this sort.

– Ah? You can’t come again? Are you afraid that I’ll eat you up… [Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed]

– [Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed]

– [Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed][Disappointed]

– ok ok ok bro stop spamming, we’ll talk nicely, your disappointment has filled my screen!!!

– Your little boyfriend doesn’t allow you to come here?

– No no, it has nothing to do with Junior, I realised it myself, this sort of things, asking people for help I might as well do it myself, right?

– Haha, that’s not wrong, then work hard! We’ll watch the movie together when you’re free!

– Yup yup [Act cute]

Chu Yun He stopped replying, Wei Ru Song felt a little bad looking at his screen, maybe Chu Yun He sincerely wanted to help him? Repeatedly rejecting his help, was this too overboard?

Maybe some words should not be said too confidently, a night without Xiao Nian in the room, it seemed very cold and lonely, Wei Ru Song was unable to fall asleep.

Tossing on the bed till 4am, he finally sat up. Normally, every night before sleeping Wei Ru Song would chat with Xiao Nian, the topics random, ranging from current affairs to daily matters, like a certain teacher’s hair seemed to be balding, or a certain somebody’s clothes were inside out today, or another someone fell down, even the smallest matters Wei Ru Song wanted to share it with Xiao Nian. However today his conversation partner was not next to him, Wei Ru Song felt lost, his heart empty, like a jigsaw puzzle that was missing a piece.

Fine, since it was like this Wei Ru Song had to admit he was not special, he also wanted to cling to his lover, sharing endless joy and worries, then falling asleep satisfied, maybe in the near future, before they sleep they could do some exercise on the bed to help them improve their sleep quality.

– One day without Xiao Nian, I miss him. Wei Ru Song took his phone out, singing <At Night When I’m Missing You> while sending Xiao Nian a text, at this time he was usually asleep, but Wei Ru Song just wanted to send him a message.

– Junior, I can’t fall asleep.

– [Emoticon]

– Guess the reason

– A hint, it’s very nonsensical and girly, you’re not allowed to laugh at me, if not I’ll warn you with the Wang Ba fist

– You miss me?

“What the fuck!”

Wei Ru Song nearly threw his phone away, he checked his surroundings, did Xiao Nian install a camera in the room? This kind of disgusting reason he could also guess it right!

– How did you know?????? Also how come you haven’t sleep yet??????

– I miss you too

– You can’t fall asleep too???

– Yeah

Oh my! Wei Ru Song was touched till the point of tears, the emptiness in his heart disappearing in that moment, he held onto his phone and smiled foolishly, he wanted to continue chatting with Xiao Nian, talking about this like being defeated in one of his battles today, killing 3 people in one shot in another battle, but all these was only to hide a simple sentence, “I miss you”. Wei Ru Song once thought that two guys dating would never be so girly and romantic, the current Wei Ru Song only wanted to go back in time and fuck himself up.

– Want to voice chat?

– Ok ok!

When Xiao Nian’s low and pleasant voice sounded in Wei Ru Song’s ear, Wei Ru Song felt as though he had not heard his voice for 3 months.

“Where did you go today?”

“Hiking, being a tour guide is boring, what about you?”

“I went to look for Huang Fan, and became his love therapist.”

“Did Chu Yun He invite you out again?”

“No, I’ve explained it to him already.”

Xiao Nian was silent for a moment, only to continue, “It’s better if you ignore people like him.”

“Junior you think too much,” Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian was becoming naggy. “I’m not that attractive.”

“Senior you’re too cute,” Xiao Nian’s tone was calm. “I’m afraid you’ll get stolen by others.”

Wei Ru Song choked, he covered his head with the blanket, he was now feeling a little breathless, a little oxygen-deprived, a little stifled–

“Senior what happened to you?” Xiao Nian’s anxious voice could be heard from the phone. “Are you o? What happened? Did you fall off the bed?”

“Hey,” Wei Ru Song picked up the phone, placing it on his heated cheek. “Who taught you to say all these?”

“I only spoke from my heart.”

“Actually I’m afraid of you getting stolen as well,” Wei Ru Song said helplessly. “You’re so outstanding, just like a prince, what if one day you ran away with a princess?”

“You’re my princess.”

Wei Ru Song gagged and laughed, all his goosebumps appeared. “Don’t, don’t be so disgusting! Hahahahaha it’s the middle of the night!”

“Actually I feel the same,” Xiao Nian coughed embarrassed, “But it’s the truth.”

“Let’s talk about something else.”

“Yeah, let’s talk about something else.”

Both of them fell into silence.

“Actually Junior, I’ve decided something.”


“It’s, it’s that thing.”

“Oh, what about it?”

“Actually I don’t have to be the top,” Wei Ru Song felt that he would just throw it out. “As long as we can be together, who would be the top or bottom is not a problem.”


“What reaction is that!” Wei Ru Song wanted to throw his phone again. “I’m offering myself generously shouldn’t you say something?”

“Why did you decide to tell me about this at this sort of timing?”

Xiao Nian’s voice was suddenly lower, as though he was flirting quietly next to Wei Ru Song.

“I really want to settle this with you now.”

Wei Ru Song was agitated, as though he was swallowed up by an enormous beast.

“Ah, I, I’m tired, good night good night muacks I’m hanging up bye!”

Wei Ru Song was watching a movie when Xiao Nian returned, upon hearing him he rushed to the door excitedly, Xiao Nian threw his bag aside, and pushed the Wei Ru Song that was leaping towards him against a wall, kissing him as though he wanted to eat him up, Wei Ru Song had never experienced such a forceful kiss, a thought suddenly came into his head, this must be Xiao Nian’s real personality. Xiao Nian’s kiss was very domineering, making him feel unable to resist, his tongue forcing Wei Ru Song’s mouth open and entered, exploring the soft, warm and wet insides, Wei Ru Song was like a fish gasping for air on land, the oxygen in his lungs was slowly stolen.

“I can’t breathe!” Wei Ru Song pushed Xiao Nian away, his face flushed, his slightly swollen lips covered with a wet sheen. “What are you doing!”

“Doing you.”

Xiao Nian dragged Wei Ru Song’s hips and lifted him up, his legs around Xiao Nian’s thighs, keeping him embraced in the small space between Xiao Nian and the wall, and Xiao Nian kissed him again.

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