LSR Chapter 9 (NSFW)

Chapter 9 – What to Do, My Roommate and I Exchanged Hand Jobs on the Rooftop


“Come here.”

Xiao Nian saw that Wei Ru Song was freezing, and took the initiative to pull Wei Ru Song into his arms by grabbing his wrist. In this manner Wei Ru Song naturally sat upon Xiao Nian’s waist, then he covered Wei Ru Song’s shoulders with the army green jacket, their two chilly bodies were tightly joined together.

“Hold me tightly.”Wei Ru Song struggled a little, and felt that it was not needed, and finally fell into Xiao Nian’s embrace, his fingers unknowingly stroking Xiao Nian’s exposed slender neck which was cold like ice, he then realised Xiao Nian was also very cold, only that he did not mention it. He was clearly the senior, why was this kid still acting cool? Therefore Wei Ru Song hugged Xiao Nian tightly, and Xiao Nian also placed his arms around Wei Ru Song’s somewhat sexy waist. They henceforth shared their body warmth, waiting for the long night to pass.

“Xiao Nian.”

Wei Ru Song called Xiao Nian’s name, their chests leaning up against each other, their hearts beating wildly, as though their chests were about to burst, but they still desperately continued pretending that nothing was happening.


“Your thing…”

Being both men, Wei Ru Song naturally knew that being in this ambiguous position was very easily stimulating, after all he had already seen Xiao Nian’s mighty equipment on the first day of the semester,  it was truly shocking, he really wanted to poke his own eyes.


Wei Ru Song was blushing, but with his head on Xiao Nian’s shoulders they could not observe each other’s expression, he could only see Xiao Nian’s ear tips turning red with the corner of his eye. Wei Ru Song only then discovered Xiao Nian had elf-like ears, clearly even the ears of good looking people were also exquisite… Trying to distract himself with this was clearly not working, the two bodies under the jacket were still heating up uncontrollably.

Their breathing started getting heavier, their warm exhalations twisting together, blowing past Wei Ru Song’s ear, penetrating into Xiao Nian’s collar, caressing their heated skin, brushing against their pores.

“Why not, why not we change our positions…”

This feeling was too strange, Xiao Nian’s pants were very thin, Wei Ru Song could not help but critique his expensive but impractical outfit, so what if the pyjamas were branded? It was no better than his pants that could be bought from the market for 10 dollars – – Eh eh eh why was he getting hard too?! Fuck could this sort of thing be contagious?!

At that moment Wei Ru Song felt so embarrassed till he wanted to kill himself, the current situation was: Xiao Nian’s cock was between his butt checks, hard like a bat, while his own cock was pressing against Xiao Nian’s abs, also fucking hard like a bat.

“What position to change to?” Xiao Nian’s voice was a little hoarse, whether it was due to the wind blowing or other unmentionable reason this was not clear. “I’ll sit on your thigh? I’m afraid I’m too heavy for you to support.”

“Let’s not,”  Wei Ru Song was immediately terrified when he imagined the scene, he then tried to come up with other ideas. “If not we go stand in the wind and calm down?”

“I’m afraid that you’ll have diarrhoea even before the door could be unlocked.”

“Fuck do you have to be so pessimistic!” Wei Ru Song could only cry tearlessly, he gritted his teeth and squeezed out. “If not, we’ll just pinch ourselves? As guys, it’s fine to suffer a little…”

Xiao Nian’s body froze, Wei Ru Song also felt that he could not go through with it. This was strange, with Wei Ru Song’s lack of vocabulary, he could only use “strange” to describe his current feelings, it was really very strange…

“Fine, we’ll just slowly wait for it to soften.”

“Senior, are you a virgin?”

“What?” Wei Ru Song was now very nervous, he vigilantly looked at Xiao Nian’s expressionless face, “You want to mock me?”

“I am.”

“You’re actually one?!” Wei Ru Song yelled. “Oh my god?!”

“Is it very weird?” Xiao Nian was puzzled with Wei Ru Song’s reaction. “I haven’t kissed anyone before as well, is it very embarrassing?”

“No, no,” Wei Ru Song always felt that Xiao Nian was just like an ideal male lead in romance novels, maybe he was too remarkable, he was actually so innocent… “Just feel that… Ah it’s nothing, how irritating,” Wei Ru Song waved his hands and sighed heavily, he was determined, and lifted his body to let Xiao Nian’s oversized object to slide out from between his butt cheeks, even though there were pants in between, that unfamiliar and sexy warmth could still be felt on his round and tight buttocks.

“Junior, let me tell you, you don’t think too much, I’m straight,”Wei Ru Song reached out to Xiao Nian’s pants and hooked onto the waist with his index finger, tensely staring at Xiao Nian’s handsome but cold face. “But actually when I was in high school, guys would often ‘help each other’, you understand, kids, hehe, hehe… no other meaning, if you don’t want, just push me away…”

Wei Ru Song laughed dryly, swallowed a few times, decisively pulled out that big cock from the pants. Xiao Nian still had no reaction, he was rooted, only when Wei Ru Song’s warm hand landed on that heated and hard object, did he helplessly called out. At the same time, he could not longer endure it and also reached out towards Wei Ru Song, pulling out the cock that had been pressing against his abs from his underwear. His hand was bigger than Wei Ru Song’s, and since Wei Ru Song had a normal sized cock, he could grip the entire thing with his hand. Wei Ru Song was startled, the warmth of a hand was naturally lower than that object, the feeling coming from this slightly colder, unfamiliar warmth was even more exciting. Wei Ru Song started moving his hand that was gripping onto Xiao Nian, and Xiao Nian, learning from Wei Ru Song, started pleasuring him as well.

Both being men, they naturally knew which method was more satisfying, actually when Wei Ru Song was in his high school dormitory he did experience this with his roommate a few times, this sort of thing was actually very normal, but he did not know why when it was with Xiao Nian he felt extremely guilty – but it was also mixed with something he could not explain, it was something that made him excited, a mysterious experience that he had never gone through before.

Wei Ru Song kept looking at Xiao Nian, he was finally no longer so indifferent, his naturally seductive eyes was filled with lust, reflecting Wei Ru Song’s similar expression, he was like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, his eagerness and his sexiness shown vividly.


Wei Ru Song called out unwillingly, the pleasure was beyond his imagination and endurance, maybe a hand that played the piano was extraordinarily talented, could not be compared with the likes of Wei Ru Song, or maybe it was because Wei Ru Song had not relieved himself in awhile, previously it was only him in the room, no one to care if he masturbated, but ever since Xiao Nian moved in there was no sense of privacy, and so there was no chance for him to clear his pipe. Getting jerked off by Xiao Nian today, Wei Ru Song felt like his brain was about to melt.

“Junior, junior.”

Wei Ru Song could no longer keep up with Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian seemed unhappy with Wei Ru Song slacking off and pushed away Wei Ru Song’s hand, only to hold both their cocks together. This caused Wei Ru Song some awkwardness, both equally warm, but different shape and length, with this position the difference was obvious, he decided to move his waist and escape. With Wei Ru Song’s restlessness Xiao Nian was forced to expose a little of his natural beastliness, he tightened his arm around Wei Ru Song’s waist, increased his force while jerking the both of them off, and with his weakness in the hand of Xiao Nian Wei Ru Song no longer dared to move.

“Softer, junior, softer ow…”

“Endure it,” Xiao Nian’s voice was scarily hoarse, but also sexily masculine, “You’re about to come.”


Wei Ru Song left wrinkles on Xiao Nian’s sleeves, his panting become even heavier, and Xiao Nian’s passionate gaze gave off a sense of possessiveness, such that all he wanted was to swallow up Wei Ru Song.

“Ok, together.”

Xiao Nian was about to lose control and kiss Wei Ru Song, but the climax overtook them.

Wei Ru Song dazedly woke up, the first thing he saw was Xiao Nian’s face in front of him. This was his first time being exposed to such beauty, he could even see the silky smooth skin and well-defined eyelashes.

“Oh…” Having stayed out on the rooftop, Wei Ru Song was still half asleep, his eyes could barely open, and Xiao Nian was still sleeping soundly, after all Wei Ru Song was still hugging him like a human blanket. “Junior, junior.”


Actually Xiao Nian was not really a morning person, but because it was Wei Ru Song he could not be angry, he lifted his hand wanted to rub his eyes, but was quickly stopped by Wei Ru Song.

“Don’t, it’s dirty.”


“…” They both recalled last night’s awkward but ecstatic memory, when Wei Ru Song’s brain came back online he quickly covered Xiao Nian’s mouth. “Nothing happened between us last night, right?”

Xiao Nian was clearly not awake yet, he nodded his head, still disoriented. Just as Wei Ru Song sighed out in relief, a shutter sound from a phone camera sounded from his back. 

“What the fuck?!”

Wei Ru Song leapt up, not unlike a frog in a hot pan, other than the security guard who would come to the rooftop at this time?!

It was a girl in sportswear, seemed like she was here to exercise, but unexpectedly witnessed this scenario — Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian sweetly and harmoniously spending a night on the rooftop.

Wei Ru Song could not retort, as now there really was something between him and Xiao Nian. Just as he was about to guiltily negotiate with this girl, Xiao Nian grabbed the fallen jacket and covered Wei Ru Song, and with a biting tone he said.

“Delete the photo.”

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  1. “…actually when Wei Ru Song was in his high school dormitory he did experience this with his roommate a few times, this sort of thing was actually very normal…”

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