SASAM Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

So hungry.

Lin SuCi lolled in the bamboo basket. The bamboo basket was swaying, and his hind leg swung along in a steady rhythm.

In the grass-scented forest, birds were fluttering and chirping on the branches, and the person carrying the basket came to a stop. Lin SuCi’s claws rested on his belly, his eyelids twitched open, only to see a hesitant face appearing over the bamboo basket.

“Little Master, there’s plenty of spiritual energy and food here. You can fill yourself up to your heart’s content, I’ll come and pick you up later.” Due to the lighting, the man’s face could not be seen clearly, and his voice sounded very guilty.

The man did not wait for Lin SuCi to respond. He laid the bamboo basket down and hurriedly left.

As the footsteps faded away, Lin SuCi slowly climbed out of the bamboo basket.

He was in the depths of an uninhabited forest, it was green and luxuriant, covered with trees, and he could not see the sky.

Lin SuCi twitched his ears, after observing his surroundings, he wanted to click his tongue, but only sound he made was a kittenish meow.

Lin SuCi was quite confused.

A thing like getting reborn after dying had actually happened to him, when he opened his eyes he found that he had become a little kitten. Worse still, it did not seem like he was a favoured pet, his situation did not seem right. Lost in a daze, he had been stolen from his cat den and dumped into this wilderness.

Was he, Lin SuCi, about to become a stray cat from now on, to be left wandering in the mountains?

Lin SuCi looked around. Other than the chirping of the birds, there were no traces of other animals.

Forget about being a stray cat, his survival was now his biggest problem.

He should look for food to feed himself.

Lin SuCi explored a large area, but only found a few weeds. Chewing on them, with a face of misery he crouched by a cliff, staring at a bunch of wild fruits in a trance.

Life was a series of ups and downs, now that he could not even eat any wild fruit, his life was really too hard.

Lin SuCi tried to reach his paws out to pick at the wild fruits, but they were so far away that he did not even manage to scratch at the leaves.

A gust of strong wind came, as Lin SuCi was balancing on his hind legs, he was unsteady, and so was blown off the strong wind. Lin SuCi fell off the cliff before he could even say a word.

Damnit! Is this a dream or a rebirth? One-day tour gift bag?

Lin SuCi who could not bear to see himself flattened into a meat pancake, closed his eyes and waited for the moment of severe pain to meet his death.

With a muffled thump, Lin SuCi fell onto something soft that buried him firmly in it.

Lin SuCi was baffled. After awhile he finally reacted, his paws scrabbled at the soft grass patch, his legs reaching the bottom, sticking his head out, he spat the grass out of his mouth.

In front of him was the edge of a bamboo basket, together with a white collar within a blue outfit. Looking up, there was a bun of white hair fixed with a wooden stick.

He put his two little paws on the edge of the bamboo basket and watched the man turn around.

This was a young man who looked barely twenty years of age. His features were refined with a handsome look. When Lin SuCi was staring at him, he swore that he could clearly see the young man’s eyes brightened.

“Falling from heaven with no owner… Excellent! This month’s meals are settled!”

Me-… Meals?

Lin SuCi’s expression gradually froze, “… Meow meow meow?!!!!”

Looking at the young man’s evil hands stretching out towards him, Lin SuCi pounced and landed on the young man’s face, clinging tightly.

“Ouch!” The youth pulled at Lin SuCi, struggling, but his actions were not harsh, and did not harm the kitten.

“Little thing, I won’t eat you, quickly let me go! You’re a spiritual beast, you should have some dignity!”

“Meow meow meow!” Lin SuCi spat, what dignity!

The youth was unable to pull the kitten away, he could only quickly take out a bottle from his sleeve, raising it and shaking, “Little thing, this is the dragon breath pill. A spiritual beast with some cultivation will be able to speak when it eats one! You can save a hundred years of cultivation training!!”

“It’s a treasure worth thousands of spiritual gems! Today I’ll give you one at a loss! Let go of me!”

Lin SuCi was shocked when he heard this, and let the youth pull him off.

Speak?! He urgently needed to communicate with others now, this was a good opportunity!

Lin SuCi reached out with the pink pads of his paws, adopting a begging pose.

By now the white-haired youth was in a bedraggled state, his hair was in disorder, and his face full of scratches. The young man gripped the kitten by the back of its neck, speechless, “This scamming cat, appearing out of nowhere to extort people…”

Just at that moment, another youth in a blue outfit ran over, sweating heavily with his sleeves rolled up.

When the youth in blue saw the white-haired youth, his eyes lit up and shouted, “Master! The people of Mystique Heart Sect are here! They said they want to capture Third Senior to execute him!”

Lin SuCi with his paws outstretched was stunned. Mystique Heart Sect, it sounded very familiar, why did it sound like something he had read in a novel, that it was a sect that had been destroyed by the villains once they appeared?

Lin SuCi did not hesitate to jump back into the bamboo basket on the youth’s back. His jasper-like eyes were filled with curiosity, “Meow meow meow!”

The youth was called QingFou, he was the head of a sect from the hilltop nearby, whose name had never even been heard before. The entire sect, including him, consisted of seven living persons.

The one dressed in blue was his fifth apprentice, chattering the entire way, and even kept trying to reach out to pet Lin SuCi, but each time was rebuffed with a slap of a paw.

But it was also thanks to this young man named XiaoLan, Lin SuCi had received a lot of information from him along the way.

They were known as Cardinal Sect. Someone had laid a trap for Third Senior, and got people to capture him. The most competent First Senior was isolated for cultivation, while Second Senior who was good at fighting was not at home.There was no one else that could handle them, and so they rushed off to find their master who was foraging for medicinal herbs.

XiaoLan had a pretty deep resentment towards Mystique Heart Sect. Based on what he said, Lin SuCi was able to determine that the world he was in now was from the novel “Soaring Sword”. He had transmigrated into a book.

When Lin SuCi desperately tried recalled the sects in the novel, he was relieved that he could not remember anything to do with Cardinal Sect. This Cardinal Sect did not have anything to do with the the protagonist and villain, and seemed to be a safe place.

Maybe he could stay in this little sect and watch the show like a 4D movie?

Lin SuCi was a little excited.

The mountains were vast and the rivers flowed through the canyons. This little sect situated in front of the mountain forest was like a little farm hold. There were a few low houses made of earth, everything could be seen in a glance.

In front of the fence, a group of people dressed in neat white clothes and wide sleeves were arguing loudly. They were holding down a young man dressed in yellow, and there were also a few young boys and girls surrounding them, holding up their sleeves and raising their eyebrows. The tension was thick in the air, as though a fight could erupt any moment.

“Hui Lian!”

The white-haired youth carrying Lin SuCi in a bamboo basket seemed to not have noticed the tension. He smiled and waved, “Come on, I’ve brought you guys something good.”

The ‘something good’ Lin SuCi stood up in the basket and stretched his neck out to watch the show.

“Grand Master Uncle,” An arrogant young man in white and wide sleeves came and grudgingly greeted him with his hands. “Senior Uncle Hu Lian has deceived me of 3,000 spiritual gems, and now that my chief knows about it, he wants to capture Senior Uncle Hui Lian for questioning.”

“Bah! What lies! You guys clearly laid a trap!”

Hui Lian who was being held down looked furious, unable to restrain his anger.

Lin SuCi was taken aback, and became more engrossed in watching this show.

“What is Young Senior Uncle saying, how could we deceive you with regards to  3000 spiritual gems?” Another young man in white smiled and said, “After all, everyone knows that Cardinal Sect… cannot even scrape together a 100 spiritual gems. Deceiving you guys? Why would we do that…”

“We’ve been impolite. What are you talking about in front of your elders?” The youth leading the group rebuked him indifferently.

Qing Fou pretended not to understand the malicious intentions of the other party and smiled, “I’m afraid there have been some misunderstandings. Why don’t I talk to that nephew in charge another day. Today, you are all from the younger generation, so I won’t pursue your actions. You should go back and learn proper etiquette from now on.”

The leader of the youths flushed red and wanted to say something, but because of Qing Fou’s status, he could not open his mouth. Finally, he replied resentfully, “Three thousand spiritual gems is not a trivial thing. I would like to request for Grand Senior Uncle to do as he says, and don’t bully the younger generation.”

The expressions of the youths dressed in white were all quite ugly. After giving a perfunctory bow to Qing Fou, they kept their swords and soon disappeared within in the mountains.

Only then did the white-haired youth loosened up and sighed, “Three thousand spiritual gems…”

As he muttered, Qing Fou suddenly thought of something. He picked up the bamboo basket with Lin SuCi and studied him carefully.

“Hui Lian, this spiritual cat has descended from heaven, and I think he might be an auspicious mascot. Do you think it’s worth 3,000 spiritual gems?”

“Even three spiritual gems is considered too much for it!” Hui Lian, who had just been released, replied in a rage.

Lin SuCi, who wasn’t even worth three spiritual gems, “…”

Before Lin SuCi could even look down on this little sect, Hui Lian had looked down on him first. “Master, we are poor enough, you should not pick up things outside and waste food. I throw this away for you.”

Lin SuCi, “… Meow meow meow!” He had enough of this, he stretched out his paws and tugged at Qing Fou’s clothes, asking for the dragon breath pill he had mentioned before.

Fortunately, Qing Fou rejected Hui Lian, picking up the bamboo basket he even understood what he meant, and stuffed a pill to him.

“I’ve already picked it up, we’ll just take care of it. When it gets bigger we might be able to exchange it for money to supplement our income.”

The pill was a little too big for Lin SuCi. He held it with both his paws and nibbled at it with his teeth, eating it very seriously.

The messy area was tidied up. A few disciples followed Qing Fou into the hall, their expressions did not look very good.

Amongst all of them, only Lin SuCi who had been placed on the table, was the most relaxed as he gnawed at the pill.

The young man called Hui Lian was angrily saying something. Qing Fou replied him in a low voice, and so Lin SuCi did not hear him.

At the moment, everything he heard seemed to be muffled, not only his hearing was affected, but his vision was also blurry.

Just as he finished the pill in his paws, Lin SuCi felt that something was wrong with his body, but he was unable to tell anyone, and could only scratch at Qing Fou.

When Qing Fou looked at Lin SuCi, he only saw the palm-sized kitten blinking and looking dizzy. He could not help wondering, “Do you want to sleep? We didn’t prepare a room for you here.”

Lin SuCi struggled for a long time, but could only read the word “sleep” from Qing Fou’s lips.

Afraid that Lin SuCi could not understand him, he added, “But this entire territory belongs to Cardinal Sect. You can go anywhere you want.”

Anywhere he wanted.

Lin SuCi grasped the key point very well and nodded earnestly with his kitty face.

At this moment, the girl who had been bowing her head and had not spoken looked up. She hung a thick chain onto Lin SuCi and smiled, “It’s the Cardinal Sect’s cat, we should give him a tag so that he won’t run away and be carried off by others.”

Lin SuCi could not be bothered with the tag. His entire body was burning as though it was on fire, making him feel very anxious.

Can’t hear clearly, can’t see clearly, and even my body feels weal.

Damnit, had he trusted Qing Fou too much, and ate the wrong medicine?

Lin SuCi stumbled out of the door and tried to identify a direction, running towards the most shaded place.

What on earth was the medicine he ate? Why did it feel so torturous? It wasn’t poison, was it?!

Lin SuCi, who had been running hard, did not know that in the hall behind him, Hui Lian had suddenly asked, “Master, what did you just let that thing eat?”

Qing Fou replied, unperturbed, “A pill from an alchemy failure, the ingredients are pretty good, it can be considered a tonic.”

Thinking about it, he then slowly added, “But for that kitten, it might be too much for it.”

Without any knowledge of the truth, Lin SuCi’s vision started to darken. By virtue of his body’s instinct, he found a cold place similar to an ice cave and rushed in.

How comfortable.

Lin SuCi, who could not hear and see anything, groped around blindly. In this freezing cold domain, he found a hard object similar to a big ice cube. Without a word, he jumped up and spread his limbs out into a cat-pancake, feeling the chill, he sighed in comfort.

His fever finally dropped. Lin SuCi was still in a slight stupor, just before he fell asleep, he was still seriously thinking that when he survived, he must scratch Qing Fou, the cat killer who sold counterfeit medicine!

In the dark, wet and cold environment, the sound of dripping water could be heard.

Lin SuCi groggily turned over, he hugged the warm body next to him and hit his chin.

Eh, when was there someone on his bed?

Still asleep, he suddenly felt something wrong. Lin SuCi scratched his head, the more he scratched the wronger he felt, he gradually regained his consciousness and stiffened.

Could it be that he had been carried off and treated like a pet to warm the bed?

Lin SuCi’s scalp felt numb, he cautiously opened his eyes.

What came into his view was a pair of peach blossom eyes like two brilliant stars, but they were unexpectedly cold.

This visual effect, it did not seem like it should be that of a kitten? Lin SuCi was stunned and slowly looked down, only to see himself naked, his legs over the man’s thighs, his arms around the man’s shoulders, very intimate.

His eyes widened.

He changed back to his human form?!

The delighted Lin SuCi looked up, his eyes meeting the peach blossom eyes of that youth. Before he had time to open his mouth, he heard a magnetic deep voice sounding gently in his ears.


“It’s you who seek your own death and went to the underworld. You can only blame yourself.”

Lin SuCi nimbly reached out and pinched the young man’s cheek, with some puzzlement he muttered to himself, “Why is the fake medicine also causing hallucinations…”

The youth, “…”

The young man with darkened eyes grabbed onto Lin SuCi’s neck, and forcefully flipped him down on the ice bed!

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