SASAM Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 2.1

Lin SuCi’s first reaction was to hold on to the dangerous young man in front of him, pull him to his chest, and throw his arms tightly around him.

No kidding! Since killing others would not be illegal in the cultivation world, he must not give the other person the chance to do it!

The emission of the young man’s chilling aura was interrupted by Lin SuCi who had wrapped himself tightly around him. Forced to have his limbs tangled with those of a naked teenager, despite how calm and restrained he was, the young man was still somewhat startled.

Meanwhile, Lin SuCi seized this opportunity and drew himself closer to the young man, so close that their faces were almost touching each other. He still had the pupils of a beast, and his jasper-like eyes were full of sincerity, “It takes one hundred years of cultivation for two people to ride on the same boat, and it takes ten thousand years of cultivation for two people to share the same pillow. We’ve had 10,000 years of friendship already, how do you have the heart to kill me?”

The eyes of the adolescent in front of him were too limpid, and the pair of cat ears on top of his head, slightly hidden by his hair, added an animalistic naivety to him. He was obviously the unreasonable, yet he looked particularly wronged.

“…You trespassed into the forbidden area. Why can’t I kill you?”

A light flashed across the young man’s eyes when he heard that 10,000-year-long-friendship nonsense. He immediately cast a spell on Lin SuCi, pulled himself away from the other person’s now frozen arms, and stood up, looking down at this stranger who had intruded his cave.

The adolescent lying on his ice bed had black hair draped over his shoulders. He was completely naked, except for a rough chain around his neck. He also retained the black cat’s ears and tail, and his eyes were jasper green. Beyond the ignorance of a cub, there was also some humanity to him.

The youth’s eyes lingered on the chain around Lin SuCi’s neck, as though deep in thought.

Lin SuCi was completely suppressed by the other person, his body frozen and unable to move due to the spell. Seeing that the friendship that arose from sharing the same bed could not affect the indifferent youth, he changed his method, “You said it was forbidden, but you did not stop me. So, you were the one that let me in. How can you blame me instead?”

The adolescent spoke eloquently, and his bright eyes entranced Yan BoShen.

By the time he came back to his senses, his eyes on Lin SuCi looked even deeper.

“Let me go, and let this mistake go with me,” Lin SuCi advised sincerely. “It’s not embarrassing to make a mistake, and it is never too late to make up for it.”

Lin SuCi stared at the other person earnestly. Originally he was only being vigilant, but when his eyes fell on the youth’s face, he could not help but be distracted.

The youth in front of him had a very good appearance, especially that pair of peach blossom eyes, as though like stars in the sky, and a depth that one could drown in. Peach blossom eyes were naturally seductive, and in his eyes was a sea of silence. When looking directly at him, Lin SuCi felt intoxicated, as though he was immersed in the strong aroma of wine.

Lin SuCi suddenly forgot that he was on guard against the person in front of him. His vigilance turned into appreciation, and he openly studied him.

His eyes were too frank, too bright to be ignored.

The youth felt a restlessness coming over him. Lin SuCi’s eyes made him feel a little uncomfortable, unconsciously he moved his eyes away, his mood affected.

At the same time, Lin SuCi’s frozen state wore off. As soon as he could move, he quickly got up and looked at himself. When he looked down, oh no, he was completely naked, and his little brother was exposed to the surroundings, so cold that it was drooping dejectedly.

Seeing that his spell had faded away, the youth was astonished. He stared at his palm and remained silent.

Lin SuCi did not notice his reaction. When he sat up, he found out that he had something new attached to his buttocks. Reaching back, he caught his little tail. Now, he was trying his best to pull his little tail in front of him and cover his little brother with it.

After dealing with his little brother, Lin SuCi touched his neck and felt a thick chain around it. He vaguely remembered the tag that the girl had hung on him.

Lin SuCi was completely naked, with only a collar around his neck. Whereas the youth in front of him was dressed neatly and meticulously, and was looking at him silently.

Lin SuCi read too many useless books in his past life. He suddenly thought of something not very positive. In his current situation, no matter how thick-skinned he was, he still could not help but blush. When the youth let him go, he understood the situation and quickly interrupted him, “Thank you very much. Before I leave, as friends who have shared the same bed, can you give me some clothes?” “

His boldness caused the youth to doubt his own memory. What exactly happened just now?

As he did not answer immediately, Lin SuCi misunderstood.

At present, the only person who could help him was ignoring him. Lin SuCi threw aside his shame and decided to go for broke. Anyway, there was no one in the world who knew him, and so there was no fear of losing face. Lin SuCi, who never had a strong sense of shame, decided to liberate himself, and stood up with grace.

He planned to first rely on his tail to cover him up, then go out and look for that counterfeit medicine seller who might be able to give him some clothes.

The ice cave was deep and dark, with a faint light not far in the distance. Lin SuCi walked closer, it looked like a barrier made out of light.

Only one glance was needed to see that it was the boundary of the youth’s personal domain.

Lin SuCi pointed to the light barrier and thought it was a confinement method set by the youth. “When I came, you didn’t stop me. Now when I’m leaving, don’t stop me as well. We’ll first make the best out of this situation first, after I leave, I’ll make up for it.”

The youth had a meaningful look in his eyes. Looking at Lin SuCi standing by the light barrier, he did not disguise his expression, pausing, he spoke lightly, “Suit yourself.”

Hearing this, Lin SuCi thought that the youth had lifted the ban, he smiled and waved. “Thank you, Beautiful!”

Happy, he became cheeky.The little tail behind him rose uncontrollably, swaying back and forth in an arc, revealing his little brother he was hiding with it.

Rolling up his tail again, Lin SuCi walked past the light barrier and, as expected, came out of the cave without any problems.

Seeing the sun, Lin SuCi breathed in the fresh air. Having changed from the body of a cat, he finally felt as though he was living a new life.

Lin SuCi smiled and twitched his cat ears. He was going to find that seller of fake medicine, and get some food out of him.

He did not notice the youth behind him, whose jaw had tightened and his eyes shining with a light that Lin SuCi would not be able to understand.

“So it’s true…”

He whispered, but Lin SuCi did not hear it clearly. Right at this moment, another voice came from afar.

“Kitty? Where are you, kitty?”

As soon as Lin SuCi heard the voice, his spirit was boosted. He raised his hand and shouted excitedly, “Hey, medicine seller!” I’m here!”

That really was the white-haired Qing Fou running out from the woods.

Before Qing Fou reached him, Lin SuCi’s vision suddenly turned dark. Someone had threw a robe on him, covering him up fully.

Clothes?! Lin SuCi was happy to wrap this flowing silvery grey colored robe around his body, Tying it around himself, although it was still loose, but it could still cover his body.

He rolled up the sleeves that were too long for him. Lin SuCi turned around and sincerely thanked the youth who was now missing his outer robe.

Although he didn’t mind being naked when he had no other choice, but after all, he was not a flasher. In front of others, it would be the best if he was dressed neatly.

This guy looked so cold and heartless, but he was still pretty kind. Lin SuCi studied the indifferent young man and tagged him as a good man in his heart.

The youth did not say anything, but watched his unfamiliar movements, then looked away and pondered.

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    1. I was wondering the same thing!
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  5. I was wondering the same thing!
    Would it be something along the line of MC being his fated one, thus ML’s magic doesn’t really affect him?

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