SASAM Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

After meeting Cui Hong, Lin SuCi discovered that he had many pleasures yet unknown that were taboos that had never been unearthed before.

Especially after that speech from Yan Boshen, Lin SuCi was wondering, would sex in the cultivation world be even more exciting that flying on a sword?

Not only was Cardinal Sect poor, it was as bland as water. Other than being devoted to cultivating, they would only think of ways to make money.

The tiny flame in Lin SuCi’s heart was completely extinguished by his practice.

His mind was now occupied by Bai Qingkong, who was mentioned by Cui Hong.

If he looked at the timeline, Bai Qingkong, in Southern Shu, was still a teenager barely fourteen years of age, and whose sect had just been destroyed. At this time, he had only just entered the stage of getting bullied as a miscellaneous disciple.

It was also Bai Qingkong’s first stage to temper himself.

To be a protagonist…

Lin SuCi stroked his chin, recalling the plot in the novel. As he thought about it, he remembered all sorts of lively face-slapping and fighting scenes in the book.

“What are you thinking about?”

Next to his ear came Yan Boshen’s indifferent voice. Lin SuCi sprawled across the table, his face in his hands, and his mouth reacted faster than his brain. “I’m thinking about Bai Qingkong.”

Sitting next to Lin SuCi and holding a book of secret manual, Yan Boshen’s eyes flashed, and he silently looked at the youth lying on the table.

Only after Lin SuCi spoke did he realized that something was wrong. He looked up to see his official keeper looking at him with an unidentifiable look in his eyes.

Lin SuCi’s brain finally worked, and he obediently placed his hands on his knees, putting a look as though he was a good student paying attention, and looked directly at Yan Boshen. However, his lips curved up, revealing a row of little white sharp teeth.

Yan Boshen quietly watched him for a long time, but this seemingly obedient kitten did not explain what he just said.

Instead, as they looked at each other, the kitten’s eyes were filled with a blank innocence, as if he did not know anything.

He lowered his eyes, flipping open the book he was explaining to Lin SuCi, and continued his explanation indifferently.

I’ve muddled through it… right?

Lin SuCi blinked, averting his his eyes that were feigning foolishness and looked down at the book in his arms.

His eldest senior was not the type to be curious, he probably would not probe further.

However, he should still pay more attention to it.

Lin SuCi secretly pinched his thigh to center his attention. He glued his eyes to Yan Boshen, earnestly listening to his official keeper’s little lecture.

As for Bai Qingkong?

Lin SuCi stared at Yan Boshen, as if he was enchanted, tossing Bai Qingkong whom he was just thinking about out of his head.

The protagonist of this world could not run away anyway, it was more important to get closer to his eldest senior.

In addition to Yan Boshen’s little lectures, Lin SuCi also had to attend Cardinal Sect’s classes.

In the courtyard, there was a knee-high wooden post, surrounded by several foot-stools. Huilian and Ruan Lingyuan were both sitting across Lin SuCi, testing him.

Sitting on the post, cross-legged, Lin SuCi closed his eyes, mobilizing his spiritual energy to move around his surroundings.

A round artifact in Ruan Lingyuan’s hand sparkled along with Lin SuCi’s movements.

“Not bad, little junior. Your progress is very fast.” Ruan Lingyuan was not stingy with her compliments.

Lin SuCi opened his eyes. He had passed Huilian’s and Ruan Lingyuan’s inspections. They then shoved a whole pile of amulets required for his Qi practice.

“Go back and let Eldest Senior take a look. If your body can bear it, you can break through to the third stage. If not, you can break through to the second stage.”

Lin SuCi hugged the gifts from his seniors, nodding, “I understand.”

He had been training, and was still held back by his master and eldest senior, not allowed to complete his break through. Today, his body was full of spiritual energy, and it was time for him to do so.

Back at the cave, Yan Boshen was copying the inscriptions by hand.

Ever since a cat appeared here, the original shabby cave had quite a lot of furniture and items added to it, decreasing the air of desolation.

Next to the rock wall was now a wardrobe. Opening it, it was all Lin SuCi’s clothes, and only a few mingled between belonged to Yan Boshen.

Across the ice bed was a desk, and the rock wall was illuminated by several bright pearls, lighting this part of the cave.

At present, Yan Boshen was sitting by the desk, and the surface was piled up with amulets meant for Lin SuCi’s lessons.

“Boshen Boshen!”

Lin SuCi sat down kneeling, opposite Yan Boshen. With a bright smile, he passed everything in his arms to him.

“Senior Huilian and Senior Lingyuan gave them to me, they said I can break through a stage now!”

Yan Boshen put down his brush and looked up.

With his hands on the desk, the youth’s face was flushed pink. His eyes were bright as though they had been washed by water, looking like a high grade green jade.

“Give me your hand.”

Yan Boshen extended his hand towards Lin SuCi, gesturing for his hand.

Lin SuCi rolled up his sleeves, revealing his slender arms.

The kitty was not very old, his bones still growing. His skeleton was small, and he could not put on weight. Lin SuCi ‘s thin and fair wrist reached out, and was caught by Yan Boshen. It could be clearly felt that his wrist was only half as thick as that of Yan Boshen’s.

Yan Boshen looked down and carefully studied it, but Lin SuCi could not restrain himself.

Resting his chin on his fist, he looked and considered Yan Boshen in front of him. The distance that separated them was less than a fist apart, and they were so close that Lin SuCi could even feel Yan Boshen’s breaths.

At this distance, he could even count Yan Boshen’s eyelashes.

Yan Boshen’s appearance was the type that he had always liked. Those seemingly amorous, alluring eyes, but covered with a layer of ice. Those thin, reddish lips, even if his face was clear of any desires, in Lin SuCi’s eyes, he could not help but highlight the brilliance of his features.

His eyelashes were thick and tapered at the edges. Lin SuCi could not stop himself, he secretly lifted his other hand up, taking advantage of Yan Boshen’s inattention, and covered his eyes lightly.

“Guess who I am~”

The youth’s clear voice had an irreverent frivolity to it, seeming like a ruffian, but also seeming like an intimate playfulness.

Yan Boshen’s hand that was focused on examining the little kitten trembled slightly, and slowly pulled back.

He raised his hand, easily wrapping Lin SuCi’s wrist within his palm.

“Don’t fool around.”

Lin SuCi bit his lip, holding his smile back. Seeing that Yan Boshen did not use any strength, he added his other hand, this time not on his eyes but on his mouth.

He cleared his throat, trying his best to lower the pitch of his young voice, pretending to be fierce. “Don’t shout! Take all your valuables out!”

With his eyes and mouth covered, Yan Boshen did not move.

The playful kitten continued acting.

“Let me warn you, I’m the famous Lord Lin, known as the killer of ten thousand people. Now that you’ve fallen in my hands, you have to listen to me obediently, if not I won’t be polite!”

Lin SuCi’s gleeful voice echoed, and his hand that was covering Yan Boshen’s mouth itched. Yan Boshen spoke, his voice light and amused.

“How will you not be polite?”

How will I do it? Lin SuCi racked his brains. How should he continue this play?

To covet for his beauty? Or to be a savage murderer?

As Lin SuCi hesitated between his choices, he missed his chance.

Yan Boshen pulled at his wrist, dragging the little kitten opposite him into his arms.

“Here, for you.”

Yan Boshen gripped Lin SuCi’s left hand and placed it in Lin SuCi’s right hand.

Lin SuCi was made to hold his left hand with his right. A little confused, he raised his head in befuddlement.

With a faint smile on his lips, Yan Boshen said leisurely, “Didn’t you want some valuables? Here, I’ve given them to you.”

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